Season 1, Episode 13: Not Fade Away

The credits: starring scott wolf, matthew fox, neve campbell, lacey chabert, paula devicq, scott grimes, created by christopher keyser & amy lipmann

guest starring james sloyan, megan ward, michael shulman, special apperance by tom mason, co-producer susannah grant, supervising producer mark perry, supervising producer ken topolsky, co-executive producer ann lewis hamilton, written by amy lippman & christopher keyser, directed by peter o'fallon

featuring paul hayes as mr. thurman, dennis napolitano as guard, brandon & taylor porter as owen salinger, joyce kurtz as diana salinger

Transcribed by Miko

Previously on Party of Five: Bailey and Jill started their relationship mainly having sex. Now he wants to start backwards and take her on a date. Charlie wanted to marry Kirsten, but she thought they shouldn't. So Charlie asks Kirsten to move in.

It's morning and everyone's getting ready to go to school. Bailey and Julia are arguing who owes who money. Charlie tries to tell them the big news. When Bailey, Julia and Claudia are literally halfway out the door, Charlie finally blurts out that Kirsten's moving in. They're all surprised it's happened so quickly. While Claudia is delighted, Julia questions Charlie making a major household decision without discussing it with them. Bailey backs her up. As they leave, Claudia is still smiling back at Charlie through the glass door.

opening song: "closer to free"

Charlie and Kirsten are moving a dresser out of the master bedroom. Julie comes up the stairs and asks them what they're doing. When Julia tells them it was part of the bedroom set that their grandparents gave their parents as a wedding present, and that it held a lot of family memories, Kirsten offers to keep it. Instead, Julia tells them to move it into her room.

Julia's Room
After Charlie gets the dresser in place, Julia opens a drawer and finds a notebook under the drawer lining.

Department Store
Jill tries to shock a store clerk by asking what leather goods they recommend for the bondage scene. The clerk walks away. Bailey finds some gloves he really likes, until he sees that they are 70 bucks. He puts them down and turns away to leave. Jill catches up with him, suggesting they go to the mattress department to test them out.

Living Room
Artie is reciting in Jewish to practice for his Bar Mitzvah. He explains to Claudia that being Jewish is very important to him, and his grandmother. Claudia and Artie consider the problems of getting married to each other (in 5-10 years) since they are different religions. Claudia suggests one of them can convert, but Artie can't.

Living Room/Julia's Bedroom/Bathroom
Julia reads passage after passage from the notebook she found. It's her mother's old journal from when she performed with someone named Avery. She had to be away from her husband Nick and her family while she travelled with Avery to their recording sessions. The setting sounded so romantic, with Avery admiring her... yet the writing in the journal ended there.

Jill makes Bailey guess the surprise she has for him. He asks if it's bigger than his hand. She says it's the same size, but settles on bigger. He still can't guess, so she tells him to close his eyes. She places the gloves in his hand. Bailey is very happy and surprised because he didn't see her buy them. She tells him she didn't. Bailey tries to look grateful but he doesn't really approve.

Master Bedroom
Charlie and Kirsten are laying on the bed deciding which side of the bed they each want. Charlie suggests wherever they end up. They kiss, the bed creaks. Kirsten says she feels inhibited if the others can hear them. Charlie tries to convince her otherwise, but the bed lets out an even louder creak! Kirsten's quick solution has her laying on her back on the floor, where Charlie joins her.

Commercial teaser: Jill smiles across the table at Claudia who tries to politely smile back.

Master Bedroom
Bailey catches Julia looking through dresser drawers. She asks him if there were any journals when they packed away their parents' things. He remembers finding their old love letters, a see-through nightgown and an embarassing picture, but no journals.

Living Room
Claudia asks Kirsten what religion she is. Kirsten says she's agnostic, and explians what that means. Claudia asks if Kirsten's parents are agnostic too or if she converted. Kirsten answers that she didn't formally convert, and that her parents are Episcopalian like the Salingers. Claudia asks what religion Kirsten would want her kids to be. Kirsten explains religion is a personal choice and she would leave it up to them.

Bailey's Bedroom
Jill asks Bailey if the gloves are still weighing on his conscious. She suggests they go for a drive tonight. Bailey's really into it until he remembers he has to go to the family dinner. Jill thinks the idea of a family dinner is so "quaint".

Julia comes into the kitchen to find Claudia practicing the prayer over the Sabbath candles. Claudia admits that she is thinking of converting. When Claudia says that Kirsten said religion is a personal choice, Julia blows up. Julia tells Claudia that their family's religion was important to their Mom and Dad, and she can't convert.

Julia approaches Joe at the bar. She asks him about Avery, and if her father got along with Avery. Joe said Avery was more her mom's friend. Julia presses him and suggests her dad didn't like Avery because Avery was having an affair with her mom. Joe stops in his tracks, wants to deny it, but honestly says he doesn't know.

