Season 2, Episode 18: Before and After

Written by Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser

Nominated for a Humanitas award
Nominated for The Turner Prize, an Environmental Media Award

Transcribed by Jen Oyama

Previous storyline: Julia took a pregnancy test that came out positive; Bailey became jealous of Sarah's friendship with an old friend; Charlie whisked Kathleen away from her workaday world.

Scene one: Bailey's room.

Bailey: So, apparently Sharon Silverman and Doug Unger are an item now. I ran into him buying condoms at the pharmacy.

Sarah: He was or you were?

Bailey: He was. I was buying deodorant. He said they've been going out about three weeks now. Three weeks and they're doing it. How about that. (starts eyeing Sarah's legs) Listen. The thing is, um, and...I don't want to pressure you in any way. But we have been going out for a long time., I just want to officially put it out there that I'm definitely, definitely in favor of having sex. With you.

Sarah: Good, because I am too.

Bailey: Well, yeah. Um, only I was thinking of something more along the lines of some time this calendar year.

Sarah: (laughing) Look, Bailey I'm ready. And I've been ready for awhile. I was just waiting for you to say that you want to.

Bailey: Are you serious? (she smiles) That's...that's ironic, is what it is. So, wow. Uh, do you want to...

Sarah: Well no, not right this second. God. I'm wearing totally yucky underwear.

Bailey: Well, I promise you, that would not be an issue for more than a second.

Sarah: Look, Bailey, I want it to be special. I mean, is that totally hoaky?

Bailey: No no, no. I want it to be special too, I do. Special, and soon. Soon is very important. I can't stress soon enough.

Sarah: Okay. (they kiss)

Scene 2: Outside doctor's office.

Justin: Well?

Julia: Well, what did you expect? I told you those home things are pretty accurate.

Justin: So, yeah?

Julia: Yup.

Justin: You okay? You know I wanted to be in there with you.

Julia: No, Justin, I told you...two kids sitting in a clinic waiting room, everyone would have known.

Justin: Yeah, well, I guess we should...

Julia: I made an appointment for tomorrow.

Justin: You made an appointment?

Julia: To, you know...have it taken care of. (gets into car)

Justin: Wait a second. Just like that? Without us even talking about it, or...

Julia: What's to talk about, huh? Nothing. I'm just gonna get it over with as quickly as possible and it'll be over. And I won't have to think about it anymore.

Justin: Julia, look...(Julia deliberately turns up the car radio, just as the announcer's voice says "Time is running out...")

Scene 3: School classroom.

Julia: Did you figure out the answer to number twelve? Because I can't for the life of me remember how many electrons barium has. Well?

Justin: (whispering) I want to talk about this. We have to talk about it.

Julia: Why? Justin, it's not going to change what happened. I mean, it's not going to change what I have to do about it and we have homework so what's the point.

Justin: (whispering) What, are you scared? Is that it? All right, fine. Are you mad at me? You think we did something wrong? Because I don't. Look, I love you. And I don't think there is anything wrong with what we did. So something screwed up with the condom...but that is not anyone's fault. It was just an accident.

Julia: I know.

Justin: Look, I want to go with you.

Julia: No.

Justin: Don't argue with me, all right?

Julia: Look, Charlie's going to take me, okay? He's going to drive me.

Justin: Char...You told Charlie?

Julia: Yeah, I had to. I'll call you after it's over. Number twelve?

Scene 4: Salinger's basement.

Charlie goes down to the basement and finds a huge leak in the pipes.

Charlie: Dammit! (in the backyard, with Jake) I tell you, the whole damn house is falling apart. Pipes are like tissue paper, chimney's cracked, roof is shot to hell...I don't even want to think about how much a new one of those is going to set us back.

Jake: Well, I tell you what. Why don't you go and get an estimate...not for just some half assed patch job, but for the whole kit and caboodle. And then come back and we'll talk about it, you and I. How does that sound?

Charlie: (who's looking at Julia's home pregnancy test kit, which he just found in the trash) Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Scene 5: School hallway.

Sarah (at Bailey's locker): You'll never guess.

Bailey: So tell me.

Sarah: This morning at breakfast, my dad says, I'm flying down to L.A. to meet with a client. And my mom, get this, my mom, totally out of the blue, says, 'You know what, sweetheart? Why don't I fly down there with you and do some shopping...' And, we can spend the night together.

Bailey: We can spend the night together.

