Season 2, Episode 3: Dearly Beloved

Summary by Julie Gumm

Julia goes up to Griffin in the hall at school and tells him that what happened the other day (THE KISS) can't happen again. "It as nice and all, but I love Justin." So she tells him that they can only be friends. Griffin says "I hear ya." As Julia starts to walk away he says, "Hey." She turns around and he plants another big one on her. Needless to say, Julia is not exactly pulling away or fighting him off. Next, Julia and Justin are practicing for the school teen hotline they are training for. Justin tells Julia about this dream he had about the two of them on a cable car. He wants to do something that night, but she tells him she can't. Instead she meets Griffin at the coffeehouse. They go outside and kiss a lot more. The next night she and Justin have a date. So she finds Griffin to tell him she can't stay. "Long way to tell me that," he says. She tells him she has to see Justin because if he finds out his head would fly off. Griffin says OK. Then Julia gets kind of peeved at him. "Why is it Ok? Why is that not a problem?" she asks. Griffin says, "I have this rule. I don't tell anyone what to do and nobody tells me what to do. It works." So Julia leaves in a huff.

The next day Julia finds a couple of tickets in her locker and, thinking their from Justin decides that he's the guy for her. She meets Justin at the hotline and is confused when he volunteers them for hotline duty on the night of the concert. So Justin is left to man the hotline all by himself. This girl calls and thinks that her boyfriend is cheating on her. As she talks about all the weird things he's doing, it kinds of dawns on Justin that something is going on with Julia. (DUH) Meanwhile, Julia is at a concert with Griffin doing some more kissing. The next day she and Justin are out walking the streets of San Francisco. She apologizes for not being at the hotline but says she got nervous and freaked out and didn't think she was ready.

Bailey is looking through the list of school clubs trying to decide which to join. He needs to beef up his transcripts for college. Sarah suggests he run for vice president and volunteers to help him. She gets the signatures required to enter the race and comes over to help him with his speech. Instead the spend the whole night talking and goofing off. Just when Sarah thinks Bailey is about to ask her out he says, "So why don't you just write the speech." So she writes the speech for him and he doesn't even read it. Sarah and Julia are talking and Julia tells her that if she does all this stuff for Bailey and he doesn't care then it's her fault if she feels bad (and keeps doing it). "The one who tells you he had dreams about you. That's the one you want," she says (trying to convince herself). Sarah goes over to the house where Bailey is playing basketball. He makes some remark about how he's seen some posters around school and maybe she should put some up. She gets mad at him and yells because he didn't even read the speech. But she says it's her fault, "If you have someone following you around like a puppy what are you supposed to do but yell `Go fetch.'" Bailey is so blown away and has no idea what is going on.

Kirsten arrives back in town after an extremely stressful wedding planning trip with her mother. She tells Charlie that they're doing the wedding, just her and him. Well of course all the kids jump right in making suggestions. Bailey suggests they use someone's flowers who got married the day before and split the cost. Julia suggests she wear their moms wedding dress since it's a family tradition. Claudia hands Kirsten a catalog, "I've highlighted some china patterns. We can register tomorrow." Kirsten says, the dining room is full of dishes and crystal. "Does the word `dibs' mean anything to you," Claudia says. Later Charlie finds Kirsten in the back yard counting to 1,000. She tells him he has to tell the siblings to back off. "I'm not planning my wedding by committee Charlie," she says as she leaves. Later she tries on the dress which doesn't fit at all and looks horrible. She completely freaks out! The next day they get his really nasty teapot in the mail. "When we get divorced, you get this," she tells Charlie. Charlie's friend Dudley drops by (he's planning an engagement party for them). He makes some comment about eloping to Reno and they both get a gleam in their eye.

Claudia, Bailey and Julia are trying to decide what to get them for a wedding gift. Claudia comes up with the idea of having the wedding videotaped so Owen can see it and they can see the ceremony. They all agree.

Charlie and Kirsten sneak off in the middle of the night to catch a plane to Reno. They leave a note for the kids who are furious when they find it, especially Claudia. She wanted to watch them say all that mushy stuff. "It's always the sad stuff. We're always together for the sad stuff. Just once can't we be together for the happy stuff."

Charlie and Kirsten are sitting in one of those cheesy wedding chapels. They forgot to bring a camera. The justice calls their number, 12.

So the party goes on as planned, but Dudley says to think of it as a casual reception. He tells Julia that some guy called (Griffin) and he invited him to the party. Julia panics and Bailey figures out what's going on and yells at her for treating Justin so bad. Julia tells him he's one to talk--he's totally been using Sarah.

Griffin arrives at the party and Julia rushes out to tell him he has to leave because Justin is going to be there. "I'm gonna grab a beer. I'm staying," he says. "Why are you doing this?" Julia asks. "Maybe they'll be some dancing later," he replies.

Sarah comes over but tells Bailey she can't stay. He had left her a message, an apology, on her answering machine. She tells him she got it. He's gotten Will to take over the campaign. She tells him she wasn't helping him because she was civic minded or because she's gung-ho for student government. "I did it because I'm in love with you you jerk." Bailey just kind of looks at her. "Feel free not to say anything," she says and leaves.

Justin arrives and sees Griffin. "What's he doing here. Are him and Bailey friends now?" When Julia says nothing he realizes what's going on. They go into the shed and he says, "Have you been seeing him?" No answer. "I knew there was something going on with you. But him? Him?" Justin yells. Julia says, "Justin I love you." "Then tell him to beat it," he answers. She just stands there. "Then that's it," he says and takes off. She goes chasing after him but gets grabbed by Charlie and Kirsten in the kitchen. They've just arrived back and Claudia is yelling at them for eloping. "You guys are major creeps," she says. Then they tell them that they didn't elope. When the justice said "dearly beloved" they looked around and there wasn't anyone there so they couldn't go through with it.

The party continues. Dudley makes a toast to the happy couple.

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