Quotes from Opposites Distract

Daphne: Why should I settle for a cubic zirconium when there is a big shiny sexy diamond standing right in front of me?
Charlie: Is it snowing in here or what?

Bailey: It's like we jumped into bed so we wouldn't have to talk, you know?
Sarah: I'll take your word for it.

"That is so you. I can't fail my drivers test. I can't fail my midterm. I can't fail my marriage." -Justin

Justin: Look, if you're gonna stay with him, just do me a favor -- make sure it's for a good reason and not because you think it looks bad to leave.

Julia: That's who you're going to for career advice? Someone whose main source of income is taking their clothes off?

Claudia to Daphne: It's not like you're exactly the girl next door, but, heh, I'm rooting for ya.

Bailey: Are you finding this really sad?
Sarah: You mean Charlie's acting?

Julia: It feels bad coming home to an empty house. Except it feels empty even when he's here.
Justin: Well, I guess you gotta decide which feels less bad.

Charlie's Review: A word to Charlie Salinger, who according to the program is making his stage debut -- if you have a day job, sir, I beg you not to quit it. And if you don't have one, please get one immediately.

Claudia: Go away so I can miss you.

Charlie: Do me a favor. Don't dislike her out loud, OK?

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