Season 2, Episode 17: Valentine's Day

Written by P.K. Simonds
Transcribed by Jen Oyama

Previous storyline: Charlie started dating his catering client, Kathleen, an older woman with a workaholic nature. The family finally warmed to Jake, despite Julia's initial distrust of him. Sarah became disappointed when she learned that both Robin and Bailey had plans to leave her.

Scene 1: Kitchen.

Bailey, Sarah, Julia and Justin are cooking dinner.

Bailey: You say you want a box of chocolates or a lousy bunch of flowers? Better say pretty please with your life savings on top. Because on this day, they have a gun to your girlfriend's heart.

Sarah: I get it, Bailey, you're not into the holidays. You want me to set a place for your grandfather?

Bailey: Nah. He's away on business.

Sarah: So, what are you guys doing?

Julia: Well, Justin's planning something but he won't tell me what it is.

Sarah: A surprise? That is so romantic.

Bailey: Because, if you want to make reservations in a restaurant, you better be like related to the president.

Sarah: So does that mean that you're not making any plans or reservations for us for Valentine's day? Why are you smiling? Ooh, should I ask or is it a surprise?

Bailey: Sarah, you are going to love this. Once you see how much fun...once you take your seat, Wednesday night, 23rd row center, you, me, Will, Gina...

Sarah: Will and Gina? Okay...

Bailey: Live at the county stadium it's the THIRD ANNUAL GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP MONSTER TRUCK SHOW!!!

Sarah: Monster...truck show?

Bailey: Yeah. The mighty fighting class...spraying mud all the way back to the fiftieth row.

Sarah: On Valentine's day.

Bailey: Yes!

Julia: Well, maybe a really nice dinner beforehand.

Justin: Yeah, yeah, that'd work.

Bailey: What is...are you not excited?

Sarah: Well, Bai, it's not the, you know, the truck show...that know, great. It's just, this is my first Valentine's day with an actual boyfriend and I'd kind of like to spend it with him, you know, doing something romantic.

Bailey: So, what is your point.

Sarah: My point is, this truck thing, is this your idea of romantic?

Bailey: Sarah, look. My idea of romantic is naming a star after you. My idea of romantic is taking a punch in the gut to win you back from my best friend. My idea of romantic is my idea...when I have it, not when the calendar tells me. (Sarah sets her bowl down hard and stomps off)

Claudia: Julia.

Bailey: Does this mean you're not coming?

Claudia: Jul.

Bailey: It'd be fun...

Claudia: ...can you come out here for a sec?

Julia: What. Claud, I'm trying to keep this sauce from burning. Just tell me who it is. (sees Griffin) Griffin...

Griffin: Hey.

Julia: What are you...I thought you were...

Griffin: I, uh, got three days leave and I just figured how could I come home and not say hi.

Justin: I can answer that.

Scene 2: Kitchen.

Julia: God, wow, this is...I thought you were there until...

Griffin: I probably should just...

Julia: No, wait. So how's school?

Griffin: It's okay.

Julia: Oh. So um...

Griffin: I was just...I was thinking maybe you and I could like talk or something.

Julia: Oh, oh. Maybe that's not such a...

Justin: No, no. Be my guest. Talk.

Griffin: Look, I'm going to be leaving tomorrow, okay. You've got my number. Give me a call or something.

Julia: I...I don't know.

Griffin: I'd really like to talk.

Julia: Uh huh.

Griffin: Bye.

Scene 3: Salinger's restaurant.

Kathleen: (on phone) It's me. I'm getting an earful from Phil. He wants to bump the cop corruption story and put the baby condor on top? Don't worry, I won't.

Charlie: I kept the kitchen open because you were so damn hungry. Now take your pick, the food or the phone.

Kathleen: (still on phone) Okay, okay. Rosemary, tell Phil I hung up on him to get moving on the condor footage. Lie.

Charlie: Now maybe I could book a reservation...

Kathleen: (looking at reservation list) Well, you've certainly got the space. You're half empty on Valentine's. Isn't that the biggest date night of the year?

Charlie: There are a lot of walk-ins. And what's so bad about being half full?

Kathleen: Way to go for the jugular, Charlie.

Charlie: We're doing just fine here, Kathleen.

Kathleen: (on phone again) Rosemary, look. When you find the condor footage, bury it. Just do it, Rosemary. Thanks. (to Charlie) What?

