Season 1, Episode 6: Much Ado

Written by Hollis Rich, Directed by Ken Topolsky
Transcribed by Julie Gumm

Bailey and Kate are in the kitchen being disgustingly cute, throwing water on each other while they pretend to do the dishes. Claudia is visibly annoyed as she tries to get Bailey's attention. The next day Claudia is waiting around the house. Bailey is supposed to take her to the exploratorium to get the best view of the solar eclipse about to happen. She waits and waits, worried something might have happened to him. She collapses in frustration when Julia says, "He's out with Kate." Later while bugging Bailey to get out of the bathroom she keeps dropping hints but Bailey doesn't seem to remember what he missed out on. (He's totally clueless.) He asks Clad to tell Kate that they're meeting at the Clement theater at 3 p.m. With a smirk on her face, Claudia says "sure." But, she sends Kate to the wrong theater where she stands for an hour and a half. Bailey is furious but still doesn't know what he did until she tells him. Bailey tells her he's going to spend every moment he can with Kate so she better get used to it. When the family dinner goes kaput, Claudia asks Ross to join her for dinner. She tells him that everyone is messed up and she's figured out why--it's because of sex.

Julia and the bar band are hanging out after words giving the singer a hard time for forgetting the lyrics. They make a bet that he'll forget the words. Danny starts playing a tune on the guitar (Everyday--the old song). The guy sings until the second verse where he forgets. Julia picks it up and demonstrates for the first time her tremendous singing talent. Everyone is a little wowed. Later Danny tries to get her to sing with the band but she tells him there's no way she's getting up on the stage.

Kirsten is about to leave for the night and Charlie begs her to stay the night there. She's not so sure that's a good idea with the others around but he convinces her they don't care, so she stays. The next night they're in his truck on the way to "performance art" when she finds a tube of "Almost Nude" lipstick. He says its probably hers but since she doesn't wear anything but hypoallergenic, she realizes it isn't. She asks if it's Rebecca's. Now up to this point Kirsten isn't accusatory, but Charlie blows it big time (proving he's a terrible liar for needing the skill as much as he does) he hums and haws spouting excuses that contradict each other until she says "You slept with her didn't you." He says she's being ridiculous. Kirsten orders him to stop the truck and she takes off running leaving him in the lurch with a lot of people honking at him. He wanders into a bar to call Kirsten (it just happens to be the bar that Julia works). He sees her and tries to drag her out but a very big bouncer kicks him out. But, Charlie thinks Julia is just hanging out there, he doesn't figure out that she's working there.

Charlie waits up until Julia gets home and gives her this talk about how he's worried about her drinking, etc. Turns out she got her fake I.D. the same place he did. (OUCH!) He's worried about someone finding out and the family getting in trouble with social services. She basically blows him off.

Kirsten arrives at the house the next morning and immediately Charlie lets in about how he's sorry and he thinks he was just trying to sabotage things because they were going so good and he was scared. He tells Kirsten that it's not about her or them. She says, "That's right Charlie. It's about you and what kind of guy you are." One strike and he's out. He doesn't get another chance.

Charlie calls a family meeting and tells them that because of personal problems. Kirsten will be leaving. She'll wait until they find someone else, but they have to start looking. Julia asks if it's because Charlie cheated on her and he doesn't answer, but they figure it out anyway. Bailey tells Charlie that he's the one that found Kirsten and since Charlie messed that up, well, he can find the next nanny.

That night, while no one is home, Kirsten takes Owen's temperature--it's 105. She calls the doctor and takes him to the hospital. She leaves Charlie a note. When he shows up he's pretty helpless at answer questions about Owen's immunizations, etc. He gets a hold of Bailey who rushes over, then calls Claudia who is at the restaurant with Ross. Bailey arrives but no one knows where Julia is. Charlie calls the bar where she is but she yells at him and doesn't let him tell her about Owen. So he has to go down to the bar and drag her out. Ross and Claudia arrive at the hospital but Claudia won't get out of the car. It's the same hospital they brought Mr. & Mrs. Salinger and she can't handle it. Bailey comes out and talks to her but it doesn't work. Ross takes her home and stays with her.

The doctor wants to do a spinal tap on Owen to rule out Meningitis (often fatal). They won't have the results until morning. Bailey goes home to see Claudia. She feels bad that she isn't at the hospital, but she can't. Bailey tells her not to feel bad, no one blames her. He goes back to the hospital.

Kirsten isn't sure she should stay at the hospital. She feels out of place because she's not part of the family. But Charlie asks her to stay, "It helps when you're here." Bailey and Julia are just sitting there, both thinking about the night their parents died. Julia asks him "Will it always be like this for us?"

Julia is standing looking at Owen through the window. Charlie comes up and they kind of get into it. He doesn't know what she cares about....she's still the same person...she still cares about the same things.

Later Kirsten is out on a patio of some sorts. Julia comes out and tells her she heard what Charlie did and asks if there's any way Kirsten can forgive him. Julia says that Charlie is one of those people that has to figure out the right thing but doing the wrong thing. Kirsten says she doesn't know how to forgive him.

The test results come back negative, Claudia comes to the hospital and plays the violin for Owen and all ends well. Except for Kirsten who is still leaving when they find a replacement.

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