At their regular table, Charlie, Kirsten, Claudia and Owen are waiting for the others. Julia shows up and subtly hints that Kirsten is sitting in Bailey's usual seat. Kirsten grabs an extra chair. Bailey shows up with Jill. Charlie pulls Bailey aside and challenges his choice of bringing Jill to their family (only) dinner. Bailey can't believe Charlie's hypocrisy since Charlie brought Kirsten. Bailey's only offer is to send Jill home IF Charlie sends Kirsten away.

Commercial teaser: Charlie and Kirsten are sleeping on the floor. A distressed Claudia looks down on them.

Master Bedroom
Claudia tells Charlie and Kirsten, who are sleeping on the floor, that she's sick and is going to throw up. Claudia runs to the bathroom, and Kirsten follows.

Julia wakes up and offers to help, but Kirsten is already taking care of Claudia.

Master Bedroom
Kirsten comes back and tells Charlie she got Claudia changed and backed to bed. Charlie expresses to Kirsten that he's totally and completely in love with her for being there and taking care of Claudia without hesitation.

Music Hall
Julia approaches Avery as he's packing up after rehearsal. He thinks Julia is researching a notable musician for an assignment, and doesn't know who she is. She asks about the recordings he did with her mother. Avery starts to reminisce, tells Julia he had a nickname for Diana Gordon Salinger, it was "digs" for the initials in her name. He gets very flustered talking about her, explaining why they stopped playing together, and finally admits to having been in love with her.

Department Store
Jill finds a pair of sunglasses that she loves, but they're $55! She tells Bailey how much she wants them and pressures him to shoplift them for her. He puts the sunglasses in his jacket pocket and walks off. Bailey is soon stopped by plain-clothed security.

Julia finds Kirsten making matzo ball soup for Claudia. Julia verbally attacks Kirsten for moving her mom's furniture and acting like a mother to Claudia. Kirsten tries to explain, but Julia can't stop feeling like her mother is disappearing with every change that's made in their house.

Commercial teaser: Charlie and Kirsten kissing in bed.

Department Store Security Room
Charlie lectures Bailey about shoplifting and tells him he risks getting arrested. Bailey denies that it was Jill's bad influence. Security informs them that the store manager has decided not to press charges.

Upstairs Hallway/Master Bedroom
Charlie stops Julia in the upstairs hallway so that they can discuss what happened with Kirsten earlier. Kirsten apologizes for her moving in without consulting the rest of the family. Charlie expresses his disbelief that anyone would think that he or Kirsten wants to replace their Mom and Dad. Julia clings to the feeling that she feels like she's losing her mom. Charlie explains that their parents aren't disappearing. Some changes are necessary because in order to stay together, Charlie has to live in the house; he can't move out and get an apartment with Kirsten.

Artie and Claudia discuss the traditions and attitudes of being Jewish, like being kosher and being persecuted. Claudia is still trying to understand if religion is something you believe in or something you are.

Outside Cafe
Bailey tells Jill he can't stand being under Charlie's authority. Jill points out that at least Charlie cares, that it's better than being ignored by her family. Bailey doesn't agree, but Jill looks a little sad for not having a family that cares.

Front Door/Foyer
Julia answers the front door to find Avery who has figured it out. When he saw a picture of her mother, he saw the resemblance to Julia. Avery gives Julia the recordings he and Diana made. Avery steps into the house and wonders why Julia didn't come right out and ask about Diana. Julia says she was afraid he wouldn't be honest with her about the affair, about being in love and about New York. Avery tells Julia about New York, that it could have happened the night they had performed, been praised, and had drank, but that chance was lost the moment they got back to the hotel. Her room was filled with flowers from her husband Nick, with a note that made her laugh and laugh. There wasn't a minute that she wasn't in love with your father. Avery's account of that night was enough to comfort Julia's doubts as he departed.

Julia's Room
Claudia matter-of-factly complains to Julia that the new cream rinse "sucks", so Julia offers to detangle her hair. Sitting on Julia's bed, Claudia tells Julia her decision not to convert because she wants to make sure she'll go to the same heaven as Mom and Dad so that they will all be together.

Master Bedroom
Charlie has a surprise for Kirsten... no more squeak! They kiss on the bed and roll over only to hear a small squeak. They try to ignore and continue kissing, rolling over which causes another squeak! Kirsten stops and turns on the light. Charlie convinces her that she isn't invisible and she belongs there, and he wants everyone to hear it!

Park, At Night
Jill and Bailey wonder where they want to go tonight. They kiss, and hurry over to Bailey's jeep and hop in. Bailey says he wants to just drive and see where the road takes them.

Julia's Room
Julia is sitting on her bed listening to the recordings of her mom and Avery. She moves to turn off the tape, but stops when the music starts again. The music is interrupted by her mom talking. Julia gets teary eyed hearing her mother's voice, and she rewinds the tape to hear it again. Her mom keeps joking and laughing with Avery on the tape. Julia lets out a smile thinking about her mom.

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