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Joe......Tom Mason
Franny......Anita Barone
Sam Brody......Ben Browder
Lewis......Vincent Duvall

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Goodnight Elisabeth by the Counting Crows

2 Synopses of Season 3, Episode 11
I Do

Charlie at the reception

from Marley Gibson, writer for the Compuserve TV Zone (GO TVZONE)

Opening on the Salinger's messy backyard with construction continuing, Julia is following Sam around like a little puppy dog, bombarding him with questions abour construction and roofing and nothing in general. Then, Julia spouts that she thinks Sam is avoiding her. He turns to tell her this *thing* isn't going to happen with them. She can't believe him and asks why not? He justifies his position by telling her he's twenty-four and she's seventeen and it makes no sense. He says it's a problem that she's still in high school - it's damn near illegal. He continues to point out that she can't vote, can't drive or drink. Julia reminds him that he kissed her! Sam shouts that *she* kissed him!! Julia continues to follow him around, saying they used to talk...she's practically yelling at him now. He screams at her that this isn't going to happen, knocks over a stack of tools and storms off.

Sarah arrives at Bailey's apartment and he gives her a kaleidascope that he got at the art museum today. Callie wanted to talk, so they went out together. Callie comes in and tells Sarah she loved the kaleidascope so much, she got one for herself. Callie offers Sarah some food, but she says she can't stay. She is obviously upset.

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Owen is sitting at the breakfast table, playing with one of Charlie's shoes and making quite a mess in the kitchen with his other toys. Charlie snatches the shoe away from him. Julia offers to make some breakfast for Charlie, but gets no reponse from him. She then asks him if he wants to go see a movie, but he snaps at her, saying he doesn't feel like it. Claudia comes in, asking for a ride to school and Charlie snarls "Take a bus" and storms out. Claudia snickers at him, saying "You light up my life, too." She then tells Julia that Charlie is getting on her nerves, but Julia tells her to look at the calendar. It was a year ago that Charlie and Kirsten should have gotten married. Charlie comes back into the kitchen looking for his keys. Claudia, trying to be nice, tells him to have a nice day. Charlie sneers at her and walks back out.

At the restaurant, Joe comes in to see Charlie. Charlie is genuinely glad to see him. Joe wants him to meet someone and when Charlie looks over Joe's shoulder to see it's a woman, he tells Joe he's not in the mood to meet someone. Joe drags him over and introduces him to Franny, who is happy to meet him. Joe says to him, "It happened - I fell in love." Charlie is embarassed, as he thought Joe had brought her there as a set up for him. Joe is so obviously happy over all of this and tells Charlie that they are getting married and they would like to have the ceremony at Salingers.

At the coffee shop, Sarah comments to Callie that she seems better and it's good to see her getting out. Callie agrees that it's been good to get out and Sarah asks, "with Bailey?" It's obvious Sarah doesn't like the amount of time the two of them are spending together, so she suggests to Callie that she start dating again and suggests setting her up with her cousin, Paul. Callie declines. When Bailey returns to the table with coffee, Sarah bounces the idea off him. Sarah assures Callie that Bailey really liked Paul. Callie looks at him and asks what he thinks about this? Is it a good idea? Bailey tells her to do it. Callie agrees to go out with him on one condition - that it's a double-date with Sarah and Bailey. Sarah quickly says "no" saying Callie and Paul will need time to get to know each other, but Bailey notes the disappointment on Callie's face and tells Sarah that Callie has a point.

Sam is in the kitchen washing his hands when Julia brings in some dirty dishes. She notes he cut his hand and offers to get him a bandaid or help somehow. He yells "no" at her. She stresses she was only trying to help. Sam dries off his hand and tells her they can't be friends and walks out.

Joe and Franny are at the house with the whole family telling of the way they met. It was on a plane. Franny is a stewardess and she spilled some juice on him when the plane hit some turbulence. The love they feel for each other is so apparent. Julia scoops up Owen and excuses herself to put him to bed. Bailey laughs, saying Franny has experience walking down aisles and Claudia suggests instead of rice, they throw peanuts! Charlie is quiet throughout all of this. Claudia slips over into Joe's lap, hugs him and tells him this is the best news the family has had in a long time.

