Season 3, Episode 2: Going, Going Gone

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Transcribed by Julie Gumm

Julia and Griffin are sitting on a blanket in the backyard. She's working on a crossword puzzle. He's supposed to be looking for an apartment and a job "in that order." Claudia is in the kitchen watching them through the window while Byron is cooking something. She sees Griffin tickle Julia so she tries it on Byron but he's not ticklish. Then she sees Griffin kiss off something on Julia's nose. So Claudia puts a dab of peanut butter on her nose and turns to Byron who laughs, but wipes it off of her.

Will and Bailey meet Will's new roommate at the bus depot. His name is Tucker and he's from Seattle.

Kirsten gets a job offer from Cal State in Monterey. It was a job she applied for earlier but didn't get. Their first choice didn't take it so now they're offering it to her. Charlie is concerned about the commute, etc. She drives down the next morning to talk to them.

Julia walks in to the family room and interrupts Claudia and Byron who are making out. Julia wants to know if Claudia has any whites to wash. While she gets them Julia makes small talk with Byron. When she says she likes soccer players (he's the goalie) he gets all starry-eyed. Claudia returns with her laundry. Julia turns around to leave but drops a bra on the floor. Byron rushes to pick it up and give it back to her.

Griffin tells Julia he has a surprise. She thinks it's an apartment, but it's not. It's a car...a junker car at that. She's mad that he spent his money on a car. Then he tells her that he bought it for her. She's touched...sort of.

Julia is answering phones at the publishing company when Griffin shows up. He's talking about how he fixed the car. He wants her to cut out early to drive up the coast. She tells him she has to work until 6 p.m. "Cool, I'll wait," he says. He's starts playing with the centerpiece in the lobby, making Julia nervous. She show him a flyer that one of the mailroom guys is looking for a roommate.

Bailey and Sarah looking at a campus bulletin board for apartments. Bailey is about ready to try anything. Instead of stewing over not having a full college experience, so he wants to find an apartment.

Claudia is showing Byron the family album. Of course he's commenting over all of Julia's pictures. Charlie is a little curious as to what is going on.

Griffin and Julia look at her co-workers apartment. It was too dirty for him, too expensive. Then she realizes that he only has a couple hundred left after the car. He asks why she's freaking out. He was just trying to do something nice. She makes a comment about the junk heap and makes him feel stupid. He storms off.

Kirsten is listing all the negatives about the job. "The whole thing is overwhelming." But, she's going to take it. She'll commute. Charlie wants to talk about it, but she's already asleep.

Bailey and Julia are in the bathroom yelling. Bailey wants to get a dorm room which will cost $4,000. Charlie kind of understands and says that Bailey has been pulling his own weight. Apparently they've all been working to be able to pay for Bailey's college. "College is more than classes and sports and stuff. This is important to me," Bailey pleads. Julia says it doesn't make sense to spend the money on a dorm room when they need all kinds of other stuff. Charlie doesn't say anything.

Byron and Claudia are watching a scary movie. She hugs him during the scary part but he pulls away. She puts the moves on him and he turns the movie back on. Julia walks in and he tells her this lame story about how he needs a ride. So she offers to drive him home. Claudia tries to come but Julia tells her to stay and do her chores. Byron leads Julia on a wild goose chase to get to his house. "Claudia is a really good kid, isn't she," Byron says. Julia finally picks up on the fact that Byron has a crush on her. "So, get over it. And get out," she tells him. Claudia is waiting for Julia when she returns. "Whatever is going on between the two of you, leave me out of it," Julia says. Claudia says, "I can't believe you would do this. I can't believe you would steal my boyfriend." Julia says she doesn't do anything.

Kirsten gets up, grabs a bite to eat and Charlie wakes up. It's 4:30 a.m. She's running late but he needs to talk to her about stuff like if she wants to go to their friends' wedding, etc. She says she doesn't have time and runs out the door with a bagel in her mouth.

