Season 4, Episode 6: Immediate Family

Charlie tells Nina
he loves her

The credits: special guest star paula devicq as kirsten, paige turco, andrew keegan, don mcmanus, andrew & steven cavarno, and jessica lundy as nina, producer paul marks, co-executive producer michael engler, co-executive producer p.k. simonds, executive producers mitchell burgess & robin green, executive producer mark b. perry, executive producer ken topolsky, written by mark b. perry, directed by daniel attias.
Transcribed by TK

Annie and her daughter Natalie walk through the front gate of their building to see Bailey setting up a swing set. Natalie is obviously excited, and Annie kisses Bailey in gratitude. Annie tells Natalie to tell Bailey what she's doing tomorrow night. Natalie tells Bailey that she's sleeping over at a friend's house that night so that her mother can cook dinner for him. Annie is smiling through the first part, and is embarassed during the second. Natalie realizes that last part wasn't what she was supposed to say. Bailey asks if Annie is asking him out. Annie says yeah, is he free tomorrow. Yup, he's free. They kiss... for kind of a long time. Sarah sees them from the front door of the building.

Charlie and Nina are in the restaurant's store room cleaning out stuff for the new grand opening after the fixing-up is done. She's reading one of the old menus, and Charlie tells her to throw them all out except one for the scrapbook, 'cause they're even making new menus. Nina tells Charlie that her grandparents brought her to his restaurant when she was a kid. In fact, she probably even saw Charlie there. She comments on the whole ships in the night thing, and how weird it is that two people who are supposed to meet might have almost met a number of times before they actually meet. The door to the store room swings shut (Nina touched it when getting rid of the menu) and Charlie tells Nina they're locked in. Nina can't believe. Charlie says it's not such a big deal, that one of the workmen will let them out. He goes to knock on the door and Nina stops him. She suggests it might not be that bad to be stuck in a store room together. They start to kiss, and she manages to convince Charlie that she's right. He mentions that they might have a little problem, 'cause he doesn't have "one" in his wallet. She says she does. He looks a little surprised. She tells him she's an optimist.

Opening Sequence: starring scott wolf, matthew fox, neve campbell, lacey chabert, jennifer love hewitt, and jeremy london, created by christopher keyser and amy lippman.

Claudia and Reed meet up after football practice. It seems they've made a habit of hanging out after school and talking about books. Claudia brings up a question they had about "To Kill a Mockingbird," and starts to tell him what she figured out after re-reading the book last night. He interrupts her and tells her that his dad told him he had to get a job, so he can't do this anymore 'cause right now he has a job interview, and from now on he'll have to work after school. He suggest that maybe they can email. He drives off, oblivious to her disappointment.

Nina, Charlie, Claudia, Griffin, Owen, Bailey, and Julia are sitting in yet-to-be-reopened Salingers trying some new items the cook came up with for the new menu. One of the new items is sushi, which no one seems too excited about. Griffin's kind of excited about the sushi. Claudia suggests to Charlie that he might be hiring new busboys or dishwashers or something. Charlie says it's covered. Charlie takes the plate of sushi away from Griffin who was still serving himself. Julia comments that Nina has rice in her hair. Nina smiles and says that that's weird. She and Charlie share the subtleist of smiles. Bailey asks if he can bring someone to the grand re-opening. Charlie says Bailey doesn't have to ask if Sarah can come. Bailey tries to explain that he wasn't thinking of Sarah, but keeps getting interrupted. Charlie asks who ate all the sauce. Griffin apologizes: it was good. Claudia presses the job idea. Julia mentions that Griffin is looking for help at the shop. Griffin agrees he might be able to hire Claudia's friend. Claudia tells Griffin about Reed, letting it slip that he's cute. Julia remembers Reed as this dumb jock, and can't believe Claudia has a crush on a dumb jock senior. Claudia defends him and says he's not dumb and denies that she has a crush on him. Griffin is still enjoying the sushi. Charlie tells him to save some for somebody else.

Griffin and Julia are walking home and Julia is assuring Griffin that Charlie doesn't hat e him. Griffin says Charlie never says anything to him unless it's to yell at him, and made him sit at the kids' table at dinner. (The booth wasn't big enough for everyone, so they stuck an extra table on the end and that's where Griffin, Claudia and Owen sat.) Julia makes excuses for Charlie, and says that it's sad that they haven't gotten to know each other, because they actually have a lot in common. They both like sports, they both like music....