Joe asks Charlie into the kitchen with him to refill the coffee cups. In the kitchen, he asks Charlie what's going one and then asks about Kirsten. Charlie tells him he doesn't want to talk about it. Joe then asks him to be his best man. Charlie becomes a bit indignant, saying to Joe that he hasn't known this woman for a long and shouldn't they wait? Joe asks why? Charlie talks of the huge difference in their ages - almost twenty years. Joe doesn't understand the negativity from Charlie and asks him what he knows, he's not around them. Joe calms himself and tries to explain to Charlie that Franny is a good thing for him. He takes the coffee back out, turning to Charlie and saying, "Come when you're ready to be happy for us."

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Charlie stops in at the Homeless Coalition and notes Grace has a new printer in her office. She's making labels for a mailing and Charlie tells her he has a whole list of restaurants in the area of Salingers that wants to help with the donating of food. Charlie then asks her if she's free on Sunday? She tells him she doesn't think so. Charlie starts off with..."there's this wedding..." and Grace stops him. She explains if he thought the ball they went to together was bad, wait until they show up at a wedding together. She doens't think it's a fun way to spend the afternoon - especially answering questions as to their relationship. Charlie tells her that she owes him one for going to the ball with her. He says to consider it an act of charity.

Julia goes outside to check out the construction - and to look for Sam - and sees he is no where around. One of the other workers tells her he took over the Atkins job. Julia rushes into the house to call the construction company and leaves a message with them for him to call her. Claudia witnesses this and comments to Julia, "you have it bad." Julia tells Claudia to butt out. Claudia shakes her head and says she's embarassed over Julia chasing after him. And, she stresses to Julia that this desperation and chasing doesn't make her any more attractive to him. Julia tries to prove her point by telling Claudia about the kiss and then tells Claudia that she just doesn't get it.

Callie and Paul are roller blading with Bailey and Sarah following. Sarah is encouraged and thinks Callie and Paul are getting along. Bailey says he's going to check on them and skates ahead to catch up with Callie and Paul. He and Callie break into a race to the nearest tree, leaving Paul to skate with Sarah. Paul tells Sarah he likes her and she's a "babe." Sarah watches after Bailey with Callie and sees them sharing a secret laugh and rushes ahead.

Grace and Charlie are in the department store and she's helping him find a wedding gift for Joe and Franny. He doesn't know what to get them and Grace suggests a bread maker. Charlie snaps that he has five of them in his closet. Grace flips back that perhaps they should be shopping in his closet. He then tells her that today would have been his first anniversary with Kirsten and he's having some trouble being the best man in another wedding. Charlie tells Grace that being with her makes it a lot easier and then asks her to come with him to the rehearsal that evening. He tells her she'll make him smile, just by being there and he really needs a friend. Grace says it shouldn't be her there with him and tells him how hard it is for her just being friends.

Later at the rehearsal, Joe is walking everyone through the ceremony, placing people and getting things going. Claudia is standing on a chair, acting as Charlie, as he isn't there. He then comes in late, apologizing, and takes his place. When someone mentions a May to December romance, Claudia asks what does that mean exactly? Joe explains it's a big difference in ages and Claudia says "Like Julia and Sam?" Charlie freaks out - "The 26 year old roofer?!" Julia snaps, "He's only 24!" Claudia shares that they kissed, which infuriates Charlie more and makes Julia stumble over her words more. Joe interjects his two cents into the argument and Julia yells that it's no one's business and she runs out.

At Sarah's house, she tells Bailey she thinks she might have twisted her ankle today. He's lying on her bed and downplays her suggestion of going to see a movie. She comes over to him and suggests a pillow fight! He jumps up and tells her he's tired and he's going back to the apartment. This is the last thing Sarah wants him to do. She tells him not to leave, that she's thought of something they can do that they haven't done yet. She wants Bailey to make love to her. He says they haven't talked about this in a long time and they need to be careful. She tells him she loves him and then kisses him, asking what are they waiting for? She leads him back over to the bed.

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Bailey is sitting on the edge of Sarah's bed. She's sprawled out on one side, covered only with the bed sheet. Bailey is getting dressed. She begins making excuses - telling him it's okay because he was tired. Bailey finishes getting dressed and tells her he doesn't want to talk about it. She asks him if she did something wrong? He tells her he's leaving, but will see her tomorrow at 12:30 at the wedding. He turns before leaving and tells her it wasn't her. She sighs and watches him leave.

Charlie is at the desk in his room working on his *toast* for the reception. Franny knocks on the door, dressed in her bridal attire, and thanks Charlie for everything he has done for her and Joe. Charlie is taken aback at the sight of her in her dress and spazzes out a bit. She leaves and he picks up the phone, calling a florist. He wants to send flowers to Kirsten in Chicago and starts with the message..."Dear's been a year and...." No, that's no good. He starts again..."Kirsten, I just keep thinking of you...don't know what to say or to say anything...." He trails off again. He tells the florist he'll think of what to say and call back.

