Summary of Gimme Shelter by Julie Gumm

Charlie and Own are reading restaurant slogan ideas that people have submitted while munching on Kentucky Fried Chicken. Claudia comes in and rags on Charlie regarding the conservatory. Then Julia flies in saying she needs complete order in the house for the next 4 days so she can finish her college applications and decide where she wants to apply for early admission. Then she notices the noise. Charlie says its the roofers working up in her room which freaks her out. "Have you ever heard of the word supportive," she asks. As she leaves Charlie turns to Owen and volunteers to attend preschool if Owen will take over as man of the house.

Bailey is in the locker room listening to the hockey coach make an announcement regarding when the roster will come out. The coach says Bailey is a little rusty and he wants him to do intramurals this semester and come out for the team next year.

Julia comes up to the attic in a furry, yelling at the roofers, Sam and Alec, about where her papers are? They moved them, but in order. She asks how long they're going to be there, Sam says a week. She picks up her stuff and leaves.

Bailey is in the apartment with ice on his shoulder.Sarah flies in. She auditioned for a position as a backup singer. Then she got a gig as the lead singer in a carpet jingle. He's kind of excited for her, and tells her what the hockey coach said. She says, "Oh, that'll be fun." He says he's not going to try out next year if it means wasting his time in intramurals this year.

Alec comes in to talk to Julia. "Don't you have work to do or something?" she asks. "Yeah, but I'm taking a break to hit on you." He lures her outside with something about a good view from the scaffolding. So, they're sitting outside, talking about college.They get to talking about parents and he pulls out a joint and lights it up, He hands it to Julia who says, "You know what, I gotta go." He asks if she has a problem with it and she says, "Just don't do it on the job OK."

Bai and Sarah are at a pizza/pool place. Sarah asks if Bai's OK, cuz he seems kind of aggressive. He keeps telling her he doesn't care about the hockey thing, as he downs another beer. He says their celebrating (her jingle job, his great new fake ID).

Charlie is at the restaurant. "Salingers, because you gotta eat" is apparently the winning jingle. It was written by this guy Jim Sealy, a performing artist. He gives him the 52 coupons for dinner for 2. He says he'll use 6 now, he brought 5 homeless people with him. They sit down at a table as people around start to leave.

Julia comes out of her bedroom in her robe and sees Claudia's room. She asked Sam to paint her room black. "I don't know what you think you're going to accomplish with this rebellious stuff, but I wish you'd stop." Claudia says she doesn't care what Julia thinks, it's her room. Sam suggests that Julia let it go.

Bailey and Sarah are on campus. She's singing the jingle while he's reading his mail. He got a letter from the wrestling coach who wants him to try out. Bailey blows it off but Sarah kind of rips on him, asking if he just plans to coast through the next four years.

Grace Wilcox comes into the restaurant. Apparently Charlie kicked the homeless people out, after giving them a nice meal to take with them. He says that cleanliness is an issue in the restaurant business. She asks if he found out his customers were racist would he kick out the blacks, to which he says no. Charlie says he's not the problem. Grace says, "Fine," and walks out.

Bailey goes to the wrestling practice. The coach sets Bai up with this Jimmy guy and tells him to go with his instincts and pick up what he can. Jimmy pins him in like 5 seconds, several times.

Julia walks into the kitchen to find Alec starring in the refrigerator. "What are you doing in our frig?" she asks him. He says he didn't think she'd mind since they're kind of friends. He's talking about olives and she figures out that he's stoned.

Bai's ready to walk out of the locker room but the coach said he wants him back. Bai is kind of amazed.

Julia confronts Sam about Alec, who basically says its Alec's business if he wants to kill brain cells. "Your brother gets high every day," Julia says. "And your little sister paints her room black and you want to tell everyone how to live," Sam replies.

Charlie comes home. "Bad day, huh?" asks Claudia. She makes some sarcastic comment about how she doesn't know how he does it, a 12 hour day and he still finds time to throw homeless people out. It's on the front page of a section of the newspaper. "Homeless thrown out of eatery" the headline reads. And on the editorial page the Harvest Group is calling for a boycott. "And your making decisions in my life," Claudia says.

