Quotes from Fools Rush Out

"You don't have to wear it or anything... I mean, I'm not asking you to marry me obviously. It's just that, I know that we're not right for each other right now. But maybe someday...." -Julia

Claudia to Charlie (about her prom date with Jamie): No one's gonna do any jumping.

Griffin to Julia (at airport vending machine): In the end you realize 'I just can't live without this person. What the hell - I'm gonna blow my last 75 cents on that ring.'
Julia: Yeah, but think about all the money you wasted on the tissues.
Griffin: Yeah, well, you use those when you're married, anyway.

Kirsten to Charlie: You can take it or leave it? I mean, some of us would give everything they have in the world for a baby.

Daphne to Charlie: Nobody hires a pregnant stripper.... This is not a picture of a good mom.

"This is real life. Having to make hard decisions, and compromising what each other wants, and trying not hurt each other. That's what our whole life together's been about. It doesn't mean that we don't love each other, it just means that maybe we shouldn't live with each other. It's this weekend, I saw that you were so happy. I was thinking, what is it that I can give you that would make you that happy in real life. And the one thing I could think of was to let you go off and be on your own. I could give you that." -Griffin to Julia

Julia to Griffin (in bed): I'm memorizing your ear.

Charlie to Kirsten: I want you to love him.... 'Cause I know how incredible that feels to have you in my life, and I want him to have that too.

"Yeah, well duh! Thats what we came here to do. Thats what this night is all about! Except there's no music...." -Claudia

"It's no big deal. I mean it's what it was always, pretty much. I love you. That's all." -Sarah to Bailey

"Don't tell me you're on coffee detail. I haven't stopped vibrating since last week's Mocha Krakakoa." -Bailey

"Claudia, why would someone barf on you?" -Julia

"And all I do it just run it over and over: Natalie and Jay and you, and the drinking and Oakland, and you. And there's all these reasons on one side, and on the other side, there's just you." -Annie

"Was it because you knew, all of a sudden, that you couldn't live without her? Was that it? Did you wake up one day and realize that the biggest mistake of your life was letting her go? Did you just realize that you would give up everything you have... everything, just for a shot at getting her back? Because if that's what it is, then I apologize. If you love her that much, then I'm way off base. I just hope that you really want this. Because if you don't, if you don't love her that much, then what you're doing here, you're trying to take away a wife and a daughter from someone who does." -Jay, trying to figure out why Bailey asked Annie to marry him

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