Season 5, Episode 13: Fillmore Street

The credits: scott bairstow, mary ward, freddy rodriguez, chad todhunter, michael reilly burke, jennifer hetrick, diana-maria riva, with taj mahal, and tim dekay, mandy levin, andi eystad, edited by stephen potter, production designer bill eigenbrodt, director of photography joe pennella, co-producer valerie joseph, producer daniel attias, producer paul marks, supervising producer steven robman, consulting producer p.k. simonds, co-executive producer tammy ader, executive producer ken topolsky, executive producer john romano, written by julia dahl, directed by eric jewett

Co-starring Casey Wallace as Emily, Mildred Dumas as Waitress, Jill Remez as Secretary.

Transcribed by Rachel

The Assistant District Attorney is talking to Bailey and Sarah at the courthouse. He's going to do a mock cross-examination to prepare them for their testimony. He asks them to wait for a moment. Bailey heads out to find the restroom. A woman comes over. She's the sister of Albert Terry, the man who robbed the restaurant. Sarah tries to walk away, but the woman is pretty aggressive and tells Sarah that he steals things, but he has never hurt anybody before. He has a baby and he steals because he doesn't have enough money. Sarah asks her to stop talking to her. The woman says she's just trying for her baby brother.

Ned comes over to Julia's table at the library. He apologizes, but then says they have to figure it out, they are going to run into each other again and again. She asks him if he lost control. It's the only time he's been that mad, scared really. She knows he was scared because her not wanting the apartment was her not wanting them. He agrees. She says he went crazy, everyone loses control some times. The more you care about someone the easier it is to get that mad at them. He just cares, how can she hold that against him? He asks how she got so amazing. She says she loves him.

Life Insurance Office
The adjustor tells Charlie she just has a few more questions. She asks who Diana Salinger is. Charlie answers that she is that peanut there, that wet peanut. He finishes changing her diaper. The adjustor, Beth says he should think about claiming his wife or girlfriend or whatever too. He says it's just him and Diana. She says good, then covers. She asks how much coverage he wants. He says half a million. She is going to have to witness him signing it and they are waiting for his mortgage information. She pauses to take the dirty diaper from him. She then offers to bring the documents over to his house tomorrow night. Is he still living at the address on the form. Charlie is amazed at the service, oblivious to what Beth is actually asking. He would be happy to have her stop by.

Sarah and Bailey's Apartment
Bailey is stunned to hear Terry's sister approached Sarah. She says it wasn't that big a deal. Bay asks if she bought what the woman was saying. Sarah didn't, she made her feel guilty, like it was her fault Terry was in trouble. Bailey says he'll make sure they all can't hurt them. They are putting their lives on the line. Sarah says she wasn't afraid of her, she just resented being made to feel guilty. She'll go back and testify. She's just really confused right now. Bailey hugs her and says it'll be alright.

Paul and Kirsten's Apartment
Kirsten is on the phone while Paul reads the paper. He's stunned to discover the number of children around the world displaced by war and famine. Kirsten gets off the phone to report they passed their home study and the lawyer wants to see them the next day. Paul continues to discuss the plight of children around the world. Kirsten points out that international adoptions can take a long time, years even. Paul thinks they can happen faster. China is full of orphanages with babies, besides who's going anywhere? If they are going to adopt, why don't they save a child as well. Kirsten agrees.

Julia comes home to find Griffin. Maggie let him in. She wants to know what he's doing there. He had the day off, so he thought he would come down and take a look at the car. She told him it was just a little tap. He was worried that tap would mess up her alignment. She already took the car to the shop. Griffin says he'll look just to be sure. It's okay, they were friends of Ned's. She is sorry he came by, but he should have called. The car isn't there and she has a class. She ushers him out of the room. He stops outside the door and tells her that he's still there for her, nobody knows that old car like he does. She says she has to get to class and walks away from him.

