Season 3, Episode 6: Going Home

The Credits: special guest star paula devicq, guest star kathleen noone, nicholas pryor, richard mcgonagle, alyson croft, nick tate, special appearance by alexondra lee, producer paul marks, supervising producer michael engler, supervising producer p.k. simonds, consulting producer susannah grant, consulting producer lisa melamed, co-executive producer mark b. perry, co-executive producer ken topolsky, written by amy lippman and christopher keyser, directed by daniel attias.
Transcribed by Marley Gibson writer for the Compuserve TV Zone (GO TVZONE)

Julia and Sarah are experiencing some turbulence as they fly some 3,000 miles from home for a week of college interviews on the East Coast. Sarah is obviously scared; but Julia is excited over the idea of being so far away from home.

Charlie enters the house and is confronted immediately by Claudia who is trying desperately to tell him something. He brushes her off, talking to himself, but she is persistent. Then, Charlie realizes there's someone there. He looks up and sees Ellie and Gene Bennett, Kirsten's parents. Ellie has a try of food and is headed upstairs when Charlie asks what they are doing there. Gene says "your sister called." Claudia admits to Charlie it was her.

In the laundry room, Claudia stuffs dirty clothes into the washer as Charlie trudges down the stairs. She tells him he was in over his head with Kirsten. Charlie is furious at her and asks if this is her way of getting back with him because of him interference in the Jody situation. He tells her she's made a mess of everything and he wants her to just go away!

Ellie and Gene are in the bedroom trying to get Kirsten to eat something. She isn't hungry at all. Ellie tries to pry information out of Kirsten - is she on medication, is she seeing a doctor? Kirsten admits she is seeing a doctor.

Out on the porch swing, Charlie is frustrated over everything and is talking to Bailey. Bailey agrees that Charlie shouldn't have waited to call Kirsten's parents. This makes Charlie even angrier and he tells Bay to "butt out" and he has no idea what's going on.

Later at his apartment, Bailey is drinking all of Callie's beer when she comes home. (One of my favorite groups...."Odds" is playing in the background!!!) Callie is in an obviously BAD mood and fusses at Bay for drinking her beer. She is hashing over her father's upcoming 60th birthday party, where she is suppose to give a toast in his honor. She joins Bailey in drinking a beer and the two of them sit and make up toasts, bagging on their families.

On campus - somewhere in the East - Julia and Sarah are settling into their dorm room as Julia talks to a current student (I don't think they ever said her name, so I'll just call her Jane). Sarah has just gotten off the pay phone and announces that her mother fell while showing a house today and broke her hip.

Gene and Charlie are arguing about Kirsten not taking her medication. Charlie says he has talked to the doctor and is handling it. Gene lashes out that this is all Charlie's fault... all stems back to him leaving her at the altar. Ellie interrupts and says there is a history of depression on Gene's family's side. Charlie finds this incredible and lashes back himself at Gene. Ellie stops the argument, saying their fighting isn't doing Kirsten any good.

The next morning, Kirsten is sitting in the window seat, gazing out. Charlie tells her how happy he is to see her up and dressed. The Bennetts are dressed and putting on their coats. They ask Charlie for directions, as they are taking Kirsten to a second doctor for another opinion. Charlie wants to go with them, but Ellie says it's "just family." Bailey walks in - he's taking Owen out. Charlie snaps at him and when Bay tries to apologize for yesterday, Charlie gets belligerent and tells him "whatever."

At a tea, Julia and Jane talk about the interviews Julia has scheduled. Sarah is immersed in thoughts of her mother and can't concentrate at all on the party at hand. Julia slips away to talk to a professor, who's name she recognizes. Jane tells Sarah to mingle, but she's wanting to call home.

Bailey enters his apartment with a propeller beanie on his head and he's going off about Charlie and how he wouldn't let him apologize. Callie show Bailey a check for $300 her father sent for her to come home to his birthday party, along with a letter of "quotes" she can say about him in her toast. She's angry - saying her father doesn't think she is capable of doing anything without being prompted first.

Kirsten's parents return with her from the doctor's office. Charlie ask Kirsten how it went and all she says is the doctor had a "big fish tank." When Charlie asks Gene how it went, he waves Charlie off with "it's under control." Charlie begs him for information, saying he loves Kirsten. Gene sternly turns to Charlie and says, "look what good your love has done."

Bay and Callie are walking from seeing a movie, when Callie announces she's hungry and lunch is on her - and her $300 check! Bailey says this is what college is all about, getting out on your own, doing what you want. He says he can't continue worrying about the same four people all his life.

