Season 4, Episode 20: Square One

the above info is for both Episode 20 and 21

Transcribed by Rachel

Salinger Living Room
The family is celebrating the news including Kirsten. Bailey comes in, he missed a bus transfer. The girls are all crying tears of joy. Bay says he won't act like a loser, hugs Charlie and promptly starts to cry as well. Charlie feels great. He's so relieved. He wants to scream. He's healthy! They saved his life. Bailey points out that Charlie did it. No, they dropped everything and helped him when he needed it. Julia says they would do it again in a heartbeat. Charlie points out that they wouldn't and she agrees. That nightmare is over. He wants to cut that part out of his life, to go back to the point before anybody ever said the word "cancer" to him. Julia says his whole life is waiting for him, eating junk food, staying up late and the restaurant. It's all waiting for him. She looks to Bailey for agreement and he acquiesces. The restaurant is right there waiting for Charlie. Owen is ready to have him back, too. Claudia also points out that there is cooking, cleaning and laundry. Charlie agrees to it all, except maybe the laundry.

He wants to celebrate. They suggest a barbeque, fireworks, a party. He wants it all, tomorrow night. They all hug again.

Opening Credits

Julia tells Griffin the good news. He thinks it's great, but doesn't act very enthusiastic. He tells her not to worry about them, she should just enjoy Charlie's good health. She points out that a lot of their problems started when they moved back home. It wasn't about being a couple, it was about household things. Charlie is ready to take stuff back over, they can get their own place. Griffin doesn't think they have enough money with her only working part-time. She disagrees, they can do it on his salary from the shop. He can't believe she would want him to stay at his job. Julia doesn't mind. He said that there wasn't really anything between him and Rosalie, unless he's still tempted? She trusts him when he says they are working things out. Why wouldn't she?

Bailey and Sarah's Apartment
Sarah is having some trouble with Natalie. She's getting dressed in her best dress because she thinks Annie is coming home. Bailey says he's there to help which Sarah thinks is great. Even though she was the one who offered to keep Nat, Bailey has a relationship with her. Sarah isn't sure how to explain detox and what kind of shape Annie is in right now. Bailey says Annie is supposed to call soon, so they just need to keep Natalie occupied.

Motor House
As the last mechanic leaves for lunch Rosalie comes over to see Griffin. He acts rather cold to her. She can't figure out why. Griffin tells her that he's getting back together with Julia. She's upset. She wouldn't have slept with him if she thought he was going back to his wife. He's sorry, but he's married and that is a big deal. She feels really stupid. Rosalie says that it was never about her. Griffin says that it wouldn't have happened if he wasn't into Rosalie. She asks if he's told Julia that they had sex. He admits that he hasn't. She wishes him luck.

Bailey and Sarah's Apartment
Natalie has been playing hairdo parlor with Sarah who now looks like the Bride of Frankenstein. Nat goes to find a pair of scissors while Sarah begs Bailey to help her. She's been trying to put Nat to bed and she's still wide awake. Bay is there to help now. Nat can't get to sleep in their apartment. They go up to her bedroom, but now she misses her mommy. They pack her up and go back downstairs.

Mercy is reintroducing Charlie to the restaurant. Bailey pops in for some take-out for Natalie. Joe calls. His flight got canceled and he can't make it up for Charlie's party. Bailey wonders if they should move the party so Joe can make it. It would also help him since Nat's in a mood and Sarah is totally stressed out. Charlie says they should just skip it, but Bay says they should have the party. Charlie thinks rescheduling is a good idea. He hasn't been at the restaurant for months and he needs to catch up. It's fine.

Julia is looking for an apartment in the want ads. Griffin brought home a bottle of champagne for Charlie's party, but Jule tells him it was rescheduled. They could just have it for themselves and then do that thing that they haven't done for a long time. She feels like it's a first date, she's so nervous. She recalls their first date when they were both afraid to make the first move. She always hated that it had to be the guy who makes the pass. She moves in and starts to kiss him. He pulls away. He's really tired. She asks if they can get in bed and just be together. He agrees.

Living room
Owen is making the congratulations sign for the party. Charlie points out that it's 4 hours past his bedtime and they aren't even having the party that night. The door bell rings. Charlie goes to answer it and admits Candy, a stripper hired by Kevin for the party. Charlie tells her about the reschedule and apologizes that no one told her. She offers to do it for him privately in the other room. He declines and asks her to stop saying strip so loud because his 4 yr old brother is in the other room. She says that she has a variety of skills. She can read his tarot cards, give him a manicure or a pedicure all of which Charlie turns down. She needs to do something, otherwise she has to return Kevin's money.