Charlie: I'm not you, Kathleen. I mean, I'm not out to conquer the market. I'm happy with business exactly the way it is.

Kathleen: Well then, you're lucky. Just do nothing and all your dreams will come true.

Charlie: You know, maybe you should just butt out.

Scene 4: Study hall.

Justin: You want to know where we're gonna go on Wednesday? For Valentine's?

Julia: I thought it was supposed to be a surprise.

Justin: It was, but...I don't know. I feel like telling you.

Julia: Okay.

Justin: My dad was going to take my mom to Top of the Market, that view place, but somebody offered them their beach house, so I got the table at the restaurant. So how does that sound?

Julia: That sounds great. (pauses) I want to talk to him, Justin.

Justin: Why?

Julia: Well, because we haven't written or even spoken since the last time I saw him.

Justin: What do you...what do you want to talk about?

Julia: Well, he doesn't know we're together. I want him to know that.

Justin: Don't you think that he figured that out last night?

Julia: Well, yeah, but he doesn't really know. And, I don't know, I think that if he really knew then he could go back to school and it would just be over. Okay?

Scene 5: Sarah's apartment lobby.

Doorman: Ah, Ms. Reeves, these flowers came with a Valentine's card but no name. Could they be for you?

Sarah: Doubtful.

Shawn: Anything for Sanders?

Sarah: Shawn! Hi, it's me, Sarah.

Shawn: I'm sorry, Sarah who?

Sarah: Reeves. Sarah Reeves.

Shawn: No, you can't be. Little Sarah Reeves has braces and goofy bangs that hang over her eyes.

Sarah: Yeah, well not anymore she doesn't.

Shawn: I can't believe it!

Sarah: Yeah, it's me.

Shawn: I can't believe that it's...

Sarah: It's me, okay? God, you're back. How's college?

Shawn: Fine. Well, I mean it was fine. I've been taking a lot of time off writing and travelling and stuff. Just got back from Argentina. Yeah, I was doing the cowboy, they got sunsets on the pompas.

Sarah: Wow. Wow, really. Wow.

Shawn: Boy. A lot can change in, uh, how long has it been?

Sarah: 32 months. Give or take.

Scene 6: Kathleen's apartment.

Charlie: Kathleen, this is really good. What restaurant did it come from?

Kathleen: Salinger's...if you play your cards right. Hear me out. Terrill Moore is the chef at Ingenue. Now, it's common knowledge that he's been feuding with his owner. He happens to be a friend, so I told him about Salinger's and he's very interested in taking over your kitchen.

Charlie: Kathleen, you know what, I told you. I don't need this. I'm happy with the way things are.

Kathleen: But you get a chef like Terrill and your restaurant could explode!

Charlie: I don't care. Don't you get that?

Kathleen: You know what your problem is, Charlie? You say you couldn't get married because it wasn't your life you'd be living. And you can't run this restaurant because it's not your dream. Well, your problem is that you never put your name on anything!

Charlie: Give me a break.

Kathleen: But maybe if you actually did care, you actually took a chance, you know, because something good might happen. And for once in your life you might not walk away. You might even want to say, this is mine. I did this.

Charlie: Look, even if I wanted to do this, I don't have the money to hire a big time chef. I mean, it's a fantasy. (she hands him a slip of paper) I owe you...Kathleen, uh, wow. That's a lot of money.

Kathleen: It's a loan. You'll pay me back. I happen to think that you're a good investment.

Scene 7: Coffeehouse.

Sarah: ...he grew up in my building and his parents are friends with my parents. And he just came back from travelling so I was wondering...

Bailey: Will only got four the truck show. So, your friend's gonna have to get his own ticket and he probably won't be able to sit right next to us because these things sell out all the time.

Sarah: Hmm...I find that so hard to believe. But that's not the point. The point is, I don't want to go to the truck show. And Shawn kind of asked if we could get together on Wednesday and I said yes, but only, only if it was okay with you.

Bailey: Well, I don't know, I mean, we did make plans, sort of. But, I mean, if it's something you really want to do then yeah. Of course.

Sarah: Oh. Well do you maybe want to join us?

Bailey: Hmm. Let's see. Reminiscing about your childhood in the apartment building, or, watching the 600 horse-powered battle royale. Reminiscing...battle royale. Childhood in the apartment...600 horses.