Charlie slips into the bedroom and asks Kirsten what happened at the doctors. Kirsten stares dumbly at him and tells him she doesn't remember what was said. Charlie is obviously troubled and he tells her he has to know what's happening and he needs to know he's doing everything right for her. Kirsten bursts into jagged tears saying she wants everyone to stop pulling at her. Charlie shushes her and tells her he will take care of her.

When Julia calls home later that evening, Claudia answers, telling her things aren't good. Gene and Charlie can be heard screaming at each other in the background - so much Julia can hear. In the living room, Charlie fusses that this isn't helping - all this yelling and sneaking around. He wants them out of his house - immediately! The Bennetts say they will leave, but they are taking Kirsten back to Chicago with them. Charlie turns to Ellie, who looks down and announces she'll start packing. Charlie looks towards the kitchen and his eyes meet Claudia, who has been listening.

The next morning, Ellie greets Charlie on the porch as he reaches for the newspaper. She informs him Gene doesn't know she's there, as he's meeting with a lawyer this morning. Charlie asks where Ellie stands in all of this - thinking that after their last meeting she and he understood each other. She tells him she can't side with him and has to stick by Gene because he is her husband and decided to take her back after all she had done. Charlie accuses her of selling out her daughter to hold on to her marriage. Ellie is hurt. Charlie allows her into the house to see Kirsten.

Back on campus, both Sarah and Julia have the two phone booths tied up. Julia is getting the scoop from Claudia and Sarah is talking to her parents. People are lined up behind both of them and are frustrated over waiting for the phone. Julia tells Claudia to call Bailey and have him come home.

Charlie is meeting with a lawyer, asking if he should get a restraining order against the Bennetts. The lawyer tells him they can take her because Kirsten and Charlie aren't married and they aren't engaged. Charlie doesn't buy it - asking what can he do? Should he take them to court? He doesn't want to put Kirsten through anything like that.

Claudia is talking to Bailey on the phone (he's hungover) and explains what's going on and she wants Bay to come home. There's a knock at the door and Claudia hangs up. It's Gene. Claudia won't let him in, but he tries to hand her a letter for her to give to Charlie. Claudia begs Gene not to do this - not to take Kirsten away from Charlie - he loves her so much and he has been trying to take care of Kirsten. She admits to being angry with Charlie and only calling the Bennetts to get back at him and begs Gene to change his mind. He leaves the letter in the screen porch door and leaves.

On campus, there is a "Porcupine" celebration (school mascot). Sarah waves Julia over to where she is and asks her about her interviews. Julia says it's no good, they are both miserable there because of what's going on back home and that she's changed their flight.

As he's packing a bag, Bay informs Callie he has to go home for a few days. She is angry at him, fussing that he's running home - what happened to moving out? moving on? Bailey can't understand why she's so pi$$ed off. Callie thought they were kindred spirits and calls him a hypocrite. He said she's right - and she should go home and go to her dad's 60th b-day party. He tells her..."when you get that call that says I need you......"

Charlie reads the document Gene left and throws it down. He quietly checks on Kirsten, who is sleeping. He kisses her hand. She wakes up and sees he's crying. He tells her to go back to sleep and she does. Charlie cries openly as he watches her.

Down in the kitchen, Bailey has arrived home. Charlie says he doesn't want advice or criticism. Bay says he's "just here."

Kirsten is sitting in the dark in the bedroom in the chair staring off. Bay enters with flowers she planted in the garden. She doesn't speak. Bailey confides in her it never felt right when she was gone that Charlie's not right without her. He continues that Charlie can't handle her going away again. He tells her that through all of this, Charlie has become a man and no one really knows this more than Kirsten and Bailey. She stares at him and says she understands.

As Julia packs, Sarah states she's staying. She talked to her parents and they told her she can't run home every time something bad happens. Julia says maybe she shouldn't go so far away from home. She can't explain it, but she needs to be there for Charlie. Not because he's like a father - he's not - he's Charlie. Unlike most people her age, she's not running away from her parents or anyone as there's no need to. She's connected to her family.

Charlie is arguing, once again, with Ellie and Gene over the court order he was presented with. Gene tells Kirsten, who's sitting on the couch watching "Wheel of Fortune," that they're taking her home to Chicago with them. Charlie tells Kirsten it's her decision. Kirsten says she wants Charlie to take care of her. But, when Gene rephrases the questions, Kirsten says she wants her parents to take care of her - thinking they can all take care of her. Charlie freaks - shouting that Gene is confusing her and she doesn't know what she's saying! It's confusing her to hear the yelling. She bursts into tears, and begs them to stop yelling at her to choose. She breaks down. Gene informs Charlie they are leaving at eight.

Upstairs, Ellie packs Kirsten's clothes and is talking to her like she's a baby. Claudia watches from the hallway.

