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Earl......Kenneth Mars
Robin......Lisa Reiffell
Dr. Blalock......Taylor Negron
Rob......Sabastian DeVincente

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Every Now and Then by Vonda Shepard

2 Synopses of Season 3, Episode 7
Personal Demons

Julia at the Halloween Dance

from Marley Gibson, writer for the Compuserve TV Zone (GO TVZONE)

The rain is coming down in sheets outside the Salinger house and Charlie is poised on a ladder trying to fix the light fixture. The roof is leaking into the fixture and is causing quite a mess on the ceiling and the wall. Charlie can't afford to have someone come fix it, so he is. Claudia is in the other room watching a television commercial about exorcising houses that are cursed. Claudia tells Charlie there is a hex on the family. Charlie tells her there is no such thing as being jinxed and at that moment, he loses his balance, falls of the ladder and thinks he's broken his toe. Claudia sighs.

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Bailey and Sarah are at the costume shop, looking for Halloween outfits. Sarah is hosting the charity costume party at the high school. She sees a Snow White and Prince Charming costume and tells Bailey how she has had a life-long fantasy about dressing as Snow White, and having her handsome boyfriend as Prince Charming. Bailey doesn't look happy. At the restaurant, Charlie is on the phone with Kirsten's sister, begging her to get a message to Kirsten from him. The sister hangs up, infuriating Charlie. A young black woman walks in to the restaurant and introduces herself as Grace Wilcox. She works for a homeless shelter program that picks up leftover food from restaurants to feed the homeless. Charlie tells her he can't deal with this right now, yelling at her, telling her he can't afford to do something like this. She is offended and leaves. Angered, Charlie flails and ends up stubbing his broken toe. Just then, an older man walks in, introduces himself as Earl Garrett and asks to see Nick Salinger.

In chemistry class, Justin writes a note and passes it back. Julia smiles, thinking it's for her, but the note passes her by and ends up with another girl, Robin.

Earl explains to Charlie that he did odd jobs for Nick a while back and is most upset with Nick's death. He tells Charlie what a great man Nick was and how he always helped him out when he needed work. He wants Charlie to let him help out around the restaurant, as he really needs the money. Charlie tells him he can't help him out.

Back at the house, Claudia opens the door to the man off of television that conducts house exorcisms. He tells her he can't come in until she invites him. Claudia shows him around the house, explaining who's room is who's and some bad things that have happened recently. She takes him into the basement. He sense a "vortex" of negative forces. Reaching over to a stack of boxes, he rubs them, as Claudia tells him it's stuff that belonged to her parents. He recommends a purification ritual for the house and will need an item from each sibling, as well as writing samples and something personal from the parents. He asks her to leave him for a moment, as he taps into the energy of the house.

Bailey and Callie are at the apartment and Bailey is terribly upset over the prospect of having to wear tights. He drops the bag of groceries he's carrying and a box of condoms out. Callie snags them up, tells them she bought them and he and Sarah are welcome to use them any time, if needed. He admits to her that he and Sarah don't have sex. She thinks he has never had sex, but he tells her he used to have sex with his former girlfriend, but that was about two years ago. Callie is shocked. He leers at her, without realizing it.

Justin is with Julia in the kitchen carving pumpkins for the upcoming dance. He asks her if it's okay if they don't go to the dance together, as he wants to go with...Robin (Julia finishes his sentence for him.) She tells him it's cool, but it really isn't, because she's digging furiously at the pumpkin. Justin shares little quips that Robin has told him, like naming her breasts "Thelma" and "Louise." And he talks about how Robin makes him laugh and how wonderful she is. Julia turns her pumpkin around and it has a ticked off look.

Bailey and Callie are eating pizza and she compares the pizza to sex, saying each is good. Bailey finds himself staring at her and decides perhaps he should study. The rain outside knocks out the power. Callie thinks she has candles and crawls up on a chair and starts digging through the cabinets. As she's reaching up, her robe opens and Bailey stares at her bra. She steps down and Bailey can't control himself and kisses her. Then, he pulls back, saying he can't, but she tells him, "it will all come back to you...." They kiss again.

