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Stuart......Ben Savage
Sam Brody......Ben Browder
Lewis......Vincent Duvall

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All Fall Down by Sarah Masen
Feel so High by Des'ree Directed by Vicki Jackson LeMay, written by Catherine Butterfield

2 Synopses of Season 3, Episode 10
Close To You

Bailey and Sarah

from Marley Gibson, writer for the Compuserve TV Zone (GO TVZONE)

Bailey comes into the apartment and hears Callie laughing in her room, obviously *entertaining* company. He hears her laughter stop and her say "no" and then "stop!" Bailey busts into her room to find her date pinning her to the floor and trying to force himself on her. Bailey grabs the guy and slams him into her dresser, telling him to get out and leave Callie alone. As he leaves, the guy calls her a tease. She is quite upset and Bailey tries to comfort her. She begs him to please go away.

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Still at the apartment, Bailey is eating when Callie comes out of the shower in her robe. He tells her that her mother called and he covered for her, saying she was in the shower. He is terribly worried about her. Callie apologizes for last night and has no idea how it happened. She snaps at him, asking why he's looking at her "that way" and asks if he is judging her. He tells her he's not, but she doesn't want to talk about it and storms into her room.

Outside the school building, Claudia is approached by a fellow student, Stuart, who shows her a magazine with the column headline "I Claudia" - advice for the love lorn. She laughs at it, saying she's not a writer. Stuart argues, saying he read a couple of her assignments for English class and thinks she has what it takes. Claudia laughs, saying she shouldn't give advice, because the only boyfriend she ever had dumped her for her older sister. Stuart shares a couple sample letters with her and she starts thinking this could be fun and then tells Stuart she can't think of anyone more perfect to do this than her - she thinks it's kind of cute.

Julia and Sam are in her room, where she has him working on sanding the drawers to her dresser. Julia babbles on and on as she watches him work - she's quite taken with him. She comments on what a hard worker he is and he fills her in on him having another job when he's finished with this one. He finishes her sanding and looks at the clock and freaks out at the lateness and has to leave. Julia apologizes for keeping him longer than he wanted to stay. He grabs his things and bolts out, telling her he'll see her tomorrow.

Charlie and Grace are loading food into the back of her van. Charlie comments on how often Grace is showing up at Salinger's to get the food. She finishes loading the food, laughing off his comments and says she has to go. Charlie asks what's her hurry, then points out the rear tire that is almost flat. She has no spare in the van, in order to make more room for picking up food. So, Charlie offers to drive her around and do the rest of the pick ups in his truck, which she tells him will take about another hour and a half.

The rain is pouring down outside of the Salinger's house and Claudia runs down the hallway screaming. The roof is leaking through Julia's room in the attic and into Claudia's freshly painted and repaired ceiling. Sam forgot to put the tarp on the roof before he left that night. Julia defends Sam to Claudia and as Claudia bags on him for being irresponsible and careless she tells Julia she's weird and that she "has a crush" on Sam. Then, she smiles to herself and says Stuart is right - "I am good." Julia storms away as Claudia makes a comment about needing a wet suit!

Charlie takes Grace home in the rain, after collecting all the food. They are listening to jazz and Grace laughs that Charlie was named after a black artist named Charlie Parker. Sitting in front of her house, she invites Charlie to accompany her to the Homeless Coalition Ball she has to attend. He tells her he can't dance. Just then, a car full of gang member encounters another gang close to them and Grace tells Charlie to duck down. When he hesitates, she's a little more firm in her request. They pass a short while later and Grace tells him he can get up now. Charlie is a bit shocked from the near run-in, but Grace asks him, "so, you free?"

Callie is sitting on the couch watching the rain outside when Bailey rushes in, dressed to leave and starts putting his shoes on. He tells her he's going to meet Sarah for the Barenaked Ladies concert. (Editorial comment here...this is my FAVORITE band and I'm so excited to hear them mentioned in this way!!! ) Callie asks him about some paper he's working on for school and shouldn't he stay home and work on it? He tells her he won't be late and that Sarah is waiting. She starts to cry and he turns. Callie calls out to him, saying she just doesn't want to be alone. Again, he tells her Sarah is waiting. Then, Callie tells him she's *begging* him not to leave her and he puts his keys down on the table.

