Season 2, Episode 16: Comings and Goings

Transcribed by Jen Oyama

Previous storyline: A mysterious benefactor sponsored Bailey for a college scholarship, and later announced that he was the family's grandfather. Charlie, frustrated with Emily's slow approach to romance, took an interest in his catering client, Kathleen. Sarah discovered that she was adopted and began a search for her natural mother. However, on finding her mother, Bailey learned that she had no interest in meeting Sarah.

Scene 1: Bailey's room.

Bailey: I wasn't even expecting you. How come you didn't use your own keys? Were you waiting out there long?

Sarah: No, not very.

Bailey: So anyway, we're just sitting there, and he just walks in, like, hello, I'm your grandfather. And nobody knew what to say, you know? And I don't really know what it means that he showed up. And maybe I guilted him in to wanting to meet them. But then, can we trust him? You know, is he going to stick around? The guy's definitely got a history of flaking out on people, that's for sure. Take off your jacket.

Sarah: I wasn't planning on staying. Apparently neither are you.

Bailey: What?

Sarah: Well, I ran into Warren Danziger at the coffee house. He had a message for you. He said he got into Hampshire State too and if you were looking for a roommate...and I said, what are you talking about? You know, Bailey's not going back east for school, he's staying here, in San Francisco. But apparently that's not what your guidance counselor told him.

Bailey: Okay. Okay, look. First of all, when I applied to Hampshire State, you and I, we weren't even together yet. And I never thought that I'd get in to that place. It was like this huge long shot, really. Okay, yes. Yes, I got accepted.

Sarah: But you're not gonna go, right?

Bailey: Well...

Sarah: God.

Bailey: Sarah, listen. Before you get upset...I know what you're thinking, and you have to know that me going away to college isn't going to change anything between us. At all.

Sarah: What are you talking about, Bailey? You're leaving. You're going 3,000're going as far away from here as you can get. That changes everything.

Bailey: Sarah, listen...

Sarah: You're someone to be talking about flaking out.

Scene 2: Kitchen.

Claudia: (on phone) Okay, okay. I'll remember. (laughing) Okay, okay.

Julia: Who's she talking to?

Charlie: Jake. Grandpa Jake. Sounds kind of weird.

Claudia: Yeah. Bye. Okay! Bye. (hangs up)

Julia: What'd he want?

Claudia: I called him. Just to talk.

Julia: (to Charlie) You let her call him?

Charlie: It's a free country. What's with you?

Claudia: I was thinking about him all night, I mean, weren't you guys? I just, I can't believe it. I can't believe that he's actually happening. That he came back for us, and...

Julia: Claudia.

Claudia: He's not exactly how I pictured him, but, I doesn't matter. It's just like, all of a sudden we have a whole family.

Julia: We already have a family.

Claudia: Well yeah, I mean, no, well I know...

Charlie: I'd slow down a little, Claud. You've spent, what, two hours with the guy? Look at his track record.

Claudia: So you're not even going to give him a chance?

Charlie: See if the guy sticks around. That's the most important thing.

Claudia: I bet he will. I mean, after what he said last night...

Julia: What did he say? He didn't say anything. He asked a lot of questions about Mom, and he said that he was a terrible father and that he felt guilty for leaving her. Whoopdeedo, like that was hard to admit thirty years later.

Claudia: Look, Jul. I'm angry at him too. I just...I want him around.

Julia: Yeah, well I don't. I mean, we're doing fine...I don't know what the hell we need him for.

Claudia: We don't need him for anything. That's not the point. Anyway, we're doing something together this afternoon.

Julia: You are not.

Claudia: I am too.

Julia: No, you're not! We don't even know this guy...he's practically a stranger. You're not going out by yourself with a stranger. Forget it.

Claudia: Look, he's my grandfather. You can't stop me. (walks off)

Julia: Charlie, do you trust this guy?

Charlie: Then go with her, Jul.

Scene 3: School hallway.

Bailey: Look, I am just going away to college. People go away to college like constantly.

Sarah: Right, no big deal. That's why you kept it a secret.

