Quotes from Truth Be Told

"It must be bad, otherwise you would have leveled with me. You would have said it's cancer and one in four people who get it die. But you didn't. You said it was one hundred percent curable and then you bought me ice cream." -Claudia

"Are you going to die?" -Claudia
"No, I'm NOT going to die." -Charlie
"Why should I believe you?" -Claudia

"This isn't actually happening to me. That's the reason I'm so calm." -Charlie

Bailey: Today's just 24 hours and if you're lucky you're unconcious for 8 of them and a good football game takes up 3 of them and you give me a hand here, that's an hour easy and you're down to 10.
Charlie: 12.
Bailey: Whatever, you get my point.

Charlie: I'm sick and you have a problem with my process ?!? Get over yourself, Julia.

Kirsten: I don't want to be the only one Charlie. Because what happens when I disappoint you some day...and I'm scared cause if I'm the only one I have to watch what I say and what I do...I hear what you are saying about them and it's like, I'm next in line to make the same mistakes they're making. I'll call you too much or not enough. Or you're going to get insulted about some analogy I make from my life.

Sarah: What else?
Bailey: What else?
Sarah: Yeah, what else do you want to yell at me about. Because if this helps you to be angry and scream about how unfair this all is...how helpless you feel, how helpless you are, well then that's what you need to do. Go ahead, I can take it.

"Get over yourself Julia. Man, I thought Owen was the baby of the family." -Charlie

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