Season 3, Episode 12: Desperate Measures

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Desperate Measures

Julia, Claudia, and Owen in Claudia's hospital bed.

from Marley Gibson, writer for the Compuserve TV Zone (GO TVZONE)

The opening sceen is in the Salinger's kitchen with Claudia rushing around trying to get breakfast and Julia concentrating on something she is drawing. Owen is sitting with Julia as Charlie rushes into the kitchen with a suitcase and begins giving instructions on how to take care of Owen, "you have to go inside to pick him up at daycare." Charlie is off to Chicago to see Kirsten. He posts his flight information on the fridge, as Julia states she doesn't think Ellie will let him stay with them. Julia screams at Charlie that he can't expect her to just take care of everything while he's gone. Claudia stops him and hands him an envelope for him to give to Kirsten. It's pictures from her most recent recital. Julia wishes Charlie a good trip. He sneers at her, but then she says, " know...."

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Julia rushes down the stairs with Owen in her arms. She had to redress him due to a little "accident." Sam comes into the house and Julia hands him a tape she made him with songs with the word "roof" in the title. Sam laughs at the gesture, then suggests to her that the two of them do something together. Julia is overwhelmed. Claudia interrupts, telling Julia she feels sick to her stomach and doesn't think she can go to school today. Sam suggests going skiing on Saturday. Claudia pipes in that Julia is suppose to be taking care of them and she can't just go off. Julia snaps at her, telling her to be quiet. Sams smiles and walks out. Julia fusses at Claudia for interrupting, but Claudia continues saying she doesn't feel good. Sam slips back in and asks if 8 a.m. would be good on Saturday morning. Julia says it's fine, and then realizes Owen has slipped into the bathroom and *gone* without first taking off his outfit.

At the gym, Bailey and the rest of the team are practicing. The coach isn't pleased with the performance of his team...except for Bailey. He tells the rest of the men that they should have the dedication of Salinger, and he's the best they have. Coach Petrocelli tells them for the next seventy-two hours, they are only to drink water, no alcohol, and watch what they eat. He wants everyone to use Bailey as an example. Bailey's teammates growl at him.

In Chicago, Charlie arrives at Kirsten's. Ellie answers the door and tells Charlie to "go away." She informs him that Gene isn't there and neither is Kirsten and he should leave. Just then, Kirsten pulls up and gets out of the car. She can't believe he's there and she hugs him. Ellie is not pleased at all.

Bailey and Sarah are eating dinner when Sarah announces that they're both half done, time to switch plates. She comments on how bland his meal is, but he shrugs it off to coaches orders. Sarah tells Bailey that her parent have given her separate billing on her credit card, so if she wanted to put something on the card, like a hotel room, her parents wouldn't know. He seems a bit shocked over the suggestion and she tells him she's not pressuring him. He smiles weakly, telling her he wants to try again, but he can't - because of the coach and says the coach will come down on him. Sarah can't believe it, then Bailey winces, saying it made sense the way the coach said it.

Julia is rushing about doing laundry and trying to watch Owen. Claudia comes in from school, looking and feeling pretty awful. As she walks up the stairs, she tells Julia how awful she feels and Julia reminds her that she needs her to watch after Owen when she's away this weekend. Julia screams at her, telling her she knows what she's up to, because she used to do it herself and that she'll help and that's it!

Bailey comes home to the apartment and Callie is cooking soup. Frustrated, he jerks her stuff off the table and tells her to watch where she puts her crap. She asks him what he and Sarah fought about this time and he tells her he doesn't want to talk about it. He wants some beer, but she says he already drank it all. She stands up to him, saying every time things get rocky with Sarah, he treats her like crap, or he wants her flat of her back. He leaves in a huff to get some beer.

Charlie is getting settled into the guest room at Kirsten's house. Ellie issues orders to him that he's not to use the towels in the bathroom and he's to use the squeegee on the shower door after he's through so it won't mildew. She leaves the two of them alone. Kirsten apologizes for her mother, saying she's "making me crazy." Charlie tells her how good she looks and it seems that she's getting better. Kirsten says her new medication is helping and she's been real good for the past month. Charlie inquires as to why she didn't call or write, as he's been worried about her. She said she didn't trust it - like if she told him about it, it wouldn't be true. Charlie tells her it is true and she says, "It is now."

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Kirsten and Charlie are walking in downtown Chicago and she asks what's going on in San Francisco. He tells her Owen asks about her and he prefers her bedtime stories to Charlie's. She laughs and Charlie tells her he's missed her smile. Kirsten asks if he wants to see the Sears Tower or anything touristy? But, he just wants to keep walking. They kiss.