Sarah: (excitedly) We can spend the night together. God, is this fate, or what? They're going to be gone till Friday. Do you have, you know, protection? Because I have a doctor's appointment but it's not until tomorrow...

Bailey: I got it to speak.

Sarah: (sighing, as bell rings) Test on the atom bomb. Like, I'm gonna be able to concentrate. (she leaves; Bailey makes a 'yes' sign with his fist as he closes his locker)

Scene 6: Salinger hallway, from outside.

We see Julia and Charlie arguing about something inside, until Julia opens the hallway door and we hear their voices.

Charlie: Jul...have you at least talked to somebody about this, Julia? Julia!

Julia: I don't need to talk to anyone, okay? I know what I'm doing.

Charlie: Oh yeah. I can see that. (holds up her pregnancy test kit) All right, look. I'm coming with you. I'm gonna take you.

Julia: No.

Charlie: Yes, Julia. No argument.

Julia: Look, Charlie. Justin's going to be there, okay, he's meeting me. So you don't have to worry. Don't worry!

Scene 7: Sarah's house.

Sarah is dressed up and the house is lit with candles.

Sarah: ...satin sheets in the bedroom.

Bailey: Well, you've uh, you've really gone all out.

Sarah: Well yeah...this is practically the most important night of my life so far.

Bailey: Uh, yeah.

Sarah: Besides, I mean, how many things can you look back on and say, you know what, that changed everything.

Bailey: Right. You know what, Sarah, not to...not to diminish my own um, you know, but um, I don't know, if uh...

Sarah: Bailey, tonight I'm going to share something with you that is so, so important. And I'm never going to share that with anybody ever again. And, it's like, after this I really am a woman.

Bailey: Well, at least you're keeping it in perspective.

Sarah: I'm going to put on some music, okay? (returns) Hey. (they start slow dancing)

Bailey: You know what? I don't think that this is...that this is feeling right.

Sarah: What, am I leading?

Bailey: No no no no. It's not that. Um, it'''s...I don't want you to think that I don't want to do this because I do. I really want to do this. But, I don't know. I think you're making it into too much and I'm starting to feel pressure.

Sarah: To perform.

Bailey: No no no no no. I'm fine with that, believe me. It''s pressure to like change your life or something. And I don't know that I can do that. Look, I don't want to disappoint you because I really do love you and so...I don't think I want to do this. Not tonight, okay?

Scene 8: Doctor's office.

Julia is sitting alone in the waiting room.

Nurse: Julia Salinger?

Scene 9: Outside doctor's office.

Julia is walking down the street when Justin catches up to her.

Justin: Wait!

Julia: What are you doing here?

Justin: I'm sorry. Please don't get angry, but I couldn't not come. Wow. That was fast. I didn't know that you'd be out so soon.

Julia: Yeah, well, um...

Justin: Where's Charlie? went alone?

Julia: Yeah. (choking up) I didn't do it. I couldn't do it...I just ran out. I left.

Justin: All right, well maybe it was too quick. Maybe you need a couple more days?

Julia: No, no, you don't get it. It's not that I couldn't do it. I'm not sure if I want to.

Justin: You're not sure you want to have the abortion?

Julia: I was just sitting there and all of a sudden I felt this panic, like what am I doing here? What am I giving up...what if this is something that I want?

Justin: Okay, uh, we should talk about this. We should sit down, and...

Julia: You're upset about this.

Justin: No, I'm not...

Julia: You just wanted me to go in there and get it over with. Just get rid of it!

Justin: No, I...

Julia: Justin, I thought you would understand. (walks off)

Scene 10: School hallway.

Bailey: Hey.

Sarah: Hey.

Bailey: Hey, um, are we...are we cool?

Sarah: What? Oh, yeah.

Bailey: Okay. Okay, good. Good, because I was thinking basically all last night how much I want to try again.

Sarah: Are you sure? Because I've got that doctor's appointment today. But I can cancel.

Bailey: No, don't cancel it. Don't cancel it. But, um, maybe we could try this whole thing with a little less, you know, fanfare. A little lower key.

Sarah: Less fanfare. Lower key.

Bailey: Right. Like, we're supposed to go to the movies tomorrow night, right? So maybe afterwards we go back to my house and maybe something happens. Or maybe it doesn't. Maybe it's some other doesn't really matter.

Sarah: I'm sorry, but I thought that soon was of the utmost importance. Your words.

