Season 2, Episode 21: Spring Breaks

Transcribed by Julie Gumm

Joe comes back to the restaurant. He's heard that the building owners are going to sell to an Isley financial group. He wants to meet with them to win them over so they'll renew his lease. Charlie doesn't tell him about Kathleen. Joe invites the "group" to dinner but they're not interested. Claudia comes to the restaurant and sees some legal papers on the bar "Is this the same Isley, Kathleen Isley?" Thus the beans are out and Charlie has to tell Joe. So, everyone is pissed at Charlie even though he keeps saying it's not his fault. I guess they feel it's his fault because he treated her bad or something. Charlie, however, doesn't even try to reason with Kathleen, not that it would do any good. Joe decides there's no reason to stretch everything out until the lease runs out, the restaurant will close at the end of the week. Charlie gets totally upset so goes to a bar and gets himself plastered and ends up punching somebody. Bailey gets a phone call from the police to pick Charlie up. He was arrested for "drunk and disorderly." Bailey has to call Joe to bail Charlie out. Joe gives Charlie a lecture about screwing everything up...Kirsten, the restaurant.

Later Charlie goes to Kirsten's apartment to try and get her back. He tells her the only time things were good was when they were together. She tells him she's getting married that weekend to an associate professor at the college (we saw him in one other episode I think, he was the guy with the little girl). Charlie wonders if she really loves him. Charlie goes the college and waits for her but doesn't talk to her. He sends her seven dozen roses which really pisses her off. She shows up at the house and yells at him. She asks him if he just wants her back because things are so crappy, which he can't answer. The next night he shows up outside the restaurant where they're having the rehearsal dinner. Kirsten comes out and Charlie tells her it's not just because things are crappy that he wants her back. BUT if she truly loves Michael to marry him because he can't give her any guarantees and he wants her to be happy. She slaps him and calls him an SOB. Ouch.

Meanwhile the whole restaurant thing is still going down. They're all packing up the restaurant when Kathleen comes buy with her draftsmen to get blueprints. Charlie tells her its not a good time and she says some crap about how she'd hate to have to call in unpaid loans. So they all leave to let her do her thing. Bailey gets totally mad and chews Charlie out for not standing up for himself. He tells Charlie that if it were him he'd be spending every spare minute trying to figure out what to do. Charlie calls Jake and asks him if, being a business man, he has any ideas. Jake makes a proposition to Bailey. He can either pay for his college to Hampton state, as he said he'd do earlier, or he can use the money to bribe the current owners of the building into not selling the restaurant. So Bailey's mad at Charlie again, because now the choice is left up to him when it wasn't his fault or his problem. Charlie tells Bailey, he's sorry, he didn't know that would be Jake's remedy. He tells him to forget it, take the money and go away to school and Charlie won't even tell Claudia or Julia about Jake's idea.

Kirsten's wedding is taking place but just before she walks down the aisle she freaks out. She goes outside to get some air. Charlie is in his truck watching the church. When he sees her sit down on this bench he gets out and she sees him.

Back at the restaurant the family is getting ready for it's last family dinner. Joe is in the kitchen. Claudia and Julia are waiting for Bailey and Charlie. Bailey shows up. Joe comes out and tells them that the owners decided not to sell (actually Joe and Bailey say this in unison). Charlie comes in and they tell him. He tells Bai thanks, he knows its a lot to give up. Looking at how happy everyone is, Bailey says, "Actually, it's not so much." Kirsten walks in the door still in her wedding dress. Everyone thinks her and Charlie have gotten married which they haven't. They ask "What does this mean?" They say "We don't know, but something good."

Julia and Justin are still struggling to figure out what is wrong with them. In an effort to do something new, Julia signs them up for a lighting photography class. But Justin says he can't he has to work every evening. Julia goes anyways but of course she doesn't know anything about cameras. This guy Ian helps her out. They're out taking pictures on Market street when she sees Justin walking with a girl. She snaps a couple pictures and later shows them to him. He says its an intern at work and they both like taking walks on their breaks, so they've been doing it together and talking since he can't even talk to Julia any more. Julia wakes up one morning and Justin is sitting on the edge of her bed. He tells her he wanted to see if she wakes up happy, because he does. He tells her how he'll dream of some time when they were six years old and he'll wake up happy and then it's like he "wakes up again." He asks her if she still loves him and she says she does. He asks, "Can't we just..." I assume he meant sleeping together. She says "yes."