At the gym, Sarah comes in looking for Bailey at wrestling practice. Coach Petrocelli tells her she's in the wrong place, but she tells him she's looking for Bailey. He tells her he's looking for him too and if he misses another practice he's off the team.

Julia chases Owen down in the house, apologizing to him for picking him up too late. He's mad at her and runs out of the room. She plays the answering machine and hears a message from Sam, asking if she can leave Saturday morning at 7 a.m. instead of 8. The next message is one from a doctor at the hospital, requesting permission to operate on Claudia, as she has an appendicitis. Julia looks shocked!

At the hospital, Julia, with Owen in tow, rushes in, looking for information on Claudia. The doctor comes out to tell her they couldn't wait for permission and went ahead and operated on Claudia. The doctors says, "she's a character." Julia asks to see her, but the doctor informs her that Claudia doesn't want to see Julia.

That night, Kirsten and Charlie are driving back to her parent's house. She tells him she thinks she ready to go home. Charlie tells her he's taking her home. She laughs, saying she's ready to go home to San Francisco. It feels right - time for her to get back to her life and she can't do that with her parents constantly telling her what to do. She wants to get everything back on track. Charlie tells her to get things in order in Chicago and then come back. Kirsten wishes they could just keep driving, then tells Charlie that she's very serious. She wants them to drive back to San Francisco. Charlie says okay and tells her he'll go get his bag and they can fly back. But, she insists they just do it - just drive. She peers up at him and says, "take me home, please." He can't resist.

The phone is ringing at Bailey's apartment, but no one is answering. Sarah rushes in and sees Bailey is asleep and wakes him up. He tells her the machine will get the phone, but he's turned the volume down so he doesn't have to hear. There are empty beer bottles everywhere. He begs her to go away and leave him alone. She won't and questions him as to what's going on? He tells her it's nothing. She begs to know if she did something. Again, he tells her it's not anything and he wants her to leave him alone. His hangover is apparent. She's crying and asks him why he's doing things he's not suppose to? "You can't drink or have did one...why not the other?" He looks away and tells her he did both. She continues crying. Looking at her, he tells her it's not her fault. Beginning to cry himself, Bailey looks at her and says, "Callie... it was Callie..." Sarah cries harder. "Wow" is her response. She grabs her purse and runs out. Bailey puts his head in his hands and cries.

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Ellie is on the telephone with Kirsten telling her what a mistake she's making, that's she's just not well enough. She understands that Kirsten loves Charlie but it's too soon. Kirsten hangs up on her mother. Charlie is in the phone booth next to her, leaving a very happy message on the machine for everyone telling them he's bringing Kirsten home and they'll be there in a couple of days. As they two emerge from the phone booths, Charlie asks Kirsten if everything is okay? She tells him yes.

Callie tries to wake up Bailey, telling him that because he turned the volume down on the answering machine he missed a call from the hospital, telling him about Claudia. He tells Callie he'll be okay and he wants her to leave him alone. She offers to drive him to the hospital and he accepts.

At the hospital, Julia is asleep by Claudia's bed when Bailey comes in. Julia wakes up and tells him he looks like hell. Claudia wakes up and manages a glare Julia's way. She tells Bailey how happy she is to see him. He's brought her a stuffed bear. Claudia recounts to Bailey she was dreaming of calling 911, but Bailey was there in her dream to save her. She asks him to get her some orange juice and he leaves to get it.

Sarah comes into the hospital with flowers and asks for Claudia Salinger's room. She walks down the hallway and see Callie sitting there reading a magazine. Angrily, she asks, "what are you doing here?!" Callie tells her she drove Bailey. Sarah attacks Callie with "how could you?! After all I did for you with that whole rape thing!" Callie gasps and realizes Bailey told her. She tells Sarah that she should talk to Bailey. Sarah shoves the flowers at Callie and leaves.

In the car, it's getting late and Charlie is getting tired. He suggests stopping for the night, but Kirsten insists that they keep going and suggests that she drive. She's starting to get unsettled and Charlie notes it.

Bailey is waiting for Sarah in her room when she gets home, saying her mother let him in. Sarah was out walking around and trying to understand the whole situation. "Why?!" she pleads. Bailey doesn't know why and knows she deserves better. Sarah wants him to leave because she doesn't want to listen to him break up with her. He screams at her that he loves her and he wants her to talk to him, say anything....yell at him! Sarah is in tears and she tells him she wants to hate him and she does hate him so much for this. She can't tell him to go to hell because she's still in love with him. She says, "you're the one who's suppose to hold me." When he tries, she pulls back.

