Quotes from Positive Attitude

"If I owned an Armani anything, I would wear nothing else. I mean, what is your problem with this suit?" -Claudia
"Okay, you want to know what it is... Kathleen gave it to me. Like as a tip so every time I put it on I feel like a gigolo or something." -Charlie
"That's very moving Charlie, but my feeling on this is unless you're going to say that in your wedding toast, you should put on the suit." -Claudia

"How does this smell? -Sarah
"That depends. What kind of insect are you trying to repel?" -Bailey

"A cake I like... a cake I like is an ice-cream cake." -Griffin
"A cake that melts. Are you insane?" -Julia

"Charlie, what happened to you?" -Claudia
"Nothing, I guess. I just haven't been eating much since Nina went on that trip." -Charlie
"Get her on the phone, we gotta fatten you up." -Claudia

"I keep looking at everything, and I'm like...what's 75% of that tree over there? Is that a lot? Is it a good chance? Does it mean I'm gonna live?" -Charlie

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