Bailey and Sarah's Apartment
Sarah and Bailey are playing cards. Her hair looks even worse and as the camera pulls back we see Natalie applying vast quantities of blue eye shadow to Bay's eyelid. They argue about the card game. He would rather play a game of skill, not chance. Sarah sends him into her room for fake eyelashes. Bailey makes a face. Sarah like a guy in make-up. Bailey points out that he is familiar with her dating history. Sarah get righteously indignant and threatens to get him with the lipstick. They get into a wrestling match that is fraught with sexual tension. Bailey wonders where Natalie has gone, they need to get her to sleep. Sarah thinks they should leave her alone if she's quiet and happy. They return to their game.

Living Room
Candy compliments Owen on his marker skills while Charlie does his ironing. She comments on his recovery from cancer. She gives Owen some tips on coloring. Charlie tells him to listen to Candy, she's an artist. She admits that her real name is Daphne, Candy is just her stripper-gram name. She asks what exciting thing he's going to do now that he's recovered. He says he's going to do another load of whites. He doesn't need to do something drastic, just being able to do the things he didn't think he would ever do again is enough. She's not impressed. Have a near death experience and decide to live life exactly the same, she says. She suggests some glitter for the sign. Owen offers to go get some glue, but she doesn't need it, her glitter comes with it, that's how it stays on her glutes.

Bailey and Sarah's Apartment
It's the next morning and Bailey and Sarah are totally wiped out. Nat's in bed, but not asleep. Sarah's hair still hasn't recovered from the evening before. She's already spent two hours brushing out knots. Bailey offers to help her. They are starting to have a nice moment when the phone rings. It's Annie. Bailey talks to her. He puts off any discussion of their future. Sarah's face falls. Bailey gets Natalie and promises to return to the hair-brushing.

Motor House
Griffin quits his job.

Charlie is trying to reschedule the party. Joe is there and they all try to find a date. They each have a conflict except Claudia who comments on her pathetic life. Charlie points out that they are all there right now, why don't they celebrate. They agree until Claudia realizes she has orchestra in 20 minutes. She offers to skip it, but Charlie tells her to go. Each of the kids leaves. Joe points out that it isn't their fault. Charlie agrees, but he thought that getting over cancer would be a bigger thing. It makes him think of the joke where the woman's baby is washed out to sea. She begs God and finally the baby washes back. She picks the baby up and says, "She had a hat." Every day he was sick he asked God for a clean bill of health, but now he wants the hat.

Julia can't believe Griffin quit his job. She asks if he still has feelings for Rosalie. She wants to know what he isn't telling her. He says there isn't anything. All he gets out of being at the shop is feeling lousy. He doesn't want to be there. She apologizes. He'll get another job, it's okay.

Griffin goes to confession. He talks about how he married Julia because he couldn't trust why this amazing person would love him. How can he hurt someone whose already been hurt so bad? He's done terrible things, but now he's done something so terrible that he can't get it back. Even though she doesn't know what he's done, he knows. Every time she kisses him he wants to shout that he's lying to her. This is the worst thing he's ever done.

Bailey and Sarah's Apartment
Bailey comes home. Sarah got Nat to sleep by reading to her. Bailey tells her that she's amazing. Sarah asks what he thinks will happen with Annie. He doesn't know. He doesn't know what she wants. Sarah states that Annie wants to be with him. What does he want?

Charlie and Kirsten are walking downtown. He's trying to figure out what to do next. He wants to just stick out his thumb and go where it takes him. He'll do whatever, ride a bronco or jump out an airplane. Kirsten knows what that feels like. It's how she felt after her depression. Charlie wants her to go with him. They had a great trip when they went to get the armoire. This would be perfect. She can't. It was different when he was sick. She could drop everything and do whatever he needed, leave Paul to run to his side if he needed her. He's better now and she has to take care of her own life. He's disappointed, but he understands.

Bailey and Sarah's Apartment
Bailey is using Sarah's hypnotizing reading method to get Natalie to sleep. Sarah comes in and Nat asks her to come read too. She climbs into bed with them. As soon as Nat falls asleep the phone rings. It's Annie. Bay talks to her while Sarah listens, disappointed as Bay tells Annie he thinks about her, misses her and loves her.

Griffin comes in to find Julia on the swing. She's had a brainstorm. They can manage an apartment like Bailey and Sarah. It's a part-time job and cheap rent. Besides, Griffin is great at repairing things. They'll get a great old Victorian in the Mission, not a dump like Bailey and Sarah. Griffin interrupts her. He's really sorry. He slept with Rosalie. Griffin cries as he explains that he thought she had left him and he knows it wasn't right, but he thought he had lost her. Julia can't believe it. Griffin takes full responsibility. He's so sorry.

