Quotes from Zap

"That's it Owen, we're gonna get you a leash." -Charlie

"Why don't you do that stuff yourself?" -Griffin
"Because we're like, incompetent." -Sarah

"We just don't think you're possum material. We're going to have to let you go." -Head cheerleader
"Are you firing me?" -Claudia

"Verve? I've got verve coming out of my ears." -Claudia

"I want a guy with a lease." -Nina
"I've got a mortgage." -Charlie

"Can you hand me that wrench thing?" -Bailey

"We are going to look back on this as one of those most important times in our lives. You know like like our Season of Self-Reliance." -Sarah

"We should take all of the energy that we used to devote to constructive things, like school work, and instead apply it to an elaborate plan to drive her out of her mind and apartment 14." -Sarah

"Sore, I'm sure. I'm mean, sure I'm sore." -Claudia

"This is your job, huh? Stand around and eat free food? It's a pretty good job, even if they don't pay you anything." -Griffin

"Salinger. S-A-L, no I haven't read it." -Charlie

"You're not sick, Charlie. You're in love. You're love sick." -Claudia

"You're never going to guess what I have." -Charlie
"Is it contagious?" -Nina
"I hope so." -Charlie

"So I'm forever linked with chicken livers in your brain?" -Charlie

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