Record shop
Cody is on the phone while Claudia pretends to look around. After he gets off the phone she goes over and tells him that she came to ask him to come back to the band. He says he can't. She asks why. He asks if she would drive 200 hundred miles and spend 5 hours digging through John Fogerty's hotel room trash for a guitar string. She asks if he's trash. Would she move out of her mom's house because she won't let her band practice in the garage and sell her grandpa's WW I dog tags to buy a 45 watt Fender bass? She might if she knew what a Fender bass was. Would she show up at a club at 5001 Fillmore Street at midnight based on a rumor that Taj Mahal would play an impromptu jam session. She might if she didn't have a trig test to study for. He says that's exactly why he quit the band when she joined and walks away. Claudia is stunned.

Griffin is checking out the body on Julia's car. Ned walks up and says hi. Griffin asks if he always sneaks up on people like that. Ned asks if Griffin always pokes around in parking lots. Griffin said he was just checking up on things. When someone gets hit like Julia did. Ned interrupts asking what he's talking about. About how she got tapped on the service road behind the dorm. Idiots out there, some guys shouldn't even be on the road. Ned asks him if it isn't true that they are separated, dichotomized, about split. Does that ring a bell for him? Griffin tells him to come right out and say it. Ned thinks he should leave all the husband, boyfriend, lover jobs to Ned now, like fixing her car or fixing her anything for that matter. He walks away.

Woodrow Wilson Junior High
A small group of female students is huddled around Charlie, cooing at the baby. One, dressed in a cheerleader outfit, Amanda, offers to come over and babysit any time. She knows he's a bachelor dad. The bell rings. Charlie thanks her for the offer. Valerie, the vice principal, walks up and tells the kids to get to class. She walks down the hall with Charlie, asking him if he minds if she calls him "Charlie." He says it's fine. She's not such a formal person, she likes hiking and music. She asks if he might be interested in going to the city council meeting for the debate about funding for the arts. He agrees. She says it starts at 9 pm, but they could get together earlier and get coffee. He suggests that she come over around 7:30. On his way to class he pulls Amanda aside and asks her to come over the next night.

Lawyer's office
Kirsten and Paul are stunned to find out that a mother in Texas has chosen them for an immediate placement. They could be on a plane next week. Paul is stunned it has gone so fast, he thought the waiting lists took forever. The lawyer said that can be the case, but they are a pediatric neurosurgeon and a stay-at-home mom with a background in child psychology. She chose them. Kirsten is so pleased. He has blonde hair and blue eyes as light as Kirsten. He is a perfect match. Kirsten can't believe there is a little boy who will be theirs.

Sarah is waiting to see ADA Fellows. While she sits in the hall they bring Albert Terry out. She watches him struggle to tie his shoes with his handcuffs. He breaks a shoelace and catches her watching him. He says he hates when that happens. She agrees. Fellows comes out and notes what's going on, and takes Sarah back into his office.

Griffin asks Charlie if he can talk to him. Does Charlie know about his dad, about the trouble they went through when he and Jill were little. Charlie says that he thinks he knows a little bit about that. Griffin goes on to say his dad had a hard time when things were out of his control. Anytime anything bad happened he would come up with a reason to smack them around. Whenever anyone has that much anger pent up, he can smell it, like a sixth sense. Charlie asks him what's going on. Griffin says that last week when Julia came home she had a sprained arm. She said she got in a car accident, but he thinks she was lying. Charlie can't believe that he thinks Ned did it. Maybe this is more about Griffin. Maybe it's about him feeling bad about Julia moving on. Griffin doesn't think so. He wants her to move on, why did he stay there last year instead of moving to Palo Alto. There is something going on down there. Charlie says he knows his sister. Griffin tells him to forget about it, he can handle it on his own.

5001 Fillmore Street
Claudia comes to the club looking for Cody. She finds him listening to Taj Mahal. She sends a drink over to him. He comes over and tries to get her to feel the music the way the group does. They don't play the music, the music plays them. If she can figure that out, he'll come back to the band. She asks him to teach her. Maybe he could, she got there tonight. He takes her and tells her to close her eyes. She needs to focus her attention on the drums, to feel the groove.