Bailey and Sarah's Apartment
Bailey and Nat are practicing their arcade games when Sarah gets home. Sarah criticizes Bay for getting Natalie's hopes about winning prizes. Bay asks why she's so crabby. She has a lot of stuff to do. He can't believe she isn't going with them. Natalie also is disappointed. She thought they were going to go have fun because Sarah said her mommy would get home sooner because time flies when you're having fun. Sarah caves in and agrees to go.

Charlie is shopping when he sees Daphne again. She is dressed in a large cheese costume giving away samples. He kids with her. She comments on his three bags of bran that he must be serving at his party. He tells her the party was canceled. She can't believe it. If he isn't busy tonight, she knows what he needs.

Bailey tries to get Sarah to go on the roller coaster. Natalie gets in line while they continue to disagree. Bay will be right there with her.

Living room
Griffin tries to talk to Julia. He wants her to know that he loves her. He wants to know if she can ever forgive him, because if it's possible he thinks they should start over like she suggested. So many bad things happened when they moved back in, if they find their own place things could be better. She doesn't know how she feels, but right now she's scared of Griffin and she isn't going to move away from her family because they make her feel safe. He'll just have to wait and see if she can forgive him because right now she just doesn't know.

Charlie and Daphne are next to a stream with a bonfire going. She asks what's next. He pull out his pill wheel, but it's plastic and will stink if he puts it in the fire. She tells him to throw it in. What does it make him think of? He throws it in and laughs. He will have to go buy another one because he still isn't done with radiation. He feels stupid. She asks him if he wants to put the cancer behind him. He states that he remembers that the sneakers he's wearing are the ones he had on when he got the diagnosis. She tells him that he knows what to do. He pulls them off and throws them in the fire. He's also wearing the t-shirt he wore every day because the radiation made him feel cold all the time. The cleansing flames await. He asks if she minds before he takes the shirt off. She points out that skin is not an issue. He strips the shirt off and throws it in the fire. Now he's getting into it and says he wore those jeans all the time as well. Well, he knows what she would do. He points out that she's a professional. She gives him some pointers. He should shake his hips and spin the pants on his finger. He does as she instructs and screams "Yeah!" into the sky.


FOX has been touting tonight's episodes as the "New Beginning." I must agree with the eldest Salinger--"Yeah!" It's been six extremely long weeks and the Salingers are back and ready for battle. This episode was shown as the first half of two hours, but it really stands on its own.

The new tone is set immediately in the prologue scene. It takes place immediately after Charlie's phone call from Dr. Rabin in episode 19. It's great that we get to see the family, including Kirsten rejoice in Charlie's good news. It is also typical Salinger that they can't get it together to help him celebrate.

Immediately the restaurant plot (which continues more thoroughly in the next hour) is set up. Without discussion it is returned to Charlie even though most viewers (including this one) have realized that Bailey is truly interested in continuing to have a hands on role.

Kirsten also plays an intriguing role in this episode. Charlie is ready to assume his old life, but he is a bit surprised that he can't keep the good parts about being sick, namely Kirsten's devotion. He invites her on his trip, but she has lost her excuse for being his confidant and support. I will be intrigued to see where this goes.

The Bailey and Sarah story was pretty good. I found Natalie to be more bothersome than usual, but I'll cut her some slack for being separated from her mom and under stress. Very funny scene with the make-up and hair. It is interesting that now that Bailey's life has settled down Sarah seems to be resuming her feelings for him only to find him not very interested. This story is far from over!

I liked what they did with Griffin and Julia. I am a bit weary of the continuous infidelity on this show. It seems that every character, except Owen has a problem with commitment. But, that said, I thought that the scenes in the confessional, on the swing and in the living room were really wonderful. This young relationship has gone through so much turmoil and I especially liked the scene in the living room when Julia said she needed to be with her family right now. Sometimes I think she is so quick to reject the support that she gets unconditionally from her siblings.

Finally, Daphne. I was an enormous supporter of Nina. I was mourning her disappearance from Charlie's life for months and was none too pleased to hear about a clone coming to replace her. I should have reserved judgment. I like this one. She's different and exactly what our boy Charlie needs. How grand that Kevin, the last one to shake him up, was the instigator in this relationship. The scene with her in her stripper garb coloring with Owen and Charlie ironing was enough to make me roll on the floor laughing. I believe she holds great promise. I only hope this isn't another ploy to get me to really like a girlfriend and get rid of her a month later!

So, you may ask . . . did I cry? Of course. First scene. As soon as Bailey went, I joined him. Just like the Salingers, I can find tears of joy for the return of my appointment TV. Thank you cast, crew and creative team . . the wait was worth it.

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