Charlie and Kirsten have finally stopped for the night in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kirsten has emerged from the shower and is furiously brushing her wet hair. Charlie has been out buying them a change of clothes (consisting of Nebraska sweatshirts.) Kirsten continues brushing her hair, telling Charlie the water is too soft and she couldn't rinse the conditioner out. He asks her if she's okay, but she continues carping about the towels. He asks again if she's okay and she turns on him, telling him to quit asking that. She's upset over the towels - they're nubbly! She can't take nubbly towels. He tells her he's going to go take a shower and she should get some sleep. Kirsten turns down the bed and notices the sheets are nubbly too. She's losing it and Charlie is faced with that fact as she goes off on the shape of the bedding. She apologizes to him and writes it off to her being tired. She assures him she's fine. As he goes to take his shower, she gets in bed, weary and upset.

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Charlie wakes in the night to find Kirsten sitting in a fetal position and staring out the window. She's crying and looks horrible. He comes to her and asks her to come back to bed. He tells her everything will be okay. Kirsten continues to cry and tells him it's too soon. She wants him to take her home. He nods in agreement and hugs her.

The phone rings in Claudia's hospital room. Julia wakes from the chair she's been sleeping in to answer it, hoping it won't wake Claudia. It's Sam. She asks him how the skiing was and then tells him she couldn't stand the thought of leaving Claudia. Claudia is actually awake and overhearing what Julia is saying to Sam, but she keeps her eyes close, so Julia won't know. Julia hangs up with Sam and then sees Claudia look at her. She grabs her stuff and tells Claudia she'll just go out in the hallway, so she won't bother Claudia. Claudia smiles and asks her if she'll get her more orange juice.

Callie is working on a paper on the computer and listening to music very loudly when Bailey finally comes home. He snaps the volume down and goes to the fridge looking for beer. She turns and tells him she understands he needs some time, especially after breaking up with Sarah. He looks at her and tells her he and Sarah didn't break up. Then, he says to her that "this thing" between the two of them has to stop. Callie laughs at him and asks him what the hell is he doing? She turns the music back up as loud as it will go and brushes him off, saying "just not worth it!"

At the hotel in Nebraska, Charlie comes out of the room, looking for Kirsten who is sitting outside by the pool. It snowed overnight. He goes down to her and sits near her. Silence. Then, Kirsten tells him she can't do this anymore. Her therapist tod her and she wouldn't listen.....she tried to tell her therapist what it was like to be in love with Charlie and constantly tried to defend it. She tells him she had finally gotten to a point where she could recognize herself in the mirror again. Then she turns to him with tears in her eyes and says "It's you, Charlie." She can't be with him anymore. Charlie tells her they were just rushing things, but she stops him, telling him when she's with him she thinks she's happy, but she's still deeply haunted by him leaving her at the altar. Charlie resents that and tells her he's changed and things are different. Very red-faced from crying, Kirsten pleads to him to "look at me, Charlie!" She explains that the wedding triggered problems that were already in her and she tried to make it go away, but it didn't. She loves him, but when she looks at him, the pain is all she sees. Charlie sighs.

Julia, Claudia and Owen are all stretched out and piled in on Claudias' hospital bed. Claudia tells Julia the doctor said she'll be able to wear a bikini without a scar showing. Julia suggest the two of them go swimming together at the indoor pool, check out guys, etc. Claudia falls asleep with her head on Julia's shoulder. Sam comes in with flowers, saying he wished he had a camera. Julia laughs and asks if the flowers are for her? He actually brought them for Claudia. Standing at the foot of the bed, he looks at the scene before him and tells her he's not good with kids. Julia states it's like she has kids and that dating someone like her means putting up with kid's schedules. Sam understands and tells her that she's pretty amazing. Owen wakes.

Charlie and Kirsten pull up in front of her parents house. They sit in silence and then Ellie rushes out of the house, asking if Kirsten is alright? Ellie immediately starts in on Charlie, but Kirsten stops her. Charlie just wants to leave and asks Kirsten if she'll get his bag for him. She says she will, but as she's going into the house, he stops her, asking her to make sure she gets his shaving bag out of the bathroom and she disappears into the house. Ellie glares at him, "How dare you? What were you thinking?" Charlie thinks and then tells Ellie to just mail his bag to him, he'll send her money for it. "I can't do this again," he says, "and she shouldn't have to either." He gets in the car and Ellie watches him drive off.

