Season 5, Episode 14: Stand by Me

The credits: scott bairstow, chad todhunter, jane kaczmarek, freddy rodriguez, jolie jenkins, rose portillo, with isabella hofmann, and tim dekay, and michael goorjian as justin, edited by richard freeman a.c.e., production designer bill eigenbrodt, director of photography joe pennella, co-producer valerie joseph, producer daniel attias, producer paul marks, supervising producer steven robman, consulting producer p.k. simonds, co-executive producer tammy ader, executive producer ken topolsky, executive producer john romano, written by tammy ader, directed by jonathan prince

Co-starring David Tom as Heath, Frank Liberman as Mr. Belmont, Sean Nadeau as Ray, Nikki Kloe Robinson as Soccer Girl

Transcribed by Rachel

Julia and Ned are skinny-dipping in the pool at Stanford. She can't believe they are doing it. He reminds her that she wanted to do some different things. She says she did it as a child, but never when she had to crawl past a security guard on her belly. He quotes Nietzsche asking if she wants to be constrained by the small minded morality of the system. She should be a superwoman. She points out that Nietzsche was nuts, but she likes the superwoman comment. He suggests that they bungee jump off the Transamerica building the next night. She would like to, but she can't, she has plans. He asks if she has a date. She says no, it's Justin's parent's anniversary party. Ned is upset, he swims away asking if it's her old boyfriend Justin. Julia tells him it's not a big deal. Ned asks what the deal is with her. First it's her ex-husband, now her ex-boyfriend. The men seem to be coming out of the woodwork. She's not going to see him, she's going to see his parents. They were like a second set of parents to her. Justin is ancient history and he has a girlfriend now. Ned is coming with her. They kiss

Kirsten and Charlie take Diana to the park. A young girl comes to retrieve her soccer ball from them. She comments to Kirsten that her baby is really pretty. Kirsten is pleased that the girl would think she is Diana's mother, that she got her up that morning, dressed her. Ever since Paul said they could adopt, she can't go back. It's like finding out she can't have children all over again, only it's worse this time. Charlie tries to stop her. At least before it was just nature, now there is someone to blame. Charlie tells her to not give up. He thought a lot about it last year in the hospital and people do it to easily sometimes. She should go home to Paul and not give up.

Sarah and Bailey's apartment
Sarah and Bailey are coming home from shopping. She asks if he got the newspaper. Bay thought she had stopped reading it. She hasn't. She needs the classified ads. Bay wonders why she is looking for a job. She isn't, it isn't for her. They get on the elevator. She asks Bailey not to lose it and then tells him that she is going to help Albert Terry find a job. Bailey can't believe it. First she makes herself the judge and jury, now she's his guardian angel? Sarah didn't even want to tell him, she knew he would react this way. They get off the elevator and greet their neighbor, Mr. Belmont. He asks where their little boy is. His grandson is coming over again and would like to play with him. Sarah tells him that Owen is Bay's little brother, but he should be over to visit again. Belmont says that they will have some of their own some day. Sarah reminds Bailey that Albert has a baby. Bailey says he'll give Sarah the number for the temp agency he uses for the restaurant. Sarah thanks him. She'll have so many leads before Albert gets over there. Bay stops her, she isn't going to have him to their apartment, is she? Her victim support group told her to take control, feel empowered. This is her way of doing that. Bay will stay home. Sarah says no. He'll make him feel like a criminal. Bay points out that he is a criminal. She says that helping Terry is going to help her, help her face her fears. Bay says ok, but not at the apartment. She should meet him downtown. Sarah agrees.

Justin comes to find Griffin at work. Griffin called him. Justin heard he and Julia were having trouble, but he figured he was the last person Griffin would want to see. Griffin tells him he isn't the last. The last is the new guy at school she's seeing. He's hitting her. Justin points out that of course he's hitting on her. Griffin repeats himself. He's hitting her. Justin asks what the hell Griffin is doing there fixing fan belts. Griffin tells him that she won't let him anywhere near her, that she filed for divorce. Now Justin knows what this is about. Griffin says it isn't about jealousy, yes he is jealous, but Julia needs somebody she trusts to confront her. Justin asks if he is supposed to go down there and drag her away from some guy she says she loves. Griffin says to skip it. He wouldn't want to make Justin miss his squash game at the club. Justin turns to leave. Griffin calls after him. He doesn't like Justin. He got Julia to leave him. If there was anybody else, any other way he would do it. She's always been able to talk to him about stuff. Justin agrees to check it out.

