Season 2, Episode 19: Altered States

Transcribed by Jen Oyama

Previous storyline: Julia had a miscarriage after discovering that she was pregnant; Bailey and Sarah reconsidered their plans for sexual intimacy; Kathleen began to fall for Charlie.

Scene one: Bailey's room.

Sarah is changing behind a screen.

Sarah: ...Brainstorm. What if we throw a leap year party? You know, if you're surrounded by friends, maybe they'll help you through the trauma.

Bailey: Maybe.

Sarah: Okay, ready? Tadah! (she is wearing a sexy short dress) What do you think? (Bailey just stares, not saying anything) Oh, oh god. You know, I can take it back.

Bailey: No, don't. I mean, I mean, no.

Sarah: Are you sure? Because it's not really my normal style. Maybe it's the new me emerging.

Bailey: Yeah, well, emerge over here. (they kiss)

Sarah: So, this leap year party thing. What do you say.

Bailey: Yeah. To absolutely anything.

Scene 2: Julia's room.

Julia is lying in bed.

Justin: Well, here. There's a history test on Monday. So I figured you might want to...I also brought you a note from Nina, a Grant High Spectator, and a new class president ballot. Lots of people are asking about you.

Julia: Asking what?

Justin: How you are, what's wrong, when you're going to be back.

Julia: What do you tell them?

Justin: I told them you're okay, you had a stomach virus, and you're going to be back really soon. Are you? Going to be back soon? (she doesn't answer) Because I was thinking, maybe if you did come back, got back into your routine, you might start feeling like your old self again. Maybe we'd start feeling like us again. Maybe it's as easy as that.

Julia: (lifelessly) Yeah. Maybe. (cut to opening credits)

Scene 3: Living room.

Charlie: Trash trucks are coming any second. Give me a hand, will you?

Claudia: She's just sitting there in the living room, Charlie.

Charlie: Who?

Claudia: Julia. She's been watching infomercials since like four o'clock this morning...I said hi but she didn't even hear me. Is she gonna be okay?

Charlie: Yeah Claud, she's going to be all right. (goes over to the sofa, where Julia is lying) Been up since four, huh?

Julia: Yeah. I couldn't sleep.

Charlie: Something's got to give here, Jul. You've spent the last week watching shadows move across the wall. Don't you think it's time to go back to school?

Julia: Maybe next week. I don't feel ready yet. Don't make me go back, Charlie.

Charlie: Look, I don't want to be a hard ass. If I thought staying home was helping, I'd be all for it, but it's not. Obviously it's not. Well I'm sorry, but I'm not going to write you any more notes. You should go on upstairs and get dressed.

Scene 4: Kathleen's apartment

Charlie: So, five days, huh.

Kathleen: Um hmm.

Charlie: Five days is a long time. Five days is going to seriously bring down our average.

Kathleen: Is that you're way of saying you're gonna miss me?

Charlie: Yeah. Sure.

Kathleen: Vertically or horizontally? (Charlie laughs)

Charlie: Well, you know, both.

Kathleen: You know what? To hell with the affiliate's meeting. How does Hawaii sound?

Charlie: What, Hawaii?

Kathleen: Um hmm. Five days, just the two of us, on some incredible beach. And some real time together for a change.

Charlie: Haven't we been doing that?

Kathleen: No. We've been spending 'how fast can you be at my place' kind of time. We never go away together.

Charlie: Kathleen, you can't just blow off your meeting.

Kathleen: Why can't I? It's two thousand people in a room. No one will notice I'm not there. We'll book a suite at the Haleakala resort. We'll tell them we're honeymooners...

Charlie: Kathleen...

Kathleen: They'll probably give us one of those private little bungalows. I'm just going to call my travel agency (starts dialing the phone).

Charlie: I can't go away with you, Kathleen. I've got, you know, the kids. Especially this week with Jake not being here.

Kathleen: The kids?

Charlie: Yeah, among other things. I've got responsibilities.

Kathleen: Like?

Charlie:, responsibilities, okay? They need me around in case stuff happens, or breaks, or they need something, or they get in trouble.

Kathleen: In case stuff breaks?