Sarah: Look, Bailey, I know you're just doing this to be nice...and if it matters to you at all I can cancel with Shawn.

Bailey: No, why should you do that? Look, you do what you want to do, and I'll do what I want to do, and we'll meet up afterwards. Okay? Dammit, I just lost my cinnamon stick!

Sarah: So use your finger.

Bailey: I'll get burned.

Sarah: Huh.

Scene 8: Car.

Griffin: I really wasn't expecting to see him at your place. I thought that was over.

Julia: Well, it was, but we sort of...we got back together.

Griffin: Really? That's cool...I'm glad. Well, not glad. Justin's an okay guy.

Julia: Yeah.

Griffin: So, um, you two...

Julia: We've slept together, Griffin.

Griffin: I wasn't asking that.

Julia: Yeah, but I think you should know...I'm with Justin. I'm really with him. is it. School. Is it okay for you there?

Griffin: No. It's pretty bad.

Julia: Really?

Griffin: It's like...all the uniforms...and all the people just like my dad yelling at me.

Julia: Well maybe I can write you a little.

Griffin: Maybe I'm not going back there.

Julia: Griffin, don't talk like that. I mean, your dad made a deal with the judge. You have to finish the year.

Griffin: That was his deal, not mine.

Julia: Are you talking about running away?

Griffin: I'm not just talking about it. I'm pretty much doing it.

Julia: Griffin...

Griffin: My plane an hour ago. When it lands without me, I'm gone.

Scene 9: Salinger hallway.

Claudia: I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Justin: Hey, shouldn't you be at school or something? Where's Julia?

Claudia: She's up...

Julia: Oh, Justin. (he sees Griffin) Justin...

Justin: You lied to me.

Julia: No, Justin, wait. He needed a place to stay, that was all. He slept on the couch, I can show you where.

Justin: I don't want to do this. Not again. I don't want to talk about it...not until he is gone. (leaves)

Scene 10: Sarah's apartment.

Bailey: I don't see why they didn't do this a long time ago. Fred's got one, Barney's got one, Betty's a main character...she should have her own vitamin. It's unfair.

Sarah: Yeah, well, the world's unfair, Bailey. (someone knocks at the door)

Shawn: Ha. There you are. What are you, hiding from me? Just gonna pretend it never happened, huh?

Sarah: What?

Shawn: You know what. Where's my sweater, thief?

Sarah: Hey, I was going to give it back.

Shawn: Um hmm.

Sarah: Oh, Bailey, this is Shawn. Shawn, Bailey.

Bailey: How you doing?

Sarah: See, Shawn lent me his sweater last night when we went up on the roof.

Bailey: The roof.

Shawn: Yeah, we were checking out the stars. I was showing Sarah how different they are in Paraguay.

Bailey: The stars in Paraguay. Huh. Did you show him the star that I named for you?

Sarah: Yeah, well, uh, I tried to, but it was in the wrong place.

Bailey: No way. The certificate...

Shawn: Right coordinates, wrong constellation. I checked it.You won't be able to see it until the summer solstice. But, it's there, you know. It's not like you got ripped off or anything.

Bailey: Huh. So uh, Sarah tells me you dropped out of college.

Shawn: Uh, yeah.

Sarah: For love, isn't that romantic? Yeah, his girlfriend ran off to the Peace Corps so he moved to South America just to be with her. Can you believe that?

Bailey: Really, where is she now?

Shawn: In the hands of some guy named Marco, I'm afraid. So there I am, standing on a dock in Plurianopolis...I'm alone, broken hearted...but then I realized I finally have something worth writing about, so, that's what I did.

Sarah: God, that is so romantic. You know, I'd love to read some of your stuff sometime.

Shawn: Oh sure, if I can read some of yours too.

Sarah: Of course.

Bailey: (interrupting) Well...I'm double parked, so, ready to go Sarah?

Scene 11: Salinger's restaurant.

Terrill is explaining to Charlie how the restaurant needs to be changed.

Terrill: Upholstered seats and padded booths, a must. All newly direct lighting, a must. Wall commercial ink planks, a must.

Charlie: Okay, okay. Let's take a breath here. Um, whatever you need for the food you got it. But the furniture and the lights...that's gonna have to wait. I can't afford to do the place over, Terrill. Not yet. But if you can bring them in with the food...

Terrill: I can bring 'em in.

