Season 3, Episode 21: Hitting Bottom

Transcribed by Marley Gibson, writer for the Compuserve TV Zone (GO TVZONE)

At the Salinger's house, Sarah is waiting for Julia, so they can go to school. None of them have anything from Bailey. Sarah admits to calling his apartment, but he wasn't there and Callie told her Bailey never really comes home anymore. Charlie chastizes Sarah for calling him, saying they all agreed not to, that they had to leave him alone. Claudia and Julia continue badgering Sarah for any information she might have gotten. It's only been four days since the attempted intervention. Julia wonders if they should call Grace as to what to do next, but Charlie says they're doing right thing by leaving him alone. Claudia asks if this is all because of what she said? Everyone looks around not wanting to agree or disagree. Charlie says they can't keep cutting him slack because Bailey will continue to keep making and breaking promises. "This is what we're doing. We're drawing a line and sticking to it," Charlie tells them very firmly.

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At the divisional wrestling match, the team sits around, obviously waiting and staring at the empty seat where Bailey should be. Coach P paces the bench and then the referee tells him he can't wait anymore and they will have to forfeit. The coach understands and thanks the referee for stalling as long as he did.

Julia emerges from the school and is talking to a girl when she looks over her shoulder and sees Griffin sitting on his morotcycle. He takes off his sun glasses and smiles at her as she approaches him. He steps forward to meet her and when she says, "you're back?" he reaches out and gives her a hug.

Outside the wrestling match, a much out of it Bailey is seated in his jeep and definately looks like he had a rough night. Coach P comes out of the building and stashes his stuff in the back of his car when Bailey approaches him. The coach doesn't want to talk to him when Bailey tries to make an excuse. Coach tells him he really let the team down, because they felt that Bailey was responsible for taking them to the divisionals. Coach P thought this was going to be his year to win divisionals. "We had an ace in the hole. We had you." Bailey makes another attempt to excuse his actions, but the Coach turns and leaves.

Claudia and Charlie are at home cleaning up the kitchen. Claudia wonders if it was like this for their parents; if it was that bad. "Did he threaten her, or hit her?" she asks. Charlie doesn't understand why she needs to know all this about their father, but she insists that she does. Charlie continues to say he was too young to remember.

Griffin and Julia are at the coffeehouse and she's filling him in on what is going on with Bailey. She notices Griffin has a limp. He tells her it was a fall he took on the boat a couple months ago. He didn't want to tell her, but the company fired him. "I wanted to come back with all that stuff--job, a purpose," he tells her. She tells him she doesn't care about sort of thing anymore. "Last time I saw you you practically had a 20 year plan," he says. She tells him she's not planning so far in the future and right now she'd be happy to just spend time with him.

Bailey comes into his apartment and tosses all of his wrestling equipment on the floor. He checks the answering machine, Callie tells him there aren't any message and his family hasn't called. He tells her he doesn't want to hear from them at all. Callie asks how the party was and he says there was no party, he was out celebrating because he won another match today. Callie sarcastincally congratulates him and then walks into her bedroom. He follows her in and tries to get her in the mood, but she's not interested, she doesn't like how he's behaving. She tells him no several times, even after he flips her over and pins her to the bed. "This is supposed to be a turn on. You crawl into bed and slober all over me?" she questions. She pushes off him and walks to the door and turns to him, "They are right about you. You've got a problem."

Claudia goes over to Avery's house to ask him about Nick's alcoholism. Avery tells her he doesn't remember, but you can tell he knows a lot more than he might be willing to say. Avery wants to know how it helps her to think bad things about her father? She says she wants to remember good things but she's not even sure the good memories are real.

Julia visits Griffin in his hotel room. It's a dump, but he doesn't even have a job yet, so this is all he can afford. Thinking, she tells him that perhaps a job isn't the only way to get money and perhaps he should file a claim against the company he was working for because it the accident was their fault. She says she'll help him find a lawyer and the money could buy him some time to find a job he really liked, or travel. He raises his eyebrow, wondering where she's going with this. Julia looks at him longingly and says, "I want to get out of here, don't you. I want to go someplace great with you. I want you to take me someplace great," she says. Griffin hesitates, thinks about it and says "You want me to...okay."