Bailey: Yeah, I know, I know. But I just don't want, like, spotlights and music and plans. You know, I want it to happen like the first time we kissed. You know, just out of the blue. Like maybe we're sitting on my bed together, and I start to kiss you, and I start to touch you, then don't want to stop and then it just happens.

Sarah: Then, it's exactly right. Perfect.

Bailey: Right. Right, because it will be.

Scene 11: Doctor's office.

Doctor: So look through the literature, think about it. Call me again and we'll talk some more.

Julia: Okay. Thanks.

Doctor: You did the right thing coming in to talk about this, Julia. (as she walks out of the office, she runs into Sarah)

Julia: Sarah.

Sarah: Wow. This is weird, huh? So much for privacy. I had no idea we had this thing...

Julia: Yeah. Listen, I gotta go. (leaves)

Scene 12: Backyard.

Julia is sitting on the swing when Bailey comes outside.

Bailey: Hey.

Julia: Oh. Hey.

Bailey: So um, Sarah said she ran into you today at the doctor's office. She said you looked upset.

Julia: No, I'm okay.

Bailey: Yeah? (she nods) He's not pressuring you or anything, Justin, is he?

Julia: What do you mean?

Bailey: I mean, that this is a big step, Jul. Sex. And guys, sometimes they don't even think about whether or not the girl's ready. (she doesn't respond) I know. It's none of my business, right? I know you guys love each other. And I'm sure you know what you're doing. Just be careful, okay? I mean, obviously you are. That's why you were there today, right?

Julia: That's not why, no. We were careful. Always, every time. You're late, Bailey. You are so too late.

Scene 13: Julia's room.

Justin enters, catching his breath.

Justin: Hey. Weren't you going to call me? I've left three messages for you.

Julia: Oh. Um, I'm sorry. I was going to. I'm just trying not to spend every second of every minute of every hour thinking about this.

Justin: Oh. Is that working? (she doesn't answer) Look, the reason that I called you was, um, I was thinking...I'm thinking, uh, okay, we could do this. Have the baby. I figure, I got a lot of extra credit, right? If they count my AP classes I'd get my diploma this spring, and I bet that the news station would hire me full time...we could find a way to make this work. So what if we're young. So what if there's stuff we have to give up. We get something, too. Julia, people who have a lot less than us have kids. Even people who love each other less.

Scene 14: Kitchen.

Julia: ...terrible thing. You know you'd hate me for it sooner or later.

Charlie: Julia.

Julia: Anyway, I could have the baby and give it up for adoption. The doctor talked to me about that. I mean, what's wrong with that?

Charlie: I don't know. Maybe that's right.

Julia: Doesn't that seem more...moral or something?

Charlie: I can't answer that, Jul.

Julia: Then I'd be pregnant for the rest of school and I'd be pregnant when I was applying for colleges and for the interviews. I mean, do you think that people would look at me differently? (he just looks at her) Yeah. Obviously. Well, maybe I should put off college for a year, you know, just take a year off and have the baby on my own. Why can't I do that?

Charlie: You can do that, Jul. If you want to you can keep the baby, in this house, here, with all of us...

Julia: Okay...

Charlie: Just, you have to make sure that you're ready. To be a mother. And uh, I'm not sure that you are.

Julia: So what. Stuff happens in life and...who cares if you're ready, right? You just do it, and who knows that better than us.

Charlie: (softly) Right.

Julia: And how is it different from you and Owen? Let's be honest. Were you ready to be a dad?

Charlie: No.

Julia: And now, would you give him back if you had a chance?

Charlie: No.

Julia: See? So how can I...

Charlie: It's not the same, Jul. I was 24 years old and I'd gone to college...I had a chance to live a little. You would be giving up so much. You have all this potential, you know, so much more than I'm ever gonna have. To throw that all away...

Julia: So, what choice do I have left? (softly, to herself) What'd I do to myself?

Scene 15: House hallway.

Julia answers the door and sees Justin waiting outside.

Julia: Oh. That was fast.

Justin: Yeah, I ran a couple lights. On the phone...your voice was, uh... What is it? Please, please, I'm dying.

Julia: You wanna...(motions him towards another room)

Claudia: (later in the backyard; she is talking to Justin while he sits on the bench with his head down) Man, this oughta get a medal just for coming over here. I mean, all I want to do is go to a movie. But no, Bailey's off smooching, Julia's locked in her room, and Charlie's just saying, 'You know what Claud? It's not a good time right now.' I mean, I swear, sometimes the only thing anyone says to me in this house is go away. Can I hang out with you, Justin? (sees that he's crying) Justin...

