#1 Moving On
#2 Separation Anxiety
#3 Naming Names
#4 A Mid-Semester's Night Dream
#5 The Baby
#6 Forgive and/or Forget
#7 Tender Age
#8 Love and War
#9 Gifts
#10 One Christmas, to Go
#11 Rings of Saturn
#12 Witness for the Persecution
#13 Fillmore Street
#14 Stand by Me
#15 Whatever Works
#16 Party of Freud
#17 Fam-i-ly
#18 Driven to Extremes
#19 Judgment Day
#20 The Wish
#21 Get Back
#22 Fragile
#23 I'll Show You Mine
#24 Haunted
#25 Otherwise Engaged

A Family Album

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#1 Moving On: Aired Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Charlie drives a very pregnant Daphne nuts with his over-protectiveness until she finally leaves. Bailey's stress about becoming old before his time is compounded by his taking Claudia off to boarding school in Massachusetts. Julia finds Stanford to be a meat market.

#2 Separation Anxiety: Aired Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Daphne realizes she can't go back to her old life, but before she returns Charlie gets so scared that he sees a lawyer about asserting his parental rights. He ends up taking a job as a shop teacher to make a better legal appearance. Julia fights her feelings for Josh, and accidently attracts the attention of Ned. Claudia fears being labeled a nerd at at school, but begins to realize that being smart is not necessarily a bad thing. Sarah finds out that her parents have separated.

#3 Naming Names: Aired Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Charlie delights in learning that he is going to have a daughter, and wants to name her Diana, while Daphne has no interest in knowing anything about the baby and hates the name Diana. Julia tries dating Josh, but keeps dodging his kisses. Julia and Griffin both lie, Julia that she's not seeing anyone and Griffin that he is. Julia ends up kissing her roommate's boyfriend, Ned. Griffin, short on cash, moves back into the shed. Sarah, distraught by her parents' divorce, tries to find her real mother only to learn she recently died in a plane crash. She tries meeting her real grandfather, but is not welcomed. Claudia establishes herself as the cool smart girl who doesn't need to rebel to have a good time.

#4 A Mid-Semester's Night Dream: Aired Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Daphne, after her false labor, is confined to strictly bed rest for the remainder of her term. She finally shows Charlie that she's scared and that she cares for the baby, and they grow closer when he confines himself to bed rest with her. Jamie thinks Claudia is having an affair with another guy when he comes to visit her at boarding school and she doesn't seem interested in seeing him. It turns out she's just so happy at boarding school that she doesn't want to miss him. When Ned pursues Julia, she tries to discourage him, but ends up giving into her feelings. Meanwhile, Maggie knows something is wrong but can't figure out what. Will comes back and crashes with Bailey and Sarah. They know something is wrong, but Will denies it until a girl from school shows up at their doorstep claiming to be pregnant by Will.

#5 The Baby: Aired Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Daphne has a condition which means that if she doesn't have a C-section, she could die from a hemmorhage or liver failure, however the baby's chances if born this early are slim. Charlie decides to go through with the C-section and both Daphne and the baby (Diana) survive. Ned joins Julia during her family emergency and he and Griffin meet for the first time. Maggie catches Ned and Julia together. Claudia comes home from boarding school to be with Charlie during the crisis. Sarah and Bailey let Will's girlfriend Hanna stay with them since Will refuses to take any responsibility. Hannah decides she wants to have an abortion and Bailey gives her the money she needs, but Sarah is upset by Bailey's support for Hannah's decision.

#6 Forgive and/or Forget: Aired Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Daphne has trouble embracing the baby, but when finally left alone with Diana she does just fine. Owen starts to feel neglected now that he's no longer the baby of the household, and Claudia worries about him, although Charlie assures her that this is normal and will pass. Claudia feels needed around the house and is reluctant to go back to school. When Bailey finally ships her off Claudia asks Griffin to take pictures of Diana and send them to her at school... and to keep an eye on Owen. Sarah realizes that she's not comfortable having sex with Bailey if he's not prepared to be a father should the need arise. Bailey has trouble being with Sarah without that closeness that they used to share, and he moves out of the apartment and back into the Salinger homestead. Julia is suffering the consequences of stealing her roommate's boyfriend, and drops out of the economics class that both she and Maggie are in. Julia sleeps with Ned for the first time.

