Quotes from Empty Shoes

Julia: What about Owen? Should I call a doctor or something?
Charlie: Which color food is it now?
Julia: What? He's done this before?
Charlie: Yeah, when Bailey went to college last year he wouldn't eat anything that wasn't green. It means he's a little freaked by what's going on.
Julia: Yeah, well this year it's white.
Charlie: Well, then my advice is cook white food.

"He's eating popcorn for breakfast?" -Bailey
"Hey, it's white!" -Julia

Charlie: C'mon back. I'll throw up on both of you.

"How am I supposed to run this place without waiters?" -Bailey
"John Dory's a fish." -waitress
"Well, how am I supposed to run this place without fish?" -Bailey

"That restaurant needs you Charlie. Everyone there is like, 'How can we radiate him faster. Can we pop him in the microwave or something?'" -Bailey

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