Bailey: No, that's not...I don't know, I guess...okay, I was afraid of how you'd react. I didn't want to upset you.

Sarah: God, don't give me that. What a load of crap!

Bailey: Okay, look. I am a senior, right? Didn't it ever occur to you that I might think about going away to college?

Sarah: No, it didn't, okay? It didn't, and maybe it's because you never mentioned that you were interested in that, and you talked about state schools all the time! Last week! So no, the idea that you'd want to leave me never occurred to me.

Bailey: I don't want to leave you, Sarah.

Sarah: Remember these? The key to your house, you gave it to me and you said that that would be a place where I could go, where I'd be safe and loved.

Bailey: Yes.

Sarah: Thanks.

Bailey: Sarah, don't you think you're...(she goes into her classroom and slams the door behind her; Bailey waits outside until she's done with class) Don't you think you're overreacting here a little bit? Listen. There are tons of school vacations. There's Christmas break, there's Spring break, and you can come visit me whenever you want. And we'll talk on the phone all the time, and we'll get the e-mail thing so we can write each other like four or five times a day, if you want.

Sarah: Like that's even close to the same thing, like 3000 miles away doesn't matter.

Bailey: Sarah, look. It's not like I'm leaving tomorrow. You know I'm not. We still have...we still have six months. That's a lot of time. It's more time than we've been going out.

Sarah: So, six months?

Bailey: Yeah.

Sarah: So we can spend pretty much every minute together?

Bailey: Right. See, exactly.

Sarah: And I can fall even more in love with you.

Bailey: You could.

Sarah: Yeah, then it'll hurt that much more when you leave.

Scene 4: Electronic store.

Emily: Call screening. It's got to have call screening because I cannot stand talking to Wayne anymore...last week, what was it, oh, his skin was breaking out from loneliness. I mean, my God, we've been apart five months now. Enough already. Can I get some help, please?

Charlie: Get some help for Wayne.

Emily: You should look at cell phones, Charlie. It's getting impossible to track you down. I call you at home, they think you're at Salinger's. I call you at Salinger's, they say you're at home. Nobody seems to know where you are anymore.

Salesman: Looking for a beeper?

Charlie: No, not really.

Salesman: They're pretty popular these days. A lot of kids have them. Big with doctors too, high profiles business types, guys cheating on their wives or girlfriends...(suddenly Charlie drops the beeper)

Charlie: Sorry. How much did you say these things were?

Scene 5: Outdoor swap meet.

Jake: Well, if anything strikes your fancy you just say the word.

Claudia: Thanks, Grandpa.

Jake: The same offer goes for you, Julia.

Julia: No thanks. I don't like buying in places like this.

Claudia: Really? Why not?

Julia: Well...just because something's from the past everyone seems to think that it's so precious and so valuable. Most of the time it's just a big rip off.

Jake: Of course you never know either way unless you take a really good look. For instance, what do you think of this? (holds up a picture frame)

Claudia: Pretty cool.

Jake: Yeah. Let's buy this.

Claudia: Wow. Thanks.

Jake: What do you think, have you got anybody in mind to put in there?

Claudia: Um, I don't know.

Jake: Then I can help you with that. (takes out a picture) Here is your mom...when she was about two years younger than you.

Claudia: Jul, look at this. Look what Grandpa bought me.

Julia: That's okay. I know exactly what he's buying, Claudia.

Scene 6: Kathleen's apartment.

Kathleen and Charlie are in bed when she hands him a present.

Kathleen: I couldn't help but notice that yours was...well, the hands were broken and the crystal was cracked and the strap was frayed, so...

Charlie: Wow.

Kathleen: You like it?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. But it's not like there's a special occasion.

Kathleen: It's February. We're celebrating February, the shortest month of the year.

Charlie: I forgot to get you something.

Kathleen: It's okay. This is not about even exchanges.

Charlie: You know what I could do? I could fix that window in your bathroom. The one where the sill's warped.

Kathleen: Charlie.

Charlie: No, it's no problem. Got the tools in my truck.