On his walk with the intern, Cory, Justin is trying to pick out a gift for Julia and she's trying to help him. It's obvious there's some sort of attraction going on. Julia is in the darkroom with Ian developing a picture she took of herself for Justin. Ian kisses her and Julia is kind of surprised. They exchange gifts but things are still strained. Cory asks Justin how it went and he tells her. She says if it makes any difference, there is someone else out there who likes him. Meanwhile Julia and Ian have been seeing each other too. He asks he why she's never said anything about the kiss and she says she's not sure if it was nice because it was someone different than she usually kisses or because he was nice. So he kisses her again to help her decide.

The next day at lunch Julia and Justin get together to rehearse this scene they're supposed to do for some class. Julia discovers Justin has a hickey and she gets completely pissed off. Justin admits that him and Cory fooled around last night and says some lame line about how it had been so long. Later at the coffee house Julia tells him she's not mad because it kind of happened to her. They both admit that they don't love the other person but that obviously things are over between them. That night, or maybe the next, Julia sneaks into Justins room. She tells him she's scared that she doesn't know how to be alone. How did she do it before they were together. Justin tells her it will get easier with time. Very touching scene.

Sarah and Matt are unloading band equipment at the coffeehouse when some guy offers to help them. After he does he pulls a knife and mugs him. Sarah freaks out and the both end up getting a little banged up. Will finds Bailey at the restaurant to tell him that Sarah and Matt are in the emergency room. He runs over there. She's ok, just bruised. Matt had 7 stitches. Bailey freaks out about how he should have been there. Matt ends up being the one to comfort Sarah. The next day Bailey gets Sarah a pepper spray/alarm thing and gets himself a beeper so that she can reach him if he needs to. He's totally being over protective and making her even more scared. At the coffeehouse she tells Matt she has to quit the band and he tells her she can't let someone else scare her. If something happens, it happens. You can't change that. Then he kisses her. She doesn't kiss him back and she's a little weirded out by it. But Will was there and saw the whole thing.

She ends up telling Bailey what happened but that she didn't kiss him back and didn't want to, etc. But, he's smothering her and trying to make her dependent on him and she can't do that, especially if he's going to go away to school. She needs to learn how to be ok without him. Bailey tells her that he's lost a lot of people and that's the only way he knows how to love people is to take care of them and protect them. He asks her if she's happy with him and she says she is, but he's not happy and when things aren't good and you can't be happy with each other unless you change, Bailey said that's when you break up. So Bailey tells her he wants to break up. Sarah is broken hearted. Will tells Bailey he's nuts. But Bailey says it's too hard and its not worth it. Julia tells him that relationships are hard enough, but don't look for excuses to break up, especially when he and Sarah are so good together.

After Bailey decides to give up his college money for the restaurant he goes to see Sarah and tells her he's not going away because being there for his family, and being with her is who he is.

Claudia's friend Jody is back. She's in love with some new boy at school named Jim. She invites Claudia to a party at some girl's house where there's supposed to be lots of kissing games. Jim is going to bring his friend Derek who wants to meet Claudia. They go to the party and Claudia and Derek end up in the closet. When he tries to kiss her she leaves in a huff. At home, Claudia gets out the violin and starts playing. Ross, her violin teacher, hears her. (He had come by because he heard about the restaurant and wanted to see how she was doing.) She says she was just seeing how much she remembered. Jody, Jim and Claudia go to the movies, the next day the coffeehouse, but Claudia gets sick of watching Jody and Jim suck face the whole time so she leaves. The next day in the bathroom Jody tells her that was rude and Claudia tells her she's sorry, but she's not ready for boys and kissing and all that junk. But she misses Jody. Jody tells her that this thing with Jim is what she wants and she's sorry if Claudia isn't ready. Then we see Claudia in the backyard with Ross. She tells him she wants to play, but she doesn't want the pressure, so she doesn't want anyone to know. She just wants to play for her enjoyment. So, she begins to play again.

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