Additional Cast

Ted......Zach Ward
Sam Brody......Ben Browder
Karen......Corrine Bohrer
Michael......Michael Whaley
Henry......Billy Morrissette
Directed by Ken Topolsky, written by P.K. Simonds

Synopsis of Season 3, Episode 15 from Julie Gumm
Significant Others

They're at a wrestling match. SFSU is down by 4 but Bailey is in a match. He wins the so they win the match. He's excited but his teammates just stare at him as he jumps up and down yelling. Afterwards they're in the locker room and one of the guys is griping about the refs call. When Bai tries to gripe they tell him only losers get to complain.

Sam is on a job site. Julia is trying to find a night when they can go out. He has this barbeque thing and she hints around until he says, "You want to go?" He didn't think she'd be interested since she doesn't know any of his friends. He's kind of hesitant. "Don't you want me to? Don't you want me to meet your friends." He says yes, but you can tell his hearts not in it.

Charlie and Grace are at his house. She's trying to find something for him to wear that isn't flannel and ripped. Apparently there's some award dinner and Charlie's getting an award for doing the food thing. He doesn't want to give the speech.

Bai and Claud are playing cards in the basement. They're playing for "his room" cuz Claud thinks he's moving back in. But Bai says he's starting over and he's still really happy at the apartment. She's kind of disappointed.

Julia and Sam are at the BBQ. He sees some girl Abby and introduces them. When Abby asks what she does Sam runs her out of there. He takes her upstairs and introduces her to some guy. Looking down he sees some girl with Abby and he just stares at her. "Who's that?" she asks. He says its just someone he knows and goes down to talk to her. Julia watches from the balcony above.

Charlie and Grace are at the dinner. The mayor's assistant talks to him for a little while and he tries to get out of the speech. As the walk away Grace complains that Charlie didn't introduce them as she stares at him with obvious interest.

Julia is stuck doing the BBQing. Abby comes up for hot dogs and Julia asks who the girl is. Abby says, "That's Karen. THAT'S Karen." When the other guy comes back up Julia asks him who Karen is and he tells her that Karen and Sam used to live together and were engaged until she broke it off.

Bai comes back to the apartment. He's excited cuz he won $5 at the lottery and is doing good at wrestling. He tries to get Callie to celebrate with him, "That's what roommates are for," he says. "Oh, is that what we are. It seems to change from day to day," Callie replies. Then she says she thought he was moving out. Bai tells her to give him a break, he just lost his girlfriend, he needs a little time. She tells him he has a month and a half.

Charlie's outside giving his ticket to the valet. The mayor's assistant comes out and he comments that Charlie made Grace sound like an amazing person. The guy is kind of fishing for information on Grace as to whether or not she and Charlie are dating. He asks if she's single but Charlie's car is "blocking traffic" and he gets away without answering.

Bai is asking coach about qualifying for the All-Stars and he says that he should have started training months ago and that there's no point in going if he's going to get his butt kicked. The coach said that if he spent the next 48 hours training heavily, no, he wouldn't have a chance. Bai jumps into practice.

Grace and Charlie are at the restaurant. She asks if its okay if she checks her machine. She's listening to her machine. He asks if she wants to come over and help him find some wall space for his plaque.

Julia is blowing up over Karen because she and Sam are going to dinner. He tells her to just come to dinner with them because "I would love for you to see that I don't have 'Forever Karen' tattooed on my heart," he says. Julia asks what Karen is like, whether she's nice.

Bai and Teddy are pumping weights-actually Bailey is and Teddy is not so enthused. Then Bai says it's time for some "mental" preparation and begs Teddy to go to some pub and chill out and relax.

Charlie gets to Grace's apartment to pick her up. She's on the phone with Michael and he has front row tickets to Michelle Shocked (whom I love) and she's dying to go. She asks if she can take a rain check. Charlie says he already sent Claud out for the movies. Then he gives in, obviously upset.