Julia can't believe the headline. Charlie walks in and says, "I thought I threw that away." Claudia adds, "I bought extras for prosperity." Charlie says the papers are blowing it out of proportion. They're all giving him a hard time. Sam walks in and says, "At least they spelled your name right."

Bai is at the wrestling meet. There's like 5 people in the stands. "Funny thing about losing streaks," the guy next to him says.

Julia is working on college stuff when Claudia plops down her books. Julia sees an F on an assignment. "Since when do you get F's," Julia asks. "Since I stopped doing my work." Claudia says.

Alec asks if Julia was trying to get him fired by telling Sam and he says its a waste of her time because Sam doesn't care.

Charlie's waiter quits, and someone calls to cancel a reservation.

The wrestling coach is trying to give the guys a pep talk after they lose the match. "You're one of those power positive thinking types, aren't you." Bai asks. But Bai says he doesn't think wrestling is for him. The coach says Ok and Bai is kind of surprised.

Julia brings the phone out to Sam, it's Alec. Cops pulled him over for speeding, found some beer in the back of the truck and are going to keep him over night. Sam isn't going to do anything. "Alec can learn to take care of himself, I had to," Sam says. Julia lets into him about how he's got this whole laid back thing going and it's not cool, it's just selfish. She tells him she doesn't like him. "Well, I'm just the roof guy, you don't have to like me," he says. "Well, I don't," she adds.

Sarah comes over to the apartment after doing the jingle. She got another job. Bai lets into her about how he doesn't think she's using her talent to their fullest ability. He asks her if she'd rather have people say "There goes Sarah the musician, or "there goes Sarah the girl who sings about spot remover."

Charlie goes over to Harvest Group and asks for Grace's help. "I'm an advocate for the poor, I don't help people like you." She talks about how there's people who haven't gotten their lives handed to them on a silver platter and they need someone to take care of them. "You can tell from looking at me that I don't know how to take care of people?" Charlie asks. "You going to tell me I'm wrong?" Grace asks. "No, cuz you're never wrong," Charlie says and storms out.

Charlie walks into the kitchen and asks Claudia if she really said what the newspaper said she said. He reads her the quote about how she doesn't think they're dad would have done the same thing and Claud's kind of surprised at how bad it sounds. Charlie tells her that stunts like that don't make him more sympathetic, it makes him more sure he made the right choice about the conservatory.

Sarah's at the pizza place when Bai walks in. He wants to go to a movie but she tells him that she has that recording session. "You're still doing that. I thought we talked about this," he says. Sarah tells him no, he talked about it. She thinks that Callie's life philosophy is rubbing off on him.

Alec comes in late to work and Sam fires him. Tells him he doesn't have a job until he cleans up his act. "How am I supposed to pay rent?" Alec asks. "You work it out," Sam says. Julia overhears the whole conversation

Charlie is talking to some of the staff on the phone, telling them he doesn't need them this weekend. Grace walks in and apologizes for being wrong about him. She read about his parents in the newspaper. He tells her he'd love to milk her sympathy but he has to lay off a few employees. Grace says he doesn't have to do that, she knows how they can fix this. He says he doesn't want her help and he's not giving them any more food. "You make it really hard to do the right thing," he says. Grace asks if the restaurant is always that quiet between shifts. She suggests that he serve a meal to the homeless once a week between shifts. Her volunteers will help.

Claudia is repainting her room yellow. Turns out black is a really depressing color for a room. Julia volunteers to help.

Bai is over at the tennis courts. He finds the wrestling coach. Bai tells him that wrestling isn't his first choice, it would be his 4th or 5th. The coach tells him that coaching the team wasn't his first choice but he needed the money. He stayed because he liked it. Bai goes to put on some sweats so he can run with the team.

Charlie and Grace are serving the meal. The place is full of homeless people. Grace and Charlie are actually getting along. She asks if he want to go to a movie when they're done. He says, "Sure, why not."

Julia goes up to her room where Sam is. She's covered in paint. She tells him that what he did today was good. "It doesn't feel good. I'm not good at that sort of thing," Sam says. He feels sick, but Julia tells him that it's because he loves Alec and it's ok to struggle with it. Sam says he's never had such violent complaints on a job, but on the other hand he hasn't had many heart to hearts. "This is a very weird job," he says. She tells him she's not an ice princess. She asks if you can see Marin from her roof. He says you can and takes her up there.

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