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Charlie is at Grace's apartment and she offers to make them coffee. He tells her his heart is still racing from the scene outside. She shrugs, saying it happens every day and then gets defensive, telling him he's made it very clear what he thinks about her neighborhood. Charlie tells her she should change locks, as she not just some damsel in distress. They both smile. He excuses himself, saying he needs to get home and she walks him to the door. He pops his head back in, saying, "tomorrow night at 8 pm, right?"

Sarah comes into Bailey's apartment hopping mad, screaming that she sat through a four-hour concert by herself. Bailey shushes her, telling her he just got Callie to sleep. Before Sarah can say anything, he fills her in on the fact that Callie was almost raped and tells her what happened. Sarah wonders why he didn't tell her before? He explains that Callie had a "melt down" when he tried to leave tonight and he promises to make it up to her. Sarah takes a deep breath and tells Bailey he needs to spend time with Callie and help her through this time.

The next morning, Julia tries to head off Charlie's anger over Sam not putting the tarp on the room to protect it from the rain. When Sam arrives, Charlie corners him, asking him what he was thinking and telling him that Claudia's ceiling is damaged and needs repainting. Sam says he'll cut him a break, since it's partly his fault. Charlie freaks, saying Sam was very irresponsible and that repairing the damage will be Sam's resposibility. Julia attempt so step in, saying to Charlie that Sam's deal sounds fair, but Sam firmly states he doesn't work for free and Charlie fires him. Julia screams at them to please reach an agreement, as they go off in different directions.

Sarah and Callie are seated together at the coffee shop as Bailey is off getting coffee for the three of them. Sarah asks her how it feels to be out for the first time since "it" happened? And, Sarah extends herself to Callie, telling her she's available to talk to if Callie needs a friend. Callie admits she doesn't have any female friends and that although Sarah has offered to listen, she just can't talk about it right now. Sarah assures Callie that Bailey really cares about her, that he's great and sensitive and if she wants, she knows Bailey will go with her to the police. When he returns with the coffee, Sarah tells him they were talking about how trusting he is - and this makes him slightly uncomfortable.

Charlie is checking himself out in the mirror as he's getting himself settled in this tuxedo. Julia comes in and tells him that Sam has agreed to do the work for free and that he wants to make things right. Julia defends Sam to Charlie, telling him how much integrity he has, then, she steps back to look at her brother in his tux and says, "wow."

Sam is reading his newspaper at a coffee shop when Julia comes in and sits down with him. She tells him Charlie has re-thought everything and she hands him three hundred dollars cash. Sams seems happy, although confused as to how she knew where to find him, and he says he'll be back on the job. She smiles at him.

At the Homeless Coalition party, Charlie enters, looking for Grace, who he spots in an elegant black dress talking to an older "statesman-type" man. When he sees her looking at Charlie, he tells her to go talk to her boyfriend. Grace stumbles, saying he isn't her boyfriend and blushes. A woman named Marcia comes up to Grace to tell her how great the event is going, then calls Charlie her boyfriend. Again, Grace explains they are just friends and not dating. She suggests they go for some food, but instead, Charlie steers her to the dance floor where she's surprised he can dance, afterall. He jokes at her, saying she doesn't like to dance because someone else gets to lead. As the music plays, they hold each other and close their eyes as they dance.

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Julia and Sarah are in the hallway at school, where Julia tells Sarah she thinks she is stalking Sam and how she dreams of him all the time - it's like she's obsessed. Sarah asks her if she really wants to be going out with the roofing guy, but Julia corrects her, calling him a "general contractor." She can't believe she spent three hundred dollars of her own money to keep him on the job.

Claudia hangs up the phone and sees Charlie leaving to return the rented tux and asks him what's up? She wants to know what's going on and he says nothing is going on, but has a fond smile of the evening when he says that and Claudia quickly picks up on it and he tells her Grace is nothing but a friend. Claudia asks him "what about Kirsten?" and he tells her again that he thinks of Grace as nothing but a friend and it feels good to be close to someone.

At the police station, Callie is telling a female detective of the rape. She explains what happened and how Bailey stopped the rape before it happened. The policewoman asks her how she *knows* it would have happened? Bailey jumps to Callie's defense saying the guy had his pants down and had her pinned to the floor. Callie doesn't believe the police are doubting her and she wants to leave.