Justin: Go away, Claud, just go away. Just get out of here.

Claudia: (upstairs in Julia's room) Hey Jul...

Julia: Go away, Claud. Get out of here.

Claudia: Did you and Justin have a fight or something?

Julia: What? No.

Claudia: Then why was he crying in the backyard just now?

Julia: He's crying?

Claudia: Well, not a lot, but still, yeah. I mean, he didn't want me to see him. What happened?

Julia: Nothing.

Claudia: Then why would he're going to bed? It's not even 9 o'clock.

Julia: I'm tired, okay?

Claudia: What are these? (Claudia looks at the "making choices" brochures and pamphlets lying on the bed)

Julia: Claud, wait...

Claudia: Why would...are you...(looks at Julia with sudden comprehension) What are you going to do? Are you going to have the baby?

Julia: I don't think so.

Claudia: You're not? (chokes up) You're not going to have it?

Julia: Claud...(Claudia runs off)

Scene 16: Classroom.

Bailey: Hey.

Sarah: Hey.

Bailey: Still up for lunch?

Sarah: Yeah, one sec. Julia asked me to take notes for her in McFarland's class. Okay, done. Here, um, could you give these to her? Please?

Bailey: You know what? Maybe you could come by later and give these to her yourself.

Sarah: Uh, I've got rehearsal this afternoon.

Bailey: Well then, then, afterwards. Because I was thinking that it might really do her some good to talk to another...

Sarah: I'd rather not, okay?

Bailey: Why not?

Sarah: Because...because she's got a lot going on right now and the last thing she needs is to know what I think.

Bailey: Well, what do you think? What do you think, Sarah?

Sarah: Nothing, nothing. Let's not talk about it, okay? Is it still mac and cheese in the cafeteria?

Scene 17: House bathroom.

Claudia sees Julia in the bathroom and walks away.

Julia: You don't have to leave.

Claudia: That's okay.

Julia: Claudia, I want to talk to you. Claudia!

Claudia: (stops and turns around) I don't get it.

Julia: What?

Claudia: How could you even think about doing this? What about Owen? He was an accident you think Mom and Dad should have never have had him?

Julia: This is different.

Claudia: How is it different? It's not different at all!

Julia: Claudia, I am too young to have a baby! Claudia, please!

Claudia: (on the verge of tears) If you do this, there are people who are going to say that it's murder. And you have to tell me what to say when they say have to tell me how to answer them, please!

Julia: I don't know. But I would not do this if I thought that that was true.

Scene 18: Cliff, somewhere near the ocean.

Bailey and Sarah are making out in his car.

Bailey: I want to take you home.

Sarah: You do?

Bailey: bad. We're not going to do this, are we?

Sarah: No. But I wish you would have thought this up a week ago.

Bailey: Yeah. Could have snuck it under the wire, huh?

Scene 19: Living room.

Julia is watching TV.

Charlie: So Jul, what time tomorrow?

Julia: Oh. 2 o'clock.

Charlie: Can I go with you? I want to.

Julia: Okay.

Charlie: I know you feel alone in this, Julia. But you're not. You're not the only one that's ever made this decision. Something like a million women every year...

Julia: I know, Charlie.

Charlie: I went with a girlfriend once...who had one. In college.

Julia: You did?

Charlie: Yeah. Deborah...Deborah...Deborah lots of braces Deborah. We didn't talk much beforehand about the decision, I mean, it just made sense. For both of us. I wasn't even wasn't like we were in love with each other or anything. So...I felt really bad about it for awhile afterwards. But that feeling, it goes away. You don't carry it around forever, Julia, you really don't. I mean, before this happened with you I hadn't even thought about it in, like, years.

Julia: And, what about her.

Charlie: Well, it took a little time, I guess. But yeah, I mean, eventually she was okay.

Julia: You stayed in touch?

Charlie: Well, uh, no. Not exactly.

Julia: So how do you know she doesn't still carry this around with her?

Charlie: All I'm trying to say is, that it's hard now. But it'll get easier.

Scene 20: Backyard.

Justin: Julia? (sees her on the swing and joins her)

Julia: Could you stop swinging?