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The next morning, Bailey and Callie wake up together. Bailey freaks, scrambling away from her, searching for his clothes, saying it shouldn't have happened. Callie slips into the bathroom, as Sarah arrives with the costumes. She comments on Bailey's hair being mussed. Callie turns out of the bathroom, swearing to Bailey that it will never happen again...and when she sees Sarah and her reaction, she comes up with a story that she left food in her room, they got bugs and it made Bailey mad and she promised it would never happen again. Bailey seems somewhat relieved.

Earl has repaired a latch at the bar and when Charlie sees him hunched down, he stubs his toe again. He is ticked that Earl is there, reaches into the register and hands him a twenty, telling him to leave. Earl tells him he hasn't earned twenty and he could help Charlie repair the shelves over the bar. He then goes into a story of how Charlie helped him once before when he was a little kid. Charlie rethinks everything and tells Earl he'll come up with something he can do.

Julia is outside at a pay phone, going through her address book, trying to find a date to the dance. Current person on the phone has mono.

House Exorcist Man begins his cleansing ritual - which consists of throwing salt all over the place. He comments on the ceiling, telling Claudia what she needs for that is a good dry wall guy. Claudia has gathered items from all her siblings and puts them in a mason jar fo him, along with pictures and writing samples from her parents.

Earl tells Charlie a story of how he used to play in the restaurant on his big wheel. He has just repaired a swinging door. Earl thanks him for his help and tekks him he should go now. But, Charlie, feeling sentimental that this man knew his father and everything, tells Earl he can find more for him to do.

Julia is stil on the phone - totally striking out in the date department. She runs into Robin, who wants to talk. Robin thanks he for being so cool about her and Justin going out. Julia has to go, but Robin presses her for information Justin may have told her about Robin. Robin is thrilled that Justin likes her and thinks she's funny. Julia isn't enjoying this at all, and as she makes her escape, she tells Robin, "I think you spilled some chocolate on Thelma."

Sarah and Bailey are looking through the college book store when Sarah pulls Bailey into a small space, kissing him and telling him how much she's missed him. Bailey pulls away, saying he doesn't feel comfortable kissing in a bookstore.

Julia, Claudia and Charlie come into the kitchen, with Owen in tow. They listen to the messages on the answering machine and hear one from a credit card company that is calling on a new account for Nick Salinger. There are some very quick, sizable purchases and the company was concerned. They are all in shock.

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The police are at the Salingers, questioning them and telling them they will be monitoring the account. If the person makes a move to use the card again, they will make an arrest. The policeman questions Charlie about whether they have had anyone in the house recently, near any old papers. Charlie wonders about the water heater guy, but Claudia is quickly feeling guilty over the House Exorcist Man and remembers leaving him alone in the basement with her parents' papers. She speaks up.

Bailey rushes into the costume store, looking for the Prince Charming outfit and yells at the saleswoman, telling her he did a horrible thing to someone he loves very much and this is the only way he can make things up to her. She tells him she can't help him...try another store.

In chemistry class, Justin passes a note back to Robin, but instead of reading it, she burns it. Julia noted before class started they were fighting. The teacher asks if anyone smells something burning?

Charlie and Claudia are walking down the street, Charlie limping because of his broken toe. He chastizes Claudia for letting a stranger into the house like that and she swears she was only trying to help. The police have made an arrest and Charlie is going down to press charges. As they approach the police station, Charlie sees Earl in handcuffs, being escorted away.

Bailey shows Sarah the Prince Charming costume he has found and apologizes for his behavior at the book store. She wants him to not lie to her and is sorry for making him go to the dance with her, as she knows that's what is upsetting him. She knows it's hard for him to "go back" to high school, now that he's past it. He tells her that's what it is, but this is important to her, so he wants to go with her. He reaches out and takes her hand.