Claudia finds Charlie outside on the porch, sitting in the swing. He tells her to leave him alone. Claudia understands, saying she wants him to punish her - to take away something from her that means everything to her - like her violin. She cries and apologizes. Charlie tells her to sit down.

Bailey watches from the kitchen at the scene between Charlie and Claud. Julia has arrived home and joins Bailey. He fills her in on what's happened. Julia looks at Charlie and Claudia out on the porch. When Bailey hears Gene talking about the cab arriving, he knocks on the window to get Charlie's attention.

Gene and Ellie are ready to go and Charlie asks for a moment alone with Kirsten. Gene bucks, but Ellie is insistent on leaving them alone. Kirsten apologizes to Charlie. He tells her this is for the best and for her to concentrate on getting better. They are both crying. He holds her and says, "however long it takes - I'm not going anywhere." They kiss. Charlie tells her he loves her. She stares at him. Still crying, he tells her he needs to know that she knows he loves her. Finally, Kirsten says, "I know you love me, Charlie."

Julia, Claudia and Bailey are seated at the kitchen table when Charlie comes in and announces she's gone. He's surprised to see Julia back home. Then, he turns, telling them he wants to go upstairs, but Julia stops him, saying he's not alone. They want him to stay with him, even if it's just to sit with them. As the music plays and the camera pans out the window, they all sit together at the table.

from Julie Gumm

Julia and Sarah are on a plane. Sarah panics at the slightest turbulence. They're on the way to Dartmouth to visit. "Do you think by any chance the inflight movie stars Brad Pitt?" Sarah asks. Looking at a diagram in the flight magazine she realizes how far away 3,000 miles is from home.

Charlie comes home from the grocery store. Claudia tries to interrupt him but he's too busy talking. Then Kirsten's dad walks down the stairs and her mom walks in from the kitchen. Charlie asks what they're doing there and they ask why he didn't pick up the phone and let them know that Kirsten is sick. At first Charlie thinks Kirsten called them but Claudia tells him that it was she that called the Bennetts.

Claud is down doing laundry when Charlie comes down. "She wasn't getting any better Charlie and you couldn't make her any better.... You can't play around with stuff that's over you head." Charlie asks if she did it to get even and she says she did it to help Kirsten. Charlie asks if she has any idea how much of a mess she made.

Ellie is grilling Kirsten about how much she's eaten? She asks about medication or about a doctor. She tells her she's not taking any pills. "Why didn't you let us know?" Charlie is out in the backyard venting to Bailey. Bailey says that Charlie should have called them. Charlie tells him that he has no idea what's going on since he's never around. He tells him to butt out.

Bailey is in the apartment drinking beer. Callie walks in "Those are my beers." She's in a crappy mood. She's working on a toast for her father's 60th birthday. Bailey says they need to be much more drunk for this to work as he hands her a beer.

Julia is in the room at the campus while someone is telling her all the itinerary. The girl tells her to be prepared to get homesick. Sarah was on the phone calling her parents. Apparently her mom was showing a house, tripped on a doggy toy and broke her hip. She's a little upset. Julia decides not to call her family.

Mr. Bennett is grilling Charlie about the medication. Charlie tells them he's taking care of it but they blame the whole thing on him. Charlie tells them that it's a medical condition, not something he did. Ellie says that there is some depression in Mr. Bennett's side of the family. Mr. Bennett and Charlie are yelling at each other when Ellie butts in and tells them that fighting isn't doing her any good.

Kirsten is sitting in the window seat downstairs. Charlie comes down as the Bennett's come down. They're taking Kirsten to a doctor for a second opinion. Charlie tries to go but they tell him they think it would be best if it was just the family. Bailey walks in and asks where they were going. He tries to apologize for the other day but Charlie brushers him off.

Julia, Sarah and the other girl are at a tea. Julia loves the chamber music and the intellectual conversation. She spots the English professor and goes to introduce herself. All Sarah can think about is calling her parents.

Bailey walks in the apartment wearing a goofy hat. Callie is on the couch. He tells her what happened with Charlie. Callie's dad expressed mailed her a check for her plane ticket and some "suggested material" for her toast. This all totally pisses her off she decides why even bother.

The Bennetts all arrive back. Kirsten hugs Charlie who asks how it went. "They had a really big fish tank," she says. They won't give Charlie any details on the visit. Charlie begs for information. "Gene I love her," he says. "Like you loved her on her wedding day?" he asks.

Callie and Bailey go to a movie and then she wants to stop and eat but it's not in Bailey's budget. She says its her treat; she's going to spend the $300.

Charlie goes up to the bedroom where Kirsten is. He asks her if the doctor wanted to change anything but she doesn't really remember. He asks if the doctor said he wasn't doing his job. Kirsten can't handle everyone pulling at her. Charlie promises that he'll take care of it.

