Season 1, Episode 4: All's Fair

Written by Ann Lewis Hamilton, Directed by Peter O'Fallon
Transcribed by Julie Gumm

Kirsten and Charlie are in the kitchen. Kirsten's mom is in town and she has made plans for the 3 of them to have dinner. Charlie can't though, because his ex-girlfriend and her husband are in town and he's supposed to have dinner with them. Kirsten thinks this is kind of convenient since its too late for her to cancel her plans and join them. Charlie has dinner at Salingers with Rebecca and Mike. The usual "remember when" conversation takes place and few comments about "the one that got away" etc. Rebecca and Charlie go to pick out a bottle of wine and she confesses that her and Mike are NOT as happy as they seem, actually they're rotten. Some definite signals being given out. The next morning Kirsten asks Charlie how it went and he doesn't say much but assures her she has nothing to worry about. She wants to meet them but Charlie says he thinks they have plans. Well, Rebecca does at least. She and Charlie are on a walk and, again, she talks about how horrible her marriage is and it's sad to just tolerate someone and she always feels like Mike's looking over her shoulder to see if someone better is walking in the door. She feels the same way and wonders what doors she might have closed too soon (wink, wink). Charlie drive Rebecca to her parents house (where she's staying) and they start kissing and, predictably, end up having sex (is Charlie a scum bag or what?). The next morning Kirsten says something like "late night" and how he looks like he hasn't gotten any sleep. Rebecca shows up at Salingers while Charlie is working and tells him she's going to tell Mike that it's over. Charlie is stunned and doesn't know what to say. Rebecca calls their house several times, Charlie says he's not there and never returns her calls. So, she shows up at the restaurant again. They have an argument about what a ------- Charlie is. It's not about him--he's just afraid he will responsible for something, etc. Later Charlie goes over to her parents house and apologizes and Rebecca tells him he's the same guy he was in high school.

Bailey has fallen in love with this girl Kate that he met in the shoe store he works in. Only problem is, she's got a boyfriend named Tom. Bailey chums up to her anyways. He invites her to camp out in line for concert tickets which he thinks will be a great opportunity. But, she invites Tom along. Bailey tells Will he doesn't know what to do. He devises a kidnapping scheme :-) but Will suggests he just wait. A few nights later Bailey and Kate are at a little cafe, talking. In the middle of the conversation Bailey reaches over and lays a big kiss on her. She's startled and doesn't say anything. He says "Good night" and leaves. The next day Kate comes over to the house and asks Bailey not to go to the concert because it would be to awkward. He tells her to tell Tom not to come because he's not missing the concert, but she won't. So Kate decides not to go so Bailey and Tom go to the concert. After, Bailey goes over to Kate's house and throws rocks at her window until she comes out on the roof. He tells her he usually doesn't move in on other guy's girls, he's normally a really nice buy and he wants her to marry him. Or how about one date tomorrow, like a "taste test." Kate says OK. They go on a tour of Alcatraz and Kate gets all embarrassed by Bailey's comments about how beautiful she is. Later (that night, the next, I don't know) Bailey goes over to Kate's house with some sort of a gift. But, its not a good time because Tom is there. Tom figures out that something weird is going on, a fight almost errupts and Kate tells Bailey to "go home." Later she comes over to return the gift (which Tom kicked around the yard a little). She doesn't know what to do, maybe she shouldn't have led him on, she likes them both, blah, blah, blah. Bailey doesn't want to say "it's him or me" but tells her that if she keeps seeing Tom he's going to have to walk away because he likes her too much. So it is Tom or him. Bailey tells Will that he really messed up by telling her it was all or nothing because really "he would have been happy with a lot less." He goes running (which he only started doing to be with Kate). When he returns Kate is waiting at the top of the steps. Guess who she chose?? They kiss!!

Julia's friend Nina tells her about this great club where she should get a job waitressing. Only problem is she has to be 21. So the doctor her birth certificate and get her a fake ID so she can get the job and make big money. Meanwhile Claudia is all obsessed with practicing for the competition and is driving Julia nuts with her practicing. While Julia is on the phone Claudia brings the application for her to sign. But Julia notices that Claudia put her age down as 9 when she's really 11 (hoping the judges would go easier on her). Julia yells at her about being too obsessed with the violin. She should be doing normal 11-year-old things. She forbids her to enter the competition. Claudia says she'll get Bailey to sign it but Julia says she tell him. So Claudia tells Ross she can't enter because the don't have the money for the entrance fee. Ross agrees to pay it and signs the application (not noticing the age thing). They return to the house after the first day of competition and Julia is furious when she finds out. She really lights into Ross who apologizes because he had no idea. Her and Claudia get into a really big fight; Claudia calls her a bitch and says "you're not my mother." She thinks Julia doesn't care about her but Julia says that's why she does the things she does. The next day is the second day of competition and the day they announce the winners. Julia shows up. Claudia doesn't win. Walking out, the boy who one 2nd place compliments her on her piece. She says thank you and congratulates him and tells him her mom one second place in that competition many years ago. Apparently no one knew this. Julia is touched. Later Claudia comes in Julia's room to show her the ribbon and program from when their mom was in the competition when she was 19. Claudia tells Julia she looks like their mom and asks "Do you think she's watching us?" Julia says yes.

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