Quotes from Immediate Family

"Did they change your medication?" -Bailey to Charlie

"Wanna be my date for the evening?" -Bailey
"As long as I don't have to hold your hand." -Claudia

"Hey, dimple boy." -Annie

"Who died and made you Dear Abby?" -Claudia

"These nuts are driving me nuts." -Reed

"If you weren't such a miserable person all the time, maybe you could be happy for someone else for a change." -Griffin

"I love you Kirsten." -Charlie
"I love you too." -Kirsten

"I'm dead, okay? Pay your respects and get out." -Claudia

"Griffin, he said on the phone to make sure you were here." -Julia
"Why? So he could poison me?" -Griffin

"Salinger, Party of Seven." -Waiter

"Salingers apostrophe. That's like the whole family. That's us." -Claudia

"Just call me when you're closed, or whatever." -Nina

"Well, the endive is just right, and the, uh, balsamic's perfect, and I'm married Charlie. I, uh, I got married." -Kirsten

"I'm happy for you. And you know what? I really, really mean that. 'Cause I really am. And I don't know - I guess that means that things must be going okay for me too. That's all I ever wanted, was to see you happy. I guess I always thought that meant we'd be happy together, but I lost you - but I still get what I wanted most. I still got what was most important. ...I love you Kirsten." -Charlie

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