Record store
Claudia comes in to talk to Cody. He can't talk, his boss is totally riding his butt. Claudia professes some interest in a John Lee Hooker cd. Cody comes over to help her with it. She asks if Griffin talked to him. He did. He told Cody he can see Claudia or quit the band. She can't believe him. She notices the manager watching them. She asks about a Muddy Waters cd, Cody comes over on that side. He says that Griffin runs the band, but not his life. No one tells him what to do. He invites her to a concert that night. Claudia agrees, stumbling over whether or not it's a date.

Kirsten and Paul's apartment
They are sitting down for dinner. She asks about his day. It was the usual. He asks about her. She went shopping and then stopped at a travel agent. Maybe they should get away. Paul asks what for. She asks if they need a reason. He says they do right now because the idea of going to the beach with her wearing those "you let me down" eyes does not appeal to him. What's even worse than how she looks at him is how he looks at himself. She thinks they should get away. Paul thinks it won't work, their problems will only follow them. When they didn't get on that plane to Texas, she asked him to be honest. He needs her to be honest with him now. She says she loves him. He knows. It's over she says.

Anniversary party
Ned and Julia arrive at the Thompson's 25th wedding anniversary. It's being held at a ballroom and everyone is very dressed up. Ned makes a snarky remark about the leisure class. Justin comes over to greet them. Julia is delighted to see him and they hug. Ned interrupts by sticking his hand out for Justin to shake. Julia apologizes and introduces them. They both say they've heard about each other. Julia asks where Justin's girlfriend is. About an hour before they got on the airplane she told him she was sleeping with their ethics teacher . . . so they broke up. Mrs. Thompson comes over, pleased to see Julia. They are so proud of her for being at Stanford. They walk away. Ned turns to Justin and expresses that he's heard all about Justin and even though he's there solo, she's with Ned now. Justin says he isn't trying to hook up with Julia. Then there shouldn't be a problem. Ned was just saying so Justin would know. Mrs. Thompson comes back over with Julia and asks if she and Justin would dance together for old times sake. Justin tries to say no, but Ned says they should go ahead.

Justin takes Julia out on the dance floor. He tries to find out how she's doing, but she's pretty cagey. Justin reminds her that she can tell him anything. If this guy is . . . Julia asks what he's asking. Ned comes up and cuts in. Justin watches with a look of confusion, concern.

Sarah and Bailey's apartment
Sarah opens the door to find Albert. She asks what he's doing there. She called his sister so they could meet at Union Square at 8. He didn't get the message. He asks if he should go away. Sarah says no and invites him into the apartment. She looks uncomfortable with the whole situation. Albert asks if she lives alone. She says no, her boyfriend lives with her and he'll be home soon. He says they should get started.

Sarah tells him he doesn't have to put on his applications that he was arrested. He wants to be honest, but she says he is. He wasn't convicted. That was the question. She asks about education. He dropped out in ninth grade. Experience? Special skills? She comments that robbing a restaurant doesn't count. It was a joke. He laughs. She asks if he knows how to type . . . He knows how to cook. When her sister's husband left and she got a job he had to cook breakfast for all the kids. He makes great pancakes. She thinks that's a great idea. He wonders if anyone would hire him. She says it depends on how good the pancakes are.

Kirsten is sitting on the bench while Charlie rakes the backyard. They both knew it was over, but Paul made her say it, maybe even before she did. They can't build a life on the absence of things, things he doesn't want and she can't have. She heard what he said about giving up too easily, but this isn't easy. Most of the time when people like her and Paul get divorced people say it's a good thing there weren't any kids. But with them they are getting divorced because there aren't any kids. What is she going to do? She can't go home, she can't face him. Charlie says she can come stay with them.