Charlie and Nina are walking home, and Charlie is telling Nina that Griffin is a loser. Nina thinks Charlie is being a little harsh. Charlie agrees that maybe he was being a little harsh, but he still thinks it was a big mistake for Julia and Griffin to get married. Nina thinks they make a cute couple, and Charlie says they're just a disaster waiting to happen. Nina tells Charlie he should go home tonight and write down a gazillion times: "I will lighten up." Charlie laughs and kisses her. He glances over her shoulder and sees a woman who looks exactly like Kirsten in a long purple coat run down the steps of a hotel. He's staring at her so intently that Nina asks what's wrong. He loses sight of her as a bus drives in front of him. Charlie tells Nina he thought he saw someone he knows... knew. He sees her again, getting into a cab. Nina tells him he looks pale. He looks a little shocked that being reminded of Kirsten affected him so strongly.

Sarah is checking her makeup in the mirror. She's all dressed up in a little black dress with a long black scarf. (Some great music is playing. If you know what it is, email me.) Bailey comes in, and Sarah tells him that 7 needs him to put in a dimmer, and Hank called and said they should clean out the storage bin in the basement. Sarah suggests they do it tomorrow night. Bailey says he can't, he's busy. When Sarah pushes him, he tells her he has to do this language lab thing. He comments on how nice she looks and asks her what she's doing tonight. She looks at him and says that she's got this language lab thing, and walks out.

Claudia is sitting at the kitchen counter doing her homework. She becomes concerned about Charlie when she sees him putting clean dishes into the dishwasher. She tells him to spill his guts, she knows when something is wrong. He spills. He tells her things are going great right now, and he really likes Nina, and she's perfect. So things are great, but tonight he's kissing Nina, and he saw Kirsten. He thinks it probably wasn't Kirsten, but he's there with Nina, and loving that, and hallucinating about Kirsten. He thinks maybe that means he's still hung up on Kirsten or not ready to move on or something. Claudia doesn't have much advice, but tells Charlie that he's now putting dirty dishes in the cabinet.

Bailey and Annie are at the end of an AA meeting. Annie asks Bailey if he's ready to go, 'cause she's gotta run and pickup Natalie. Bailey says he needs to stop and talk to his sponsor 'cause "he's acting like he misses me." Annie leans towards Bailey and then says that she probably shouldn't kiss him here. He says to save it for tomorrow. Bailey goes and talks to his sponsor, who says that Bailey hasn't called recently. Bailey says he hasn't needed to, 'cause everything's going great, and he met this great girl, and he's not having trouble even though he's hitting the notorious six month mark. He says he's suddenly got this whole new really great reason to stay sober. This is exactly what his sponsor doesn't want to hear. His sponsor is concerned, saying that AA recommends not getting involved with anyone during the first year of sobriety. He tells Bailey that arguments with significant other, or getting cheated on, or getting dumped, are some of the best excuses for drinking. His sponsor asks Bailey if he can guarantee that nothing will go on. Bailey says she's important to him. His sponsor asks if his sobriety isn't important. His sponsor says that Bailey has been seeing this girl, and not calling him, which means that he's using her instead of AA, and when you stop using AA, it stops working.

Commerical Break

Charlie is walking home with groceries and sees Kirsten in a long purple coat walking down the street. He calls out to her, and she turns around. He's surprised that it's really her. She says she was in the neighborhood and couldn't not look at the house. He says she looks great, and he's glad that it's really her, and he wasn't hallucinating the other night. She says she's staying at that hotel where he saw her the night before. She's moving back to San Francisco. He asks if she was going to call him. Before she can get any words out, her real estate agent comes running up and says they have 15 minutes to go see this house. Charlie and Kirsten make a quick date for dinner that night (Kirsten tells him to call her hotel room, it's 414), and Kirsten runs off with the real estate agent.

Bailey is walking home from the bust stop when Annie sees him and says, "Hey, dimple boy," and kisses him. She got out of work early and went shopping for dinner. Bailey says they have to talk. She realizes something is wrong. He tells her what his sponsor said and asks if they can just keep being friends for now. She understands, but she's not psyched. She says she'll put the lasagna in the freezer. He says they can still have dinner tonight, because that's what friends do.

Charlie and Nina are at the restaurant. She's a little uncomfortable about him having dinner with Kirsten. He says that they're just going to talk, it's not a big deal. She says that it seems like Kirsten was his one great true love, and she's understandably nervous about that. Charlie says it's completely over, and they never really said goodbye. She realizes he just needs closure. Charlie says yeah, and that doesn't mean anything about him and Nina. Griffin walks in. Charlie tells him Julia's not there and turns around to talk to Nina. Griffin says he knows, he was just in the neighborhood. Charlie looks at Griffin again, completely annoyed. Nina says she has to go anyway, and she's fine, and tells Charlie to call her when he's closed. She leaves, and Griffin asks if it's a bad time. Charlie says a lot of stuff's going on. Griffin tries to talk sports, and Charlie is busy making a phone call (making dinner reservations for him and Kirsten... a quiet table, not romantic, just quiet). Griffin notices an old dead juke box. Charlie says it hasn't worked in like 20 years, and salvage guys are coming to pick it up. Griffin says that would be a waste, and that he can fix it. Charlie says sure, if you want.

