Quotes from What a Drag

"I'll meet you at that place where we got those things." -Sarah

"What, the new you needs a blender?" -Charlie

"When did you get so old?" -Claudia

"How long am I gonna be persona au gratin?" -Bailey

"Absence definitely makes the heart grow weirder." -Griffin

"Orchestra doesn't make you popular." -Claudia

"Nice parenting skills, Chuck." -Bailey

"Just because I'm married, it doesn't mean I'm not a part of this family anymore." -Julia

"What your brother did, Mr. Salinger is a very serious crime. Now apparently, you don't seem to realize that drunk driving can have very real consequences." -Assistant DA prosecuting Bailey

"I'm going to find her... for both of us." (beat) "As fast as humanly possible." -Charlie to Owen

"How could you lie to me like that all summer?" -Bailey
"Wow, let's see. My parents said they didn't want seeing you anymore because you're irresponsible and dangerous. I couldn't figure out a nice way to put that." -Sarah

"Do I have to sign Mrs. Holbrook?" -Julia
"Lady, you can sign Hillary Clinton for all I care." -the mover

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