Julia meets Justin at the cafeteria. He e-mailed her twice last week and she never responded. She says she's been busy with classes. And with "this guy, Ned" Justin adds. Julia asks why he always refers to him as "this guy, Ned." Justin asks if he's treating her alright. Last night he seemed sort of intense, as in possessive. Julia agrees that he's intense, but he pushes her to do more. He even took her skinny-dipping, something she hasn't done since she was with Justin. He says it isn't something he'll easily forget. Griffin and her never did things like that. It was always like finding the money and paying the rent.

Ned's roommate, Ray comes up. He's delighted to see her, he can go back to his room now. He spent the night before on a couch in the student union. As he leaves Julia starts to pack up. She's sorry, but she has to go, she didn't tell Ned she was meeting Justin. He can't believe that she needs Ned's permission to see him. Julia asks what the deal is with the third degree. Things aren't perfect, but they are so close.

Griffin has an announcement. He's gotten the band their first gig. Tomorrow night at the chop shop. The search for their lead singer is over. On a hot tip from Cody that the Julian Fries were breaking up . . . come on down Melanie. A blond woman comes in the shed. Cody hugs her. He's her favorite bass player. She asks if he's going to quit this band that he wait until the gig's over. He says he told them no new wave. Claudia looks disturbed at their closeness. Cody introduces her as the fiddle player. Claudia announces there will be no disco either.

Bailey and Sarah's apartment
Bay is surprised to see Sarah made breakfast. She made pancakes. He asks if this is about the fight they had the night before. He doesn't care that she met Terry downtown. Sarah admits that she didn't meet him downtown. Bay hopes that means she didn't meet him at all. Sarah explains how she called him and he didn't get the message. Was she supposed to slam the door in his face? Bay thinks she should have. Sarah says she won't live her life like that, in fear all the time. So, she should find the guy who hurt her and bring him into their home? Sarah says she feels better and isn't that what matters. Why doesn't he say he's glad she's better rather than yell at her. She feels safe again, isn't he happy about that. Of course he is. Okay, so leave it. She doesn't have to see Albert anymore, it's over.

Ned and Julia are in her dorm room. He asks why she lied that she was going to the library. She thought he would be upset and clearly he is. Why would she do something that she knew would make him upset? Did she know how it would make him feel to have Ray tell him that she was with Justin? Julia says it was stupid, she won't do it again. He's already told her how he feels about her talking to other people about their business. Julia says she didn't say anything. Ned isn't stupid. She only says that she loves him. Ned continues to rant about taking him to that party because Justin has a girlfriend, only he doesn't. She was dancing with him. He told her to, practically forced her onto the floor. He didn't want to look like a jerk, but she should have known that because couples are supposed to understand each other. She gets up off the bed and says she understands. Ned says she doesn't understand anything and slaps her across the face. He says he's sorry. He can't believe he did that. Julia says she's sorry, she should have never lied to him, never danced with Justin. She hugs him.

Lawyer's office
Charlie and Kirsten are at Martha Levittson's office. She's the lawyer Charlie used when he was trying to get custody from Daphne. Kirsten comments that she brought Charlie because they are very good friends and have been through a lot together. Martha looks through the file. Her husband is a surgeon makes, a good income. Kirsten says it isn't like that, she didn't walk in on him with his secretary. He's a good man, she doesn't want to take anything from him. Martha seems concerned. Kirsten asks what the matter is. She says she has to be honest with them, or she can't be Kirsten's lawyer. What is the nature of Charlie and Kirsten's relationship? She assumes Daphne isn't in the picture any longer. Charlie says she left about a month ago. Kirsten clarifies that they are just good old friends. Well, then Martha says there is no problem. She'll file as soon as she gets the name of Paul's attorney. They get up to leave, but Martha says she would like to speak to Charlie for a minute. Kirsten leaves. Martha asks if Daphne leaving had anything to do with the information she gave him. Charlie says he never looked at it. She thinks he should, that there are some very important things in that file. Charlie says the Daphne chapter in his life is done. Thanks, but that's how he feels.

Julia is lying on her bed as the phone rings. The machine picks up and it's Justin. She answers the phone. He says he has to see her. He has to ask her something and he can't over the phone. She says she can't. Because her boyfriend won't let her? No, she's sick. It must have been the shrimp at the party or the studying she's been doing. She needs to be alone. She tells him to have a safe trip back to school and hangs up. The camera pulls back to reveal Ned has been standing by her bed the whole time.

