Season 3, Episode 25: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Charlie says goodbye
to Grace

Julia gets married

The credits: special guest star jeremy london, guest starring tamara taylor, jackie marie roberts, joan pringle, alyson reed, art metrano, special appearance by dan lauria, and michael goorjian as justin, producer paul marks, supervising producer michael engler, supervising producer p.k. simonds, consulting producer susannah grant, co-executive producer lisa melamed, co-executive producer mark b. perry, co-executive producer ken topolsky, teleplay by lisa melamed and p.k. simonds, story by amy lippman and christopher keyser, directed by michael engler.
Transcribed by Julie Gumm

Bai comes into the weight room to talk to the wrestling coach. At first the coach doesn't want to hear it but then Bailey tells him that he's an alcoholic. "So this is get it off your chest and fix it?" coach asked. Bai says no, he just wanted to say he was sorry and that he blew it. Coach tells him not to flake out on the meetings because he's not getting on the team unless he's going to the meetings. Bai is estatic that the coach is letting him back on the team.

At school Justin grabs Julia around the waist and carries her into the girls bathroom. He got accepted to Yale. Justin tries to make her say "You got in and I didn't." But Julia won't.

Charlie Grace and her mother are eating lunch at the restaurant talking campaign stuff. Charlie rented a bunch of TV monitors for the election party. Charlie figures 40 people plus kids. "I don't think this is a kid kind of party," Grace says. Charlie says theres food but she wonders what happens if Owen gets cranky.

Julia and Justin are at the coffeehouse after school. Julia says that now is the time to hit his parents up for a car. But he says that they have a standing deal. He gets a ticket, a backpack and enough money to last him two months in Europe. Julia is really surprised and they start to talk about all the places in Europe. She pulls out this newspaper article about parisian cafes.

Bai and Sarah are eating ice cream. He tells her that he likes this "making amends" stuff. He asks her if he's REALLY made amends and she says yes, over and over. Then she makes some comment about "good times." She had tried to tell Drew some story about Will and he didn't get it. She said that it made her really tired because when you're first dating someone it takes so much work. Sarah said that her and Drew couldn't find a day to get together. "So what did you do?" he asks. "What was I supposed to do. I dumped him," she said.

Julia is in the bike shop while Griffin is fixing a bike. She tells him about Justin, Yale and his trip to Europe. She says that he invited her to go with him. Griffin thinks that it's about getting Julia away from him but she says it's not. Justin has a girlfriend who can't come. Julia says she wants to get away and travel and figure out stuff. "So are you asking me if you can go," Griffin asks. "I don't have to," Julia says.

Claud is grabbing a glass of milk before dinner when Grace comes down. Claud asks if her and Charlie had a fight and Grace says no. Then Grace starts asking whether Charlie and Kirsten fought a lot. Then she says that they probably had a lot of stuff figured out, like how many kids they were going to have. "She couldn't," Claudia says.

Bai is on the phone making dinner reservations for the following night. Charlie asks who the "2" is and he says just Sarah. Charlie asks if they're going to get back together. Bai doesn't know. Sometimes it seems like Sarah wants them to get back together, but it's weird. "Do you think a girl that I cheated on, lied to...and put in the hosptial. Do you think she could possible still want to be with me?"

Griffin and Julia are walking outside the bike shop. He says that the stuff he said didn't come out right, but he doesn't trust life. Julia tells him that nothing is going to happen but Griffin brings up all these falling in love, or finding a job in a beautiful country, or he's rushing home to get her call and a piano falls on him. "We're not exactly lucky people Julia. We've got to be careful. I don't want to take my eyes off of you," Griffin says.

Bai goes over to Sarah's house but she's not there. Her mother answers the door and it's obvious that she's a little put off with him. Bai apologizes and tells her that he's doing better. She says that they really hope things work out for them. But then she tells them that Sarah and her father are out celebrating. She got accepted to Brown in Rhodes Island. Mrs. Reeves says they'll miss her but she thinks it will be good for Sarah to get away from Bailey.

Charlie and Grace are putting flyers on windshields when she brings up the fact that Charlie didn't tell her that Kirsten couldn't have kids. Charlie says that Kirsten wanted kids. Grace doesn't see why it's not the same just because it's a choice for her. Charlie says he doesn't know, but it's obvious that it isn't.

Claud comes down while Bai is slamming cupboard doors and the refrigerator door. She's panicked and asks him if he wants to drink. He says yes, but he hasn't. Claud asks if he called Sarah because she left messages for them. Bai says he can't, or shouldn't call her. "She's going 3,000 miles away so it's not an option anymore. As far as I'm concerned she's not there anymore," she says. Bai picks up the phone and Claud asks who he's calling. "My sponsor," he says.