Ned is ministering to a sick Julia's needs. Her sick days were usually spent trying to cough louder than her brothers. Ned says his dad was great when he was ill, but he would have rather had a mechanic father like Griffin. He ran into him in the parking lot. She wasn't going to tell him he came by? Julia asks what he means. He thinks that if an ex-husband comes by, driving an hour to get there and the ex-wife doesn't say anything, that's kind of telling. She didn't mention it because it didn't mean anything. He can't crawl inside her head and know that. After all, they are separated, not divorced. What if they get back together. Julia says it's just a matter of paperwork. If that's true, why does she talk to him, why is he still around? The last time he checked, she was in love with him. No, he hasn't said it in a church like Griffin...Julia says that Griffin isn't a threat to them. He asks if she thinks he's paranoid. He doesn't have to stick around for that. He gets up to leave. She wasn't saying that. She's sees his point.

Sarah and Bailey's Apartment
They are having dinner. Sarah says she misses having an appetite. Bay says it will all be over soon, now that they have a restraining order, it will all go more easily. Sarah is stunned. Bay says they should be protected. He saw how scared she was. Sarah says he doesn't know how she feels. She saw him that day. Bay can't believe it. Sarah said he talked to her. Bay says this is exactly what shouldn't be happening. She saw him and she didn't see the guy who held her at knife point, not the guy she described in her statement. Bay asks who she saw. She saw someone their age, not somebody they would know, but somebody they would ride the bus with. It got her thinking about how he never hurt anybody. Bay says he hurt them. But he didn't, he ran. He's only robbed cars and stole a computer. Fellows showed her a list of his crimes. She thinks it was to scare her, but instead it just showed her how hard his life has been. Bay thinks he should be taken off the streets and locked up, but Sarah doesn't feel the same way.

Kirsten and Paul's apartment
Kirsten is arranging the cradle in their room. Paul comes in. He had a hard day. He almost lost a little girl and had a long surgery. The parents didn't have any insurance so the little girl had never had a check-up. She had a brain tumor. They almost lose a child because they don't have any money and he and Kirsten are getting one because they have money. Kirsten admits that they are very fortunate. Paul doesn't agree. He doesn't know if they should do it this way. He thinks they should wait and do it the way they said in Romania or China. She understands his concerns, thinks they are admirable, but there is a little baby boy, not in theory, but an actual baby boy waiting for them in Houston. Is he saying he doesn't want him? Not this way. Kirsten says she'll call the lawyer and tell her to call it off.

ADA Fellow's office
Fellows is trying to figure out why Sarah is changing her story. She must feel threatened by Terry's family, that they will go on a get even trip if he gets sent to prison. No, she knows how she feels. She did nothing wrong. Fellows says she's right, she doesn't have to be scared. Sarah doesn't understand why he has to go to prison because he doesn't have any money or can't get a job. So she admits that he did it, but she won't testify? She thinks it's someone else's fault? Sarah says he's a human person with a child. Why would someone resort to stealing unless there was a reason. Fellows says Terry is a violent criminal whether or not there is a reason behind what he does. Bailey asks if he can still testify. Without Sarah's corroboration, it wouldn't be worth it. If Sarah wants to walk him, he walks. Bailey tries again, but she can't be sure he's a violent criminal who deserves to go to jail, she won't say that.

Salinger house
Claudia answers the door to admit Amanda. She's surprised to hear that Amanda is there to meet Charlie. She hopes he's going to be back soon. Meanwhile Amanda can just go in the living room. And wait with his other date, she adds under her breath. Amanda walks in to find Beth, the insurance lady sitting on the couch. They greet one another as the doorbell rings. Claudia goes to find Valerie at the door. She has a date with Charlie. You too? I mean you do? Claudia also ushers her into the living room. Valerie is surprised to see Amanda. Claudia asks if anyone would like a fight or a Sprite or something. They all would. She exits to the kitchen.