Charlie: Hey Kathleen, I know this might be a foreign concept but I've got a lot of people to think about other than myself, okay? I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. (Kathleen gives him a look of disbelief)

Scene 5: School hallway.

Justin: It just sounds confusing because you missed the... If he wants me to do the reading over it's totally okay. (a bunch of girls look at Julia and laugh)

Julia: They were staring at me.

Justin: Who is?

Julia: Those girls. (Justin looks back at them)

Justin: It's because you're wearing the same shirt as one of them. That's all they were saying.

Julia: Oh, I thought, uh...

Justin: They don't know. Nobody knows. Even if they did, so what. Look, you're doing great. You've just got to make it through one more class, that's it. (they get to the noisy classroom, but Julia stands outside the door) You should probably go in, if you want to get seats together.

Julia: No, uh, I'm not taking last period.

Justin: You're...why not?

Julia: Because Charlie said not to. He told me to skip the last class because...we're going away.

Justin: You're going away...where?

Julia: To Tahoe. For the weekend.

Justin: You didn't even tell me this.

Julia: I didn't? I thought I did.

Justin: No, you didn't.

Julia: Oh, sorry. Charlie thought it would be good for me to get away. Anyways, go ahead, I'll call you later, okay?

Justin: Can we talk while you're gone?

Julia: No, there's no phone. (she kisses him) Take good notes, okay?

Scene 6: Living room.

Charlie: Tahoe?

Julia: Yeah, with Justin's family.

Charlie: I don't know, Jul. You sure you feel up to that?

Julia: Yeah. Justin's going to catch me up on some history I missed. I think you're right about getting out. I think it was good for me. And I think this'll just be that much better.

Charlie: Okay, well, if you're sure.

Scene 7: Club.

Sarah is onstage singing "Fever."

Will: Check this out...I'm in the bathroom and this guy says, the only reason he comes to hear this band is because of Sarah.

Bailey: Yup. That's my girl.

Will: So who's coming to the party?

Bailey: Hmm?

Will: The leap year thing. Who's coming.

Bailey: Uh, you know, people. You, some other people. (he starts getting distracted by the fact that Sarah is dancing very close to one of the band members while she sings, and her dress strap is coming off) Huh.

Will: What a great idea...a party every four years. (Bailey starts motioning for Sarah to pull her strap back up, but she doesn't notice)

Scene 8: Salinger house.

Someone is knocking at the door.

Charlie: Did we have a date?

Kathleen: No, no. We didn't have a date. I'm just dropping by. This bad timing?

Charlie: No, but...

Kathleen: But I've never dropped by before.

Charlie: Well, yeah.

Kathleen: I know. Don't you think that's a little strange one month into a relationship?

Charlie: No. I mean, your place is much cooler. And besides, no kids.

Kathleen: Look, I thought about what you said earlier, and you know, you have this whole half of your life that I never see. That I actually avoid being a part of. I mean, you have a family that I don't even know. Why is that?

Charlie: Because they're incredibly annoying?

Kathleen: I'm being serious. (she sits on the stairs and lands on one of Owen's squeaky toys; starts laughing) I mean, who made the stupid decision that you and me were only about going to dinner, or fooling around in the afternoon or taking weekends? I do it...maybe it's my fault.

Charlie: No, no. It's no one's fault.

Kathleen: I don't want to be just a diversion to you. I want to be a part of your life. And if that means hanging out with the kids and eating leftovers over the sink then...

Charlie: Let's not glamorize this.

Kathleen: I want to be a part of your life.

Scene 9: Airport.

Clerk: Hi, can I help you?

Julia: Hi. I'd like to buy a ticket to the next flight on New Orleans, please.

Clerk: Okay, let's see. That's a wide open flight. Leaving at 2:00 from Gate 7.

Scene 10: Hotel room, New Orleans.

Julia: (on phone) Are they in classes all day? Oh, I see. Well, can I leave a message for him? Griffin Holbrook. Yeah, um, tell him that Julia called. Actually, tell him that Julia's here. Thanks.

Scene 11: Kitchen.

Bailey: Why not? What objection could you possibly have?