Charlie: We'll talk about the rest of it then.

Terrill: I'll take another look at your kitchen. Our kitchen. (enter Kathleen) Hey K. Look like death.

Charlie: Kathleen, he is great. I should have done this so long ago.

Kathleen: Bar open yet?

Charlie: And I owe it all to you. How can I thank you.

Kathleen: How about a drink.

Charlie: Hey. What's the matter?

Kathleen: You know what I always hated? I always hated those conferences for women executives. All they did was bitch and moan about how men can't take us in power positions. Me, I thought if breasts threw a man off balance, so much the better. I thought whatever they had for me I could handle.

Charlie: What happened?

Kathleen: They dropped me to the five o'clock news. I mean, the six was bad enough but at least you could pretend that you were a journalist!

Charlie: You okay?

Kathleen: I can't go back there, Charlie. I mean, my office is all glass. I can't let them see me rattled.

Scene 12: Julia's classroom.

Teacher: Eyes on your own paper. (enter a man)

Man: Julia, come on out here. (three men are standing outside waiting for her)

Man 2: You're a friend of his, aren't you?

Julia: Well, yeah, I mean kind of, but...

Man 2: Your friend made a deal with the judge. I'm here to make sure he doesn't break it. If Griffin doesn't go back to school in Louisiana like he's supposed to, he's going to find himself in a lot of trouble.

Julia: I said I haven't seen him.

Man 2: But if you might want to tell him what I said.

Scene 13: Coffeehouse.

Bailey: Hey.

Sarah: Hey. Shawn's poetry...amazing.

Bailey: Oh, you've got some, uh...(indicates that she has whipped cream on her nose) So listen, uh, Will and I were watching the monster truck show pretrials on cable last night. And uh, and I think I got my monster truck fix. So I was thinking that maybe I don't need to go after all.

Sarah: Oh, no, no no no...don't do that, no. Because you were so excited about it, you know? And all that stuff about the mud spraying in your face...I mean, cable can't do that justice.

Bailey: Well no,'s Valentine's day.

Sarah: And you were right, Bailey. I mean, what's so important about Valentine's day. It's just another day on the calendar, right?

Bailey: Um, yeah, but...

Sarah: In fact, I think it'll be really good for us because you're excited about your truck show, and I'm excited about seeing Shawn and we'll probably just be talking about poetry and books all night and you'll be bored out of your mind. So it works out all around, right? Unless, did you not want me to see Shawn?

Bailey: No. No, no no no. Shawn's great. I love Shawn.

Sarah: Yeah, me too.

Scene 14: Kathleen's office.

Kathleen: What are you doing here?

Charlie: What are you doing here? This morning you said you were going to come back.

Kathleen: Yeah, but see, the way to show them is to just work twice as hard. Because if I could squeeze a few extra pieces out of Safra's show and maybe boost the ratings by a point or two, then they'll see what I could do with the five o'clock and they'll want more of the same at six.

Charlie: Yeah, well, you're nuts. (goes over and picks her up)

Kathleen: Whoa! Hey, wait, what are you doing?

Charlie: You're getting out of here.

Kathleen: Charlie...where are you taking me!

Charlie: Just get in the car, and go. I'll get someone to look after Owen and we'll just drive. Maybe go to Napa.

Kathleen: Charlie, I just can't take off...I'll get in trouble!

Charlie: You're already in trouble. You think you can solve all your problems by working harder? Kathleen, you work too hard already. Just step back and ask yourself what's wrong with this picture.

Kathleen: Charlie, please, just...

Charlie: You're never going to get up out of this until somebody drags you!

Kathleen: Charlie, put me down!

Scene 15: Kitchen.

Justin: So, you called me, that means he's gone, right?

Julia: Not exactly...not yet. Justin, a guy from court came by school today. And they know that Griffin is a friend of mine and sooner or later they're gonna come here looking for him.

Justin: So tell him to leave.

Julia: Well, he wants to, but he has to pick up his motorcycle first. A friend of his is keeping it in his garage.

Justin: So what's the problem?

Julia: Well, he can't get the bike until tomorrow, and...he can't pick it up himself. Because if his friend knows he's on the bike then so will his dad and so will the judge. Justin, please.

Justin: No...

Julia: He needs a place to stay and he needs someone to pick up his bike. And I'm sorry, but there's no one else I can ask.