Kathleen: Charlie...I don't want you fixing my windows.

Charlie:Why not?

Kathleen: Because I have people who can do that for me. And that's not what I need you for. (they kiss; Charlie's beeper goes off)

Kathleen: What is that?

Charlie: I got a beeper. (checks it) Kids.

Scene 7: Emily's apartment.

Emily: I didn't know what else to do...I mean, and I know you just saw one, but I swear, there're at least two. Eww, I may have to move!

Charlie: Well, there was only one in the trap and we got rid of it, can probably come down from there now.

Emily: Good...good. As long as I don't have to spend a minute here alone I promise not to be afraid.

Charlie: Uh, it's been kind of a weird, long night. I thought I'd just...

Emily: Oh no, no you don't. You've been bugging me about this for a long time, and now you're here and I'm here and it's late and you are not going anywhere. (they kiss) Here's the thing. Could you carry me into the bedroom? Because I am not setting foot on this floor ever again.

Charlie: Okay.

Scene 8: Club.

Sarah is onstage singing when Bailey comes in and sees her natural mother, Robin, watching Sarah from the audience.

Bailey: What are you...

Robin: Um, well I didn't think I'd need to see her. I should have looked at that picture you brought. Maybe that would have been enough, huh.

Bailey: Are you gonna talk to her?

Robin: Um, yeah. Maybe that would be allright. Just...get to know each other a little bit. God, she is beautiful. (Sarah finishes and walks off stage)

Bailey: Sarah.

Sarah: Not now. I don't want to talk.

Bailey: No, it's not about that. There's somebody that wants to meet you.

Robin: Hi. I'm, um...

Sarah: Yeah. Yeah, I know who you are.

Bartender: Last call everyone. We're out of here in five.

Bailey: Hey man. (hands bartender money) Give me twenty more minutes, would you?

Scene 9: School hallway.

Bailey: I tried to call you last night.

Sarah: Yeah, I was tired. I had the machine on.

Bailey: So wow, huh. How did it go? I was thinking about you all night.

Sarah: It went okay.

Bailey: Really? Just okay? Because, I don't know. It really seemed like you guys were connecting. What did you talk about?

Sarah: You know, stuff.

Bailey: Huh. So was it kind of how you expected?

Sarah: You know what, I really don't feel like blabbing about this.

Bailey: Oh, okay. I just...I just wanted to see how things went. Are you going to get together again maybe?

Sarah: Yeah, we are. We made plans.

Bailey: Really? What are you going to do?

Sarah: You know, Bailey, they're our plans. Robin's and mine. In fact, we're probably going to be spending a lot of time together so you're just going to have to get used to that.

Bailey: What are you doing here, Sarah. Are you punishing me? You're mad at me so you're shutting me out? Is that what you're doing?

Sarah: Look, Bailey, you have stuff in your life that's private and now I do too. What's wrong with that?

Scene 10: Salinger's restaurant.

Claudia: You know, I was just thinking how depressing it's got to be for him. I mean, to go home everyday to a lonely hotel room...some dinky little fridge...TV remote nailed to the night table...when he could be staying in a real house. With his family.

Charlie: Look, Claud. Since he hasn't asked I really don't see the point in offering.

Claudia: Yeah, but, you know what I was thinking. It would be nice for us too to have him around, have him right there all the time.

Bailey: Have who right where all the time?

Claudia: Grandpa.

Bailey: What about him?

Charlie: Claudia wants him to move in.

Bailey: Really? Move in with us? Really?

Charlie: I'm thinking no.

Claudia: What are you worried about? That he's going to steal the silver?

Charlie: No. I just think we should all give it some time. I mean, technically, yes, he's family. But he's also a stranger.

Claudia: But he's trying not to be.

Bailey: Yeah, he's right Claud, he's right. It's too soon. We should give it some more time.

Claudia: So how long do we wait? I mean, do you really think we're going to get close to him by seeing him a few times a week all dressed up and on our best behavior? You think that one day all of a sudden he's just going to be like he's really our grandfather and that's when we give him the key?