Julia calls Claudia to have her fax her some of her short stories to show the English professor. Claudia tells her that something pretty bad is going on. Julia can hear Charlie and Gene yelling in the background. Charlie says all the yelling is making it worse. Gene says they'll find a hotel and then make arrangements to take her home with them. Charlie says they can't but Gene says, "You're not married to her. You can't keep her here." Claudia walks in and hear's them talking about taking Kirsten home.

Charlie goes out to get the paper. Ellie gives it to him, "It's mostly bad news," she says. "Story of my life," Charlie responds. She came to tell Charlie that Gene went to go see a lawyer because he feels so strongly about this. Charlie asks her to talk to Gene. He felt that they had made a connection during her last visit. Ellie says she can't because she's rocked the boat enough lately (with the whole affair thing).

Julia calls Claudia to get a blow by blow of the discussion. Julia runs out of quarters. On the other side Sarah is on the phone talking to her parents. Both of them are hogging the phone as an angry mob forms.

Charlie goes to see a lawyer. He wants a restraining order or something. The lawyer tells him that its not so simple since they aren't engaged or married. So Charlie asks what he can do. The lawyer says he could take her parents to court, but he doesn't want to put her through that.

Claudia calls Bailey (at Julia's suggestion). She tells him that she's got to come home. The doorbell rings and its Gene. Claudia won't let him in but he says he just wants her to give Charlie the letter. It's a letter from a lawyer, explaining what is going to happen. She tries to talk him out of taking Kirsten, but it doesn't work.

Sarah is at some party with porcupine races, craning her neck to find Julia. They were supposed to meet there after their interviews. But Julia was calling the airlines about getting an earlier flight because neither one of them can concentrate on the interviews with all the stuff going on at home.

Bailey is looking for his sock. Callie comes back and she's kind of mad that he's going home after he gave her the whole "cut the cord" speech the day before. She thought they were these kindred spirits. "What a hypocrite," she tells him. "Yeah, I guess so," he says. "So go home... When you get that call that says I need you; if you walk away from that, you're really lonely."

Kirsten is asleep in the bed. Charlie comes and sits by her and kisses her hand. She wakes up but he tells her to go back to sleep as he cries.

Charlie is in the kitchen when Bai arrives home. Charlie tells him he doesn't want any free advice or criticism. "It's nothing like that. I'm just here," he tells him. Bai brings some flowers up to Kirsten who's sitting up. "I was thinking about how it felt when you left before. I never stopped feeling like any second you would walk through the front door. And Charlie was never right without you. I worry about what's going to happen to him if you go away. You changed him, he's like this man. He needs to show you that no matter what happens he can handle it," Bai says.

Julia is packing. Sarah walks in and says she's decided to stay because she can't run home every time something goes wrong. Julia realizes that maybe she shouldn't go so far away. It's different from them. "We don't move on from each other. We don't have the freedom to do that. That's not a bad thing, it's just the way it is," Julia says.

Gene and Charlie are trying to argue quietly when Kirsten calls them into the family room. Gene tells Kirsten that they want to take her home. "You do," she asks. Charlie tells her that she has to tell them what she wants. She says she wants Charlie to take care of her and to stay there with them. Then she says she wants her parents to take care of her today and she doesn't want them to leave without her. She doesn't understand that its an either or thing. Charlie says that if she wants her parents to take care of her then they won't be together. She starts crying.

Ellie is helping Kirsten pack making small talk about her clothes. Claudia is watching from the hallway.

Charlie is on the swing in the backyard when Claudia walks out. She tries to talk to him but he tells her to leave him alone. "I understand and I know you're going to be mad at me for a long time, forever maybe, but I won't you to now it's Ok and if there's something you want to take away from me... However you want to punish me. I'm so sorry Charlie," she cries.

Julia gets home and asks why there's a cab in the driveway. Bai tells her there's nothing she can do because it's over. "You kind of came home for nothing," he tells her. "Not for nothing," she says.

Gene says they'll keep Charlie informed. He asks for a minute with her. "I'm sorry," she tells him. Charlie tells her that its OK and that its probably for the best. She can just concentrate on getting better. He tells her not to cry but she's says he's crying "However long it takes I'm not going to go anywhere. I love you. You know that don't you? She nods her head and says "You love me."

Julia, Claud and Bai are at the kitchen table. Charlie walks in and says, "She's gone." Julia and Bai say they're sorry. "You're back?" he says to Julia. "Yeah, I came back," she answers. He asks if she came back for this and she says, "No, for you." Charlie says he's going to go upstairs but Julia tells him not to because he'll just be alone and he isn't. "Why don't you sit with us," Bai says. "We don't even have to talk," Claudia adds.

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