Justin: Are you out of your mind? Why would you ever think I would do this?

Julia: Because he's in trouble...because he needs help.

Justin: And why should I care after what he did?

Julia: Because he's a friend of mine.

Justin: Julia, the guy is a loser. He stole money from your brother and now he's trying to get you to help him break the law!

Julia: don't understand.

Justin: You're right...I do not understand.

Julia:'re the only one I can ask and so I'm asking. Okay? You want him out of here this is how. I mean, you do this and he's gone. Because after he leaves he can't come home...not for a really long time.

Justin: (softly) All right.

Scene 16: Napa hotel room.

Kathleen: I'm not working, I'm just cleaning up some files.

Charlie: You are worse off than I thought. (takes away her computer)

Kathleen: They have my whole life on them.

Charlie: And the cell phone?

Kathleen: I turned if off, it won't ring.

Charlie: And...the beeper.

Kathleen: No. (tries to escape)

Charlie: Give it. (they chase each other around)

Kathleen: No...leave me a damn lifeline, will you? (sighs) Okay. I'm feeling...some extreme discomfort right now...of which you would probably say is proof that this is something I needed to do.

Charlie: Um hmm.

Kathleen: You've got a lot of nerve, Charlie. Just breeze in...take over my life...

Charlie: You always want to be in charge, Kathleen. So try and give someone else a crack at it.

Kathleen: Why. Why would I want to do that.

Charlie: Because maybe you'll like it.

Scene 17: Bathroom.

Julia: Hey. It's all yours. I didn't even cap the toothpaste I was so fast...but you better hurry...Bai...hello?

Bailey: Can I ask you something? You know, um, hypothetically?

Julia: Sure.

Bailey: Okay...and...let's say you were a girl and you like fell in love with me.

Julia: Extremely hypothetical.

Bailey: Yes. And then, and then I made one teeny tiny little mistake.

Julia: Oh, you mean like insisting on going to the truck show for Valentine's day.

Bailey: Okay...okay, like that. Would that make it easier for you to like, start looking around at other guys?

Julia: No, of course not Bai, don't be silly. Sarah loves you.

Bailey: Right, right. She loves me. She loves me...and it's not like you can be in love with two people at the same time.

Julia: Well...I don't know. I mean, I think that people can be in love with more than one person for different reasons.

Bailey: You do.

Julia: It's love, Bai. There aren't any rules.

Bailey: Yeah.

Scene 18: Justin's room.

Griffin: No answer, huh?

Justin: No. Where the hell is he?

Griffin: I don't know. He must be out.

Justin: Yeah, well he better show up soon because I'm not gonna do this again tonight, you understand? I'm not going to sneak you around my parents again. I mean, you can sleep on the street for all I care.

Griffin: You know I don't want to be here either. If I had any place else to go...

Justin: Yeah, well, you're here and you're not going to screw up my plans tonight, I can tell you that right now.

Griffin: (rolls his eyes) Oh...Valentine's day. What are you guys doing tonight?

Justin: None of your business. And get off my bed.

Griffin: I can really see what she sees in you.

Justin: Shut up, man.

Griffin: So did you get her something? (Justin shows him the contents of a small box) Wow. Wow, that's nice. She'll like that.

Justin: Think so?

Griffin: Yeah. I don't really have the kind of cash to get her something like that. (Justin gives him a look) Not that I would anyway. You guys are lucky.

Scene 19: Hotel room.

Kathleen: You know, I've done stories about this. People carving out 'me' time, being pampered like queen for a day. And I always thought they must be so bored if this is what they have to do. But I have had such a good time here, Charlie. Really.

Charlie: That's great. That's really...(phone rings) Who can that be? You checked gave them my number.

Kathleen: No, I didn't!

Charlie: Well how else could they find us?

Kathleen: Maybe I let it slip...I was having such a good time.

Charlie: I cannot believe you did this.

Kathleen: (picks up phone) Hello. Who? It's the restaurant. It's for you.

Scene 20: Coffeehouse.

A man is reciting a poem on stage about the phone book.

Sarah: This is a Valentine's poem? You should get up there and show them what poetry's all about.

Poet: Hernia doctor, the, dot

Host: Okay, that was 'White Page' by Patrick Campbell. The mike is open for anyone else who'd like to share their work.

Sarah: C'mon, you can hitch halfway across the planet but you can't take two steps to that stage?

