Rating: 7.6

Additional Cast

Elaine......Sharon Mahoney
Sam Brody......Ben Browder

Featured Music

Something by Richie Sambora
Jack-Ass by Beck
Directed by Dan Attias, written by Lisa Melamed

Synopsis of Season 3, Episode 18

from Julie Gumm

Charlie and Grace are in bed. He's alseep but she's lying their awake. She gets up to go to the bathroom to get a drink. Claudia comes in and needs to use the restroom so she leaves. When Grace lies back down in bed and rolls over she's greeted by Owen who says, "Hi."

They're all in the kitchen eating breakfast. Both Julia and Claud are none too friendly to Grace. Charlie says he doesn't know what they hope to accomplish with the hostility thing. Julia doesn't seem to care seeing as how her boyfriend isn't even allowed in the house. Charlie tells Claud he thinks her and Grace could be friends.

Bai and Callie are lying in bed. He's decided to skip psych but she says she has to go "life, responsibilities, you remember those," she says. She needs rent and Bai asks if he can have a couple days because things have come up like his jeep battery. She tells him to stop bying rounds for everyone at every bar they go to.

Julia is waiting in some line, for a concert or something. Sarah shows up and says she wants to beg out. Julia realizes that Sarah still misses Bai but she says she's not going to call him.

Julia finds Bai in the basement and starts quizing him about his life. He's looking through boxes for some old stereo speakers he had. She asks him if he's okay, "you look all puffy," she tells him. "Maybe it's because you miss Sarah." He tells her to butt out but asks her if she's got any money. She gives him $50 and a ticket to the concert.

Claud stops by the Harvest Program to try to make nice. She tells Grace she'd like to volunteer.

Sarah arrives at the club for the conert at about the same time Bai does. Then they realize that Julia gave Bai her ticket. Sarah volunteers to go but they decide they should both stay since they're already there.

Charlie, Grace and Owen are grocery shopping. Charlie goes back to get Owen's juice. The lady in line behind Grace mistakes her for Owen's nanny which pisses her off.

Back to the concert. The band is going on intermission. Bai has obviously had a few drinks and starts complaining about how the band sucks. The Bai starts being a complete jerk and really pissing Sarah off. "I just want you to be happy Sarah," he says. She leaves.

Sam and Julia are driving and singing to some weird song. Things aren't going very well because he's got some guys out sick. She says that Bai could use the work and that he needs the money and would be completely reliable.

Owen is in bed with Charlie and Grace again. She tells him that it's not the best idea for Owen to be there. "Didn't you ever climb into bed with your parents," he asks. She says yeah, but she's not Owen's parent or stepparent. Charlie takes Owen back to his room.

Sarah finds Julia in the bathroom at school and totally lets into her. "You have no idea how bad it is," she says. Then she tells Julia that Bai is a mess-drunk and loud. Then Sarah tells Julia that he drinks all the time now which Julia doesn't really believe. "I know Bailey...better than you do...and you're wrong," she says.

Bai arrives at the work site late, making excuses about how he had bad directions. He nearly knocks Sam over with the ladder. Sam starts to leave to check out another job but has to tell Bai which is the primer.

Claud is entering data at the Harvest Program. She says her finger are cramping and suggests they go get a soda. Grace gives her some letters to fold. Claud starts talking to her about Charlie. "Claudia, I'm working, so are you," Grace says. Some guy comes by, Eddy. He lived in her complex. He asks if she found a place and she says she did but won't tell him where.

Julia brought dinner over to Sam's. He's unusually quiet. Something bad happened at one of his job sites. Someone ripped off a couple of bottles of really expensive bottles of liquor. Sam's not accusing Bailey, but the other guy was out side the whole time. He doesn't know what to think. "So you tell me, possible?" he asks Julia. She's quiet.

Charlie's redoing the message on the machine to add Grace when Claud comes home. Claud asks if Grace wants her name added. He thinks she's just trying to make trouble.

Sarah gets to her locker to find a note from Julia. She meets Julia outside of class and says, "So, what are going to do with him?" she asks.

Grace finds the letters that Claudia was working on. She hadn't told Claudia that the letter was two pages so Claud only put in one page. Grace goes totally overboard and "fires" Claudia for sloppy work. When she gets home Charlie asks why she's home so early. When Claud tells him that Grace fired her Charlie asks what she did. Charlie tells her to get used to it because Grace lives there now. Claudia tells him that Grace told Eddy that she was staying with friends temporarily. Charlie's not sure why she would say that.

Sam approaches Charlie at the job site and asks him about the bottles. Bai won't give him a yes or no.

When Grace gets home Charlie asks if she's planning on staying. She tells him that they rushed the moving in thing and she doesn't belong in that neighborhood or in their house. She feels like she's a hypocrite because she's living with white people in a nice house. "Is this about the kids, is it about the house, is it about me?" she asks.

Julia knocks on Baileys door and barges in with Sarah. He asks if Sam sent her to search the place. She asks him what is going on with him. Sarah says they're worried about him. He makes excuses for the night at the concert. Then Julia brings up the bottles and Bai can't believe that she would believe Sam over her. He tells them to take their stupid ideas and leave. "We're not supposed to let each other do stupid things. That's the job," Julia says. "Well then you're fired," Bai says. Bailey kicks them out but Julia tells him that she's not giving up.

Bai is at the restaurant talking to Charlie. Of course Charlie gives him a beer. Bai is glad to find out that Charlie and Julia are ignoring each other. Bai tells Charlie that Julia's kind of on his case and that she might say something to him. "She thinks I'm partying too much, which is totally not true. That's what freshman year is all about," he says. Then Charlie recalls some story about some ski trip and tells Bai not to worry about it. Then he asks Charlie to "top off" his beer.

Grace is putting away the dishes and Claudia comes in to correct her. Grace admits she was a little rough on her. "You know I would say 'Apology accepted' but I didn't actually hear one," Claudia says.

Sarah finds Callie outside her dance club and tells her that Bailey is in trouble. "You see him every day. You have to know," she says. Callie takes it personally and thinks that Sarah is saying it's her fault. "I'm in love with him. I can't help it. Maybe you are too, I don't know and I don't want to know. But maybe I want you to love him because maybe you can get him to stop," Sarah says. Callie says she's got to go and Sarah begs her to try to help him.

When Charlie comes in Grace is lying awake. She says it's too quite to sleep and Charlie volunteers to go outside and set off a couple of car alarms. Hee Hee. He says that he's stuck there, not that it's horrible. He can't pack up Claudia and Owen to move down there. Grace asks him if he understands why she needs to live there. He doesn't. The people she helps aren't going to be any more or less homeless. But she says she needs to be there. Owen comes in and Charlie's about to take him back to his room when Grace says to let him stay because he deserves to be there more. She goes downstairs to sleep on the couch.

Charlie's brushing his teeth when Julia comes in to talk to him about Bailey. He gives her attitude and she says it's not about her, it's about Bailey. "Oh, because he's partying too much?" he asks. He tells Julia that she's not the smartest person in the world and she tells Charlie he's not either.

Callie comes home. "Dare I ask...rent money?" she asks. He says he doesn't have it yet and tries to make up for it. "Good, I have one friend," he says. He grabs a beer and she says maybe he should pass. Bai tells her that she is his one good friend. She tells him to leave the beer and come to bed.

Charlie comes downstairs and Grace is fast asleep on the couch. Owen is there. "Looks like I wasn't the big draw after all," Charlie says. He knows that she's big on being needed and gets that a lot at work. "Us too, we need you here," he says. "Please, stay." She says OK. He climbs under the covers with her and Owen.

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