#7 Tender Age: Aired Wednesday, November 18, 1998

It is Thanksgiving Day. Paul is getting fed up with how much time Kirsten has been spending with Charlie, but she convinces him that Thanksgiving will be best at the Salingers'. Julia invites Ned home for the holiday. Bailey and Sarah are still apart. Owen runs away from Charlie at the mall, and everyone bands together to look for him. Daphne, manning the phones at home, keeps putting off Claudia when she calls until Claudia starts to get scared because no one's home and Daphne tells her the truth. Claudia is heart-broken that she's not with her family for the crisis and the holiday. Bailey, through losing Owen, realizes that he would embrace a baby if he and Sarah were to have one, and he and Sarah reconcile. Griffin and Ned are definitely not getting along.

#8 Love and War: Aired Wednesday, December 2, 1998

Claudia desperately wants to come home and so she tries to get herself kicked out of school. Charlie is finding it hard to balance Owen's needs with those of Diana and still get sleep. Julia learns about Ned's terrible relationship with his parents and his autistic brother. Bailey goes to war with a famous restaurateur who is planning on opening a new restaurant across the street from Salingers'.

#9 Gifts: Aired Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Charlie and Daphne are having a really hard time taking care of Diana, and Charlie realizes that Daphne really isn't connecting with her daughter. Griffin gets a job that takes him to Boston where he finds Claudia and ends up bringing her back to San Francisco. Julia tries to get to know Ned's brother better, but Ned is frustrating by her nosiness and tells her he wants to keep her to himself. Bailey gets a huge surprising tax refund along with the knowledge that he is making more money than his father did, and he goes on a spending spree that Sarah doesn't necessarily appreciate.

#10 One Christmas, to Go: Aired Wednesday, December 16, 1998

When Daphne's mother comes to visit for the holidays, Daphne realizes that she has inherited her lack of feeling towards Diana from her own mother. Charlie finally realizes that Griffin and Claudia are the only members of the family that want to be around the old homestead. Julia is pissed when Ned pulls a stunt to keep her around for the holidays, but also is complimented by how hard he worked to keep her around. Claudia is determined to have her family together for Christmas. Owen is sullen, and is breaking things and stealing things. Bailey disciplines him, and although Bailey feels bad about it, Owen responds to the attention that he was craving.

#11 Rings of Saturn: Aired Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Kirsten does some volunteer work at the hospital with kids and Paul realizes that he needs to give her a baby to make her happy. They discuss adopting a kid even though they had already decided that they weren't going to. Daphne plans ahead for Diana and leaves. Bailey takes Owen camping and it's a successful disaster. Ned tries to get Julia to move out of her room, and when she refuses to do so, he hits her.

#12 Witness for the Persecution: Aired Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Charlie has trouble admitting that he is scared to be alone now that Daphne is gone. Julia won't talk to anyone about being hit by Ned and just runs home. Griffin wants Claudia, with her violin, to join his band, but alienates his other band members in the process. Bailey and Sarah and held-up at the restuarant, and each deal with their residual fear in different ways.

#13 Fillmore Street: Aired Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Charlie is clueless when he becomes a single father woman-magnet. Griffin tries to help Julia, suspecting that Ned has hit her, but all he gets for his trouble is a divorce. Claudia befriends Cody in an effort to get him to rejoin the band, but Griffin warns her against him. Sarah refuses to testify against her attacker, Albert, and instead tries to befriend him in an effort to restore her faith in humanity. Kirsten and Paul have an opportunity to adopt a baby right away, but Paul backs off and hurts Kirsten deeply in the process.

#14 Stand by Me: Aired Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Griffin asks Justin to help get Julia out of her abusive relationship, but Ned manages to convince Justin that nothing is wrong. Kirsten and Paul give up on their marriage after the adoption fiasco. Charlie finally looks at the investigatie info on Daphne and realizes that he has to go look for her. Cody's ex-girlfriend Melanie joins the band, and Claudia is jealous until Cody kisses her for the first time. Sarah invites Albert over to her apartment to help him lookin for a job, and he secretly steals Bailey's gun and Sarah's keys. He comes back later that night and robs other tenants in the building, shooting one in the process.