Bailey and Sarah are walking and eating ice cream. Sarah is very quiet. He's talking about the wrestling match. He stops and tells her they're half-way finished and it's time to trade. They switch ice cream dishes. Sarah withdraws.

Charlie arrives home to a darkened house, calling to people that he's home. No one appears to be home. Charlie starts up the stairs, but half-way up, he sits down and begins to cry.

from Julie Gumm

Claudia is in the kitchen struggling with a jar while Julia and Owen eat breakfast. Charlie comes in and hands Owen's schedule to Julia and puts his flight schedule up on the refrigerator. He tells Julia that he'll call when he knows when he'll be back. Julia is kind of mad that he's just leaving her to take care of everything while he goes off to Chicago. Claudia gives him some pictures of her recital to take to Kirsten.

As Julia, Owen and Claudia are getting ready to leave for school, Sam comes by to work. He tells Julia that he thinks they should do ski. So they make a date for Saturday, he says he'll pick her up at 8 a.m. While they're talking Claud keeps interrupting complaining that she doesn't feel well. Julia tells her to knock it off, she knows she's just trying to stay home from school. Then she herds them all off into the car.

Bai is at wrestling practice finishing a drill with a teammate. The coach sits all the boys down and makes an example of how much Bailey is working and how well he's doing after only a few days on the team. If only they could all be like Bailey, etc. etc. He tells them that for the next 72 hours they better stick to their diets, workout and drink lots of water.

Charlie arrives at the Bennett house. Ellie answers the door and tells him he shouldn't have come. Charlie tells her that he called five times to tell her he was coming and she should have called him back. Ellie tells him that Kirsten is out, but just then she pulls up. She's totally surprised to see Charlie and gives him a great big hug. She looks great, like her old self.

Bai and Sarah are eating at Salingers. When they're half way done with their meals they trade. She tells him that her parents gave her separate billing on her credit card so if she wants to put something on her card without them knowing about it, she can. She suggests a hotel room and wants to try the whole sex thing again. Bai says he can't, the wrestling coach told them not to because it zaps their stamina. (Big fat lie.)

After school Julia asks Claudia if she can babysitt Owen on Saturday so that she can go skiing. Claudia says she doesn't feel well and her stomach really hurts. Julia thinks she's just being a baby. "Take something." In all honesty, Claud looks like death warmed over and I can't believe that Julia didn't notice.

Bai arrives back at the apartment and yells at Callie because she left garbage all over the kitchen table. "What did you fight about this time?" she asks, which pisses him off. Then she lets into him that she's tired of being treated like crap everytime he's in a mood because of Sarah.

Kirsten helps Charlie fold out the sofa bed. She apologizes, but doesn't want to upset her mom. Ellie comes in and gives him towels so that he won't use the ones in the bathroom. She called Gene and he will be home as soon as he can. After she leaves the room Kirsten says that she's driving her nuts. Her and Charlie talk and she tells him that she's been doing really good on this new medication that she's been taking for about the last four weeks. Charlie wonders why she never wrote and told him. She says she didn't want to, because she didn't trust it. Like if she wrote and said she was doing better, she'd get worse.

The next day Kirsten and Charlie go for a walk in Chicago. She asks about everyone back home and they laugh and have a good time. He says its good to see her smile.

Sarah stops by wrestling practice looking for Bai but he's not there. The coach tells her that if she sees him to tell him if he misses one more day of practice he's off the team, no matter how good he is.

Julia arrives home with Owen who is mad at her because she was late to pick him up. She hits the button on the machine to play the messages. The first one is from Sam who says he'll pick her up at 7 a.m. The second is from county hospital. Claudia was admitted and needs an appendectomy and they need someone to sign the forms.

Julia and Owen rush to the hospital. The nurse tells her that they had to go ahead with the surgery and she's fine. Julia asks if she can see her, but the nurse says that Claudia made it pretty clear that she didn't want to see Julia.

Kirsten and Charlie are in the car driving back to the Bennetts. All of a sudden Kirsten tells Charlie that she wants to go home. At first he says, "that's were we're headed." She says no, she wants to go back to San Francisco, she's ready. He says great. They'll go back and check on some flights. But, she just wants to keep on driving and not go back to the house. She convinces Charlie.

Sarah comes over to the apartment to find Bailey in bed. The phone is ringing and there are empty beer bottles all over the place. She doesn't know what's wrong with him and he's scarring her. "I can't do this right now," he says. She can't believe him when he tells her that she hasn't done anything wrong. He's been drinking and "if you can do one...." (as in why can't he have sex). "I did both," he says. "It's not your fault. I can't lie to you. Callie...I ...with Callie." Sarah says "Oh" and leaves.