Outside the Salinger's house, the contruction has started again in full force. Julia comes out to Sam with a plateful of freshly baked brownies and offers them to him. He sneers, seeing they have walnuts in them and tells her he's deathly allergic to nuts. Charlie comes out and thanks Sam for coming back. Julia tries stepping between then, not wanting Charlie to spoil her scheme. Sam quickly figures out Julia had something to do with this and knows it was her money she gave him and wants to know why she did this? She tells him it was her fault that he didn't put the tarp on and he shouldn't have to lose money because of her. He looks at her and says, "you people are a little strange" and then weakly thanks her.

At Grace's apartment, Charlie has come to install a new lock on her door - she decided he was right about that after all. As he's working on the door, she paces around like a cat, talking of good things dropping right into your lap and missing out on opportunities. He drops a piece of the lock and she bends down to help him. Then she mutters, "what the hell" and moves to kiss Charlie. Shocked, he pulls back. Grace feels the fool and hangs her head. Charlie stutters that he'll finish this and then leave. She is totally embarassed.

Callie is on the phone at the apartment and hangs up. She can't believe it - the police are saying the guy claims something is up between Bailey and Callie and when Bailey came in and found her with another guy, he went crazy. He told the police that Callie only made up the rape to save face. Sarah is appauled and tells Callie that Bailey will go down to the police station and explain to them he has a girlfriend and the two of them are only roommates. Callie and Bailey share a knowing look. Callie cowers, saying this is her fault because she likes guys and like guys looking at her and she breaks down crying. She doesn't want to go back to the police station and lays her head on Bailey's shoulder (which, although she doesn't say anything, doesn't set well with Sarah.) He comforts Callie as Sarah looks on and tells her it will be okay.

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Claudia is at the book store and runs into Bailey, who sneaks up on her. He has a couple of books on women's history, which confuses Claudia. He laughs it off as a class he's taking. She tells Bailey about the advice column she is writing at school and how she seems to have this insight now regarind people and their relationships. Claudia thinks Bailey is acting confused, secretive and weird - saying his pulsing dimples give him away. He tells her she's crazy, all the while his dimples *are* pulsing!

Sarah is riding in the jeep with Bailey and inquires as to how Callie is doing. She compliments him on how great a friend he is being for her, but tells him she doesn't know....Callie relies on him too much. She continues to compliment, but suggests to him that he help Callie get some professional help. Sarah states Bailey shouldn't be the only person in her life and should seek out a support group.

In the hallway at school, Claudia is asking Stuart what he thinks of what she has written. He thinks she's off to a real good start. Claudia goes on and on about how perceptive she is and how she can read people, all the while totally missing that Stuart is mooning over him. She walks off from him.

Julia is in the kitchen cooking when Sam knocks on the window and motions to her. He steps into the kitchen and she meets him at the door. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out the three hundred dollars and tekks her he doesn't feel good about taking the money. Sh refuses to take it back. So, he offer to take half of it - which he should have done with Charlie in the first place. She accepts this offer. Sam admits to being out of line when he told her she was strange and tells Julia she's sweet and thanks her - sincerely this time. Julia moves forward and kisses him. Not too long...but long enough for Sam to step back and take notice. He has a shocked look on his face, but Julia simply says, "you're welcome."

Charlie shows up at Grace's apartment and asks her why hasn't she been stopping by the restaurant for the food pickups? Why isn't she returning his calls? She doesn't want to talk about it, but Charlie tries to make light of the situations, saying "we dance; I dipped you!" He laughs with her and tells her it's been a long time since he's known someone he can laugh with and do stuff with - but that's it. It has nothing to do with her. She asks him why and he tells her it's a long story. She sits back with her cup of coffee and tells him she has time. Charlie tells her he's waiting for someone and proceeds to tell her about Kirsten as the camera pulls back....

Bailey is watching television when Callie comes in. She has decided to go back to the police. Baily feels this is a good thing. Callie sits with him telling him she always goes for the wrong guys and looks up at him - "why do I do that?" Bailey hands her some brochures on her "situation" and tells her he's done some research. She is so moved that he did this for her. He smiles - proud of himself - and tells her that talking to someone could be helpful to her. She tells him he's amazing and this only proves her point. She doesn't want losers and creeps anymore. Why can't she find someone like Bailey? She looks him in the eyes and sadly says, "I want someone like you." She lays her head on his shoulder.

from Julie Gumm

Bailey comes into the apartment. Callie is in the bedroom gigling with some guy. Then he hears her screaming "no". He rushes in and pulls the guy off of her. "You damn tease," the guy says as he leaves. Bailey tries to comfort Callie but she tells him to leave.