Charlie goes to the day care center to get Owen, but the teacher tells him that Bailey already came and got him. Charlie isn't too happy and asks how Bailey seemed when he got Owen. The teacher says he was fine, that he was playing with the kids, cutting up and making them all laugh. She asks if it was okay and Charlie, after hesitating to answer, tells her it was fine and then he leaves.

Bailey and Owen are down at the beach on the boardwalk and Owen is jamming cotton candy in his mouth. He has been eating everything in sight and tells Bailey he's sick. Bailey takes out a beer from his bag, sips it and then tells Owen that he'll be back on brussel sprouts back home before he knows it! Bailey asks him who's his favorite brother, and when Owen doesn't respond, Bailey says, "Bailey, stupid" and Owen repeats him - exactly.

Julia and Griffin are visiting a lawyer Griffin found. The lawyer is most cheesy and slimy and repeatedly calls Griffin - Gavin. When the lawyer leaves the room to take another phone call, Julia suggests they sneak out. She can't stand this lawyer and doesn't think he's what Griffin needs. Griffin tells her kind of likes him. Julia tells him she feels like she's being sold a used car. Griffin shouts out that he hates when Julia does this to him. Everytime they start something, it's the same thing. "Give Griffin something to do and he'll screw it up," he mocks. Julia doesn't know what to say. Griffin tells her he has promised his case to this guy and that's it.

When Julia comes home, Sarah is over at the house and Julia wonders what is going on. Charlie is pacing and tells her that Bailey picked up Owen from day care over four hours ago and now it's dark and Charlie is worried. They've called all the hospitals and Julia suggests calling the police. Claudia doesn't want Bailey to get pulled over by the police if he's drunk. Charlie picks up the phone and calls the police and says he needs help finding his brother.

Bailey has Owen on his shoulders and is running through the parking lot to the jeep with Owen yelling for him to stop. "That's the sign of a good ride, when you can't wait for it to end," Bailey says, strapping Owen into the seat. Owen looks tired and unhappy.

Everyone is pacing around in the kitchen - worrying. Claudia tells them Dad used to do this to. She said Nick used to go on fishing trips and instead of coming home on Sunday, he would show up on Tuesday and be drunk. "Just in case you think this is bad, it gets worse," she tells them. Charlie doesn understand where this story came from, but Julia sees Bailey come in through the back gate. Julia rushes out and gets Owen from him. Bailey is offended, saying he was just spending the afternoon with his little brother, he does it all the time. Charlie screams that he doesn't and states that Bailey has been completely AWOL for the last two months. Charlie can't believe he would endanger Owen, but then asks Bailey if he's been drinking. At first Bailey denies it, but then confesses to having only one beer, but won't let Charlie smell his breath. "Owen's my brother too," Bailey says. "No he's not," Charlie screams. "Just when I thought my family couldn't love me any less..." Sarah thinks they have to go after him because he's been drinking and now he's going to drive. When no one answers her or moves to go after him, she runs after him.

Julia rushes over to Griffin's hotel room and barely gets in the room when she breaks down and bursts into tears. "I'm right here," Griffin tells her. As he comforts her, they start kissing and Julia moves to unbuttoning his shirt. He stops briefly to make sure this is what she wants and she tells him it is.

Charlie arrives at Avery's and questions him on why he's telling Claudia things about their father that he knows is only going to upset her more. Avery defends himself, saying Claudia is going to think what happened to Nick is going to happen to Bailey. Charlie defends his father, saying he wasn't that bad and he got it together when he had to...when his family was in jeopardy. Charlie lashes out that Avery just said these things because he was in love with Diana. "That's not it; because there's so much worse I could have told her," Avery says. Charlie doubts him, but then his facial expression reads that he understands there is more.

