Quotes from I Give Up

Charlie: I know how to sign my own name.
Claudia: And we're all so very proud of that.

Kirsten: What you're seeing in there is depression. Maybe I don't know what chest pictures mean, but I know what depression means and I know how scary that is, okay?

Bailey: I'm really tired of being the guy who just....no sweat, bring it on. I can handle it. I can handle everything. Because you know what? I can't. I can't handle everything. It's easier to just....not.

Bailey to Charlie: The doc says you're doin' much better and what you really need now is some high-quality REM sleep, and then...
Charlie: Then what? I'll only have cancer? ... Just let me be OK with 'whatever happens is gonna happen.' It's so much better that way. If I get better, I get better -- that's great. If I die, I die -- that's not so great. But, you know what -- it's there. So please, just let me stop pretending that it's not.

Paul: I don't want your apology Kirsten. I just want your.....I just want you.
Kirsten: You can't tell me your jealous?!
Paul: I can't? Are you kidding? How many times have you been near or at an altar with this man?

"I know you want me to tell you how I feel about him... how I love him like this, but not like that.... I can't... I just love him." -Kirsten

Charlie: I've gotta be okay with whatever happens to me. But you guys - I want to know that you're gonna be okay. It's not like I've spent enough time thinking about how I'm gonna live through this. I've also got to spend some time figuring out how I'm gonna die.

Bailey to Julia (waiting to use pay phone in hospital): You callin' Griffin? About the shop?
Julia: Annie? About the kid?
B & J (simultaneously): How's that going?
B & J (simultaneously): Don't ask.

Professor to Bailey: If you want to stay enrolled at this college, you have to get this paper done and you have to get it done right away, or...
B: Actually, what I have to do? I have to go to the hospital right now because my brother's there with pneumonia. And then I have to cover for him at his work. Then I have to go to a parent conference at my little brother's daycare, 'cause he doesn't have any parents. And then after that I have to go to my other job -- the one that actually pays my rent. So, you'll get the paper when you get it, OK? That's the best I can do.

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