Season 1, Episode 16: In Loco Parentis

Written by Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman, directed by Ken Topolosky
The story Charlie told Owen at the end of the episode, transcribed by Molly Kihara

And after her concert,
the princess went to a party given in her honor.
But she got tired of all the compliments about her violin playing,
and she wandered back into the kitchen.
And in the corner was a young man
going through a huge bin of lettuce
with a panicked look on his face.

She said, "What are you doing?"
He said, "Well I lost a band-aid in here, and if I don't find it,
it's going to end up in someone's salad."
The princess smiled and she took pity on the young man,
and together they set out to find the missing band-aid
and save the man from a grim fate.

And as they hunted, it suddenly occurred to the young man
that this princess, elbow-deep in Belgian endive,
was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.
And at the exact same moment, it occurred to the princess
that she'd never seen eyes as blue as his.
And she began to wonder if maybe this young man
wasn't really a prince in disguise.

And she said to him, "How do you feel about kids?"
And he said, "I've always wanted to have five of them."

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