Charlie: I'm just not excited about the thought of drunk teenagers puking in our bathtub.

Bailey: No one's...Charlie, no one's going to be puking anywhere, okay? It's just a bunch of friends hanging out. No big deal.

Bailey: I don't know, Bai.

Kathleen: (appearing suddenly in the doorway, wearing Charlie's robe) Oh, let him have the party. (Bailey and Claudia stare at her) Mmm, smells good. What is it?

Claudia: Um, huevos ran...ranchitos...who...

Kathleen: Oh, I'm Kathleen. But I guess that's stating the obvious, huh? Is this where you're having the party? Out there?

Bailey: No, actually I was planning on having it inside.

Kathleen: Listen, I throw a million parties a year so I know whereof I speak. Get 'em outside, light candles, and suddenly the whole party becomes sexy and mysterious...come here, I'll show you.

Bailey: Okay.

Kathleen: (to Claudia) You know, you might want to just toss in a hint of cilantro. (Claudia laughs disbelievingly and drops the plate in front of Charlie)

Scene 12: Outdoor vegetable market.

Bailey: How'd she seem...she seemed...tall. This one? (holds up an avocado)

Sarah: No. Too hard. So, what besides tall?

Bailey: I don't know. It was weird seeing somebody other than Kirsten in Charlie's robe, that's for sure. She had some cool ideas about the party. This one?

Sarah: You already gave me that one.

Bailey: So um, have you thought about what you're going to wear tonight?

Sarah: God, I don't know.

Bailey: Cuz, uh, I was thinking that I really loved that black sweater that you had.

Sarah: The turtleneck?

Bailey: Yeah.

Sarah: Um, it itches.

Bailey: Well, do you have something like that?

Sarah: Yeah, probably.

Bailey: Probably not the dress you wore last night.

Sarah: God, no.

Bailey: Yeah, I didn't think so.

Sarah: Yeah, I mean, I'd love to but I just haven't had a chance to wash it. It's drenched in sweat. Perfect. (holds up an avocado)

Scene 13: Hotel room, New Orleans.

Someone is knocking at her door.

Julia: Who is it?

Griffin: Julia?

Julia: Hi!

Griffin: Whoa, it is you.

Julia: Yeah, of course.

Griffin: I told a couple guys about you...I figured maybe they were setting me up.

Julia: No, it's me.

Griffin: Wow. You look, uh, not so good. Are you okay?

Julia: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just...I've had a rough time and I haven't slept much, but...listen, how are you?

Griffin: What kind of a rough time? Did something bad happen to you?

Julia: No. I mean, something bad, yeah, but it didn't happen to me. I did it to me. It was stupid.

Griffin: What?

Julia: You know what, Griffin, I have spent all last week doing nothing but talking and agonizing and crying about this thing. So what I really want right now is just not, okay?

Griffin: Okay. I mean sure. I can't even believe you're here, so, whatever.

Scene 14: Salinger house.

The leap year party is in full swing.

Will: Out of chips.

Bailey: Uh, Sarah rearranged all this stuff. Where is she, anyway?

Will: She's out there with Matt.

Bailey: He's here? Who invited him?

Will: I'm guessing Sarah, when she asked the rest of the band.

Bailey: Wait a second. They're all here?

Will: There they are. I missed one over here.

Bailey: What is she doing on his lap?

Will: Oh, they're doing this ventriloquist thing. It's hysterical.

Bailey: A ventriloquist thing.

Will: Yeah, she's the dummy, he's the ventriloquist.

Bailey: On his lap?

Will: Duh, that's what makes it funny.

Bailey: That's not funny.

Will: Trust me, when you're out there it's a riot.

Scene 15: Charlie's room.

Claudia: You're folding his laundry?

Kathleen: What can I makes you do ridiculous things.

Claudia: You're in love? Really?

Kathleen: Go figure.

Claudia: Oh, I'm in love too. His name's Enrico and he's Mexican. That's why I'm learning Spanish.

Kathleen: Ooh, a latin lover.

Claudia: Exactly! (they laugh)

Charlie: Well, it wasn't downstairs. Where the hell is it.

Claudia: What's with him?