Kirsten is sitting on the bed. Charlie calls up that he put a glass of water on the night stand and a new lightbulb in the stairwell. He comes up and sits on her bed. She thinks it's kind of funny, him taking care of her. He points out that she's done plenty of it for him. She thinks they kind of trade off. She reminds him of the first time they really talked. She had lost her keys in the backyard and he helped her look for them. She had only been working there for a week and she didn't want him to think she was a total dimwit. Who would have thought? Charlie agrees. The baby starts to cry and he goes down to get her. Kirsten stops him and says good night.

Justin comes to Julia's room to find her. She isn't there, but Ned is. He just missed Julia. Ned invites him in and Justin does. Justin was concerned that Julia said she was sick, but he had breakfast with her that morning and she seemed just fine. Ned says she was until a couple of hours ago. So, did she go to the health center? No, Ned says she went to the library, despite his recommendation that she stay in bed and rest up. She has an econ test, so she wouldn't be stopped. Justin comments that she can be awfully stubborn. It can get on your nerves, can't it? Ned says that actually he likes it. It's sort of why he respects her. Nobody tells Julia what to do. He didn't want to meet his family, but she said the only way to know him was to know them. Nobody has ever wanted to know him that much. She takes care of him, like Justin is taking care of her. Justin says he has to just come out and ask Ned something. Julia has been acting very strange and now she says she's sick, when clearly she isn't. People are talking about Ned and Justin doesn't like what he's hearing. Ned asks if it's Griffin. Justin admits that it is. Ned says normally he would be upset about such a thing, but with Julia he understands why someone would care so much. He tells Justin to go ahead, what does he want to know. Justin says never mind. Just tell her that he stopped by and he said goodbye.

Bailey and Sarah's apartment
A gunshot wakes Bailey and Sarah up. He goes to investigate while she calls the police.

The band is playing "Rain King" by the Counting Crows. Melanie is singing and making eyes at Cody. She finishes the verse and steps back so Claudia can come up and play verse. The audience loves it!

Bailey and Sarah's apartment
The detective tells them that several apartments were robbed and a neighbor, Mr. Belmont, was shot when he interrupted the robbery. They ask if he will be okay. She says he should, but with a man of his age, anything could happen. Bailey asks if they caught the guy. She says they got a good description and ran it. Strangely enough it comes up with the same perp who robbed his restaurant a couple of weeks ago. They haven't had any contact with him have they? Sarah admits that he was at the apartment, she was trying to help him find a job. The detective says they should have called them. Did she leave him alone in the apartment? Sarah says she never did except to answer the phone or go to the bathroom, but that only took a minute. That's all the time it takes to search the apartment, find their keys. At least now they know how he got into the building. She goes to leave, telling Sarah that she shouldn't worry about finding him a job. He seems to have one he likes. Sarah feels terrible, Bay walks past her and starts to go through a chest of drawers. He tells her to get the detective back there. His gun is missing. Sarah can't believe he bought a gun, even after she told him not to. They have to call the police.

Bailey can't believe that something like this happened. Sarah can't believe he did it after she told him about how she felt about having a gun. He wanted it in case Albert Terry came back. She reminds him of what happened. Bailey tells her to think about their neighbors, the ones who got robbed and shot because of what she did. Yes, shot with the gun he bought to make him feel safe.

Cody tells Claudia she really kicked some ass. She's really pleased. She asks about him and Melanie. He admits that they used to play together and dated for a while. Oh, and Griffin knew that. Claudia says she has pretty hair and a good voice. She can understand why somebody like him would go for her. Cody kisses Claudia with Griffin looking on. She asks if he did that because Griffin told him not to, to make a point. He says no and kisses her again.

Salinger house
Kirsten comes in the front door with her bags. She calls for Charlie, but he doesn't answer. She goes upstairs and finds him in his room. She asks if everything is alright. She was calling and he didn't answer. He says he's fine. He has a whole sheaf of papers he's reading through. He was thinking the night before and something happened. It kept him up all night and he thinks he finally figured it all out. Kirsten says that maybe now isn't the best time. He doesn't seem to get what she means. He shows her the papers. It's the file Martha compiled on Daphne and yeah, it includes the laundry list of bad things she did, but he knew all of that. It also has some stuff that she probably doesn't know. If she did . . . maybe things would be different. He has to find her.