Julia, Sam and Karen are at dinner. Sam's talking about how it was really Julia who got their relationship started because he never knows what he has until someone hits him over the head. Sam is totally overcompensating by drooling all over Julia and being totally affectionate. Then Karen tells him that her boyfriend proposed and she said yes. Sam is kind of shell shocked.

Bai and Teddy are playing darts until Teddy bails on him. Bai orders another pitcher of beer and starts a game with some other guy.

The next day Julia says, "So, are you better Sam. Are you over the shock?" she asks. He says he's fine but she says that he was totally blown away. Sam says it doesn't matter because she's out of the picture and she's gone from his life. Julia's not sure that it's really OK. He says he wants to blow off his basketball game and they'll go someplace really romantic that night.

The alarm clock goes off and Bai realizes that he's late for practice. As he's getting dressed Callie comes in and tells him that she advertised the room and found someone who wants to move in right away. He says that's tough because she deposited the check so the room is legally it's his. Then he rushes off to practice.

Charlie drops by the Harvest Group. There's this huge basket of flowers in her office. He goes over to read the card when one of Grace's co-workers comes in. She says that Grace is coming in late because she was out late the night before.

Sam and Julia are in the car driving. He suggests that they drive to Lake Tahoe for a couple of days. "I don't know who you're dating? But I can't just leave for two days," Julia says. Sam says he just wants to get away. "From what?" Julia asks.

Bai arrives 40 minutes late for practice. Coach tells him that he's not going to the All-Star's because he's not ready. "I don't have anything else that matters to me like this," Bai says.

Charlie is over at Grace's. Michael sent flowers there too. They're going out to dinner at some restaurant run by some couple that Michael helped get political asylum for. Charlie says, "Is that what you're wearing?" "Yeah, why, does it make me look....?" Grace asks. "No, it makes you look great, it's just makes you look interested," he says. "Well good, because I am." Charlie admits that he seems nice but says that he seemed really political and some guys like that aren't what they seem. He says he's just looking out for her. "Good, because that's what friends do."

Charlie is pacing the floor in his room. He calls Grace's apartment as she and Michael walk in the door laughing. Michael picks up the phone and says, "Hello." Charlie just hangs up.

Bai is in the kitchen doing push ups.(I got a phone call so I'm sketchy on details.) He tells everyone that he's going to compete in the All-Stars but the only one who can go is Claudia.

Sam is in his loft when Julia comes over. She confronts him about Karen and tells him that everything he does says that he's still in love with her. He tries to argue but he can't. "I guess I just miss that feeling. When you're falling for somone and you're whole life is about them," Sam says. "So you don't have that feeling for me," Julia asks. He says he doesn't. "Of course you don't. Why would you ever think that you would feel that this soon. Let's just try to be fair to this thing. Let's not make a big deal out of the beginning when we still don't know how it will end," she says.

Bai is at the All-Star match. Claud is the only one in the stands. He pins the guy after about 30 seconds. Coach tells Bai to shower up while he checks the tournament schedule. Bai's looking over at some other wrestler who's hugging his girlfriend. Claudia runs up and gives him a big hug. She asks if he wants to go get ice cream but he says he's going out with the guys. She's kind of disappointed. He asks if she needs a ride home but she says the bus stop is only a couple of blocks away.

Sam and Julia are taking a walk. She asks him if Sam remembered where he was when he first had that feeling for Karen. He doesn't; she just kept on surprising him which he thought was cool. They sit down on a bench and Sam asks her why she's sitting so far away. She scoots closer and they keep talking.

Grace and Charlie are at the bar. She asks him about some movie or something. He says it's good but he's already seen it. "No, it's for me and Michael," she says. Then Charlie asks her to stop seeing Michael. "I'm saying that you matter to me," Charlie says. It takes her a minute, "What are you offering me," she asks. "Are you saying something is going to happen." She asks if if they're the kind of friends that think about each other when they're apart and when they do see each other they forget about everything else. "So are you saying that we might..." she asks. "Yeah, I think I might," he says.

Bai is at a bar drinking hard liquor and talking to some stranger about wrestling.

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