Seated together at a table at Salingers, Julia and Sarah make quite a pair. Julia is ripping at a flower and Sarah is looking for Bailey. They are both dressed in their wedding attire. Sarah asks if Bailey said anything to Julia about her. Julia is too caught up in her own state. Sarah thinks something is wrong and wants Julia to help her, but Julia tells her she can't get involved. Bailey comes in, sees Sarah and slips in behind her, avoiding her. He goes over to the bar and pours himself a beer, which doesn't really please Charlie, but he lets him anyway. Bailey asks Charlie in a round-about way if he's ever been able to "not" with a girl. Charlie doesn't want to hear this now and waves off Bailey. Joe calls them all over as they're ready to start the ceremony.

The ceremony starts and Joe talks of friends and support and witnessing their love. Grace slips in and apologizes to Charlie for being late. She asks how he's doing and he tells her he's not doing good. Joe and Franny exchange their vows. Charlie leans down to Grace and whispers that he's always considered Joe as Uncle Joe, but now, he's the closest thing Charlie has to a father. Joe and Franny kiss and everyone applauds. Claudia is beaming. Julia seems distracted. Bailey and Sarah both look miserable.

As the reception gears up, everyone is dancing. Julia slips in and cuts in on Franny and Joe. She apologizes to Joe for her behavior at the rehearsal last night. She then tells him people's ages shouldn't matter and then realizes that perhaps Sam lost interest for another reason. Charlie and Grace are dancing and Charlie holds her tight, dancing cheek to cheek. Grace pushes him away, telling him it's time for the toast. Sarah asks Bailey why he won't look at her or hold her close? Bailey doesn't want to talk about it, saying it's bad enough to go through it once, without reliving it.

Charlie raps his glass to get attention for his toast. He talks about how Joe gave him the business and how his luck is just beginning and this is a love to go the distance. As his eyes cloud up, he talks about Joe being smart enough not to let this love go. "How often will you be that lucky?" He wipes away tears, saying the biggest risk is not taking risks. He then lets the tears flow free - apologizing. Then he raises his glass. Everyone toasts. Grace is hurt by this toast. Charlie turns away and cries.

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In the Salinger's back yard, Julia makes her way through the construction area still dressed in her maroon velvet dress from the wedding. Sam is on the roof and comes down when he sees her. He wants to know what she's doing there and asks "what are you wearing?" She tells him that he made her feel stupid and pathetic and she's neither. Then she weakly tries to quote from Charlie's toast about taking risks and not letting things go. Her dress gets caught in some lumber and she tries in vein to get it unhooked until she finally asks him to help her. He is laughing at her and smiling. She continues, talking about their age differences and then stumbles back out the way she came. He smiles then asks her if she came all the way back there just to tell him that? She tells him "yes."

Back at the reception, Bailey and Sarah are eating cake. Claudia is sitting with them Sarah wraps her cake up and she says she's going to take it home, put it under her pillow and she'll dream of who she's going to marry. Claudia leaves the table. Sarah tries talking of her audition for Pippin when she was a little girl and how her mom told her she gave it all she got, even though she didn't get the part. She laughs, saying her mother would die if she knew the advice she gave her back then would be used in this context. Sarah tells Bailey she doesn't want to pressure him, but she think they should try again, as she thinks this will make things right between them. Claudia rushes back to tell Sarah they're about to do the bouquet as Bailey tells Sarah they'll try again.

Julia comes back in to the reception and Charlie asks her where she was that they were waiting for her to thrown the bouquet. Grace is leaving and Charlie sees her, telling her he's been looking for her. He apologizes to her about the toast and she says she can't take this back and forth - she just can't do it. Firmly, she states that his limbo Charlie is in is making him nuts. She says, "if you want answers, get moving."

That evening, Julia is sitting in the porch swing, still dressed from the wedding. She's picking rice out of her hair. Sam walks up, noting the house is going to need a second coat of paint and he should finish the job he started and the Atkins job will just have to wait. Julia smiles at him, asking if he came all the way back there just to tell her that? He smiles back, saying "yes."