Reed is sweeping up Griffin's motorcycle shop, and Claudia is sitting on a work table talking to him while he works. Reed asks Claudia if, hypothetically, a guy should ask a girl out even if his friends think he's crazy for liking her. Claudia asks if Reed is the guy. He admits that he was asking for himself. She asks why his friends think he's nuts. Reed says she's not a senior, it's an age thing. He says it sounds stupid, and it shouldn't matter, and what does matter is that you can talk to someone, and you have a connection with someone. Claudia agrees completely. She tells him to ask her out. He say maybe he will.

Julia and Griffin are watching Claudia and Reed. Julia asks Griffin if Claudia's been here all afternoon. Griffin says yeah and thinks it's kinda cute. Julia thinks it's pathetic. Julia doesn't want Claudia to get hurt. Griffin is working on the innards of the juke box. Julia comments that he's been working really hard on it, and if he can't fix it, Charlie will understand. Griffin insists he can fix it. He wants to.

Bailey and Annie are doing the dishes. The sexual tension is so high you could cut it with a knife. (Some great music is playing. If you know what it is, email me.) They decide to go watch some TV, and then Annie backs out and says she just wants to chill by herself and take a bath or something. Bailey leaves and they both lean against the door to her apartment on opposite sides in frustration.

Kirsten and Charlie are at dinner. Things are awkward. She sneaks into a description of her salad the fact that she's married. He freezes in mid-bite of food.

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Charlie still hasn't gotten his forkful of food to his mouth. Kirsten says she got married two months ago, and that's the reason she's moving back, because her husband is taking a position at Bay Memorial as a pediatric neurosurgeon. Charlie puts down his bite of food. Kirsten says her husband's still in Chicago, but she came out early to find them a house. Kirsten says she was reluctant to tell Charlie, because she wasnt' sure what that would mean for him. She says it wasn't as crazy as it sounds, that they knew each other in high school. Kirsten wishes Charlie would say something. Charlie starts to say that that's really great, but ends up blurting out that he's with someone too — Nina, and it's pretty great. Kirsten is so glad to hear that, and is happy that everything worked out okay.

Claudia is watching TV and wrapping a present. Julia is putting on her coat to leave and tells Claudia to tell Charlie that his mailing list is down and that he owes her like a hundred thousand dollars. Julia notices the present, and asks if it's for Kirsten. Claudia says it's for a friend. Julia guesses that it's Reed. Claudia denies it. Julia knows she's right. Julia tells Claud that she shouldn't be doing this, that he's three years older and that it will never work out. Claudia ask Julia who died and made her Dear Abby. She also reminds Julia of her relationship with the roofer (Sam) who was six years older. Julia says exactly, and it didn't work out. Claudia says she knows for a fact that Reed is going to ask her out, and that he likes her, 'cause he told her so, so bite me.

Bailey and Annie are leaving AA and it's pouring rain. Bailey says he's going to walk, and Annie tells him not to be silly, they'll make a run for her car. They get to the car soaking wet, and she starts the car (and the radio comes on, if you know what song is playing, email me), but realizes that her windshield wipers are broken, so they can't drive away because she can't see anything through the windshield. So they're stranded in the car waiting for the rain to let up, and can't help but notice each other's beautiful wet bodies... Bailey quickly turns and wipes the steam off the window so that he can stare out at something else.

Julia and Charlie are putting mailing labels on cards in the restaurant which is looking in better and better shape. Julia asks if Charlie is jealous. He says he's not jealous, and he's glad Kirsten's happy, but he can't figure out why he feels so weird. Julia says that it makes sense that he would be jealous, but Charlie's got to get over it... Kirsten's married now, and that's it.

Claudia surprises Reed at the motorcycle shop with the present behind her back, and immediately notices something is wrong. Reed says he asked out the girl he was talking about, but found out that she wouldn't date him because she doesn't date older guys. Claudia is at first confused, and then finally realizes that he wasn't talking about her after all. She barely holds back tears. He is completely oblivious to her suffering. He says it's weird, 'cause he never even dated her, but he's totally bummed. She completely understands how he feels.

Annie is sitting on the swing, Bailey comes up behind her and asks if she has plans tomorrow night. He starts to invite her and Natalie to the grand re-opening of the restaurant. She saysthat these friend-date things are not working for her. She says she's 26 years old, and she can't sleep at night because all she can do is think about Bailey. She says she's really attracted to him, and she wants that to go somewhere. He says he feels the same ways, but.... She understands, but says that it's too difficult to be with him without really being with him. She says she can't do the just friends thing anymore.

