Written by Chris Levinson, Amy Lippman, and Christopher Keyser, directed by Ken Topolsky

Rating: 7.8

Additional Cast

Carter......John Doe
Joe......Tom Mason

Featured Music

Every Day Is A Winding Road by Sheryl Crow
Someone To Watch Over Me by Sting

Synopsis of Season 3, Episode 24
A Little Faith

Julia and Griffin lying in the grass.

Written by Julie Gumm

Bai is over at Sarah's while she's packing for a ski trip. Bai wonders if Drew is coming but she says he's going to Hawaii. He wishes he had more to keep him busy during the Spring Break. She recommends he help Charlie out at the restaurant but he doesn't think it's a good idea with the huge bar. He tells her to go. "You can worry about me a little, don't obsess or anything," he says.

Griffin and Julia are looking at a map, choosing their Spring Break destination by closing their eyes and pointing. Destination: "Carson City, Nevada and points beyond."

Charlie is at a park talking to a news crew. Grace is scrunched over on a park bench. She says her stomach doesn't feel good and he says she looks a little green. The interview starts and Grace has to run off and puke in a bush.

Ross has jury duty and can't accompany Claudia to LA for a violin competition. She doesn't see who else can take her. Charlie can't leave the restaurant, Julia's gone. Claud recommends she stay with Joe and Bai says "Why don't you let me take her?" Charlie doesn't know and Bai realizes that he doesn't trust him but Bai says he needs this and he has more to prove than anyone.

Julia and Griffin are in some field, having sex on the state line. They go back to the bike but it won't start.

Grace is spread out on the couch still looking green. Charlie says it's just the flu but she says it's not...she's late.

Bai and Claud are on the plane. Bai's staring at the stewardess pour some guy a drink, at all the bottles on the cart while Claudia prattles on about if she should sway or not. He asks if they can trade seats but she likes the window. Then the guy next to him starts swigging on a bottle while Bai just closes his eyes.

Claud is at the competition. All the violinists are playing. When they end the conductor tells her to be a little more aggressive. Bai is sitting in her chair counting ceiling tiles or something. She tells him to go away because he's bugging her. "I want you to go away because you're bored and you're annoying me," she says. She says to pick her up at 6:30 and they'll go to dinner.

Julia and Griffin are back in town looking at the bike with some guy. They figure out what is. They guy says he'll have to look for the parts because he's packing up because he's selling the shop. Julia's in this huge rush to get the bike fixed so they can leave the next morning.

Bai is in the hotel room watching TV. He goes up the mini-fridge and sees all the bottles. He closes it pretty quickly and goes to the phone to call Sarah. He talks to Mrs. Reeves, but Sarah isn't there and won't be back for awhile. Bailey calls the restaurant looking for Charlie but he's taken the night off to take care of Grace. Then he calls someone else (I didn't get it cuz someone called).

Grace and Charlie are at the doctor's office. Apparently the home pregnancy test was "plaid" so they went to the doctors. She doesn't think the timing couldn't be worse. It's a political nightmare. If she has an abortion she loses votes, if she becomes a single mother she loses votes. "So what if we get married," Charlie says. "I could do that, we could do that." Before she has time to say anything the nurse calls Grace in.

Claud is sitting at the rehearsal hall waiting for Bailey. The conductor notices her on her way out. "My brother's just a little late, he probably got lost or something," she says. He offers her a lift but she says that Bai will be there.

Griffin comes upstairs, she's packing. "You know how you were saying you wanted to leave more things up to chance, to fate," he asks. "What did you mean by that?" She explains. He tells her that they can't take off. "You were saying that one thing leads to another," he says. He told Carter that he would buy the bike shop.

Joe and Frannie knock on Bai's hotel room. As he lets them in he's picking up bottles and beer cans from the dresser. He asks what they're doing there and Frannie says that Claud invited them to have dinner. Bai realizes that he was supposed to pick her up so he picks up his keys. "Where is she," Joe asks. He tells them and Joe and Frannie leave to get her. "Don't tell her. I'll have a cup of coffee and I'll be fine in a couple of minutes. Just don't tell her," he pleads as they leave.

Claud is out on the steps when Joe and Frannie come up. Joe says they and Bailey were just talking and lost track of time. Joe says the three of them are having dinner together and then maybe she would like to spend the night with them. "I know why. He was drinking again wasn't he. It doesn't make things any better when people don't tell you the truth. It just makes that sick feeling in your stomach worse," she says.