Grace is on the phone saying that she won't sling mud. Owen is "flying" his plane around she asks him to stop. He grabs her arm and says, "I want you." "When I'm done," she says and walks off while Charlie just looks on.

Julia tells Justin that she can't go to Europe with him. Justin can't believe that Griffin is being selfish and says "What kind of a relationship do you two have?" he asks if as they walk out of the classroom door and right into Griffin. Julia's still kind of mad at him. He tells her that he wants her to be able to see beautiful things and come back and tell them about it. "Then why can't you," she asks. "I think I thought of a way that I'll be okay with it," he says.

Sarah finds Bailey in the basement and asks why he didn't call her back. Sarah says that he can just swing on by and Bailey is confused. She said she got accepted to Berkley and that's where she's going. Bai says he's happy for her but he still thinks that she'd be better off without him. She says he's crazy. He gives her a hug and then they kiss (a little).

Charlie is outside on the swing when Grace comes out to throw out some misspelled posters. She asks what's the matter. "The truth is I could live with us not having a child of our own, but I have kids, kind of. You asked what the difference is between you and Kirsten. The difference is that you don't even want the kids I have," he says. Grace says she's never said that and it's just because she's under pressure. He doesn't think it will change. "Do I even get time?" she asks. "But what if we give it time and you say 'nope, not for me'." Charlie tells her he loves her. "But that's it. You're going to give this up and put them ahead of everything you want, put them ahead of you?" she asks. "Yeah, that's what parents do."

The judge is starting the wedding ceremony. The judge starts to have Griffin repeat the vows, but he says he's got it. "I Griffin take you Julia to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold from this day forward....." Then she says her vows too. They don't have rings. He apologizes but she says it's OK. The guy pronounces them husband and wife by the authority of the state of Nevada.

Griffin and Julia get back to his hotel room. He carries her across the threshold and lays her down on the bed. "Did we just..." he asks. "Yep, sure did," she says. Julia says she should probably call her family and let them know.

Grace is getting dressed. She asks what she should tell people because they'll wonder where he is. He says he'll be there. He's going to go vote with her and be at the party. He doesn't want to ruin her big day.

The whole family is in the kitchen when Julia walks in, with Griffin. Charlie asks where she's been for the last 24 hours. Bai and Claudia are walking out the door, Charlie's looking in the frig when she just blurts out "Griffin and I went to the Justice of the Peace yesterday and got married because we love each other and want to be with each other forever," she says. Charlie just gives her "the look."

Bai tells Sarah about Julia and she can't believe it, it's weird. Bai thinks it's kind of they were together and then broke up and then found their way back together, kind of like them. Sarah freaks out and Bai wonders about the kiss yesterday. She says she shouldn't have kissed him. She still wants to be friends and still wants him in her life. "Bad things happened between us, Bailey," she says. He wants to know what to do. She says just to be her friend and move on. "Let's come to each other with really good news. Let's fall in love with other people and tell each other all about it," she says. Bai doesn't think he can get through this without her. "You'll have everything you need," she says as she grabs her hand.

Julia is upstairs packing when Charlie comes up. He wants to talk but she says no. "We just got married, I don't want to be yelled at," she says. But Charlie doesn't get it and wants her to explain. "So be in love, spend every day with him, but this is...." Charlie says. "Huge, I know," she adds. Charlie says that there is no way she would have done this if their parents were around. She says of course not, she's who she is because they died. She says she thought about it when he asked her and when she said yes it all made sense and things started to snap. She says that no matter where she goes or what she does, she has this to hang on to. "Now he can stop worrying about losing me and become the man he wants to be," she says. "I know you think I've made a mistake." "Yeah," Charlie says. "So let me," she adds.

Grace and her assistant are at the party, celebrating. I guess she won. Charlie is sitting with Mrs. Wilcox who is rattling on. Charlie begs out by saying he has to go. As they leave Grace says that she'll tell her later. "I'm sorry. I wish things could have been different," Charlie says. "No, you wish I could have been different," she says.

Claud is begging with Charlie to do something before "she" leaves. He tells her and Bai to do whatever they want. Julia comes down the stairs with the last of the stuff. She says they can dump the rest of the stuff in the corner and duke it out for the attic. She's about to leave when Claudia tells her to wait. "You can't leave like this. Like you're running away. This is supposed to be a really wonderful thing," Claud says. Julia says that it doesn't seem like anyone wants to celebrate with them. But Bai says it was just a big thing to drop on them.

"We got something for you, from all of us," Claud says. "It's kind of a wedding present," Bai adds. She opens it and it's their mom's wedding ring. "Is this really from all of you, Charlie?" she asks. "Put it on," he says. She does and it even sparkles. Griffin pulls up and honks.

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