Bailey is sitting on his bed, not looking too happy from the day's events. Callie is dropped off at the front door by Paul and she tells him good night and closes the door, telling him she'll call him. Bailey laughs at her, saying "you will not call." Still laughing, he tells her she has that "when pigs fly" tone in her voice. Callie giggles and plops down next to him. Bailey is drinking out of a bottle of champagne and offers some to her. He asks what's wrong with "Cousin Paul?" Callie talks of knowing she's interested in someone if she wonders what their skin feels like. Bailey is listening intently. She continues, saying if she doesn't think this, then the person doesn't stand a chance with her. Just then, Bailey reaches over and strokes her arm with his fingers. She looks up at him and he moves forward to kiss her. She kisses him back, then stops, asking "you sure?" He moves forward again to kiss her again and they start undressing each other.

Charlie is at the restaurant, cleaning up from the reception. He sighs, then gets out the phone book. He picks up the phone and dials it. Then he says, "I'd like to check into flights to Chicago from San Francisco."

from Julie Gumm

Julia is asking Sam what he's doing so he explains about the boards needing sealing. Then he says he has some work to do upstairs. She asks why he's avoiding her which he denies but then admits. "This thing that you think is happening, us, is not." She asks why not and he says the whole thing doesn't make any sense. She totally goes off about there's no good reason why it can't happen and she thinks that he knows it . Sam says, "Look, it's not going to happen if I don't want it to happen, and I don't want it to happen."

Bailey bought Sarah a kaleidoscope which she loves. He bought it at an art museum where he went with Callie. She bought one too. She's warming up food and offers them some but Sarah says she has to go because of her parents. Sarah just stares at Callie as she's getting the food out of the refrigerator.

Charlie comes into the kitchen. Owen has decorated his shoes. Julia offers to make him some food but he's not hungry. Then she asks if he wants to go to the movies but he doesn't feel like it. Claudia asks who's driving her to school and he tells her to ride the bus like everyone else. Claudia can't believe the mood he's in and Julia tells her to look at the calendar. Tomorrow would have been Kirsten and Charlie's one year anniversary.

Joe pops into the restaurant and grabs Charlie out of the kitchen to meet someone. When he sees an attractive woman sitting at the bar he says he's not interested in fix ups but Joe tells him that he and Frannie are getting married. They want to get married on Sunday at the restaurant.

Sarah and Callie and Bai are at the coffeeshop. Sarah says Callie seems like she's better which Callie says she is, she's getting out, etc. Sarah wants Callie to meet her cousin. Sarah asks Bailey, "Don't you think it's a good idea." She finally agrees to go, but only if it's a double date. Sarah says, no, a little too much, but Bai agrees with Callie.

Sam is washing his hand in the sink and Julia tip toes in with the dishes, trying not to get to close. She offers him a band aid which he says he doesn't want. "So if you were choking, I couldn't offer you a friendly heimlich?" she asks. He tells her they can't be friends.

Frannie and Joe are over at the house with the family. They're talking about how they met on a plane (she's a stewardess). Julia takes Owen up to bed. Claudia gives Joe a hug and tells him, "This is the best thing that's happened in a really long time." Joe and Charlie go into the kitchen and Joe asks him if he wants to talk about Kirsten. He asks Charlie to be his best man. He says he will but he wonders about them since they've only known each other for a month. Joe asks why he's being so negative. "You're not even here, it's like you're somewhere else." He says he's going to go back in the living room and tells Charlie to come when he's ready to be happy for them.

Charlie goes down to Harvest Group where Grace is printing labels. He brought her a list of restaurants around Salingers that she might want to talk to. He asks if she's free on Sunday and she says no. When he tells her it's a wedding she says definitely no. He says that she owes him because he went to the charity ball and she tells him to call her next time he has a charity function to attend.

Julia runs out to the yard, looking for Sam. He took over the Atkinson house while these other guys finish the job. She calls the company and leaves a message for him to call her. Claudia says, "Man, do you have it bad. I'm embarrassed for you. You're chasing after some guy who's not even interested in you." Julia says that obviously Claudia doesn't get it because she's too young. "Well, at least I know it."

Callie, Paul, Bai and Sarah are rollerblading on their double date. Bai catches up with Callie and Paul who are a little ahead and Callie says she'll race Bai to the tree which they do. Then Sarah and Paul catch up only to find Bai and Callie laughing about a "private joke".

Grace and Paul are shopping for a wedding gift. She suggests a breadmaker and he says he has five of them in his closet. She asks what's up with him and he tells her that today would have been his first anniversary with Kirsten but he tells her that being with her makes it easier. He asks her to the rehearsal dinner and maybe a movie afterward. She says she wish she could. Someone should be his friend and hold his hand, but it shouldn't be her. It's too hard for her being just friends.