Outside the class rooms, Julia is waiting for Justin. She admits to him the catty remark she made to Robin. He tells her that's not why Robin is mad at him and starts to tell her why, but stops, telling her it's none of her business. He then gets mad at Julia for making a Thelma and Louise comment and can't believe her. He says, "you still think you're that important?"

Claudia checks on Charlie, who is sitting on the bed looking through pictures. He's looking to see if he ever had a big wheel. Claudia doesn't even know what a big wheel is, but sits and helps Charlie go through the pictures. He doesn't know what he's looking for or doing anymore. He talks about how you let someone in and you care and you make a connection and then you get hurt - why bother?

Bailey is dressing when Callie walks in. He seems upset, but she tells him not to be shy, as she's seen everything. She laughs when she sees how upset he is and how he keeps going on and on about what they did being a big mistake. Callie shrugs and says it wasn't a big deal. He screams at her, saying this isn't like him and she screams back, saying it's not her fault if he's not happy with Sarah. She sees the Prince Charming costume and smirks.

At the Salingers, there is a blood curdling scream. Claudia, dressed as a witch for Halloween, runs into the kitchen saying she found a warranty on the roof that is good for about another three weeks! She says their luck has changed and it's all because of the cleansing. Charlie tells Claudia she can't believe in that stuff - saying instead that she was cheated and lied to. Julia pulls Charlie aside and asks him why he can't just let Claudia have this one. Why can't she believe she did something good? Charlie just stares off.

At the dance, Sarah is in her host position, encouraging people to have their pictures taken and participate in the activities. Justin walks in with an armful of pumpkins. Bailey arrives in costume and tells Julia not to say one word, as she's laughing. He's wearing a light blue, satiny outfit, complete with tights and a light blue feather. Julia asks Justin if she can help him, but he doesn't want to talk to her. Sarah find Bailey sitting all by himself on the bleachers. She can tell he's not happy and he suggests this party would be more fun if the punch were spiked.

Charlie arrives at Grace Wilcox's office and apologizes for being such a jerk. He tells her he has brought food for her shelter, but she says thanks but no thanks. She isn't buying his trying to be cute routine. Charlie insists on donating the food. She offers him a hand at unloading it into the fridge.

Robin is serving punch when Julia (dressed as a fortune teller) tried to be friendly to her. She acts like she cares and tells Robin she can read in her fortune that Justin is a great guy and really cares about her. Robin doesn't understand why she's doing this. Julia stress whatever Justin did, it wasn't a bad thing. She tells Robin to go find him.

Bailey is continuing to carp about the punch not being spiked. Sarah tells him that's not a good idea at a charity high school event. She wants them to get a picture made, but Bailey doesn't want to and complains about paying five dollars for a polaroid - no wonder no one is doing it, he says. Bailey lose it and tells Sarah she guilted him into coming to this dance and tells her he doesn't want to be there. She starts crying, asking him why he's being such a bastard? He says "just who I am." He leaves. Julia watches him leave. She sees Justin and Robin making up and kissing. She bumps into a guy named Rob and asks him if he wants to dance and they do. Out on the dance floor, Justin makes eye contact with Julia and mouths "thank you" to her as he holds Robin.

Bailey arrives at the apartment and throws down the costume. Callie comes out of her room to get a beer and checks on Bailey and to let him know she's home. He tells her he's glad she's there and asks her to hand him a beer, saying he wants to sit and talk. He wants to apologize for the way he acted to her, but just then some guy named Brad comes out of Callie's bedroom. She tells him she'll be right there, but looks at Bailey with a look of guilt. She goes back to her room. Bailey sits at the table with his head in his hands and drinks.

The End

from Julie Gumm

Charlie is busy fixing the chandelier while Claudia is watching some show regarding a doctor who removes curses, etc. Charlie yells at her to hand him the pliers. Claudia says that maybe there's a hex on their family since only sad stuff seems to happen. Like how the roof is leaking and needs to be repaired, and Kirsten leaving, and Julia's miscarriage, etc. Charlie tells her that she's being ridiculous and there's not a hex on the house. Then he immediately falls off the ladder and breaks his toe.

