Quotes from Handicaps

"Is that a pimple? Bai? Is it?" -Charlie

"Apparently there is a nice, clean, safe stud on the third floor." -Sarah

"We had a spoken, verbal, whatever contract." -Sarah

"If I can't afford my own place to live then I'm stuck waiting for the john 'till I'm in my late 20's." -Bailey
"Hey!" -Charlie

"How was possum practice?" -Bailey

"Why should I be punished too?" -Claudia

"Don't argue morality with me Charlie because you'll lose." -Julia

"Besides I told you you shouldn't live with me out of fear. And you're not living with me out of fear. You're living with me out of desperation." -Bailey

"It's like I miss that. It's like I miss you. Yeah, I really miss you Julia." -Charlie

"What are you doing, casting for a girlfriend?" -Claudia

"I mean who leads off with their crummiest characteristics? Hi, I'm Charlie. I have a frequent body odor, a limp and a tendency towards violence. You wanna make that dinner and a movie or just dinner?" -Claudia

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