Season 2, Episode 16: Comings and Goings

Transcribed by Jaime

Grampa Jake:

the show opens with claudia on the phone with jake. she's like see you later. once she gets off the phone julia says to charlie that she can't believe that he lets claud talk to this man. through claud's dialogue she reveals that it is now the following morning, and that she called jake to make plans and to talk to her new grandfather. julia is mad at her. somehow julia and claud end up going to a swap meet with grampa, and jake tries to make his way into their lives. he buys claudia a picture frame, and then gives her a picture of her mother from when she was about 12 years old. next, we see claudia asking charlie and bailey if jake can move in, it seems to me that they said no, but then we have jake knock on the door with his suitcase and julia answers. she tells him that he's not welcome, and he said that it was a misunderstanding and then he has this puppy-dog look as he leaves. julia storms upstairs to yell at claudia. she said that char and bai said that it was okay. 3 against 1. but gramps is already gone. claud phones his hotel, and leaves him a message, then she takes the picture out of the frame, and starts to cry.

the next time we see jake, he is about to slip a note under the salinger's back door along with a box. julia happens to be getting thurber ready for a walk, and meets him at the door. he said, that he's sorry for barging in on the family. he then proceeds to open the box, saying that it was his old pocket watch. the one that their mother used to pretend to hypnotize him with. he said that he thought about leaving it for her, then he thought about sending it back to her. but now he really wanted to give it to julia. something he said gave julia a change of heart. next, we see owen on jake's lap, and julia and bailey with them in the backyard, and claud approaching the window in the kitchen to see this. julia goes inside to make jake some tea, not the herbal kind. claud then starts yelling at julia, saying that she told her not to trust jake because she wanted to have him all to herself. julia then said that she had been thinking alot about what their mom would have done. she said that if jake had shown up on the doorstep when their mom was alive, with claud practicing in the living room, and her (julia) doing her homework on the stairs, she thinks that her mom might have said that it was too late for her to forgive him, but that she has five children for whom he might be able to make a difference.


sarah and bailey are fighting because she is upset that he's planning on going so far away and leaving her. then we see sarah singing with her new band, and lo and behold, who should bailey see there, Robyn (sarah's biological mother). bailey then introduces sarah to robyn. they seem to talk for awhile. sarah, then goes to baileys room, and tells him that she thinks that she and robyn are going to spend alot of time together, so that he should just expect that. then we see sarah in robyn's dressing room (for ?????) and robyn tells her that she is going on the road (with whatever thing she is doing ) for 6 to 8 months. sarah is so upset because just as they are getting to know each other she decided to leave. sarah is like, why would you find me and then just pick up and leave. she's like well, i just wanted to see if you were alright, after seeing bailey last month i grew curious (or something like that). sarah is then is bailey's room, saying you saw her last month and you didn't tell me. he's like what was i supposed to do, she didn't want to see you. then sarah is saying goodbye to robyn, and robyn lends sarah her cat. sarah says something like i lose a mother but gain a cat. and robyn said that she's not worried about losing sarah because she knows that she will be back in sefveral months. sarah understands. the next scene bailey is sitting on the floor in his room, and sarah comes up the stairs. he's filling out a state school application, after justifying to himself that maybe getting into school in boston is the second best thing to happen to him, after sarah! she says that he can wear a parka, then she proceeds to tear up the application form.

Charlie/Emily/Other woman

i didn't follow this story very well so the gist of it is that emily dumped charlie, charlie dumped the other woman, the other woman comes to get charlie back and is successful. only other part that i remember is that claud comes home from school saying they had a pop-quiz in miss schrader's class, it's the first one since charlie and emily's last fight, and claud says: did she find out about the other woman. charlie said yes. that's really all that i can remember about this stuff. if anyone remembers anything else, feel free to add it!!

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