Rating: 8.4

Additional Cast

Major Holbrook......John M. Jackson
Walter Alcott......John Rubinstein
Marcia.....Jackie Mari Roberts
Arthur......Troy Evans
Craig......Philip Hinch
Alice......Carolyn Hennesy
Dean......Alex Craig Mann

Featured Music

New Thing Now by Shawn Colvin
Shooting Star by Golden Smog
Written by Lisa Melamed, directed by Susannah Grant

Synopsis of Season 3, Episode 22
Leap of Faith

from Julie Gumm

Bai walks into the house. He stops at the inner door for a little while before going in. They're all waiting for him. Charlie lets into him right away. Julia tells him they've been waiting by the phone, afraid that someone was going to call. Bai tells them that he's not going to do it anymore. "I'm done. It's over. I'm not going to drink anymore," he says. Julia says she's not sure if she believes him. Bai understands so he gives her his fake I.D. Without it he can't get into clubs or buy beer. She gets a pair of scissors and hands them and the card back to Bailey who cuts it up.

Julia comes over to Griffin's hotel room. He's on the phone with someone. Julia's apologizes because she's afraid they're late to meet his dad. Griffin says it was the lawyer on the phone. The ship offered him a settlement of $100,000. Griffin's excited-he can move out of the crappy apartment and not take the first job. "What do you want, want a pony?" he asks Julia.

Charlie comes down to the kitchen where Grace is pouring coffee. She let him sleep since he hadn't gotten much sleep lately. He tells her that his brain has been really out of it and wonders if things are still okay with them. She says they are. In fact, the Empire hotel was about to be torn down but she convinced them to donate it to the center to be made into low income housing and she wants Charlie to supervise

Sarah is over at Bailey's apartment. She didn't tell her parents where she went since they were still sort of upset. She asks if Callie is around but she went back east for her sister's wedding. "What's that smell. It smells like beer," she asks. He takes her into the kitchen and shows her that he was pouring out all the beer in the apartment. He tells her that he'd understand if she didn't want to be there. "I almost...." he said. "I know. That's why I'm here. So you won't remember that you almost...." she says.

Julia and Griffin go over to his father's. They apologize for being late. "Par for the course," he says. Mr. Holbrook notices the limp and makes a smart comment. When Griffin shows him the check he says, "I never thought you'd clear this much money in your entire life," he says. He says, "Good for him."

Grace and a few of her friends are at the restaurant. Some councilman retired because he got some 16-year-old intern on his staff pregnant. One of the guys suggests that Grace run for council. She says it's a stupid idea, she's swamped. They think it's a great idea, she could be heard.

Julia and Griffin come out of the house and Griffin's not to enthusiastic. His dad asked him for some money-he's got $6,000 in credit card debts. He told him he didn't know which Julia is kind of stunned at. She thinks it must have been really hard for Mr. Holbrook to ask.

Bai is at the AA meeting. The leader guy asks Dean to lead them in the serenity prayer. Bailey is just kind of looking around at everyone. When it's over he starts to make his way to the door when the "leader" comes over and asks him if it's his first time. "What's your name?" he asks. Just then Walter Alcott steps from behind and says "Bailey." He says he saw Bai come through the door but didn't know if he should come over. The one guy asks how they know each other. "My parents are dead because of him," Bailey says, "That's how we know each other."

Bai comes out and gets into Sarah's car. "You survived," she says. She asks how it went and kind of presses for some more information. She asks if he wants to get coffee but he says he's kind of tired.

Grace and Charlie come home. She's scouring for the remote to see if she can catch something on the news. Charlie says she's swamped but Grace says she'll delegate. Charlie's afraid that they'll never see each other and she suggests that she do the campaign stuff out of the house. "Charlie, I'm trying. I want this. Is it too much to ask for some support," she says. "Maybe I'll vote for you," he says.

Charlie can't believe that Walter was at the AA meeting and he tells Bailey to just ignore him. "Put this out of your head. Go to another meeting; you can't use this as an excuse," Bai says it wasn't that. He was driving over, pissed at Walter because he got in a car drunk and caused an accident. "That was me. How am I different? Luck, that's all," Bai says.

Griffin and Julia are at the electronics store. He says his father couldn't stop thanking him which was weird. Griffin's looking at a stereo for his dad.

Grace and Marsha are talking politics. Charlie comes in to meet with Marsha about the building renovations. But Grace says that they can't give him the job now since she's running for office and it might look funny. A reporter calls and she has to leave to take his call.

Griffin and Mr. Holbrook are installing the stereo in his car. The Major says he's thinking the retirement thing may not be for him. He's been thinking of starting a private security company. "It takes some startup money but you get it back fast." He says he's been trying to think of a name and the only good one he can think of is "Holbrook and Sons." Griffin is obviously surprised.