Charlie: Claud, we're not talking about waiting a year. I'm just saying...

Claudia: Why wait at all? I mean, what for? He's here and he wants to be a part of our lives! And you know what, he's not so young. I mean, what if something happens. What if something happens before we really get a chance to love him?

Scene 11: Robin's dressing room.

Robin: These are so lovely. Thank you.

Sarah: You're welcome. Is it okay that I'm you need to get ready or anything?

Robin: Oh no, no. It's really nice that you're here. You know there's this other gal on the show, big diva. I mean, God help anybody who knocks on her dressing room door while she's preparing. I don't know. I just go on stage, I turn it on, come up, turn it off.

Sarah: I know, I do that too with singing. You know, no big process. I just kind of do it.

Robin: Exactly.

Sarah: Exactly. I'm really glad I'm getting to see this before it closes. Do you have to look for another job now?

Robin: Nope. Thankfully the producers liked me enough to keep me for the tour. So I will be dying across America for the next six to eight months...Oh god! I just gave away the ending, I'm sorry. Sorry. Anyway, it's a big break for me. Thank god I won't have to be auditioning all the time. (sees that Sarah suddenly looks upset) What? What is it?

Sarah: You're leaving?

Robin: Well, not permanently, but for a little while, yeah. You know what? I'll give you my itinerary. Maybe we can do the penpal bit.

Sarah: I don't understand. Why would you come looking for me if you were planning to leave?

Robin: What?

Sarah: Well, I just thought...I just thought...

Robin: We've made a great start, Sarah. So it's not like we're going to have to begin all over again when I get back. And to tell you the truth, it made it a lot easier for me to know that you were out there and wondering about us. And wanting us to meet.

Sarah: Wait, you knew?

Robin: Yeah. From Bailey.

Sarah: At the coffeehouse.

Robin: No, he tracked me down about a month ago. And I'm so glad he did. Because I think it feels right that we should be friends. Don't you?

Sarah: Yeah. Well, yeah. I should let you get dressed.

Scene 12: Salinger house.

Jake: (at front door) Oh, I'm sorry. I assumed that you all talked this over together.

Julia: Well, we didn't. No one said a word to me.

Jake: Because I wouldn't have just barged over like this if...I better just go check back into the hotel, huh?

Julia: Yeah, yeah. I think that'd be a really good idea.

Jake: It was my mistake. Just tell your sister I'll call her from the hotel. (leaves)

Julia: Claudia! Claudia!

Claudia: What? Are you like on fire, or something?

Julia: Did you tell Jake that he could live with us?

Claudia: Yeah. Why, is he here?

Julia: No, he is not here. I sent him away. He is not moving in with us.

Claudia: Charlie and Bailey said it was okay.

Julia: I don't care!

Claudia: You know what, I don't have to listen to you. You don't get to decide...three to one, you lose.

Julia: What is the matter with you, Claudia? Why are you being nice to him?

Claudia: Because he's my grandfather.

Julia: No, is is not. He is nothing to you. He is just the man who ran out on Mom. So you're just going to forgive him for that? Is that it? God! What gives you the right to forgive him for her?

Claudia: Julia...

Julia: Do you have any idea what it was like for her? Do you? Did she ever tell you what it was like?

Claudia: No.

Julia: (shouting) Well she told me. She told me what it was like to have him leave her. Without a goodbye or a note...without ever callling to say once that he loved her or thought about her. And what it was like to think that that was her fault. And you! Just because you want someone to take you for ice cream or to some stupid swap meet...I can't believe you! I can't believe how selfish you are! Why don't you just go to the cemetary AND SPIT ON MOM'S GRAVE! Because that is what you're doing!

Scene 13: Movie theater.

Kathleen: C'mon, you're kidding, right? Why on earth would anyone hate foreign films?

Charlie: Um, subtitles?

Kathleen: Look, it got great reviews. And believe me Charlie, when you see this woman, you won't care that there are subtitles. Now go get in line and I'll get the tickets.

Emily: Charlie.

Charlie: Hi. Hey, hello! Hi.