Bailey and Sarah are at costume shop. He wants a simple costume but she wants something good because she's the emcee for this charity costume ball. She sees a Snow White and Prince Charming costume. He tells her she's got to be kidding and she tells him how she always dreamed of going as Snow White but never had a Prince Charming before, but it's really no big deal. Bailey lets it be known that he is not wearing tights.

Charlie is limping around at the restaurant. He's called Kirsten's house, but her sister won't put Kirsten on the phone. He's upset when she hangs up on him. Then a woman, Grace, comes in from the Harvest company. They pick up leftover food from restaurants for the homeless. Charlie tells her he's not interested--it would mean overtime for his guys, etc. etc. He's really rude and she tells him, "I do not want to be near you when your karma comes back around." Then she leaves

An older gentleman comes by looking for Nick Salinger. Apparently Charlie's dad used to give this guy work when he needed the extra cash. This pushes Charlie over the edge. "I'm not my father. I can't help you. I can't help anyone."

Justin is in Chemistry class and he passes a note. Julia thinks its for her but it's for some other girl.

Claudia invites the weird doctor guy over, giving him the run down on all the bad stuff that's happened. He says there's a vortex of negative stuff in their house. He says they need a purification ritual. He gives her a list of items she'll need to gather like photos and handwriting samples from their parents and something from each of the siblings.

Bailey and Callie get back to the apartment and begin to unpack the groceries. Bailey says he feels like he's still got one foot in high school. Bailey hands Callie her condoms and she says that if she'll put them in the bathroom if he and Sarah ever need them. Then he tells her that he and Sarah don't have sex. Callie can't believe it and thinks that he's a virgin. But Bailey tells her he used to with his last girlfriend. "You haven't had sex in two years," Callie asks in disbelief.

Justin and Julia are carving pumpkins that look like the teachers for the school costume party. She was supposed to drive him to the dance and they were going to hang out. But he wants to ask this other girl out and Julia tells him to go for it. She's pretty cool with it until he starts going on and on about how wonderful Robin is. Julia starts hacking at her pumpkin with a vengeance.

Callie and Bailey are eating pizza." You know how pizza, even when it's bad, is still good...kind of like sex," Callie says. They exchange these weird little looks. Then the electricity goes out. She doesn't have a flashlight but she's looking for candles. Well, why she's looking her robe just happens to come open. Then they kiss. Bailey pulls away "Wait, I can't do this." Then she tells him that it'll come back to him. So they have sex (we all knew this was going to happen). After they have sex, Bailey totally freaks out. Someone knocks on the door. Sarah walks in with the costumes just as Callie is saying, "If it's such a huge deal, it will never happen again." Sarah asks what she's talking about and Callie says that she left some dishes in her room and theirs some bugs and Bailey freaked out. Sarah asks Bailey what happened to his hair.

Charlie comes around the counter and trips over some tools. The guy is fixing a latch. Charlie tries to give him a $20 and get him to leave, but the guy won't leave because he hasn't earned it. He tells him that Charlie even used to help him do some of the repairs. He apologizes for coming back, but he couldn't find a job. Charlie softens a little bit and says maybe he can think of something.

Julia is on the phone with some guy from trig class and asks him if he wants to go to the dance with her and he says he would, but he's got mono. She scratches him off her list

The doctor guy is doing some weird thing, throwing salt around, purging the house. He notices the water damage. Claudia's got all the stuff (teeth, buttons, sock). He puts that stuff along with the pictures and handwriting samples in the jar. Claudia follows him around with the jar while he purges the house.

The old guy is telling Charlie stories about how he put together a big wheel bike when he was little. He's done fixing the door, so he's going to leave, but Charlie comes up with another job for him.

Julia's on the phone with another guy, but he tells her he's gay. Julia turns around and bumps into Robin who says she's glad to run into her. She thanks Julia for being so cool about the whole thing. And then she starts to go on and on about Justin. Then Julia makes some comment about Thelma and Louise (Justin said that Robin names everything--Thelma and Louise are what she calls her breasts.)

