Quotes from Here and Now

Natalie: Bailey & Elliot sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Kevin: I feel like a groundhog. If I see my shadow that means six more weeks of radiation.

Charlie & Kevin: RADIATION WORKS!!!

Sarah: Tonight you can't steal my boyfriend
Bailey: You got that right

Julia: You gotta get rid of it Griffin. You gotta get rid of the shop. You gotta let it go. I'm not gonna keep working crummy jobs. I'm done.

Elliot to Sarah: It's not that simple. Because I wasn't sure. I didn't want it to be true. When I realized how I felt about you I thought you were my salvation or something. I thought, if I could love this woman that would make it all go away.

Sarah: Wow, I just don't get men, like, at all.
Elliot: Yeah? Welcome to the club.

Griffin: I had $100,000 and now I don't. How's that not my fault?

Claudia: The only thing that matters. The only thing that's real is the Here and Now. No matter how much you love something or how much you take it for granted, nothing lasts forever.

"...and I don't want you two running off so you can pump iron, or jog, or WHATEVER the hell it is YOU do when YOU get together!" -Sarah

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