#15 Whatever Works: Aired Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Charlie goes down to L.A. to find Daphne and tell her about her traumatic childhood. Kirsten moves forward with her divorce. After Julia convinces her brothers that all is well with Ned, Griffin loses it, refuses to sign the divorce papers, and beats up Ned so badly that Ned ends up in the hospital and Griffin ends up in jail. Claudia realizes that Griffin was right about Cody when Cody steals a Valentine's Day gift for her. Bailey chooses the family life with Owen over an incredible business opportunity.

#16 Party of Freud: Aired Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Daphne agrees to return to San Francisco with Charlie, and at the last moment backs out, scared of not being dependable for Diana. Bailey learns that Owen may have a learning disability and realizes that he wants to be Owen's legal guardian. Charlie kicks Griffin out, but Claudia is still concerned about her brother-in-law. Julia convinces Ned to go to counseling instead of breaking up with her, but it backfires and he ends up isolating her even more in a new apartment. Kirsten, upset that Daphne may be returning with Charlie, goes to stay with her parents in Chicago.

#17 Fam-i-ly: Aired Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Sarah's mother is planning on getting remarried. Charlie and Bailey can't stop fighting over Owen. Maggie tells the Salingers about Ned hitting Julia, but Julia's brothers can't get her to leave him.

#18 Driven to Extremes: Aired Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Charlie and Bailey can't stop fighting over Owen, whose learning disability is starting to show through. Griffin kidnaps Julia, and she finally leaves Ned.

#19 Judgment Day: Aired Wednesday, March 17, 1999

Charlie and Bailey go to a judge about their fight over Owen. Ned stalks Julia. Kirsten and Griffin accidentally move on from their lives with the Salingers together.

#20 The Wish: Aired Wednesday, April 14, 1999

In a city-wide blackout, Griffin and Julia physically reunite when trapped in an elevator together despite Griffin's better judgment. Sarah educates Claudia in the ways of men. Paul tells Charlie that Kirsten belongs with Charlie. Bailey gets close to his new control freak restaurant manager. Claudia's birthday wish comes true when her entire family is together for her 16th birthday.

#21 Get Back: Aired Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Julia and Griffin have been having secret rendezvous. Julia picks Claudia up from school and tells her that she and Griffin are back together. Claudia confesses to Ross that she is in love with Griffin. Owen lies at school about his parents. Bailey learns how confused Owen is about his family and realizes that Owen is losing part of his heritage by living away from the Salinger house. Claudia asks Charlie if he and Kirsten are going to get back together now that they are both single. Kirsten gets accepted to an overseas program and tells Charlie that the program could be long term.

#22 Fragile: Aired Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Bailey and Sarah move back into the Salinger home. Charlie moves in with Kirsten. Claudia and Cody bond at an REM concert. Bailey has trouble staying away from Lauren, but re-commits himself to Sarah. Julia develops a friendship with her new visiting writing professor.

#23 I'll Show You Mine: Aired Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Claudia has trouble talking to Cody about her fears about going too far too fast. Charlie realizes that taking things slowly is not the way to go with Kirsten. Bailey and Sarah have more trouble with their relationship as their worlds collide. Julia impulsively kisses her professor, but her professor doesn't want to be toyed with.

#24 Haunted: Aired Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Julia mends her friendship with Perry, and goes out on a date with Josh, but realizes she really shouldn't date until she spends some time alone with herself. Sarah is having an identity crisis, because she's only nineteen and already in the role of mother/wife, but not really. Bailey thinks an engagement ring might help. Daphne comes back to town, and although Charlie tells her that he's with Kirsten now, Kirsten still feels threatened. Daphne declares that even though she can't be back for Charlie, she's back for Diana.

#25 Otherwise Engaged: Aired Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Charlie proposes to Kirsten, and she eventually says yes. Bailey proposes to Sarah, and at first she says yes but then realizes she can't commit to something like this so young. Daphne tries to find her place in Charlie and Kirsten's new life. Justin's in town and offers Julia help with studying for finals. She turns it down and manages, all on her own, to win a fellowship for school next year. Claudia thinks drinking with Cody's friends will endear her more to him, but actually, it's just the opposite.

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