Sarah runs into Bailey's apartment building and bangs on the door. No one is answering, not even Callie, so Sarah sits at the door to wait.

When Charlie comes home, Owen and Claudia are watching TV together. Charlie is late for the restaurant and wants to know if Claudia and Owen want to come with him - tells them it will be fun. Claudia's not interested. Claudia blames her father for Bailey's problems and she doesn't want to go to the restaurant because that would mean she forgave her father and she doesn't.

Bailey stumles up the stairs to his apartment and when he sees Sarah he turns around and heads back out. She runs after him, yelling to him when she sees that he's going to get in the Jeep, she tries to stop him. Sarah says she'll drive him anywhere he wants to go, even to a bar, if that's what he wants, but Bailey won't give her the keys to the jeep. Instead, Sarah gets in the passenger side and gets in. "Think about what you're doing," she yells. She attemps to get the keys but Bailey tells her to get out and screams at her. He takes off with her still in the car. Sarah doesn't put her seatbelt on. Sarah screams for him to be careful but he yells at her to shut up! Then she screams his name and her looks forward to see another car coming through the intersection - and he's running the red light. He slams on the breaks and swerves, but Sarah is thrown forward and hits her head on the windshield and is hurt pretty badly, because the windshiled is spider webbed.

At the hospital, Charlie rushes up to the nurse and is asking questions about the accident, but the nurse tells him it's immediate family only. The nurse explains that Sarah has contusions and a concussion and is being kept for observation. Charlie is confused and asks the nurse about Bailey. The nurse said she came in by herself and that the person that dropped her off left her parent's phone nymber. Bailey left. Charlie shakes his head.

Bailey climbs into his jeep with a bottle in his hand. As he starts the car, he glances over at the damage to the windshield, caused by Sarah's head and he shivers. He downs several sips from the bottle, then turns on the engine and drives off.

At Griffin's hotel room, Julia awakens and wraps the sheet around her as she sits up. Griffin is staring out the window. "Something on your mind?" she asks. He says not really, he was just afraid to fall asleep. "I was afraid that one of us was going to suddenly wake up and realize last night was a big mistake," he says. She tells him it wasn't a mistake and that it's like they'er together in a different way - they're *really* together. She asks if that's what he really wants, too? She tells him she wasn't looking for this, that it just happened and it was what she needed when she came to him last night, she just didn't recognize it as that. Griffin tells her he doesn't want want her to second guess him and brings up what happened at the lawyer's office. "Whatever you're going to do, wherever you're going to go, we're going together," she says.

Julia comes the next morning and Charlie is sick with worry and fusses at her saying she can't just disappear like that, especially now. He fills her in on the accident and Julia questions where Bailey is and asks if he's okay, since he did drive Sarah to the hospital. "I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I could just draw a line somewhere and it might hurt us but it would mainly hurt him and he would come around," Charlie confesses. But there's other people involved. Claudia comes in and says it's no ones fault but their dad's. Charlie snaps! "Would you cut it out?! You're not helping anyone with that," he screams. Claudia flees to her room.

Charlie slips into Claudia's room and apologizes for yelling at her, but tells her he doesn't understand why she is so upset at Nick. "Because of what he did to us," she states. Charlie says he's made lots of mistakes, things that have hurt the family and what if Owen looks at Charlie someday like Claudia is looking at her father. Claud says it's not the same, but Charlie insists that it is. "He was a good father, Claud. And if he was still around he'd be a good father now," Charlie tries to convince her. She asks Charlie, with tearful eyes, if Bailey is going to be okay? Charlie says he hopes so, but he doesn't know for sure. He wipes a tear off her face and kisses her on the forehead.

Sarah is asleep in her hospital room, her face badly bruised, scarred and bandaged -- with "This Woman's Work" song playing over the scene. Bailey is cowered in the dark corner of her room and when she wakes up and sees him, he moves towards her. She looks at him he begins crying. He asks her if she'll help him.

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