Shawn: Okay, okay. (goes up to stage as Bailey enters)

Bailey: Hey. Guess what. They cut my favorite event, the tractor compactor, so I said screw it and bagged the show and I am available to do whatever you want to do.

Sarah: Bailey...

Shawn: Uh, I wrote this for a friend. (starts reading his poem) Ugly duckling breaks her egg, stumbles forth on legs that shake, can't quite walk, can't quite swim...

Bailey: Wow, a regular Henry David Longfellow.

Shawn: ...blindly follows, loyal and brave, dirty feathers in her wake. Season passes, now she's new! Long white body, silken neck, arching back, swelling breast...

Bailey: Hey.

Sarah: Bailey...

Shawn: ...wings spread wide as yawning sky, fan the love in my mind's eye. For in this world, there's no one fairer...

Bailey: That's it. (rushes over to stage)

Shawn: ...than my shining, lovely...(Bailey punches him in the face)

Scene 21: Justin's car.

Griffin: Look, I signed the pink slip over to you. Here, just tell them I did it through the mail, they'll probably send me a check for three hundred bucks...

Justin: All right, fine, fine. Be happy to do it. It's not like our reservation is already ruined.

Griffin: I need some air.

Julia: So, do you have enough money...for gas and stuff?

Griffin: I'm okay.

Julia: Where are you going to go? Have you thought about it?

Griffin: I don't know. A little. I really don't want to go anywhere.

Julia: Well, Griffin, they're looking for you. You have to.

Griffin: Yeah, well I want to stay here.

Julia: Yeah, but you can't do that. I mean, you can't be here.

Griffin: Because...I'm in love with you.

Julia: Oh. Man, Griffin, can't. What do you want from me?

Griffin: I'm sorry.

Julia: You told me not to write to you, you remember that...I mean, you told me to forget about you! I was just...

Griffin: I'm sorry.

Julia: What was I supposed to do? I mean, what did you expect to happen?

Griffin: I don't know. I just want you back.

Julia: Griffin...

Justin: (who has overheard everything) Hey. Take this or I'm gonna drop it. (drops Griffin's motorcycle) Julia, get in the car.

Julia: Justin...

Justin: Get in the car!

Griffin: Julia!

Scene 22: Coffeehouse.

Sarah: I can't believe you did that.

Shawn: You can't...look at my nose! You're nuts, guy.

Bailey: Hey, you asked for it, pal.

Shawn: I didn't ask for anything. It was an idiotic thing to do.

Bailey: Oh really? Well it was no more idiotic than your idiotic poem. 'Fairer' to rhyme with 'Sarah'? Get real buddy. How lame can you get?

Shawn: You idiot. It rhymes with Clara. Not Sarah. That was my ex-girlfriend's name. See, you can still make it out there underneath all the blood. And besides, she's in love with you, moron. Haven't you ever read her poetry?

Bailey: Well, you gotta admit that it was...that it was romantic. You know, that I would actually just run up there and punch him out.

Sarah: Roses are romantic, Bailey. Little heart shaped candies with stupid things written on them, that's romantic. Even a poem that doesn't rhyme is romantic. But if you think that I'm gonna say 'my hero' and swoon in your arms because you punched some guy in the nose, you're out of your mind. (leaves)

Scene 23: Salinger house.

Julia: Hey, Griffin...I thought you were...

Griffin: Look, I just needed a place to leave this. I can't take it home. Do you have some extra room maybe in your garage? But I'll pick it up...when I'm finished with school.

Julia: Wait a minute. You're going back. Really?

Griffin: See, the thing is, usually I just jump into things without thinking. I just do it. I mean, I could just take off, just bolt...but that would mean I would never see you again. So for once in my life I'm gonna think about after...and I'm gonna stick out school. I mean, who knows, maybe later...

Julia: Griffin...

Griffin: I don't expect you to tell me that something's gonna happen. I don't even want you to tell me you love me. I don't want you to tell me you don't either, because, what I need is...I need to think we have a chance. Because that's why I'm going back.

Julia: Well, I think...I think you should leave your bike. I could make some room.

Scene 24: Salinger's restaurant.

Charlie: I just drove 75 miles to get back here because you tried to shut us down on one of the busiest nights of the year?

Terrill: Look, people know that I'm here, Charlie. My friends are coming to see me. And you got a menu I didn't create!