Kathleen: Stress. I've been trying to drag him to Hawaii but he won't go.

Charlie: Kathleen...

Claudia: What are you, like, loco? Why not?

Kathleen: He thinks you can't survive his absence.

Claudia: What? When was the last time you actually solved a problem?

Charlie: Hey. I do a lot around here. Maybe not all the obvious stuff, not the glory jobs, but the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff. You guys would be lost without me.

Kathleen: Okay, so I'll take them too.

Charlie: What?

Claudia: Really?

Charlie: Claudia, will you go look for my leather jacket? Please?

Claudia: Si, senor. (leaves)

Charlie: What was that?

Kathleen: A very nice invitation?

Charlie: You have no right to tell her that she can go to Hawaii.

Kathleen: Relax, Charlie. What's the big deal.

Charlie: The big deal is, is that I don't want you taking them on family trips.

Kathleen: Okay, so I'll rescind the invitation.

Charlie: (shouting) And I don't want this. my laundry. I mean God, you put away my socks!

Kathleen: (hurt) I'm sorry, it was a terrible thing to do!

Charlie: Look. I don't mean that. Of course it was a very nice thing to do. But, what is going on? When did...when did everything get so involved? Because this was supposed to be a casual thing.

Kathleen: Well, things can't stay casual forever, Charlie. I mean, I love you.

Scene 16: Pond, outdoors.

Julia and Griffin are throwing rocks into a pond.

Julia: How is this it flat enough?

Griffin: Sure. Hold it like this and spin in on your hand. (she throws and misses) That's all right. There's more where that came from. (Julia goes over to get another rock) So I guess you got pregnant, huh?

Julia: You could tell?

Griffin: I just figured. I mean, what else could it be?

Julia: Oh. Well, I'm not pregnant now. I lost it. I mean, a miscarriage. But I almost had an abortion.

Griffin: Wow. Well, are you all right? I mean, physically?

Julia: Yeah. I'm okay.

Griffin: Good. Was he cool about it?

Julia: Yeah. Very.

Griffin: Why are you here?

Julia: I don't know. Maybe, I thought you'd understand.

Griffin: It's never happened to me. With a girl.

Julia: But you've done things you wish you could undo, right?

Griffin: Yeah. Lots. (cut to scene of them walking away from the pond)

Julia: It's like I can't recognize myself. I mean, the me I know would never have let this happen, you know? The me I know would never have had an appointment at an abortion clinic. Do you know what I mean?

Griffin: Are you kidding? Look at this uniform. Some days I wake up and look at it and think, who's life did I get by mistake?

Julia: So what do you do?

Griffin: I put on my clothes. I mean, they're mine.

Julia: You're not mad at me for coming here, are you?

Griffin: It's not exactly the easiest thing. I love you.

Julia: Yeah.

Griffin: What that helps...

Scene 17: Salinger house.

Bailey: Can I talk to you for a sec?

Sarah: Sure. Hey, is everything okay?

Bailey: Somebody stole Charlie's really expensive leather coat.

Sarah: Oh my god. Who would take it?

Bailey: I don't know. I was thinking maybe one of the guys in the band. You've only known them, what, two months?

Sarah: Yeah, and long enough to know they don't steal.

Bailey: Well, I think you should probably ask them.

Sarah: Bailey, I'm not going to confront my friends.

Bailey: (accusingly) They're not your friends, Sarah. Your friends would never make you dance around half naked just to draw a crowd for them.

Sarah: (has a shocked look on her face) What did you say? God, Bailey, if you have a problem with the way I perform don't take it out on my friends.

Bailey: I'm not, okay, I'm not. I'm just saying that the coat is missing, and those guys...

Claudia: I found it! He left it in the car. Doofus. (Sarah gives Bailey a look and walks off)

Scene 18: Hotel room.

Griffin: This place sucks.

Julia: Yeah, well, it was all I could afford. (Griffin doesn't say anything) I had a good day.

Griffin: I'm not going anywhere.

Julia: Griffin, I don't feel...

Griffin: Oh, I know. I don't mean like that. I mean, I'm gonna stay right over here...that way you can sleep a little easier.

Julia: Do you have a curfew or something?