Emily: Hi. Are you uh, are you here alone?

Charlie: What? No, actually I'm here with, um, that woman. You know, the birthday that I catered? That woman. It's sort of a business thing. She...she wants me to do another party and she was thinking like this Italian theme...because her fiancee is Italian. From Italy. Roberto.

Emily: Oh really, she's engaged?

Charlie: Yeah. Didn't I mention that? Yeah, it's an engagement party she's planning. And since there's a lot of business riding on it for me I really couldn't say no.

Kathleen: They're sold out. I know, you're devastated.

Emily: Good thing I got here early. Hi. Emily. I think maybe we met before. Anyway, congratulations! Charlie told me.

Kathleen: (who has no clue what she's talking about) Oh...yeah, thanks.

Charlie: Anyway, if they're sold out then we should probably get going. (Kathleen starts brushing something off his jacket) Well, it looks like you're going in.

Emily: (watching in amazement at this) Oh, yeah. I guess I should.

Charlie: (to Kathleen) Just an old friend.

Scene 14: Kitchen.

Claudia: (on phone) Jacob Gordon please. Oh, he's not? Yes, this is Claudia Salinger. Tell him...tell him that I'm not going to be able to get together tomorrow like we planned. No, he doesn't have to call back. Tell him not to call back. Thank you.

Scene 13: Bailey's room.

Bailey: Hey!

Sarah: You know what...I would just...I would really like to know why you think it's okay to lie to me about everything. Why is it okay to treat me that way?

Bailey: What?

Sarah: You saw her, Bailey. A month ago. You saw my mother and you never told me.

Bailey: Sarah, listen.

Sarah: And it's like every day a new lie with you.

Bailey: Sarah, c'mon...what...what was I supposed to do? She said she didn't want to see you. Was I really supposed to come home and tell you that? You can be mad at me about a lot of things but you cannot be mad at me about that. You can't. You just can't. What.

Sarah: She's going away.

Bailey: What?

Sarah: In two days she's going on tour for a long time. And I'll probably never see her again.

Bailey: I didn't...I didn't know that.

Sarah: (crying) And I'm so angry at myself for being surprised. Why am I surprised that people leave. Because...that's what people do. You know, people leave, right? I've got to be more careful, remind me of that, okay?

Scene 15: Street.

Robin: You are way out of line, kiddo. And second of all, I'm not walking away. I'm taking a job.

Bailey: Well, that's not how Sarah sees it.

Robin: Well that's too bad!

Bailey: Yeah, it is.

Robin: You know what? I don't have to explain myself to you. Look, I came to see her, to see what she looks like and to know that she's okay and to let her do the same thing with me. And that's it.

Bailey: Yeah, well you picked a great time to do it...two days before you're leaving town? It's like you're walking out on her all over again.

Robin: I am not...

Bailey: And you know what, and this is the incredible part, I'm the one who's getting blamed for it!

Robin: What are you talking about?

Bailey: All I want to do is go away to college, that is it. And that is not so much to want, right? People do that all the time and I've been counting on this for so long...only now, with you skipping out on...

Robin: Is that why you're here? That's what your problem is. I get it. Now I get it.

Bailey: No, you don't. I am here because of Sarah. Because...because it is so unfair to just come walking into somebody's life without even thinking what you might mean to them...or what it might mean to them when you just walk away.

Robin: Well, I'm sorry, but I didn't make her any promises. Did you?

Scene 16: Claudia's school.

Emily: Claudia seems more focused, more conscientious. Her problem solving skills seem sharper...

Charlie: late do you think you'll have to be here?

Emily: She's maintaining an A minus average.

Charlie: ...because I thought maybe we could get a bite or something.

Emily: And aside from a few late homework assignments, there's really nothing else to report.

Charlie: Emily...

Emily: So we can do this again in a couple of months.

Charlie: Emily! Enough with the professional stuff.

Emily: Aside from that, I never want to see you again.

Charlie: What?

Emily: Think I'm stupid? I saw that...that woman touch you and straighten your collar...and I'm sorry, but you don't do this (motions wildly with her arms) to your caterer. God.