Sarah and Bailey are at the bookstore looking for Halloween books. She tells him she feels like she hasn't had any time for him. Sarah's kissing him and he totally freaks out and pulls away. He says its because they're in the bookstore and people are watching.

Charlie comes home and asks what's with the salt in the corners but Claudia doesn't say anything. There's a message on the machine asking for a Nick Salinger. They want to verify some purchases made on a credit account, including some rather large purchases made that night. Charlie calls the police. The police mention that if someone got a hold of some papers, they could have gotten the information to use the account. Claudia realizes what has happened. She tells Charlie about the exorcist.

Bailey goes back to the costume store to rent Snow White and Prince Charming and he freaks out when they're gone. "I have to be Prince Charming," he screamed at the lady. She tells him to try the yellow pages--they're not the only costume place in town.

Justin and Robin are fighting before Chemistry class while Julia watches. Justin passes Robin a note which she burns.

The police have caught the person using the credit card account. While walking to the station to give them their statement, Charlie says he can't believe Claudia let a total stranger into the house. As they're approaching the police station Charlie sees them leading the old guy into the police car. Charlie can't believe how stupid he was. Apparently he gave the old guy the key to the file cabinet so he could fix it or something.

Bailey finds the costumes and brings them to Sarah. She says she knows what's going on. She thinks he's mad at her for forcing him to go to the "high school" dance. "That's it isn't it?" Bailey says no, the dance isn't silly. It's important to her and she's important to him and so it's important that they do this together.

Julia is on the school steps. Justin walks by and Julia catches up with him and apologizes for making the remark about Robin's boobs, thinking that that was why Robin is mad at Justin. He says that's not why they are fighting. But he can't believe that she would do that or think that she's still that important to him.

Charlie is looking through old photographs, looking for a picture of him with a big wheel. Claudia comes in and starts helping him look. Charlie says he doesn't know what he's doing anymore. "It's hard enough to let people in.You try so hard to make this connection, but you end up with nothing. So why bother, what's the point of even trying."

Bailey is at the apartment when Callie comes in. He wants some privacy and she makes some catty remark about how it's nothing she hasn't seen before. She doesn't see what the big deal is, they were safe and she gets tested. Bailey says that she tried to seduce him. Callie tells him that if it wasn't her, it would have been someone else and he shouldn't blame her if he's unhappy with Sarah.

Claudia lets out a blood curdling scream. She runs into the kitchen with a paper. She found a warranty on the roof which gives them two weeks to get it fixed. She's convinced that the purification worked. Charlie doesn't want her to believe that stuff like that works but Julia doesn't see the harm in it. Claudia feels good about what she did and that's not so bad.

Sarah is at the party looking around for Bailey. Julia is manning the door when Bailey walks in (in the Prince Charming costume). Justin is still mad at Julia and is really curt with her. Sarah finds Bailey sitting on the bleachers.

Charlie goes over to the Harvest place to apologize for Graces' run in with his "evil twin." He apologizes for being a total jerk. He brought some food. She says that her drivers have already left but he won't take no for an answer because he needs to do this.

Julia goes up to Robin at the punch bowl. She says they should have come as Thelma and Louise and Robin doesn't think it's funny. Julia tries to patch things up between Robin and Justin by telling her that Justin would never do anything to hurt her. Robin heads off to find Justin.

Bailey tells Sarah that she'll make more money if they spike the punch. She notices that no one is getting pictures taken and suggests that they go do theirs. He says its a rip off and she lets into him about being a jerk. She asks him why he came if he didn't want to be there. He admits that he doesn't want to be there. She asks him why he's being such a b------. He says he doesn't know.

Julia is staring at Robin and Justin who have made up. She bumps into Rob (dressed as a lounge lizard) and asks him to dance. Justin catches her eye and mouths "thank you." Sarah announces that there's no waiting for pictures.

Bailey comes back to the apartment all upset. Callie is there. He says he's glad that she's there and asks if she wants to sit down and talk. But then a guy walks out of her bedroom. Bailey grabs a beer and sits down at the kitchen table.

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