Justin: Sure. I've been kind of nervous all day that now that you've decided, you might get kind of mad at me again. You might look at me like, that's the guy that did this to me.

Julia: You didn't do anything to me. We did it together. (he tries to hug her)

Justin: You can hug me back, you know, that's allowed.

Julia: Justin, stop. (she pushes him away)

Justin: What? Are you angry? You're angry! I don't get just said that we did this together.

Julia: Yeah, but we did it to me! And it's in my body, and I'm the one making the decision...and I promise you, you don't know what it feels like! You may think you do but you don't!

Justin: All right. Tell me how it feels.

Julia: Just go home, Justin. Being here with you doesn't help. And having to explain it to you doesn't help because it's not about you, and it's not about us, it's about me!

Justin: Julia...

Julia: (crying and shouting)You don't have to're gonna be're gonna get over this pretty soon and everything's going to be back to normal, that's how it is for guys. And no one is going to look at you later and say, guess what he did once. I'M the one they're going to look at...I'm the one who's going to carry this around, who can't EVER get rid of it! So don't try to share this with me. Because you can't. Because it's mine. (leaves)

Scene 21: Julia's room.

Sarah: Hey. Morning.

Julia: Uh, thanks for the notes from yesterday. You waiting for Bai?

Sarah: Yeah, he's still in the shower.

Julia: So, I was thinking, we definitely used to talk more before you and Bai...which is kind of too bad. Because it seems like everyone else in my life is a guy. And they're all being really nice but there are just some things you don't want to talk about, you know? I tried to call Kirsten, but she's on a trip...kind of a strange message to leave. Anyway, I know this is going to sound really stupid, but I'm actually getting kind of scared about what's going to happen physically, you know...

Sarah: Julia.

Julia: What?

Sarah: I'm not the right person.

Julia: What?

Sarah: I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I'm really not, please don't think that. I just have problems for myself...because of being adopted. I mean, if my mom would have made the same choice as you I wouldn't be here.

Julia: Oh. Right. But see, you have to understand...

Sarah: No, Julia. I know you need somebody on your side, I know that. And, I want to. But I can't. I'm really sorry.

Bailey: (cut to Bailey, who's at the front door) I just think she wants to be left alone right now.

Justin: Yeah, well, it's not like I'm just gonna honk from the curb when she's ready, I mean, I want to spend a little time with her before we have to leave.

Bailey: Justin, Charlie's taking her.

Justin: Right. That's what she said last time.

Bailey: (trying to block Justin from going upstairs) No, he's taking her, Justin. That's the way she wants it, I guess. So why don't we just give her some time, you know. This is hard for her.

Justin: You know what, Bailey? You don't need to tell me that. It's hard for me too...I'm not this completely irrelevant person, all right?

Bailey: No one said you were...

Justin: Yeah, well that's how everyone's acting. And you know what? I am sick of it. Just because some guys are jerks, doesn't mean that's me, all right! I know she's sad...well you know what? I'm losing something too. You know what would be nice? If it wasn't just me saying 'I'm sorry' all the time. It would be nice if once, just once, somebody asked me if I was okay! (leaves)

Scene 22: Upstairs hallway.

Julia is leaning against the stairwell, looking slightly nauseous.

Julia: Charlie...

Charlie: In here. Seen Owen's...sweatshirt?

Julia: Um, I think we gotta go.

Charlie: Why? Your appointment's at 2 o'clock.

Julia: (doubled over) You gotta take me now, Charlie.

Charlie: Okay.

Scene 23: Basement.

Jake: ...that's what my knee tells me. Are you okay? You've been down here for hours.

Claudia: Just going through...just looking up stuff.

Jake: Any idea where Julia went?

Claudia: Out.

Jake: You know, I worry about you guys. There seems to be a lot of closed doors around here...and red eyes. If something were going on, like with Julia, and I knew about it, maybe I could help.

Claudia: You can't help.

Jake: Oh, okay. But if something comes up that you kids can't handle...

Claudia: Charlie'll take care of her. And I don't think she's going to be able to talk to you about this because it's...too big of a thing, so maybe you should just leave her alone.

Jake: I won't push. (goes back upstairs)

Claudia: I want to tell you, Grandpa, but I can't. Because I'm scared, and I don't want you to think any different of her. And you might if you knew, so I think it's better that you don't.

Scene 24: Salinger house.

Julia and Charlie are just coming home.

Bailey: So, it's over, huh?

