Season 3, Episode 20: Intervention

Transcribed by Julie Gumm

Bai opens the refrigerator. He grabs the milk, but it's no good so he grabs a beer. Julia calls. He fakes like he hasn't gotten her messages. She wants him to come for a family dinner. After she rags on him for a little while he gives in.

They're all at the restaurant, including Sarah. She tells them that Bai is going to know it's not a family dinner as soon as he walks in. Sarah's really nervous. Claudia doesn't think ganging up on him is a good idea but Grace says that what an intervention is all about. Julia asks Charlie when Grace became such an expert on alcoholism and Charlie says she sees a lot of it at the center. They hear the door but it's just a couple. Charlie tells them they're closed for a private party (that's got to be expensive.) Predictably, Bai never shows so they go home.

Grace and Charlie are in the bathroom. Grace thinks the family dinner was a bad idea and that it wouldn't lure him in. She doesn't think a family dinner will work. Julia says that if she knows Bailey so well than what's her better idea. Grace tells Julia that they need to find something he can't say no to.

They're all done in the kitchen. Charlie is trying to get Claudia to call Bai. She refuses to call him and tell him that she needs his help. She thinks it's cruel but they say it's the only way to get him there and he needs help. She finally gives in and calls Bai. Crying she tells him that Owen fell down the stairs and she doesn't know what to do. He says he'll come right over.

Bai and Callie rush in. Claud doesn't know what to say and wonders why Callie is there. Julia runs in and asks for his car keys because her car won't work. After Callie gives her the keys Bai is running all over the house yelling Claudia's name. Then the rest of them come out of the kitchen. He asks what's going on and Julia tells him that Owen is find and he's at Ross's. Then they tell him that they told him the story to get him there so they could talk to him. Charlie tells him that they're worried about his drinking and they're going to get him help at a rehab or something. Bai can't believe that they would tell him Owen was hurt and he was so worried. He says he's taking off, but Julia won't give him the keys. (I guess Callie is stuck there too.) Charlie blocks the door as Bai screams, "Let me out of here."

Bai runs out the back door. Sarah is waiting on the swing. "So you too, huh?" he asks. He thinks she's trying to get back at him for Callie. She says it's not about revenge, it's about his drinking. "You think I'm an alcoholic, don't you?" he asks. She says that he's got a problem and then finally says she thinks he's an alcoholic. She tells them that if they're so wrong

Meanwhile Callie is in there letting Julia, Charlie and Claudia have it. She says they don't have a clue what's going on in Bailey's life. She asks Julia for her keys and Julia gives them to her. Bai walks in and Callie says that it's not her thing, it's a family thing and way out of control.

Bai says he's staying and he knows that this is about Owen's party. He says that yes he drinks and sometimes he does drink too much, but that's it. He tells them that he hasn't had anything to drink in 3 days. "What does that tell you?" he asks. "Honestly, that you're broke," Julia says. Bai can't believe they think that little of him but Claudia tells him that it's like he's someone else. Bai says that they're upset because he's out living on his own and he's not taking care of them anymore. "I can't ever do anything I want to do. Anything that's mine," Bai says. "Like you're drinking?" Grace asks. Bai says he wants to have fun and be able to take some chances with his life without them telling them that something is wrong with this life. He doesn't think that it's too much to ask for.

Bai walks into the kitchen crying. "Shouldn't we go in there?" Sarah asks. "And say what?" Julia asks. Claudia doesn't think they should be doing it this way and wants to stop. Julia says that Bailey isn't ready. Grace tells her that he's not going to give them a chance, they've got to make him listen. "I'm sorry. I know it's hard, but that's why you're here, isn't it?" Grace asks. Charlie says yes and goes into the kitchen. The rest of them follow him. Charlie says that no one is going anywhere.

Julia tells Bai that he drinks all the time. Bai admits that he was drinking at the party, it was a bad day. Then Sarah brings up the coffeehouse and the club and that Will said Bai was drunk the whole time. Bai accuses Will of lying but Julia tells him that these excuses aren't going to work anymore, they've compared stories. He says four examples of him drinking don't prove anything. He asks Claud if she wants to add anything. "You need more? Fine. Sam gave you a job and you stole from him," Julia says. "You're a thief and a liar and a drunk and I want you to get better and I want to help because I love you," Julia says. Then Bai turns and attacks Julia's life and her dropping out of school and thinks she's jealous of his life. "What are you going to do . Take a year off so you can get pregnant again?" he asks. Julia is taken back. "That's enough," Charlie says.

Bai doesn't want to hear about screwing up from Charlie. Then he starts into Charlie's life and how he cheats on all his women. "Just shut the hell up Bailey," Charlie yells. "God Bailey, what are you doing?" Sarah asks. He says he doesn't even know why she's there. "It's like take a hint. I don't love you. I don't think I was ever in love with you....How could I be in bed with you and be so turned off that I couldn't even do anything," he says. "That's enough Bailey, you can stop now," Sarah says. Bai walks out of the kitchen.