Griffin: was an hour ago.

Julia: Griffin, don't get in trouble over this. It's not worth it.

Griffin: Well, that's kind of my call. Lay down, okay? (he takes off her shoes and puts a blanket over her) Better?

Julia: Um hmm. (Griffin shuts out the lights as she goes to sleep)

Scene 19: Sarah's house.

Bailey is trying to come in as Sarah shuts the door on him.

Bailey: Hey. Um, ow. I brought you, uh, a paper.

Sarah: (coldly) We have it delivered.

Bailey: And some bagels.

Sarah: I've eaten.

Bailey: Maybe for lunch?

Sarah: What are you doing?

Bailey: I'm saying I'm sorry. With props. (she lets him in) You left without saying goodbye.

Sarah: Yeah, well, I didn't feel like talking to you.

Bailey: Yeah. I know. I was being a jerk, and what I think happened was, was that I was just expecting a small party. And so when all those people started showing up, and then the jacket was missing, I just freaked out.

Sarah: I'll say.

Bailey: And I missed you. Usually at parties we hang around together talking about who's hitting on who and stuff, and when I looked for you last night you were off messing around with that Matt guy.

Sarah: He's a friend, Bailey, period.

Bailey: I know...I know. I was wrong. And, oh, listen to this. You know that new thing that Charlie's trying out at Salinger' music on Sunday nights? Well, he said that he would squeeze you guys in this weekend if you wanted to play.

Sarah: Sunday. That's tonight.

Bailey: Yeah. He said he'll pay 300 bucks.

Sarah: Is that supposed to make everything better, or something?

Bailey:! But, it's a really good thing. And just because you're mad at me, there's no reason to throw away a great opportunity., I'm sorry, and I really think that you should do this.

Sarah: (thinking about it) What time should we be there?

Scene 20: Kathleen's apartment building, outside.

Kathleen is leaving as Charlie approaches.

Kathleen: Charlie! I wasn't...

Charlie: Oh. You're on your way out.

Kathleen: Just exercise class.

Charlie: It's okay.

Kathleen: No no no. I'm happy to bag it. Besides, I can think of a much better way to get my heart rate up. Let's go upstairs, shall we?

Charlie: Um...

Kathleen: Or not...Charlie?

Charlie: Can we sit down for a second? (they sit and he takes a deep breath) I want you to know that I think you're a really great person.

Kathleen: Okay...

Charlie: You've been incredibly good to me...I mean, really, really generous. So I want to be fair. That stuff you said last night about us moving forwards and about us not being so casual...the thing is, Kathleen, I like casual. Casual really works for me. Casual is what I thought we were doing here. But I don't know...I guess you're right. We can't be casual forever. And if you're not ready to get serious, well that...that says something. I guess eventually you either fall in love or you don't.

Kathleen: And I'm guessing you're in category B.

Charlie: I'm sorry. Since you've been so honest with me, and I thought that I owed it to you...

Kathleen: (upset) Uh huh. Thank you for being honest. (walks off)

Scene 21: Crowded festival in New Orleans.

Griffin: If you want to, maybe we can go hear some jazz later. (Julia doesn't respond) You're hating this.

Julia: No! Really.

Griffin: Julia, just tell me.

Julia: Okay, I'm hating it.

Griffin: I'm sorry. I just thought maybe if you came to do something fun, it'd make you forget about the other stuff.

Julia: Griffin, it's not your fault. It's like, what am I doing having fun. You know?

Griffin: Why shouldn't you?

Julia: I don't know. Whenever I made a mistake before I could always fix it. But this...there's no way to undo it. It's just there. Always. I get a knot in my stomach when I think about it.

Griffin: Yeah, I know that feeling. I used to get drunk when I'd get that.

Julia: I just want to feel like I'm still an okay person. Everyone tells me that I am, but it doesn't mean anything. I just look at them and think, what the hell do you know.

Griffin: Let's go.

Julia: Where we going?

Scene 22: Salinger's restaurant.

Sarah comes out of the bathroom wearing a sexy red shirt.

Sarah: You should tell Charlie to get a new sink in there. You can barely wash your face without drenching yourself.