Julia is lying in bed. There is a knock at the door. She tells Ned to come in, but when he does it's Griffin. She tells him he shouldn't have come down. He asks if Ned is hitting her. Julia acts stunned and wonders why he would think that. Griffin tells her that it's okay if he is. It isn't her fault. There is another knock at the door and this time it's Ned. She says he was just leaving. Griffin asks if it bothers Ned that he's there. Does he control who and what comes in and out of Julia's life? Julia tries to get him to leave, but Griffin won't. Ned asks him to leave. Griffin asks him if he's going to make him leave. Julia tries to stop it again, asking Griffin to leave. Ned punches Griffin. Julia tells him to leave again. As he leaves he says that although Julia hasn't admitted it, he thinks he's made his point.

Charlie comes home, much to Claudia's relief. She tells him that three very dressed up women are sitting in the living room ready to be swept off their feet. Charlie is surprised. Yes, lipstick, pantyhose and very recently shaved legs. He heads to the living room to see for himself.

The three are debating why they are all there. Valerie thinks Amanda must have misunderstood. Beth asks if this is what he's into, dating three women at once. Charlie comments that Beth was coming over to sign insurance forms. She thinks he's either very slick or very thick. Claudia says he's thick. Charlie says he isn't. Amanda asks him if he knows why she takes shop. It isn't because of her great love of wood. She always said she loved his classes. He asks Valerie to help him out, but she laughs. He doesn't want to know what she was thinking. He laughs. He's sorry he mislead them, but dating just isn't on his mind right now. He can't believe he's even admitting to that, but there is only room in his life for one woman right now, his daughter. Right on cue, Diana begins to cry. He excuses himself to go get her. As he leaves Beth comments that there is nothing sexier than a single man with a Snuggli.

Hospital cafeteria
Kirsten joins Paul. She called Dale, their lawyer. She tried to convince her that sometimes a stork flies over and drops a baby in your lap because it's meant to be. Kirsten told her that it wasn't meant to be. Paul says not this way. Kirsten thinks not meant to be this way or any way. Why does she think that? She thinks that the reason they aren't on a plane right now is because they aren't ever going to be. Is she right? He didn't mean to mislead her.

Griffin and Claudia are putting the dishes away. She asks if he heard Cody is back in the band. He heard. She heard that he heard. She wants to know why he told Cody to stay away from her. He's trying to save her the effort of finding out what a jerk Cody is. It's easy to fall for jerks. There are plenty of guys who wouldn't make her wander down Fillmore Street in the middle of the night. She says it isn't his decision, but he says it is because he cares about her. She has a decision to make, either the band or Cody. Not both, it's that simple.

Sarah and Bailey's Apartment
Bailey comes to say good night. Sarah has about another hour of studying. He thinks it's good that she can concentrate again. Her conscience must be clear. She asks if that is a good thing. She makes her own decisions. Sarah gets up, is that because she decided not to ruin somebody else's life. Bailey doesn't know. Is it fair to people who work hard to get the things they need, people who one day when they have their back turned . . . She tells him that's enough. All she has is her faith in second chances. That's the only thing that will get her back to her old self, so she isn't scared all the time. He can't believe that is what she wants to do, to let people just take advantage of her so she isn't scared. If she doesn't put these people behind bars, what does she do. Something else. He wants to know what, but she doesn't know yet. He kisses her and tells her not to stay up too late.

Griffin opens up the door to let Julia in. She should have called from the house, he would have come in (it is raining very hard outside). She said she wanted to be alone so they could talk. He knows everyone thinks he should butt out, but he can't just stand by. She says that she appreciates that. She isn't mad anymore. How can she be when he is worried about her. He asks what's going on with her. She called Emmett and he's going to draw up the divorce. Griffin is stunned. He can't believe that is why she came down. She tells him it will be very simple, he can call if he has any questions. Griffin is very surprised. Julia says that she and Ned are making a go of it and him hovering over them is not helping. He can't believe that she thinks he is looking over her shoulder. That's the first time he had been down there. But, he's still in her life, he lives with her family. It's not fair to him to have to worry about her when she can't worry about him anymore. He wonders if that is it. She says it is.

