Additional Cast

Cooper......Harold Pruett
Prof. Tom Digman......Larry Poindexter
Jody......Marla Sokoloff
Gary......Tony Sirkin

2 Synopses of Season 3, Episode 5
Mixed Signals

from Marley Gibson, writer for the Compuserve TV Zone (GO TVZONE)

Cooper helps Julia move her boxes from downstairs up to the attic. Since Bailey moved out, Julia is taking over the attic (which will also give Claudia a room again.) Cooper and Julia are distracted by each other and end up on Julia's bed kissing. Cooper tells her he's "ready," but Julia insists on him stopping. He assumed since she invited him to her room, she wanted to sleep with him. She says it's still too soon.

The next morning, Bailey is in the Salinger's kitchen finishing breakfast when Kirsten comes in with laundry. She tells him she's spent the morning rearranging the kitchen and Bailey notes the cereal boxes lined up on the counter -- in alphabetical order. Kirsten is rearranging the whole house, for that matter, getting everything organized. Claudia rushes in to the kitchen with an overnight bag packed and tells everyone she's sleeping over at her friend Jody's again. This angers Charlie and he tells her she can't continue to stay over at Jody's house. Tonight is the last night. Claudia rolls her eyes and leaves. As everyone wanders off, Kirsten replaces a vitamin bottle Claudia took out of the cabinet, obsessing with it's location on the shelf.

Callie comes home after yet another date with yet another guy. Bailey cross-examines her on her choice of dates and wonders how she can keep them all separate. He suggests she might want to be a little more picky about her dates. Callie laughs, tells Bailey that he thinks she's loose and goes into her room.

Later that evening, Julia and Cooper are sitting by a fountain and she has just told him everything about Justin and the miscarriage. Cooper doesn't react...he's letting it all sink in. Julia explains that she doesn't know if there is a right time to get *that* involved again, based on her past experience. When Cooper asks her why she's dating a college guy, Julia is offended and laughs at the rediculousness of the statement. She says she's not talking about sex and whether or it's right or wrong, she's talking about the consequences of getting pregnant. She's concerned *this* part of the relationship matters too much to Cooper. He tells her he needs time to think.

In the administration office, Bay asks the secretary if he can transfer out of Tom/TJ's economics class and into another one. At that moment, Tom walks out and overhears Bailey's request and tells him his request is denied. Bailey leaves in a huff and runs into Cooper outside of the building. Still in fuming, Bailey puts his finger in Cooper's face and threatens him, telling him if he does anything to Julia or makes her do anything she doesn't want to do, he'll kill him. Cooper emphatically tells Bay to get his finger out of his face before he breaks it off. Bay yells for him to stay away from his sister. Cooper says he'll stay away from both of them!

Charlie enters the house and is sorting through mail when he hears glass shattering upstairs. He rushes up to find Kirsten knelt down in the bathroom, surrounded by glass and what appears to be blood. She reassures him it's only mercurochrome, but it's all over the place. She's fine...then she breaks down and starts crying. Charlie is distraught. Kirsten tells him she's trying to clean up the mess she has made...and she's not talking about the bathroom; she's talking about her life. As her crying jag continues, the telephone rings in the distance. Kirsten tells Charlie she spends all day making lists and making lists of lists and trying to organize things and organize her life. The phone continues to ring. She's trying to make the panic disappear, but the more she organizes, the more panicky she becomes. The phone still rings. Charlie yells for someone to get the phone! Kirsten wants to go off her medication - tells Charlie it's not working for her. He insists her productivity around the house is good. He can't take the phone ringing anymore and snaps it up. It's Jody's mother looking for her. Charlie tells her he dropped her off at their house, but Jody is no where to be found. Claudia appears.

Charlie sits Claudia down and wants to know exactly what's going on with Jody and why did she disappear. He demands to know where she is and why the hiding game and the extended sleep overs. Claudia takes a deep breath and tells Charlie about how Kenny kissed Jody and how uncomfortable she is around him. Charlie goes off in a rage and grabs the phone. Claudia tries to stop him, but it's too late, he's on the phone with Jody's mother.

In the darkened apartment, Callie screams she has a gun and will use it - Bailey turns on the light and asks her what's the matter? (The *gun* she has is a spray bottle of cleaner!) Bailey tells her about his problems with his economics teacher and he can't keep up the charade. She explains to him that when she was at the library, TJ approached her, followed her out and is stalking her. Then, when she got home, there were 18 hang-ups on the answering machine. *And* she found her cat, Peggy, dead in the garage when she got home. She is scared, crying and quite paranoid.

The next day, after class, Bailey goes up to Tom and says he's reporting him to the police. Tom laughs it all off, saying he saw Callie at the library, tried to talk to her, but she freaked out and ran away. When she did, she dropped her wallet. He ran after her with her wallet, but she wouldn't stop. Then, he returned it to her by sticking it in the mail slot. Bailey listens...then screams at him, "But you killed her cat!" Tom again laughs, asking if this was Peggy, the seventeen year old, asthmatic cat? Tom again shrugs it all off and tells Bailey he and Callie deserve each other.