Sarah and Bailey went to see Mr. Belmont and he seemed okay. They are going to bring Owen over to learn chess. Bailey says he's going to call the security guy and get new locks on the door and windows and an alarm system. He asks if she wants to move, to live in a safer neighborhood. Sarah says no. She feels bad because now all of their neighbors are just as frightened as she was. She thought that faith was enough. Bay says there is so much stuff out there that you can't control, you just have to hold onto what you can. Sarah says having someone love her like he does helps. They kiss.

Julia comes back to her room. Ned asks where she's been. She was at the library. Until midnight? Her study group went out for a bite to eat. Is that alright? Ned tells her that Justin came by. She told him not to. He knows. He came by to say good-bye. So he's not mad? No, actually he's an okay guy. Julia tells Ned that he's a better dancer. He says they should do it more often. She would love to go to a club. He thinks they should dance right there and so they do. She thinks it's strange without music, so he starts singing "Stand by Me."


At first glance I think I might not have much to say about this episode. It just didn't do much for me. I have yet to really like any of the episodes Tammy Ader has written. This may in fact be colored by the fact that she is responsible for last year's "Parent Trap" that I have branded as the worst single episode of Party of Five ever produced and aired for television. Having said that, you may want to take the rest of this with a grain of salt.

Bailey and Sarah...what's the deal? To some extent I got the whole altruistic thing with Sarah. She is a sweet kid. She likes to think that there aren't really bad things in the world despite discovering that she's adopted, her parents splitting up, her boyfriend cheating on her, becoming a drunk and almost killing her, etc. Her perfect world was marred by the whole stick-up experience and she's tried to get it back together. She did this by taking a guy who already held her at knife point into her apartment. That is beyond naive, that is just plain stupid.

This brings me to another point . . . why is it we meet their nice neighbor just so he can get shot by Bailey's gun. Didn't see that one coming [insert sarcastic tone]. At least they didn't have Owen shoot his little friend with the gun, although who knows, it could happen next week.

So, Paul is gone. Didn't see that one coming either [that's right, sarcasm again]. I did think it was a very nice moment when Charlie and Kirsten reminisced about the first time they really talked. I saw that scene again this fall on Lifetime and it reminded me of how great their relationship/chemistry has always been. Having said that, I'm glad they didn't just fall into bed together. Charlie has to think about Diana and even though Kirsten would be an incredible mother, there is obviously some unfinished business with Daphne.

Claudia is so grown up! I am amazed by this every week, yet Lacey Chabert is 16 and what they are doing with Claud's character is not out of line. The band story line is pretty good. It's sweet to see her in a young love story. It may be filled with angst later, but now it's just plain entertaining. I also love the music. Don't even ask, it was the Counting Crows and it's probably never going to be available commercially.

So, what does that leave, oh yeah . . . Julia. First of all, would you please circulate a memo to the directing staff. "Do not let Neve move her arms in a jerky, robotic manner." I'm thinking it has to be a directoral thing because she doesn't do it every week, but it's getting on my last nerve.

I'm sorry one of Michael Goorjian's rare appearances had to be spent on an episode like this one. He tried with the material, but it just wasn't happening. Tonight we saw whiny Justin instead of the Justin who could actually come in and do something with this situation. A real shame.

I actually can see how Julia got to this point. I had a flash of "she's too smart", but Ned has done a very good job of separating her from her friends and family and then taking all of her self-respect away. I anticipate this is the big sweeps story, so I'm going to reserve my final judgment until it plays out.

There were some pretty significant holes and a few darn hokey scenes. The anniversary party. What the heck was that whole thing with Justin's mother trying to get them to dance together "for old times sake?" I think there would have been a better way to set that up. Why could Albert get into the building the first time, but he needed to steal Sarah's spare keys to break in the second time? And what was with Julia's throw away line about maybe she ate some shrimp? We've heard before that she is deathly allergic, she blows up like a balloon. I don't think she was at the appetizer table looking for a trip to the emergency room. It wasn't awful, but c'mon guys. You can and have done much better.

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