Bai is at the AA meeting again. They're celebrating Walter's three year birthday. Walter gets up to the podium and speaks. "This week has been...I thought I knew all the damage I had done by drinking. But then you find out things and...I know this isn't nearly enough, but I'm sorry. Some of us drank and hurt people very badly but some of you had terrible things done to you, and maybe that's why you started drinking in the first place. Maybe in some way it doesn't matter which one you are; I'm here and you're here. We have each other, and God. Thank God he doesn't discriminate. He takes care of all of us and loves us. Even if sometimes it's very, very hard to love ourselves," he says.

Mr. Holbrook comes over to Griffin's hotel room. Griffin's in the shower and Julia obviously just came out. She tells him that Griffin is really excited about the job. "It's kind of funny picturing Griffin as a security guard," Julia says. "Too skinny, and he'd never carry a gun," the Major says. The Major says that he was thinking of Griffin as more of a silent partner.

Claud comes into the kitchen and asks Charlie what's going on in the living room. Grace is installing a second phone line for the campaign. Claud says that Julia's really going to be pissed because she's always wanted her own phone.

Bai is sitting outside the church in his jeep when Walter walks by. "Are you going in?" he asks. Bai says he is. Then Walter asks if he's found himself a sponsor yet. "Are you kidding?" Bailey asks and Walter quickly says he wasn't thinking of it being him, he was just wondering. He asks Bai if he'd like for him to go to another meeting because he would.

Julia and Griffin are walking. She asks him if Griffin would tell her if he thought she was making a mistake. She says that she thinks Griffin and his dad have different ideas about the business. She knows that to Griffin it's about sharing something; but to the Major, she thinks it's more about the money...all about the money.

Grace comes home. Charlie didn't come to the press conference and he says he was busy. He caught a couple of minutes of it on TV. He says she wasn't very good. She didn't smile "I was announcing my candidacy, not doing stand up," she says. "It looked like you were going to eat their young," he says. He also tells her that she shouldn't stand with her arms crossed all the time and all she talked about was the homeless and she hasn't to have something else on her platform.

The whole family plus Sarah are waiting at the restaurant. Bai comes in and Claud says that she wants to go to one of his meetings with him. Bailey says that he didn't go to the meeting and he's not going to anymore. When they start to question him, he tells the rest of them that Walter is there. "Everyone sits around and talks about how you have to believe in a higher power. When has God ever taken care of us. We're sitting here without mom and dad. Walter Alcott is living proof that there is no way there is a God," he says.

After, Sarah and Bailey are walking. She wonders why he didn't say anything about Walter. She says he has to go to AA but he won't go to something he doesn't believe in. "I tried," he says. "So try again, this isn't optional," she says. "You have a disease and you have to do something." Bai says that if he could believe that there was someone there helping him 24 hours a day he would want that.

Charlie comes home from walking Thurber. The campaign phone is ringing so he picks it up. It's a reporter wanting to get Grace's reaction to one of her competition's quotes. Charlie says he's campaign consultant and he gives the reporter a quote. He says that nobody cares more than Grace Wilcox.

A real estate agent is showing the Major and Griffin a suite. The Major complains about the view and the agent says there's a bigger suite upstairs with a view. Griffin asks to talk to his dad. He says he was thinking more along the lines of the two of them with a couple of phones in the living room. "I thought you were serious about this," his dad asks. Griffin says he is, but not likes this. "I thought you had changed, business as usual," he says.

Bai is alone in the apartment. First he's watching TV, then shooting hoops, then sticking his head out the window, playing cards, sticking his head out the window again. He finally picks up the phone and calls Sarah. He asks if she wants to come study over their. "Okay, great, come soon," he says.

Grace is reading the newspaper article. Charlie's quote came out really good. He's starting to think that the politics thing might be kind of interesting; something they could do together. "We could make this campaign consultant thing real," she says.

Sarah is over at the apartment. Bailey is pacing the floor playing a Gameboy. She says there's still time to make it to the meeting. "I'll have my own 12 steps. Steps 1 through 12-don't drink," he says. He wants to make a gum run to the market but she says she should go. He asks her to come again. "I need milk too, and the beer is right next to it in the case," he says. "I can do this," he says as he leaves.

Griffin is staring out the window in Julia's room. She urges him to call him. Griffin says he's the jerk for thinking things would be different. Griffin tells her about a friend of his on the ship who asked him one time how long his dad had been dead. Griffin was surprised, but his friend said that they had worked, slept and ate together so long and he'd assumed that since Griffin had never mentioned him, that his father was dead. He compares it to Julia who talks about her mom and dad so much "it's like their in your life," he says. "I could spoil my kids so bad."

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