Bailey is in the kitchen when Callie comes in from the shower. Bailey tells her that her mom called. She asks what he said and he says, "I told her you were in the shower again." She tries to make some excuse about the guy but she stops and accuses Bailey of looking at her with this judgemental look and says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

Claudia is approached by Stuart who wants her to write a column in the school paper. An advice column for the lovelorn. She doesn't see how she could write advice. He hands her a few sample letters and asks her to read them.

Julia has Sam up in the attic fixing her dresser drawers which are sticking. She's watching him intently as he sands the drawers. He tells her he has another job waiting, he was supposed to start it last week. She asks him about the job. He notices the time and has to leave but he says he'll see her tomorrow.

Grace is picking up food at the restaurant--the fourth day she's picked up the food. Usually it's some other guys route. He asks her why she's in such a hurry and she says she has 7 more stops. Charlie notices that she has a flat and she doesn't have a spare. He volunteers to take her in his truck.

Claudia is screaming for Julia. Her room is leaking into Claud's room, all over the advice letters. They go outside and realize that the roofers left the tarp off and the rain is coming in. Claud blames it on Sam and Julia starts defending him. Claudia can't believe how weird Julia is acting and says "What, it's like you have a crush on him." Which of course Julia denies. "Stuarts right, I am pretty good at this," Claudia says.

Charlie and Grace are laughing in the truck. He drops her off. "Speaking of dancing, there's this party I have to go to..." As she's about to invite him, a car full of guys drives by and taunts these guys on the street. She tells Charlie to scootch down in the seat. After the car leaves, she asks him to the dance.

Bai comes in the living room to put on his shoes and Callie is sitting on the couch. She's upset that he's leaving, asking when he's going to be back and stuff. Then she bursts into tears. "I'm sorry. I don't want to be alone. I know it's stupid because nothing is going to happen right." Bai says he's meeting Sarah for a Barenaked Ladies concert. "I know you're going to hate me, but please don't go. Please stay," Callie begs. So he stays.

Grace offers Charlie coffee but he says his heart is already beating too fast. He can't believe she's not freaked out about what happened. He's not ragging on her neighborhood he just thinks she could be safer if she replaced the lock, etc. "You don't need to do this. I'm not a damsel in distress," she tells him. He leaves but then pops back in and asks what time the party is tomorrow.

Sarah comes to the apartment steaming that she spent 3 hours at the concert alone. Bai is shushing her because he just got Callie to sleep after three hours and then he tells her that Callie almost got raped last night. He promises to make up for it but she says (with genuine concern) that he should spend some time with Callie.

Sam comes in and Charlie goes to talk to him about the tarp. Sam feels bad and says he'll fix it and only charge Charlie for the materials. Charlie says he isn't paying for the materials since it was all Sam's fault. Sam says it was partly his fault and partly theirs since he was doing repairs for Julia. Julia quickly chimes in and agrees that it was partly her fault. Neither guy will budge so Charlie says he'll find someone else to finish the job and fires Sam.

Bai, Sarah and Callie go out (Callies first time since the episode). Bai leaves to get drinks and Sarah tries to make Callie feel better. Sarah says she ought to talk to someone about it, like a professional or a girlfriend. Callie says she doesn't have many girlfirends, she always did better with guys. Sarah says she can talk to her but Callie can't. So Sarah suggests that she talk to Bailey. "He's not like other guys. It kind of proves that not all guys are the caveman types." Bai comes back with the drinks and Sarah says she and Callie were talking about how some guys are worth trusting, like Bai.

Julia comes in as Charlie is dressing in his tux. She says she called Sam and talked him into seeing things their way and that he's willing to do the work and not charge them. Charlie says OK. Then she goes to the coffee shop where Sam is and tells him that Charlie came around to his point of view and she hands him $300. He says he'll start tommorrow. "You coming back to the house, that's great, isn't that great?" Julia asks. "Yeah sure," he says.