Sarah and Bailey are talking about attic vs. dorm. Sarah is encouraging him to stick to the attic. Will comes and tells them that he and Gina broke up. He wants to meet new people, do new things. Tucker had dumped his girlfriend too. Will thinks it was the right thing to do--"not tying her to the phone."

Griffin brings Julia wildflowers at work. He says he picked them since she always gets mad when he spends money. He'd been staying at the YMCA. He asks Julia if they can start over. Her boss comes out and asks her about some copying job she screwed up. Griffin stand up for her and almost punches the guy out. Julia tells him to go home.

Claudia is at Salingers. Byron is supposed to meet her there. She tells Charlie she's going to dump him after telling him what a jerk he was. She says there's nothing he can do that will change his mind...unless he a lot.

Griffin is at Julia's house when she gets home. She chews him out. He says he couldn't let her boss sit there and chew her out. She got fired, not because of the Xeroxing thing but because of Griffin. She needed the job for college and a recommendation. "I am so tired of this stuff. I'm sorry Griffin, but I am. I used to think it was cool when you used to show up... I used to think that made you a really romantic guy," Julia says. She tells him that stuff has happened to her and she wants different things. She asks him "Isn't there anything you want?" and he says, "You." She replies "I mean out of life?" and he says, "You." Then she tells him that's not enough.

Byron never shows up at the restaurant. Claud asks Charlie to put Byron's jacket in lost and found.

Tucker, Bailey and Will are at the impound lot looking for Bailey's jeep. Bailey confronts Tucker about the whole Gina thing. He tells Tucker that things would be better if he butted out. They find the jeep and its all stripped down. Tucker tells him he was asking for it driving around Mexico in his "prep mobile" and Bailey jumps him. Will breaks it up and drags Bailey off. Will asks him what he's doing. Bai thinks Will is taking Tucker's side. "What do you mean taking sides. I have to drive 3,000 miles with this guy. I have to live with this guy," Will says.

Kirsten gets home at 11:30 p.m. because of traffic. Charlie says there will always be something...traffic, fog, etc. He says its not fair. She got them to schedule classes Tuesday through Thursday and she got an non-resident faculty apartment. That way she can spend the rest of the week with him. Charlie isn't thrilled and walks out of the room.

Sarah comes to the attic where Bailey is cleaning up. Sarah brings some "dorm decorations" like empty beer cans, a swimsuit calendar and a Nerf football. "Everybody else is moving on. That's what I'm going to do," he says. Bailey says he never settled into the attic because he thought it was temporary, now he's going to. Bai finds Will's baseball cap and gets all sentimental.

Kirsten is moving her stuff to Monterey. Charlie thinks she's moving too much stuff. Charlie wants to sit and talk. "I miss you...I don't get it. I thought you said you were happy with the way things were," he asks. "Yeah, I am," she says. "Then why are you changing everything." "Because I really want this job and I really want you." Charlie says he can't help but wonder if none of this would have happened if they were married. Kirsten says "Maybe, but we're not married. This is who we are right now. I know its not perfect, but I like it like this."

Griffin is out fixing the sideview mirror on Julia's car when she walks up. She says she's not going to yell at him. She found a couple jobs. He tells her he's got it covered. His buddy made a few phone calls and he's going to catch up with the boat in San Diego. She tells him she didn't say anything about leaving. He says he's coming back. "You're starting to hate me. That's what I was afraid of...that I was going to screw this up. It's all about me and I've got to do something about," Griffin says.

Claudia goes into Julia's room with some lame excuse about a pencil. Julia offers her some ice cream. Claudia asks for advice. "It does get better, right?" she asks. "Nope, get used to it. Guys can be a total drag," Julia says. They have a heart to heart about love and whether it's worth it.

Charlie and Kirsten talking on the phone. He told Owen she'd be home in two days or, "85 episodes of Muppet Babies."

Bailey goes over to see Will. He and Tucker are tying the luggage onto the top of the car. Will asks about the Jeep. "I just wanted to say...uh..take care of yourself." "Yeah, you too." "OK, so." They shake hands, pat each other on the shoulder and Will gets in the car and they drive off. Bailey tears up. "Later," he says.

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