Quotes from S'Wunnerful

Charlie: I was kinda eyeing a Wonder Years marathon on cable.

Justin: What are you guys doing?
Claudia: Julia and Griffin are moving into the shed.
Julia: Stop calling it a shed!

Bailey: I'm sorry, this is probably boring for you.
Will: What, are you kidding? I love hanging out with my parents.

"I miss the old Bailey. Not the drunk Bailey, he was a pain in the ass." -Will

Sarah: Must be the nutmeg.
Will: I love nutmeg.
Sarah: Or maybe it's the vanilla.
Will: I love vanilla.
Bailey: I'm thinking it's the rum.
Sarah: I didn't put any rum in this.
Bailey: No, but those guys did.

Justin: I always hated you.
Griffin: Oh man, what a coincidence. I always hated you too.

Griffin: Mr. Harvard Freaking Law
Justin: It's Yale and I'm an English major.
Griffin: Ooh, Mr.Yale Freaking English.

Justin: You know what really baffles my ass?

Griffin: It's not all it's cracked up to be. I've got overhead and long hours. I'm living in a freaking shed.

Justin: My roommate, he's this Thurston Howell the Turd wannabee.

Annie: You're the oldest twenty-year old I know.
Bailey: Actually, I'm nineteen.

Julia: Oh, I can beat you misery for misery.
Justin: Okay. New Haven is the bleakest, coldest, most depressing place in the world.
Julia: Wow, that's good. Try living in a shed.

Charlie: Man, you've got to admit that, that is... butt ugly is what it is.

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