Coffee shop
Charlie comes to meet Kirsten. He came as soon as he could. He asks what the matter is. She's upset, crying. She's sorry she's such a mess. He asks what happened. She had him, a baby boy. She came thisclose to having a baby and Paul ran, as fast as he could. He couldn't help it. And now he's gone and that's it. She doesn't know how to forgive him, if she wants to. She doesn't know if she can do it anymore. She tells him about he baby, how he had her eyes. He was a perfect match. Charlie holds her, comforts her.

Ned is there when Julia comes back. It was hard, but it's over. Ned says she should have waited, not gone out in the rain. Now she's going to be stuck in bed for week. She asks if that would be bad. He doesn't think so and kisses her.

San Francisco street
It's the next day and the sun is shining, people cleaning off the street in front of their shops. Sarah walks up to a beaten down building, knocking on the door. A man with a baby opens the door. She asks for Albert. He comes to the door. She introduces herself and holds out her hand for him to shake. He takes her hand.


Oh Julia, what are you doing? I am finding this story hard to watch. I'm glad they are doing it, I think it's important and being portrayed realistically, but I just wish our girl was a little smarter, thought a little more of herself. To my mind, the best part of the story is the beefed up role for Griffin.

I was really glad to see them dig into Griffin's past with his father. I think what he said is true, if you have been in that situation it is more likely that you can see the early signs. It was good that he went to Charlie, but again, why would Charlie even think that is hitting Julia? He probably hasn't had any experience with abuse and wouldn't assume that is what is going on. He probably just thinks it's Griffin's jealousy.

I'm liking this grown-up Claudia. She is 16 and she's acting in a lot of the ways Julia did when the show began. I was thinking that it was a bit of a stretch for her to be all dressed up and going to a club, but then I remembered Julia's stint as a cocktail waitress. I'm not sure what I think of Cody, but it's nice to see Claudia getting a life of her own. Again, nice to see Griffin trying to be protective of her in the face of his inability to do anything for Julia.

I'm riding out this Bailey and Sarah thing. I don't get her at all! I can understand having some sympathy for the guy and asking for leniency, but to just let him loose is wrong. Unfortunately, he's probably going to go do it to someone else and I lay a little bit of that blame at her feet. She's right that the world isn't fair, but I don't think letting Albert Terry just go free was the best way to help him or his child.

Speaking of children, I loved the baby Diana as a chick magnet subplot! I agree with the life insurance woman. Single men with a Snuggli are terribly sexy. Married men with a Snuggli can be pretty sexy. I do think the junior high kid was having a delusion of grandeur, but other than that it was a funny sequence.

Kirsten and Paul. Are we through here? Sometimes this marriage has seemed like the 40 years in the desert. I know Paul has fans out there, but I'm not one of them. He seems whiny and manipulative to me. He was extremely passive aggressive tonight and I hope that I was sensing that Kirsten has cut him loose. I know where she can get a baby . . .

Best element of this episode: the rain. Each of the pivotal end scenes were set against the big rain storm. Griffin telling Claudia not to see Cody again. Bailey and Sarah again struggling to understand what the other wants. Kirsten and Charlie sharing her sorrow. Julia asking Griffin for the divorce and her return to Ned at Palo Alto. These are big things setting up the next few weeks and months. They aren't very happy things and the rain helped to establish that feel.

To follow that up, the sun over the city and Sarah going to make an effort with her attacker seemed like a new beginning. I'm not sure she's the one I would have chosen because I don't think that's going to end well, but it was a good transition.

No fireworks here, but it wasn't bad. Not bad at all.

Copyright 1999 by Rachel Vagts. All rights reserved.

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