Outside at school, Claudia approaches Jody, but Jody doesn't really want to talk to her. Her mother kicked Kenny out of the house. He was apologizing and crying and saying he would go get some help. Jody's mom talked to a social worker and Jody has to go for some counseling. Bottom line is they have to tell her dad, and Jody will have to go live with him.

Bailey's on his way home after class and checks the mail - only to find Callie's wallet there - just like Tom said. Julia is seated on the floor outside the apartment waiting for him. She tells Bailey she tried calling all night, but kept hanging up, not wanting to leave a message on the machine. Julia tells Bay everything with Cooper was all her fault and explains what happened. She admits to Bailey she was only *using* Cooper.

Charlie is trying to understand what Kirsten is going through, as she sits in bed, still in her night clothes, obviously still shaken and emotional. He doesn't understand why the medication isn't working. Claudia barges in, screaming that Charlie ruined everything...ruined Jody's life. Charlie firmly tells Claudia they will talk about it later, then returns his attention to Kirsten. Claudia launches into him again, asking why he couldn't just leave it alone? Again, Charlie very firmly states he will not discuss this now, as he's talking to Kirsten. When Claudia interrupts a third time, Charlie snatches her out into the hallway and tells her to "get lost!" He goes back in to Kirsten, who again is insisting she go off her medication. She says she has to find herself again and the medicine is burying her too much. Outside in the hall, Claudia has tears streaming down her face.

Callie comes into the apartment and Bailey tosses her wallet to her, then explains what Tom told him and that he isn't a stalker like she thinks. He suggests she's juggling too many guys and it's making her crazy. He defines her as one of those "never a dull moment" girls. Apparently, he was attracted to those typed of girls, but no longer.

Julia is at the kitchen table reading when Charlie comes in looking for food. He says Kirsten is taking tiny steps forward, then taking leaps backwards. Julia asks about having a problem that keeps coming back and what to do? Charlie says you can only take it one day at a time. He's totally against Kirsten going off her medication.

Claudia is upstairs on the telephone....she has called Kirsten's father. She tells him everything is terribly bad with Kirsten and she doesn't think Charlie can handle it anymore....

from Julie Gumm

Cooper is helping Julia move into the attic room. He tells her he was thinking how handy it is for her to have her own private attic (thanks to Bailey). Then he puts the moves on her. The move on to the bed and start making out. He starts to unbutton her shirt and she tells him to wait. He says he doesn't want to wait and asks her if she has anything. She tells him "What part of no don't you understand?" as she pushes him away. He says he understands, third date is too soon. (I'll say.) So he asks how soon they can schedule date number 4. She just stares at him while he's got this goofy grin on his face.

Kirsten is doing laundry. Bailey asks how she's feeling and she says she's feeling better. The doctor's got her on some new medication. I'd say it had some side effects--she's alphabetizing the cereal. She's rearranged everything. Charlie gives Claudia a hard time about how much time she's spending at Jody's house. He tells her she can move into Julia's room as Kirsten puts the vitamins back, in alphabetical order.

Bailey is at the apartment as Kali gets rid of a guy at the door. She got flowers from some guy. Then another guy calls on the phone and Kali has Bai tell him he's not there. Something about supply and demand.

Julia tells Cooper about the whole pregnancy miscarriage thing. She didn't want to tell him but after last night she figured she ought to. He has a hard time getting him to understand that she's telling him she isn't sure she wants to have sex. "So you're never going to be ready?" he asks. She says she doesn't know. "So what are you dating a college guy for?" She says she's not sure its right to have sex if you're not ready to live with the consequences. She likes being with him and she doesn't want it to matter. "Does it....matter?" she asks. He tells her of course it does, it's not the only point, but he has to think about it. And he leaves.

Jody and Claudia are at Jody's house talking about Jody's mom's boyfriend. Claud tells Jody she can't stay over the next few nights and she totally blows up. So Claud asks what's going on and Jody tells her that her mom's new boyfriend comes in her room at night. So far all he's done is talk with his face really close to hers and kiss her once. Claud says she's got to tell her mom but Jody doesn't know what to do because her mom really loves him and is going to marry him.

Kali wakes up Bailey talking about some guy T.J. and she needs Bailey to go to this event with her so that she doesn't have to go with T.J. She told T.J. that it was like "love" girlfriend. "I'm just the roommate. I pay rent," he tells her. But when she tells him that the event is an art exhibit with lots of nude photos of her, he seems a little more interested.

Bailey wakes up Julia scavenging through the attic for his sport coat. Bailey asks what stage her and Cooper are in and she says they're in the we're not seeing each other anymore stage. Bai presses for more information. He asks what's "gumming up the works" and she tells him it's the "I don't want to go to bed with him that's gumming up the works.

Charlie is reading the comics to Owen and Kirsten comes down freaking out about colors. Apparently Charlie shoved the off-white linens in with the white linens and Kirsten freaked out.