Charlie is on the phone with the people making the new menus. They have put the apostraphe after Salingers instead of between Salinger and the s. He says it's not supposed to be plural, that it's supposed to be his. They tell him they can't fix it. Griffin comes in with the innards of the juke box, and tells Charlie it's fixed. Charlie doesn't even know what Griffin is talking about. Griffin tells him he fixed the juke box, and looks around for the rest of the juke box so he can put the innards back in. Charlie says that salvage people took it this morning. Griffin can't believe it. Charlie says he's sorry, a lot's been going on, he forgot. Griffin says Charlie didn't forget, that he never heard him in the first place. Griffin tells Charlie that he's so wrapped up in his own life that he doesn't listen to anyone else. Griffin tells Charlie that he knows Charlie thinks he's a screw up and that he stole money from him, but that he's Julia's husband, and Julia's happy about that, so Charlie should be too. Griffin tells Charlie that if he weren't such a miserable person all the time maybe he could be happy for somebody else for a change. Charlie starts out protesting this tirade, but by the end he's just standing there listening.

Commercial Break

Bailey is in the front hall of his building looking at his mail as he's heading toward the door to his apartment. Annie walks in with Natalie. There's an awkward moment as Annie walk around Bailey to go upstairs to her apartment.

Bailey walks into Sarah's room. She's busy chatting on the internet, totally amused by some guy from Piedmont. Bailey invites her to the grand re-opening of the restaurant. She says she's busy. He says she's trolling the internet, and that they see each other even less now that they're roommates. She says the last person you want with you on a special occassion is your roommate. He says they're more than roommates. She says, "Are we?" She looks back at her computer and smiles. He gives up and leaves.

Charlie is knocking on room 414. Kirsten answers the door and he says he has to talk to her. She invites him in. He apologizes for the other night at dinner and says he came to say all the stuff he should have said then. He says what he should have said, what he wanted to say, is that he's happy for her. And he really means that. And that means that things must be going okay for him too. He only ever wanted her to be happy, and although he thought that that meant that they would be happy together, even though he lost her, he got what he wanted most, that she is happy. They agree it's a little weird. He says he wants to meet her husband, and the kids want to see Kirsten. They hug, and tell each other that they love each other. Kirsten is crying happy tears.

Claudia is lying on her bed listening to "Crying" by Roy Orbison, surrounded by candles (like lots and lots and lots of candles). Julia walks in telling Claudia they have to get going and realizes something is wrong. Claudia tells her about Reed. Julia says she's sorry, and that she knows it hurts, but given some time, she'll get over him. Claudia asks why she would want to get over him. She says he's perfect. She remembers the heart-broken look in his eyes when she told him the younger girl had turned him down, and tells Julia how deeply he feels things. Julia looks like she thinks her sister has lost her mind.

Charlie takes Nina back to the store room before everyone else gets to the restaurant. She wonders what was so important that he had to bring her back here. She's concerned about him being in such a good mood after dinner with Kirsten. She asks if he's going to dump her. He says exactly the opposite. Kirsten got married, and he's happy about it. He tells Nina he loves her, and he just wanted her to know that. No pressure to say it back. They kiss. She asks how much time they have before everyone else gets to the restaurant. He says not enough, but they could come back after dinner. On their way out of the store room she tells him she loves him too. They kiss and hug.

Julia, Griffin, Claudia and Owen walk into the restaurant. Griffin is sure Charlie doesn't want him there. Julia says Charlie specifically asked that Griffin come. Griffin thinks Charlie means to poison him. Charlie walks up and tells Griffin that he's glad he came. Charlie tells Griffin that he owes him a huge apology for more than just the juke box. Charlie says that Griffin was right, and he should be able to be happy for other people, and he's happy for Julia and Griffin. He says he wants to give them a wedding, 'cause they need to do it right as a family. Bailey walks in, notices Charlie's great mood, and asks if they changed Charlie's medication. Charlie hands out champagne for a toast (sparkling cider to Bailey). Bailey think that it might be that Nina and Charlie are getting married. Charlie says no, not him, Julia and Griffin are getting married. Claudia says they already are. Julia says Charlie is giving them a wedding. Charlie says they're going to do something right for a change. Julia and Griffin kiss. Charlie and Nina kiss. Bailey asks Claudia if she wants to be his date. Claudia says sure but she won't hold his hand. The host walks over and says, "Salinger, Party of Seven." Claudia comments on how weird that sounds, but that she guesses it makes the menus right. Charlie asks her what she means. She comments on how the apostraphe is at the end making it plural, like the whole family, like us. Charlie takes credit for it.

They go to their booth ("Someday, Someway" by Marshall Crenshaw starts playing), and Julia comments on its size. Charlie says it's a new expanding table, 'cause they have to make room for Griffin. He says the other side expands too because from now on they'll be getting bigger. They all sit down to dinner.

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