Kirsten and Charlie stop. He calls home and leaves a message that he's bringing Kirsten home. She calls her mom who wants her to come home because she's not well enough. Kirsten hangs up on her.

Callie comes in and wakes up Bailey who is drunk again. He had turned down the machine and didn't hear Julia when she called. She tells him about Claudia. It's obvious that he's in no condition to drive so she asks him if he wants her to drive her. "Would you?" he asks.

Claudia wakes up and sees Julia and Bailey. She blatantly ignores Julia and talks to Bailey about how she had this dream that no one was there and she called 911 and Bailey came and rescued her. Really laid on the guilt.

Sarah comes to the hospital with flowers and sees Callie in the waiting room. "What are you doing here. How could you, after what you did." Then Callie realizes that Bai told her. Sarah can't believe that she would do that after how nice Sarah was to her. Then she accuses her of using that whole attempted rape thing as a way to make Bailey feel sorry for her. Bai walks up behind her. Sarah hands him the flowers, tells him to give them to Claudia and leaves.

Kirsten and Charlie are driving and they're almost in Omaha. Charlie is kind of tired and wants to stop. But Kirsten wants to drive on to the next town.

Bai goes to Sarah's house and her mom lets him in. He's in her room starring at all the pictures of them when she walks in. He tells her he can't explain why he did what he did. She tells him to go since she knows he's here to break up with her. "No. NO! I love you. Yell at me, throw things at me, do something," he tells her. "I hate you sooo much. I want to hurt you and tell you to go to hell, but I can't. I'm still in love with you and that's not going to go away because you're the one who's supposed to hold me....." He moves to hug her but she tells him she can't, it's too soon.

Kirsten and Charlie stop at a hotel. He brings in a change of clothes he bought for them. She's taken a shower and is combing her hair. She starts complaining about the nubbly towels. "Are you okay?" he asks. "Stop asking me that. I just hate nubbly towels," she says. Then she goes to turn down the bed and goes off because the sheets are nubbly too. Later Charlie wakes up and Kirsten's side of the bed is empty. She's sitting in the chair in the fetal position (does this look familiar). He goes over to her. "It's too soon. I thought I was ready, but it's too soon," she tells him. "Will you take me home?" she asks.

Julia is asleep in Claud's hospital room when Sam calls. She asks him how the skiing was and tells him that she didn't want to leave Claud alone. Claud is awake and hears all this but fakes being asleep. After Julia hangs up, Claud "wakes up." Julia says she'll leave but Claud asks if there's any orange aid.

Bai arrives back at the apartment where Callie has the music blaring while she types a paper. He turns down the music and goes to the frig to look for some beer. She tells him that it's cool if he needs time because she knows that it sucks to break up with someone. Then he tells her that he and Sarah aren't breaking up. "This thing between us, whatever it is, has to stop." She tells him she's heard that before. She can't figure out what he's doing, but tells him he's not worth it.

In the morning Charlie comes out of the hotel room. Kirsten is sitting down by the frozen pool. She tells him that she "can't do this anymore." Her therapist kept trying to tell her. But she tried to explain what it was like to be in love with him, defending it. She started to get better, where she would recognize herself in the mirror, but now it's all gone. "It's you Charlie. I can't be with you." He admits that it was too soon, but she explains that was more than that. She brings up the wedding but he says he's changed. So has she, but the wedding triggered something inside of her and now she's all tangled up in it and so is he.

Julia, Claudia and Owen are spread out on the hospital bed watching old movies. Claud tells her that the doctors said she can wear a bikini without a scar showing. Then she falls asleep. Sam comes in with flowers for Claudia. Julia says, "So you've never dated someone with kids?" He says no. "It's not like I have kids, but I sorta do," she tells him. He says he knows, "Sometimes you're gonna be doing homework, I know."

Kirsten and Charlie arrive back at the Bennetts. Ellie starts to yell at Charlie but Kirsten stops her. Then she asks Charlie if he wants to come inside. He says no, will she just get him his stuff. Kirsten goes inside to get it and then Ellie starts to let into him. He tells her forget it. "Just send my bag to me. I'll pay for it. I can't do this again and she shouldn't have to either." He gets in the car and drives off.

Bai and Sarah are walking on the campus after the wrestling match. They're eating ice cream and making small talk. Halfway through their ice cream they trade.

Charlie arrives home to an empty house. He sits down on the stairs and begins to cry.

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