Julia, Claudia, Joe and Frannie are at the rehearsal. Charlie walks in late. Joe makes some comment about May/December relationships and Claudia asks what that is. When Joe says it's when one of you has a few months on the other one. "Like Julia and Sam?" Claudia asks. Everyone starts freaking out and yelling at Julia.

Bai and Sarah are in her room trying to decide what to do. Sarah suggests a movie but Bai's not in the mood. He says he's kind of tired and might just go back to the apartment. She tells him not to go because she thought of something they can do that they haven't done before. Then she tells him that she wants to sleep with him. "Why are we waiting? It's time," she says.

Bai is sitting on the edge of the bed, Sarah is under the sheets. "Look, you said you were tired, and the wrestling..." Bai says he doesn't want to talk about it. Sarah asks if she did something wrong and he just gives her this look. He gets dressed and says he's going to go. "So 12:30 at the restaurant." She says yes. "It wasn't you," he says and leaves.

Charlie is struggling while writing the toast. Frannie knocks on the door and comes in wearing her wedding dress. She's telling Charlie thanks for letting her get dressed there, etc. when he zones out on her. Apparently she's wearing Kirsten's wedding dress. After she leaves he picks up the phone to order some flowers for Kirsten with a note. He tries to get the message out about two times before he finally says he better write it out and call the florist back.

Sarah comes into the restaurant and asks Julia if she's seen Bailey. Then she asks if he's said anything to her lately about them. She says no. Sarah doesn't know what's gone wrong with them and asks if Julia can ask him but she says she can't do that.

Bai walks in and pours himself a beer while he asks Charlie if he's ever had problems "performing." He tells him "not now."

The priest is performing the ceremony. Grace walks in and apologizes for being late. "How are you doing?" she asks. "Not good," he says, "but I'm glad you're here." Charlie tells Grace that Joe is the closest thing he has to a father. After the ceremony, everyone is dancing. Julia cuts in and dances with Joe. She apologizes for ruining the rehearsal. She tells him that peoples ages shouldn't matter and that whatever Sam's reason for loosing interest had to be something else. Charlie and Grace are dancing and he's getting a little closer when she interrupts and asks him if he has to make a toast. Bai and Sarah are dancing like complete strangers when she asks him why he's acting like that, like he doesn't even want to touch her. "Can we please not analyze this to death," he says.

Charlie makes the toast talking about how with something like marriage, luck is just the beginning. The ones who hang in no matter what are the ones who go the distance. If it happens to you, the biggest risk you can take is not taking the risk. Then he starts to choke up and can't finish the toast.

Julia goes over to the other job site (still wearing her bridesmaid dress) and Sam comes down from the roof. "What are you doing here and what are you wearing," Sam asks. She tells him that he made her feel stupid and pathetic and she's yelling at him and getting cement on her hand and getting her dress stuck in the cement mixer (all rather comical). She tells him that she doesn't want to play games, etc. "Did you come all the way here to tell me that?" he asks. She says she did as she leaves, tripping over the equipment as he smiles.

Bai and Claud are eating wedding cake when Sarah comes in. She tells him this story about how she had a bad audition and her mom asked her what she was going to do and Sarah said she was going to pretend it never happened. But her mom told her to go the next time and try her hardest. "Can't we try it again?" she asks. He says they can.

Julia walks in and Charlie says they're waiting for to throw the bouquet. Grace is leaving and Charlie tries to stop her. She said it's too hard. "One minute you're waiting for her than we're dancing cheek to cheek and then you make this beautiful toast about her and then you're begging me to stay." She tells him he's in limbo and needs to get moving and find some answers.

Julia is on the swing picking birdseed out of her hair when Sam comes over pretending to check out the work that the other guy is doing. "You came all the way here to tell me that?" Julia asks. He says yeah.

Bai is laying on the bed as Callie walks in from a date with Paul. She asks if he's sharing the champagne. He asks what's wrong with Paul. "He's fine, except you know how when you're with someone and the whole time you're wondering how his skin feels and you want to touch him." She tells him if she doesn't feel that then they guy doesn't stand a chance. Bai reaches out and caresses her arm. Then he kisses her. "Are you sure?" she asks. "No," he says but keeps kissing her. They start to make love.

Charlie picks up the phone and says, "Yes, I'd like to know about your flights from San Francisco to Chicago."

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