Bailey: Is that what you're wearing tonight?

Sarah: Yeah.

Bailey: You don't think something else would be better?

Sarah: Well, if I thought something else would be better, I'd probably be wearing it.

Bailey: Look Sarah, I just...I just think that maybe you ought to think about how you present yourself.

Sarah: Excuse me?

Bailey: Well, you're like this really sweet person, and when you dress like that, you don't look sweet. (enter Matt)

Matt: Bailey. The problem is, without those songs, we've got like eight minutes of material.

Sarah: Wait a minute. What songs?

Matt: Bailey said the crowd wouldn't be too into some of the stuff we play.

Sarah: (angrily) God, what is your problem?

Bailey: Look, I am just trying to make sure that everything goes well.

Sarah: For who? You're the only one freaking out over it.

Bailey: I'm not freaking out.

Sarah: Yes you are! Don't wear this, don't sing that. I was thinking of having a glass of water, Bailey. Is that okay with you?

Bailey: Yeah, yeah that's fine. Or maybe you'd just rather spill it all over yourself and enter a wet t-shirt contest.

Sarah: (staring at him)You're not trying to make up for anything. You're trying to make sure that I do things your way. Well, forget it, I'm out of here.

Bailey: Wait a second. You're're gonna leave? What is Charlie supposed to do about a band?

Sarah: I don't know, Bailey. Why don't you go up there, put on a turtleneck and sing "Feelings" for all I care.

Scene 24: Salinger's restaurant

The phone is ringing; Claudia answers it.

Claudia: Hola. Salinger's.

Charlie: Claudia...

Claudia: Who is this? Kathleen? (Charlie motions that he doesn't want to talk to her) Um, yeah...wait just a second, hold on. Hold on, Charlie's right here. (to Charlie) She sounds really weird.

Kathleen: (in a weak voice) Charlie? I did something so stupid...(cut to scene of Kathleen passing out, as pills spill all over the floor)

Charlie: (still on the phone) Kathleen?

Scene 25: Church.

Julia: A church.

Griffin: Yeah.

Julia: You go to church?

Griffin: Well, I kind of have to. Part of the military school plan.

Julia: My dad used to take us to church...

Griffin: Yeah. My parents too. Every Sunday, my mom and I would have a huge fight over wearing a tie. When I came here, it was like one more thing I have to do, you know? Punishment, great. I don't know. One day, I started to see things differently. I actually started to listen to what the guy was saying. A lot of the stuff I could care less about. But the main stuff, the overall's cool. This is the only place where all the bad stuff that I've done...all of the mistakes that I've made, don't matter. (thinks about it) They matter. They just don't change what I'm worth. As a person. Here I'm...loved. No matter what. My parents would never say that to me. Even if they thought it they wouldn't say it. I guess yours can't either, huh? (Julia rests her head on his shoulder)

Scene 26: Kathleen's apartment.

Charlie rushes into Kathleen's apartment and sees her lying on the floor.

Charlie: Kathleen... Kathleen, come on. Come on. We need to get you up, come on. (he lifts her off the floor)

Kathleen: (in a slurred voice) Charlie? I'm so embarrassed.

Charlie: How many of those did you take, huh? How many are in there?

Kathleen: I don't know...

Charlie: All right, come on now, we've got to get those out of your stomach, okay? So we're going to go into the bathroom, all right?

Scene 27: Hotel room.

Julia and Griffin are sitting on the floor.

Julia: Maybe I'll stay. It's nice here.

Griffin: No it's not. The music sucks and the people talk funny.

Julia: Well, it's nice being with you. What do you have at that place, a bunk? Maybe you could hide me in your bunk.

Griffin: (seriously) You probably shouldn't joke about that.

Julia: Yeah, probably not.

Griffin: Because, uh, I mean, you've got a life back there. You've got...well, a lot of things back there.

Julia: Yeah. But I feel so far away from them now. I don't know if I can, you know, feel like this back there.

Griffin: I just think you've got to hang in there and do the time. I mean, that's the one thing you know is going to change. For every sucky day you live, you don't have to live it again. It's did it. Move on. Maybe the next one won't suck.