Julia: (softly) I, uh, had a miscarriage.

Bailey: What?

Julia: My doctor said not to worry, that it happens in like one in five pregnancies. So I didn't need an abortion. Could you, uh, call Justin for me?

Claudia: I'm sorry. I know that you're sad, and I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you anymore, okay Jul?

Julia: What? Sure, I didn't do it.

Claudia: No, Julia...

Julia: Go away, Claudia, okay? I can't do this with you now...I can't look at you because I know what you really think of me.

Claudia: No you don't. You don't know what I think. I don't think anything bad about you, Julia, I promise I don't. Look, I mean, I want to do something nice for you.

Julia: No, okay.

Claudia: Why not?

Julia: Look, Claud, I'm not trying to make you feel bad, okay? I don't have the energy to worry about you feeling guilty and none of this really matters right now...

Justin (later, in Julia's room): Did they let Charlie go in with you?

Julia: There was a nurse, she held my hand, told me about some trip she'd taken to Hawaii...airline lost her luggage.

Justin: Really. God.

Julia: No, no, she was nice. It helped listening to her chatter.

Justin: You know I wanted to be there. I would have been there if you had let me.

Julia: I know, Justin, but there wasn't enough time.

Justin: Yeah, but even if there was you wouldn't have called me. I mean, you didn't even call afterwards. Bailey...

Julia: I told him to tell you to come over, not to tell you what happened. It was a mistake. I'm sorry. I haven't been very fair to you through all this, have I. Or nice even. I'm sorry about that too.

Justin: I keep trying to figure out, I keep thinking, maybe this wouldn't be so bad if we were sharing it. I mean, can we at least share it now? (she takes his hand) Good. Julia...

Julia: (crying) I'm sorry...I 'm sorry, I just feel so sad, you know?

Justin: But the fact that it happened like this, I mean, for me at least, there's a little teeny bit of relief. Kind of makes it easier, doesn't it?

Julia: Not much. No, actually.

Justin: You didn't do anything, Julia.

Julia: But I can't act like the choice was taken out of my hands. I mean, I would have made the choice, Justin. It was the least worst of a lot of bad options, and I would have done it. But you know what, no matter how this happens, I mean, any way, it's so hard.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Scene 25: Bailey's room.

Bailey and Sarah are placing buckets all over his room to catch the rain that's leaking through the roof.

Bailey: Did you get the one over by the window?

Sarah: Yeah, got it. Wait, oh I think, yes, right there. Uh, toss me one.

Bailey: Dammit. We're short a bucket. (gets a football helmet and tosses it to her) Here.

Sarah: Well, now that I've ensured that you won't like wash away over night, I guess I should go.

Bailey: Wait. Don't go. Stay. Why don't you stay over.

Sarah: Bailey...

Bailey: No, nothing like that. We'll just sleep...together. We'll go to sleep together.

Sarah: (thinking about it) Got a t-shirt that I could borrow or something?

Bailey: Here. (tosses her a shirt)

Sarah: Could you maybe turn around?

Bailey: Yes. Sorry. (he changes out of his shirt, and they snuggle up in bed together) This is nice too, huh?

Scene 26: Julia's room.

Julia: It's okay, I'm awake.

Charlie: Mind the company?

Julia: No.

Charlie: Sorry that you...does anything hurt?

Julia: No, nothing hurts.

Charlie: Good. Uh, I was thinking that I probably haven't been all that helpful through all this.

Julia: C'mon...

Charlie: No, it's true. Probably would have been a lot better off if Mom had been here. She would have known exactly what to talk to you about.

Julia: That is're a good brother, Charlie.

Charlie: I don't know.

Julia: You couldn't have done anything...if you had told me no Justin and I still would have slept with each other. So, you didn't make a mistake. I made the mistake, only me.

Charlie: Well, it's over, Jul. You can kind of put it behind you now.

Julia: It's just going to take a little time, that's all. Just uh, bear with me, okay?

Charlie: Well, I'm not tired, so...we can talk, as long as you want.

Julia: Sure is pouring, huh?

Charlie: Oh, man. Makes me think about how you and Claudia wouldn't sleep on nights like this. You'd get Mom and Dad to light a fire downstairs, make hot chocolate, play...what's the name of that game again?

Julia: Chutes and Ladders.

Charlie: For like hours. Should we see if anybody's up for that tonight?

(They keep talking as the scene slowly fades to black)

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