Julia is reading "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting Your Own Business" and quizzing Griffin about how much business the guy does and whether he rents or owns. She says he can still get out of the oral agreement but he doesn't want to. "What do you know about running a business," she asks. "I know I can do it," he says.

Grace is completely relieved that she's not pregnant. Apparently all the stress caused some hormonal imbalance. She says he was great at the doctor's the other day. "Thank God that's not an issue," Grace says. She got the doctor to put her on the pill.

One of the room service people comes in and clears out the coffee. Claudia gives her the key to the minibar and tells her that if someone calls to have it reopened, not to do it. Bai asks if she could embarrass him anymore and she says yes. Claud says she's canceled out of the competition because they'll be alcohol at the reception. Bai says he'll just drop her off but she doesn't go for it. He thinks that what happened to her might be a good thing because all he could think about was how he needed a drink and now that he's had one it wasn't that good. He's not fooling himself anymore.

Julia comes over to the shop; Griffin is tinkering around. She says there's still four days of break left so she's going to get in her car and go on the road trip they were supposed to take. He tells her to go. "This isn't what I expected. This is a preview of what things are going to be like for us. I thought we are going to do things together," she says. "We are," he replies. "Really, because it feels like we're stuck here," she says. He says she can go but he really wants this.

Grace gets into bed. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to sleep like a baby," she says. "Do you ever see it happening with us, kids I mean. I totally understand where you're coming from. I was relieved too, but I wasn't nearly as relieved as you are," Charlie says. Grace doesn't know why they're talking about it Charlie wonders if her not wanting to be pregnant is a now thing or a forever thing. "Charlie, I just don't want to have children. It's not in my game plan," she says. Grace says she's never thought that way. "I being honest with you. I don't want to have children. That's just kind of who I am."

Bai meets Claudia as she comes off the elevator after the performance. He's telling her how great she played. She tells him to knock it off because it's just because he screwed up. She tells him that he can't understand how difficult tonight was. She felt alone. "I can't count on you anymore. All of a sudden I'm the one taking care of you and cleaning up after you and that's not fair," she says. "I wish more than anything that you didn't have to watch me fight this thing, but you do. That's just the way it is. You're not a baby anymore. Maybe you could come through for me," Bai says.

Julia is at the restaurant. Charlie asks why she's still around. Julia asks him if he thinks she's selfish. "Incredibly, why?" he laughs. She says she's serious and he asks in what way. She tells him about Griffin and the motorcycle shop and how know they can't do any of the stuff they thought they were going to do together. She thought they wanted the same things but now Griffin wants something totally different. "I don't know where to put that," she says. Charlie says he understands. "You just got to ask yourself what's more important," he says.

Bai is packing while Joe watches. He and Claudia had a talk and she told him about Walter Alcott. "This goes from bad to worse," Bai said. Joe says that things can turn around. He says he was lost when the doctor told him that he couldn't continue with the restaurant. Bai says he was lucky but Joe thinks it was God watching out for him. Bai realizes that this is about him and God and not wanting to go to AA. "We're all pretty much on our own. There's no one looking out for us," Bai says. Claud tells him to stop talking like that. But Bai doesn't see God in his life. "Even that your father is inside of you," Joe asks. Joe told him about his father because he thought it would give Bailey some hope. "If you got what made him start drinking, then you've got what made him stop drinking," Joe says. Bailey doesn't see what that has to do with God. Joe says that this kind of thing doesn't happen in a random world. It proves that someone is in charge and looking out for us. "It's not a curse, it's a gift. You've just got to look at it this way. Every time you get the urge to drink, every time you beat the urge to drink you feel him and know he's still here." Claud gives Bai a hug as Joe tells him that he's not alone.

Julia comes over to the shop. She brought a stereo to brighten up the place. She asks if Carter is still around but he's not. Griffin asks her why she didn't go. "Because you're not there," she says. He gives her a hug. "I'm sorry. It seems like everyone else gets what they want but maybe so do I," she says.

Bai and Claud are in a cab back from the airport. She tells him about the snow thing that she got Owen. It's of the big earthquake. They drive by an AA meeting and the car stops. Claud tells him that she can get home. "You sure," he asks. "Go," she tells him. He tells her not to wait up but she says she will.

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