Bai is in family room staring out the window. "Someone has to talk to him again," Grace says. Charlie admits that there were other women but he's not the same guy. Grace says that this isn't the time. Charlie wants her to know that it wasn't like Bai made it sound. Grace says it's fine but Charlie wonders why she's standing across the room.

Sarah and Julia are in the laundry room. Sarah doesn't know why she's there and she wants to go. "I end up being this pathetic person that is just waiting around to see some glimmer of the person he used to be. And I'm done," Sarah says. Julia says that she can't leave because Bailey will think he's winning and it won't work. "Sarah if you leave that is so much worse than if you had never come here to begin with," Julia says.

Claudia comes down the stairs. Bailey is on the phone. He leaves a message for Callie to come get her. The doorbell rings and Joe walks in. Bai is surprised that they called Joe. He doesn't know how Joe can help. Bai tells them that he doesn't want to hear any more. "We're done trying to reason with you. You're going to check yourself into a rehab center. We're going to get in the car right now..." Charlie says. Bai asks what he's going to do, cut him off financially. So Charlie says fine, it's done. Bai says he'll just get a job and he's already got a place to stay, all he needs is to get out of there. Charlie blocks the door and when Bai tries to push past him, Charlie shoves him back. "You SOB," Bailey says and then goes to punch him. Charlie moves and Bai's hand goes through the stained glass window in the inner door. Claud screams and Sarah rushes to look at his hand but he pushes her away.

While Bai is washing off his hand, Joe tries to talk to him but he walks away. Joe follows him outside. Bai thinks Joe is there to tell him that his father would be disappointed in him. "If you're father could see you now, he'd say...he'd say...not my son too. He was an alcoholic," Joe tells him. At first Bai doesn't believe him. Nick was sober for 18 years before he died but for years before that he was an alcoholic Joe tells him. "Upon my life Bailey, it's the truth."

"I thought you couldn't get any lower than what they did...but think since he's dead you can say anything you want about him," Bai says. Charlie and Julia walk out. They didn't know and don't really want to believe Joe either. They start making all the same excuses for Nick that Bailey was making. He tells them that Charlie was too young to notice the signs. Joe says he had to drive Nick home every night because he was so drunk; and the fights he and Diane had. Julia never saw him take a drink. Joe says it's because he knew he could never take a sip. Claud walks in and overhears the conversation and leaves.

Joe goes after Claud and apologizes. She says it's good that she heard and knows who he really was. Joe tells her that's not who he was. He was an alcoholic who quit drinking long before she was born. "He wasn't perfect Claudia, if he'd been around these past few years you'd probably know that by now," Joe tells her. She asks what made her dad stop. Joe tells her that Diane said she'd leave if he didn't stop.

Sarah comes out to the backyard while Bai is out there and says she's sorry, if that's the right thing to say. "I was thinking about us, about you and me," he says. "I finally have a question to that answer you were asking me. When you were looking for your mom and you wondered what you go from her. Claudia plays the violin and Julia looks like her and Charlie looks like him and this is what I got. This is what my father gave me. Why are you crying?" "Because I don't know how to help you?" she says. "You don't have to help me. I think I've finally got it figured it out," he tells her.

Charlie, Julia and Grace are in the kitchen. Charlie is recalling that her mom would have to drive Nick to the restaurant a couple mornings a week because he left his car there overnight. He remembers that they fought behind closed doors but figured it was about the restaurant or money. Julia remembers that he always left the liquor out of recipes and never toasted good news. "But he got better. Because they got through it somehow. I remember them being happy," Julia says. Looking out at Bailey she says she doesn't know what else to say to Bailey. Charlie doesn't either. "Grace do you?" Julia asks. Grace thinks that it's already been done. You can't find out something this big and not have it change you.

Bai walks in the house. Charlie asks him if he's okay and Bai says he's tired. Charlie tells him that they got a couple contacts at AA groups. Then he apologizes for getting Bai there the way they did. "We didn't know what else to do. We just love you so much. We will be there for you every step of the way," Julia says. She tries to hug him but Bai pushes her away. Bai says he doesn't need them to take care of him and he doesn't need any AA groups. He feels better. "I'm my father's son which explains a lot of things. I can finally stop looking at myself and thinking 'what is going on here, who am I turning into?' because it's him. I'm turning into him and it's not my fault, it's his fault. I'm going to stop beating myself up and I'm going to stop letting all of you beat up on me. This is who I am, this is what I do. I drink," Bai says.

"That's it?" Claud asks. "No, no, no. I can't take this. You can't do this anymore. If you don't get help I don't want to see you, and you can't see Owen, and you can't come to the house, and I'm not going to come see you, and I'm not going to think about you...I love you the best, you know that. That's the only thing I have to take away from you to make you stop. Either you get help right now or get out of here," Claudia tells him. Bai looks at her and walks out the front door.

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