Grace is talking to some man about ideas when Charlie walks in to the party. The man makes the mistake of calling Charlie her boyfriend. Then another woman comes up and makes the same mistake. "I can't believe people don't have anything better to talk about than whom I'm here with," she says. "Well, as long as they're talking.." Charlie says and leads her out to the dance floor.

Julia and Sarah are in the bathroom at school. "I can't believe this is me. I'm like some stalker," Julia says. Sarah asks if she really wants to go with the roof guy. Julia says she's always thinking about him and she even caught herself doodling his name on her paper in the last class.

Claud is on the phone with Stuart talking about her advice. After she hangs up, she sees the tux on the counter and asks where Charlie went. She asks if there's something going on between him and Grace and he says there's not but she's not so sure because of the way he smiled. "What about Kirsten?" she asks. He promises that they're just friends.

Callie and Bai are at the police station giving a report. The woman asks "How do you know he was going to rape you?" Bai says he was there and they guy was going to raper her. Callie thinks the woman doesn't believe her.

Julia brings out brownies that she made but Sam says he's deathly allergic to walnuts. Charlie comes out and says that he thinks it's smart that Sam came back and then Sam figures out that it was Julia's money and her idea. He asks why she did that and Julia says it's because it was kind of her fault. "You people are really strange, you know that," he says.

Grace asks Charlie to come over and help her install a new lock on her door. She started it and couldn't finish it. She says that something good could drop into her life and she'd be oblivious. He drops the lock, and she goes to help him pick it up. They're eyes meet and she says, "What the hell" and makes a move to kiss him but he sideswipes it. He says, "No, it's me," and then there's much awkwardness. He says he'll be finished with the lock in a couple minutes.

Caliie gets off the phone with the police. They brought they guy in for questioning and he said that Callie brought him up to her room and they were going to do it and Bai walked in and Callie freaked out because there was something going on between her and Bai and she didn't want to get caught cheating. Sarah says that that's absolutely ridiculous and they have to believe Bailey when he says they're just roommates. Callie says she knows that she goes out with a lot of guys and she likes looking sexy and having guys look at her, but she didn't do anything. Bailey gives her a hug as Sarah just looks on with a quizzical look.

Claudia is in the bookstore when Bailey runs into her in the Women's Issue section. He has some book on Women Impowerment. She's checking out the competition (Ann Landers). She tells him about her intuition. She tells Bai that he's acting weird, secretive weird, confused weird like when he was falling in love with Sarah.

Sarah and Bai are driving in the Jeep. Sarah asks how Callie's doing. "I was thinking about Callie. It's really great that she has you to help her with this. It was kind of my suggestion but I think maybe she relies on you a little too much." She doesn't want him to stop helping Callie but they're are other people who should help her. Bai says he agrees. He shouldn't be the only person in her life. Maybe a support group would help.

Claudia is at her locker. She asks Stuart what he thinks of the columns and he says he loves them. Especially the one about how the person should just go for it. Obviously Stuart is madly in love with her.

Julia is cutting vegetables in the kitchen. Sam knocks on the window and asks her to come outside. He tells her that he doesn't feel good about the $300 and gives it back to her. "The money shouldn't come out of your pocket." She says no, then he offers half. She takes that. "Hey, you're not strange. I shouldn't have said that. It was out of line. And I should have said thank you without you having to ask for it. You're sweet Julia and it was a nice thing you did for me, so thank you," Sam says. Then she kisses him. "You're welcome," she says and walks away leaving him bewildered.

Charlie stops by Graces because she didn't stop by the restaurant and didn't return any of her calls. She offers to make him tea so he can tell her that she's attractive and someday she'll meet the right guy and she can shoot herself in the head. He says they have more than a business relationship. There's no one else he can laugh with. "It's been a long time since I've met someone that I wanted to hang out with and do stuff with. You could be all the things that you are and I still couldn't." She asks him why not and so he tells her that he's waiting for someone--Kirsten. Then he tells her the whole story.

Bai is watching tv when Callie comes in. She says she's thinking it would be a good idea if they went back to the police station. He says they should start thinking about what's going to happen after. Callie says she has to look at the decisions she makes like how she always goes for the wrong guy. He gives her the pamphlets and brochures that he picked up. She can't believe how great he is. "You're amazing , you know that. This is what I mean. What is my problem. I keep ending up with these losers and these creeps. I don't want that. I don't know why I can't find someone like you. I just want someone like you." Then she leans her head on his shoulder.

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