Charlie: Can I explain? Will you let me?

Emily: Sure, if you have something to say that's going to make a difference. You tell me. (Charlie is silent) Right.

Charlie: Emily.

Emily: I was so careful not to get hurt. But, what are you gonna do...what are you gonna do, you know, when you start to feel something for somebody, you gotta take a chance! (laughs sarcastically) You have to admit, it's kind of a sick joke that this happened the day after I slept with you. (something got cut off here) n have to answer that, I know I'm not.

Julia: Okay then.

Bailey: Only now, I'm just the next person waiting in line to disappoint her. And I really don't want to do that so I'm like, I'm trapped. And it just feels like that's how it's always been. You know, and how it's always going to be. Whenever I want something for myself, there's always somebody else that I've got to take care of first. Owen, or Claudia...or Sarah.

Julia: Well, it's your life, Bai. You're allowed to be a little bit selfish sometimes.

Bailey: Right, right. It's unbelievable, huh? The one time that I get a break...the jerk in the admissions office probably lost his eyeglasses, misread my transcript, and I get in. And it's the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. (pauses) Maybe it's the second best. Maybe Sarah's the best. Whatever I choose...a mess.

Scene 18: Charlie's room.

Claudia: Just so you know, we had a pop quiz in Ms. Schrader's class today. First pop quiz since the last time you guys had a fight, so, all I'd like to know is, what'd you do this time?

Charlie: Um, Claudia, you know what? I'm not so sure that now's the time...

Claudia: She found out, didn't she? About bachelorette #2?

Charlie: Hey, that is none of your...yeah. She kind of did.

Claudia: I knew it.

Charlie: Listen, I was going to talk to you about...

Claudia: Save it, Charlie. People don't change. And given your record it was my fault for thinking you'd do anything but screw up. It's my fault for thinking much more of a lot of people in this family. It's like I wish that just once you'd surprise me.

Scene 19: Club house.

Bailey is waiting outside for Sarah on top of her car.

Sarah: I'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye. (sees Bailey) Could you move, please?

Bailey: It's going to be pretty hard to see out the windshield with me up here.

Sarah: Look, Bailey. It's been a really long night, I'm exhausted, and I just want to go home.

Bailey: Sarah, wait. Wait a second. I've been thinking, and, I'm not gonna go. I won't go.

Sarah: You won't?

Bailey: It's freezing there this time of year, I bet.

Cut to scene of Kathleen and some guy talking and laughing. She kisses him goodbye as he leaves, while Charlie watches this whole scene from his car.

Scene 20: Salinger house.

Julia: Thurber, you lazy good for nothing, okay. Fine, that's it, Thurber, that's it. I'm going myself. (opens door and sees Jake leaving a note on the ground) What are you...What is this. What are you doing here.

Jake: This is a, uh, a letter that I've written to all of you explaining why I'm headed out of town.

Julia: Right.

Jake: There's not much point in staying. Doesn't seem to be a future for all of us.

Julia: No. I think that's right.

Jake: (holding something in the air) It's my old pocketwatch. I used to tell your mother that this had magical powers. And she'd swing it back and forth in front of my eyes pretending that she was hypnotized. I was going to leave it for her but I don't know why I didn't...then over the years I was going to send it back but every time I'd sit down to write a letter I'd get as far as 'Dear Diana.' I'd like you to have it.

Julia: I don't want it.

Jake: No, please.

Julia: I don't want things from you.

Jake: We're family.

Julia: I don't care.

Jake: We don't have many people besides each other.

Julia: I don't care.

Jake: Someday you will. Someday you're going to care very much. And it may be too late. You want to avoid that at all costs. At all costs. You want to avoid letting it be too late.

Julia: (crying) You waited thirty years. I don't feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for my mom...and I feel sorry for me because I should have had a grandfather.

Jake: I want to try. I want to try with you, Julia. Because you...well standing there you're just like your mother...and as close as I'll ever be to seeing her again. Please.

Scene 21: Kathleen's apartment.

