Season 1, Episode 5: Fathers and Sons

Written by Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman, Directed by Ellen S. Pressman
Transcribed by Julie Gumm

Kate and Bailey are in his jeep in front of her house half making out and half talking. Her dad comes out and makes some comment about how a car is no place to get to know one another, showing his obvious disapproval. He tells Kate to have Bailey over for dinner. During the dinner Bailey does not make a good impression--the football incident comes up, how he doesn't know what he wants to do with his future and the fact that there is no parental supervision at the house. He tells Mr. Bishop what a responsible person Charlie is and Mr. Bishop says he'd like to meet him. Bailey pleads with Charlie to make a good impression. The Bishops and Kate join Bailey, Julia and Claudia for dinner at Salingers during Charlie's first night as manager. BIG MISTAKE! The restaurant is in total chaos and Charlie looses his cool, making a very bad impression. Mr. Bishop gives Kate a strict curfew which makes Bailey mad but she says not to worry cuz she's at her moms half the time and she's involved in a dozen after school activities which provide good excuses. Bailey goes to the Bishops country club and tries to talk Mr. Bishop into a tennis match (it's clear Bailey knows nothing about tennis). Mr. Bishop says "It's a private club son." (What a snob!) Bailey finally stands up to MR. Bishop and tells him he's a good guy and most important, he's crazy about Kate, and that should be good enough for any father. Later Bailey and Kate are on a mountain overlooking the city lights. Bailey tells Kate what his parents would have done if they'd met her--how his dad would cook all her favorite foods and name a dish after her.

Julia is working at the bar and she runs into P.K. and is a little less than friendly too him. Of course, he's nice to her cuz he figures she can get him drinks. Later that night (I think) P.K. shows up at her house with a black eye and asks if he can come in--he has no where else to go. Charlie fixes him an ice bag. Apparently his stepfather abuses him. He asks if he can crash on the couch. The next day Julia says he's not going to school cuz it would cause too many questions. That afternoon P.K. sits at the kitchen table while Claudia does her homework. She gives him grief when he lights a cigarette and begins to quiz him about whether he's every done drugs, "hard drugs." P.K. kind of kids with her. Then she tells him he was pretty stupid for being such a jerk to Julia and he admits that sometimes he can be a jerk. Later when Julia and Claudia are in the bathroom Claudia asks if he apologized. Julia says no and Claudia can't figure out why Julia's being nice to him. Julia says she feels bad, because P.K. doesn't really have any parents either. That night Julia comes downstairs in the middle of the night. P.K. is awake, playing the piano. They talk about his stepfather, she asks if there's anything he can do and he says there isn't. His mom will never throw him out. P.K. just can't figure out what he did to make his stepdad so mad. Julia hugs him and he tries to kiss her but she won't let him. She tucks him in and sits with him while he tries to fall asleep. The next morning P.K.'s mom shows up with a police officer. Apparently the traced a call P.K. made to his mom to tell her that he was all right. Bailey, Claudia and Julia lie and say he was there but he's not anymore. The police officer tells them that housing a missing person could have serious repercussions. Julia confronts P.K.'s mother who denies that anything is going on and that P.K. is out of control and her husband is just doing what he can to keep him disciplined. That night Charlie calls a family conference and he, Bailey and Claudia tell Julia that P.K. has to go. It's too risky. If social services find out they could get split up. She begs them not to make him leave and to have some courage, but they stand firm. She tells P.K. who makes light of it at first but then asks if he can sleep in the garage. She says no. On pay day Julia gets her first paycheck and her share of the tips ($100). She meets P.K. behind the bar and tells him to take the $100. He says he might go try and find his real dad. They kiss and say good-bye.

Charlie is still working at the restaurant. Joe gives him a promotion and puts him in charge of the restaurant one night a week. Charlie isn't exactly overwhelmed with joy. He's still working on his dream of restoration work and goes out one afternoon to look at a job he might bid on. His night as manager is absolute chaos. The range goes out in the kitchen so everyone's food is late and he looses his temper with one of the customers. Joe rescues the situation and gives Charlie a big lecture. The next day when Charlie comes in Joe is concerned. The landlord is threatening to raise the rent. Charlie thought that his dad had a 10-year lease but apparently a few years back when things were tight he re-negotiated and lost the long-term lease. So now the landlord can raise the prices. Charlie is kind of excited to find out that his dad actually did something wrong. He tries to tell Joe that he doesn't want the promotion but Joe gives him this big lecture about how he can't walk out on him and he owes him, etc. etc. He asks Charlie if he's going to help him out or be selfish? This makes Charlie furious. He's given up his life to take care of his dad's kid, move into his dad's house and work in his dad's restaurant. He's sick of being reminded he's not 1/2 the man his dad was and screams that he has a right to his own life. The next day Charlie goes over to Joe's house. He hands him an envelope with the $2,000 left that he owes him. He tells Joe that he'll train his replacement. Joe tells him it's not about the money. He just wants to do for Charlie what Mr. Salinger did for him many years. The kids are all Joe has and he wanted to be able to leave the restaurant to them. That night Charlie is training a new guy in the bar. Joe comes in and meets him, asks him if he understands about the hours. "5 p.m. means 5 p.m., not 5 after." The new guy is confused. Charlie explains that the new guy is for the day shift. Charlie is still working the night shift. He tells Joe, the restaurant isn't what he wants, but he's not going to walk out. But, he's staying behind the bar, no managing. That night Charlie offers to help Claudia with her homework. They start talking about P.K. and Claudia says that she bets their dad would have known what to do. Charlie responds, "I don't know Claud, sometimes there just aren't any good answers."

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