Charlie: You know, I don't care what your friends think, Terrill. Nobody's writing any reviews yet and even if they were you have no right to shut down this restaurant!

Terrill: I don't?

Charlie: You see that name up there? Salinger's? That is my name up there...this is my restaurant. Keeping it open during the transition was my decision, and it was my decision to make. I never want to get another phone call from one of my managers like that again. You understand? (Terrill nods as Kathleen watches this scene incredulously)

Scene 25: Sidewalk.

Justin: So uh, you sure Griffin's gone this time? He's not going to show up and ask me to boost his old man's car?

Julia: He's gone, Justin.

Justin: You know, I keep thinking about him, um, trying to figure out, I don't know, what it means to us? And, I had this really weird idea. I mean, it's way out there. (starts babbling) Okay, but...what if...I mean, this is not really for real, this is kind of sort of for real. Um, what if you and me got engaged. Engaged to get engaged to get engaged to get married. Sort of...maybe...someday. Uh, I mean, I know it's uh...just so that we know. I mean, not that we know, but so we have an idea we're, uh, kind of going in the same direction. I mean, I know, I know, it's huge...there's no way it can't be, but...(sees the look on her face) Oh man, I can't believe...

Julia: No, Justin. It's okay. I mean, it's okay to think about it.

Justin: Okay. To think. Good...good...great.

Scene 26: Sarah's apartment.

Sarah is looking inside a box with lots of branches in it.

Bailey: These are lemon branches, and baby's...

Sarah: Breath.

Bailey: Baby's breath. Which is all the stuff that they put around roses to make it look all pretty and romantic and everything. So you can kind of...kind of picture the arrangement. Red roses, if there were any in this entire city, say a dozen of them, or make it a dozen dozen.

Sarah: Yeah, I get the picture.

Bailey: And um, and I got you this card. Which is kind of...

Sarah: (opening card) Spanish.

Bailey: Yeah.

Sarah: Don't tell me, this is all they had left, right?

Bailey: And, I, um, liked the sentiment of it.

Sarah: I'm all ears.

Bailey: (reading card) El amor tiene mucho de. Um, which basically means, 'Love a many splendored thing. And high on that list of splendors, way high, is definitely you.' And, oh, look! It keeps going on the back here. (pretending to read) Because...because...not only are you beautiful and brilliant and amazing but you're also, what is this word, forgiving, yes. Very forgiving about idiot boyfriends who take you for granted. Or who make selfish choices about monster truck shows. Look, it actually says that. And, who do stupid things, yes. But only because they're so afraid of losing you. Ole. (Sarah is smiling)

Sarah: So, what do you think. Do I put these in water or use them as kitty litter?

Scene 27: Kathleen's apartment.

Charlie and Kathleen are in bed.

Kathleen: What time is it?

Charlie: It's 4:30. I'm meeting Terrill at the produce market. Contracting with some new suppliers.

Kathleen: Blow it off, Charlie. C'mon...come back to bed.

Charlie: Blow it off. That doesn't sound like you, Kathleen.

Kathleen: I know, I know. Because actually I'd be a little upset if you left...which is...well, it's a little weird for me. I mean, I'm just so incredibly touched by what you did these last few days. Because it was really great. And I guess I'm just not used to that. You know, being taken care of that way. It's a nice feeling, is all. I just don't want it to go away. (pauses) Except, um, well, it's more than that. Really, because um...see, I could fall in love. (Charlie is silent) Charlie, say something.

Charlie: I think you're great too. Really. And um, I'll call you after I'm done, okay? (kisses her on the forehead and leaves)

Scene 28: Justin's bedroom.

Julia has just climbed through his window.

Justin: Hey...isn't it the guy who's supposed to come through the window at dawn? Or have you decided to take me up on my proposal? I mean, I'm sorry, proposal for a proposal.

Julia: No. Um, see uh...

Justin: Julia...

Julia: It's just been a weird week, you know. I mean, first Griffin came and all that, and um, I don't know, I guess I was just too distracted to notice the time going by. Because it's happened before. I mean, I've been late before. And there wasn't any reason to worry, really, because we've been really careful. I didn't want to take any chances so I went and I got one of those little test kits...and uh...Justin, the test came out blue.

Justin: What?

Julia: It was positive. The test came out positive. Oh, Justin...

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