Claudia plays a little violin solo before she and Jody tear down the tent. "We felt the moment needed a little ceremony." Claudia tells him that Jody is staying over for a while which kind of freaks him out. Charlie is a little curious so Claud tells him that Jody has a boyfriend problem and needs a little time to herself.

Bai and Kali are at the art exhibited staring at a naked picture of Kali straddling a chair. "I never realized you were so.... so..." Bai trails off. "Uninhibited?" Kali asks. "No, limber." Bai kisses up to his economics professor who turns out to be T.J. Funny story! (What a fun semester this is going to be for Bailey!)

Julia has Cooper over for lasagna and he's a little confused. "You said it was important," he asks. She tries to compare sex to riding a bicycle. "Maybe after you fall off you gotta get right back on." Of course he thinks this makes a lot of sense. "So, let's see how it goes," she says.

Julia comes over to Cooper's dorm room. She's impressed that he straightened up. He even washed the sheets. "You know if neatness counts, I can hang this up for you," he tells her as he starts to unbutton her blouse.

Charlie is giving Jody a ride. Apparently its Ken's birthday and her mom called because she thought Jody had forgotten. So Charlie runs her by. But, she doesn't go in.

Coop and Julia are nice and sweaty in bed. "I'm ready are you," he says as he reaches in the drawer and gets the condom out. Then she tells him that she can't. He's really quite the pig about the whole thing. She tells him she's sorry.

Bailey tries to transfer out of T.J's economics section but he doesn't let him. Then he shows him the latest test which Bailey got a C on. Bai is pissed because he really studied for it.

Coop sees Bailey on campus. Bai threatens him that if he tries to make Julia do anything she doesn't want to he's in trouble. Bai tells him that he's figured out what kind of a sleaze he is. Coop says not to worry about it, he'll stay away from both Bai and Julia.

Charlie comes home and hears glass breaks. He rushes upstairs. Kirsten dropped something while she was cleaning the medicine cabinet. She breaks down. She says she's trying to clean up the mess. Her mind won't stop. She tells him she's going off the medication because its not helping.

Jody's mom calls. Charlie tells her he dropped her off. He yells for Claudia to sit down and tells her he wants to know what's going on and he want's to know now. So Claudia breaks down and tells him. Charlie can't believe Claudia kept it a secret. Charlie goes to call Jody's mom and Claudia freaks out.

Bai unlocks the apartment door as Kali is screaming something about "I have a gun." She tells Bai that T.J. is a psycho. Bai says no kidding and shows her the grade. Bai says she has to tell T.J. that they're not going out. Kali says T.J. followed her out of the library and she barely got to her car. And then there were 18 hang-ups on the machine. Then he killed her cat and left it next to her parking space in the garage. OK, so he really is a psycho.

Bai approaches T.J. and tells him that he reported him to the police about what he did last night. "What, return her wallet?" he asks. So T.J. tells him to ask Kali about her wallet. When he asks him about the cat T.J. says "What, her 17-year-old, asthmatic, half-blind cat." <P> Claudia walks up to Jody at school who tells her to go away. Claud asks what happened and Jody told her to forget it. "I think she really loved him, but she kicked him out," Jody says. Ken cried and said he'd get some help and her mom was crying too. Her mom talked to some social service person and Jody has to go to some counseling. Jody's worried that her dad will say her mom can't handle things and that she'll have to go live with him.

Bailey is walking into the apartment. Julia is waiting by the door. She tells him that she needs to talk to him and that she kept calling last night and hanging up on the machine. Julia tells him he's a jerk for going off on Cooper. Julia says it wasn't Cooper who was playing games, it was her because she kept changing her mind. She admits she was using Cooper to try and figure out what she wanted from a guy.

Charlie is trying to talk Kirsten out of going off the medication. Claudia comes in "Charlie." Charlie tells her not know but she just butts in. She tells him that he screwed up everything. He drags her out of the room and tells her that she was in way over her head and he got Jody help. End of discussion. He goes back into Kirsten who says that the medicine is not helping and "I just want to feel like me."

Kali comes in looking for her wallet which Bailey gave her (T.J. had put it in the mailbox). Bai tells her that T.J. isn't psycho. "Did it ever occur to you that you're dating too many guys to figure out where you stand with any of them?" She tells him she's not interested in his psychoanalysis. Bailey says, "I have a feeling you're one of those girls. One of those never-a-dull-moment girls," Bailey says. "The kind you're attracted to?" she asks. "Nope. Not any more. Recovered," Bai says. "Recovered, or non-practicing," Kali asks with a smirk.

Charlie comes down to the kitchen were Julia is eating. She asks how its going and he tells her its like a few little steps backward and a whole lot of little steps back. Charlie says he's just got to take one day at a time or he'll drive himself crazy. He says he can handle it and that they'll be OK.

Claudia calls Kirsten's dad and says that something's going and it's pretty bad. "Thing is, I don't think Charlie can handle it," she tells him.

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