Julia: And if it does?

Griffin: Same philosophy. the time.

Scene 28: Kathleen's apartment.

Kathleen: I'm sorry Charlie, I should have called you.

Charlie: You want to tell me what was going on?

Kathleen: Nothing. I was confused. I couldn't sleep and then I took a couple of pills, but I couldn't remember if I'd taken them, so, I took some more, and it all just...I don't know.

Charlie: You couldn't sleep.

Kathleen: No, I had a crappy day. What was it you said, you either fall in love or you don't? Boy, I thought I scared easily, but you really...

Charlie: Hey, it's not about getting scared.

Kathleen: Oh yeah, it is. I could understand if someone had mentioned getting married or moving in together what's the rule here Charlie, huh? You'll let me take care of you and turn your restaurant around but I can't get to know your family? We can have a quickie in the afternoon or a one night stand but forget about a romantic week together? You never even tried to make this work!

Charlie: Yeah I did. I did.

Kathleen: (crying) You think it's easy for me to care about someone else? To give up control in my life? To risk getting hurt? To compromise, and overlook things, and put up with someone else's crap? And you've got a lot of crap, Charlie. But I was willing to do it for you.

Charlie: Kathleen...

Kathleen: It's actually cruel what you do. You ask people to care about you and when they do and when it's your turn, you bail.

Charlie: I'm sorry.

Kathleen: You either fall in love or you don't. Roll of the dice. No way to call it. God.

Scene 29: Airport.

Griffin: You know, every day it gets a little easier. Some days it's worse. But most days...most days, life's actually pretty good.

Voice: All aboard who's going aboard! (Julia and Griffin hug, then kiss passionately)

Griffin: Some's amazing. (Griffin waves goodbye sadly as Julia leaves)

Scene 29: High school.

Sarah is being dropped off by someone on a motorcycle when Bailey sees her.

Bailey: Hey! I thought you were afraid of motorcycles.

Sarah: I was. Now I'm not.

Bailey: Was that Matt?

Sarah: No, that was Edie, the drummer's sister.

Bailey: Is that her jacket?

Sarah: It's mine. You want to see a receipt?

Bailey: Hey, why do you have to be so cold?

Sarah: Why do you have to be so judgmental?

Bailey: I'm not...I 'm not. I'm just...I'm just trying...I'm trying to find you, is what I'm trying to do.

Sarah: Well, here I am.

Bailey: No, I know. But it's not you you. You're different. It started when you hooked up with the band...that when you guys were singing, you would cop this attitude. And now it's like you're a completely different person all the time.

Sarah: I'm 16, Bailey. I'm still finding out who I am, and maybe...maybe who you're seeing, maybe that's the real me.

Bailey: Well, she's not the you that I fell in love with.

Sarah: Which means what...that if I change you're not going to love me anymore?

Bailey: That's not what I said.

Sarah: Because I might change, Bailey. But that should be a good thing. And if being with you means that I can't change, then there's something wrong with being with you, not something wrong with changing. (walks away)

Scene 30: Kathleen's apartment, outside.

Charlie is holding a bouquet of flowers. He sighs, looks up towards Kathleen's window, and enters the lobby.

Scene 31: Julia's room.

Julia is unpacking as Justin studies his gift, a snow globe.

Justin: Wow. Just what I always wanted. Was there snow there?

Julia: Yeah. Lots.

Justin: (looking at her clothes) Man. You must have been pretty cold. (enter Claudia)

Claudia: (trying to speak in Spanish) Julia. Cabo says, que la, next time, usted vaya away, leave uno numero.

Julia: What?

Justin: Charlie says next time you go away, leave a number.

Claudia: Exactamundo. (leaves)

Justin: So I guess you went somewhere else?

Julia: Yeah.

Justin: Where'd you get this?

Julia: At the airport.

Justin: They sell Tahoe stuff at the airport, I never noticed that.

Julia: You want to know where I was?

Justin: Are you better? I mean, are you okay?

Julia: Yeah.

Justin: Then, no. Probably don't need to know, right? Anyway, you're home, so, I'll help you unpack. (Julia looks surprised, then smiles as they begin unpacking)

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