Charlie: I want to be really clear here...I want to know exactly what you mean by 'an old friend.'

Kathleen: Jerry got me started in the news business before he moved over to corporate. He and I see each other whenever we're in each others' cities.

Charlie: See each other how? Because it sure as hell didn't seem like you were talking shop downstairs just now.

Kathleen: What do you want me to say, Charlie. I'm sorry you saw that. It certainly wasn't my intention to wave Jerry's and my relationship in front of your face.

Charlie: Let me understand this. You're sorry not that you're sleeping with another guy, but that I found out about it?

Kathleen: Please, don't take the moral high ground here, Charlie. Because trust me, you'll lose.

Charlie: And what's that supposed to mean?

Kathleen: It means that I know about you and your little friend...Irma, Emma, Emily?

Charlie:'s over.

Kathleen: And I assume you broke it off because you saw the error of your ways? Guess not. Guess she found out and ended it first, huh? Your turn.

Charlie: Okay, yes, look...I...I didn't handle that well. And I'm not saying what I did was right. It wasn't right, it was wrong. And, but the truth is, the difference is...the difference is...

Kathleen: Yes, tell me what the difference is, Charlie!

Charlie: The difference is that I feel bad about it. And obviously, Kathleen, you don't give a damn.

Scene 22: Backyard.

Jake is reading to Owen as Claudia watches from inside with disbelief.

Jake: That was a good one, eh Owen? Let's try some other form of amusement, what about the slide? It's a long time since I did any of that. (Julia offers him tea) Yes, I'd love some tea as long as it isn't any of that sissified herbal stuff.

Julia: Okay, you got it. (goes to kitchen)

Claudia: I don't believe you. I don't believe you're sitting out there with him all friendly and kissy kissy and everything, I mean after what you said to me...after what you said to me about Mom!

Julia: Claudia...

Claudia: So, it's like I'm evil for even talking to him but you're allowed to just change your mind and all of a sudden he's your best friend.

Julia: No, that's not it, Claud. I'm sorry.

Claudia: Is that why you said that stuff to me? Just so you could have him all to yourself?

Julia: No!

Claudia: Then how come all of a sudden you don't care about Mom's feelings?

Julia: No, I do. I do, Claudia.

Claudia: Then why is he here?

Julia: Because...because...I've been trying to figure out what she would have done. I mean, what she would have done if one day she opened the door and there he was, standing on the doorstep wanting so badly to apologize. And the thing is, he hurt her so much, Claudia, that she wouldn't have forgiven him.

Claudia: Well then, why would you?

Julia: But I think she might have been holding Owen...or maybe you would have been practicing in the living room...or I would have been doing my homework on the stairs like I used to. And she would have thought of us, and she would have said to him, 'It's too late for the two of us. But you know what, I have five children and maybe you can mean something to them.' Don't you think she might have said that? I mean, doesn't that sound like something she might have said?

Scene 23: Outside Robin's apartment.

Robin: Well, maybe this is too big of an imposition, I don't know. I mean, you tell me if it is. But um, Amanda just hates travelling. I mean, stuck in that box all day who can blame her. So I was wondering if you wouldn't mind keeping an eye on her while I'm gone.

Sarah: You're giving me a cat?

Robin: Just lending it to you, actually.

Sarah: Oh, okay. So I guess this is kind of like a consolation prize, right? Lose a mother gain a pet?

Robin: Hey...

Sarah: No, I mean I guess I should feel grateful, you know? It's a guarantee that you'll come back. After all, you love your cat.

Robin: What do you want from me, Sarah?

Sarah: I don't know. Something. I want to know that you care enough not to just disappear when we're getting started. I want to know that I matter to you.

Robin: And the only way I can prove that to you is by staying? You can't make rules like that.

Sarah: Why? Why can't I?

Robin: Because it's not fair, that's why. I mean, you just can't dictate what we're going to mean to each have to let what's going to happen just happen.

Sarah: Yeah, but what if this is it? I mean, what if this is as close as we ever get?

Robin: Well, I can't promise, Sarah. I mean, I don't know what's going to be. But you know, you've got to trust that all the ways that we're alike and all the things that connect us means our relationship isn't as fragile as you think it is. I'm not just gonna disappear over Pocaipsie.

Sarah: How do you know that for sure?

Robin: Well, I don't know. But you see, Sarah, I'm okay with leaving because I know I'm coming back. Have a little faith, Sarah.

Scene 24: Claudia's room.

Claudia: I don't know how Bai managed it, because she was dating Will, but then he got her back. And Julia and Justin, they were like so mad at each other. Then all of a sudden they were just like this (crosses her finger) or had to pry them apart with a crowbar. (enter Julia)

Jake: Uh, I'm with the family historian here.

Julia: Ah. Have you mentioned how many times you've been grounded lately? Or did you conveniently leave that part of the update out?

Claudia: Hey, my life is an open book.

Julia: Yeah. (picks up some of his luggage)

Jake: Wait a minute, where are you going with that?

Julia: Well, I was just going to get it out of your way, take it down to the basement.

Jake: Well, it isn't in my way. I think we ought to leave it here for the time being.

Claudia: Why, are you going somewhere? You only just got here.

Jake: Well, I will be going out of town for a couple of days every now and then. You know, I've got a lot of business concerns in a lot of places. In fact, next week I'm going to have to go to Phoenix.

Claudia: For how long? I mean, you're coming back, right?

Jake: Oh, I'll be back, I promise. And while I'm gone, I want you to take care of this for me. I don't like to travel with's got a lot of valuable stuff in it.

Claudia: What's this?

Jake: That's a medal. Got it in World War II. Got that for being wounded. Caught a piece of schrapnel.

Claudia: Cool. Got a scar?

Jake: Sure I've got a scar. (they start laughing)

Julia: You have two wedding bands.

Jake: Huh? What?

Julia: Two wedding bands.

Jake: Oh, yeah, well, I'll tell you about those. Once I thought that I'd lost mine. And I was so afraid that your grandmother would have a fit if she found out that I went out and I bought another one. (they laugh) You know what you could do with that? I've seen people wear it on a chain around their neck.

Julia: Really?

Jake: Really.

Scene 25: Salinger's restaurant.

Kathleen: I, uh, can't stay.

Charlie: Okay, well uh, thanks so much for stopping by.

Kathleen: Here's the thing you should know about me. I generally like to keep my options open.

Charlie: Yeah, no kidding.

Kathleen: I haven't had many big relationships, Charlie. Just lots of little ones.

Charlie: Hey, I know the type. Fill up on appetizers because you don't like the looks of the main course.

Kathleen: God, please don't be glib. I don't want to not give a damn. I mean, I don't want to be the kind of person who doesn't give a damn. I mean, I could give a damn. I mean, I do. Give a damn. About you.

Charlie: Yeah?

Kathleen: Yeah. So uh, what I was thinking is, and this is just a suggestion, how about you give me your little black book and I give you mine and we just sort of see what happens? (Charlie throws her his book)

Kathleen: I meant that figuratively. You actually have a black book?

Charlie: (laughing) Oh, no. Give it back.

Kathleen: Oh, no. (opens book) Wow.

Charlie: What.

Kathleen: I don't even get a star? I can work on that. (they kiss) Did I say I can't stay? I can't stay. I'm going. I'm gone.

Scene 26: Bailey's room.

Sarah walks in as Bailey is filling out an application.

Bailey: Hey.

Sarah: Hey.

Bailey: Application to State. 'Choose one word that best describes you.'

Sarah: I can think of a few but I don't think they'd help you get into college.

Bailey: Ha ha.

Sarah: Hey, guess what. I got a cat.

Bailey: You did?

Sarah: You did? Kind of on a loan, actually. It's Robin's. Can I see that?

Bailey: Yeah. (Sarah rips up the application) Hey...what are you doing?

Sarah: Look, you can get one of those parka thingies to keep you warm.

Bailey: Sarah.

Sarah: I know you'll be back...because you love me. (they hug, and she throws the scraps into the air)

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