Season 5, Episode 24: Haunted

The credits: olivia d'abo, jennifer aspen, adam scott, chad todhunter, and jacob smith as owen, edited by dana devorzon, production designer bill eigenbrodt, director of photography joe pennella, co-producer valerie joseph, producer daniel attias, supervising producer paul marks, co-executive producer tammy ader, co-executive producer p.k. simonds, executive producer ken topolsky, executive producer john romano, written by allan heinberg & john romano, directed by jan eliasberg

Co-starring Taylor Sheridan as Counterguy, Michael Santorico as Jeffrey, Tara L. Buck as Ricki, Christopher Brewster as Jordan
Transcribed by Rachel

Julia is working on her computer in her dorm room. She runs across Perry's book and looks at it. She goes over and tries to reach Perry on the phone, but gets her machine. She called to talk, but obviously Perry isn't there. She wants to say she's sorry that she just made things harder. She's would like to see Perry. She hasn't even been able to write all week and she's supposed to be writing a scholarship essay about herself and she can't write that. She asks Perry to call her. The camera pulls back to show the cover page for the Millennium scholarship.

The next shot shows the same form on the counter in the Salinger kitchen. Sarah is working an essay for the same scholarship. Bailey has Owen go work on some of his educational testing material. As he leaves Sarah asks Bay if the testing center called to confirm Owen's appointment. Not while Bailey was there. Sarah offers to take Owen's dyslexia tests if he fills out her scholarship application. Bay asks about it. They pick 5 area college students and give them an all expenses paid year of school. Bay doesn't think filling out sounds too hard. Sarah says it isn't, it's the essay about who you are and your philosophy on life that's so hard. It takes most people all of their lives to figure that out, not three days. Bay can't believe it's due in three days. He wanted to go to the movies, take Claudia and Owen. Sarah tells him the Claudia is out with Cody. She didn't tell Bailey that. Sarah wonders if she has to. She isn't grounded anymore. She thinks Bailey should give Claudia some space. He tells her not to worry, he and Claudia are under control now. As he says that Claudia walks in. She has died her hair red, is very skimpily dressed and it wearing a ton of makeup. Bailey's mouth gapes as he looks at her. He asks what she did. Sarah tells her she looks great. Bay asks again what she did. Owen comes in and exclaims about her hair. Sarah asks if it's a rinse. It's Rapacious Red. Owen asks if he can have red hair. Bailey asks if Cody asked her to do it. Claudia can't believe he asked that. Bay knows she's too smart to ruin her hair for some idiot. Sarah tries to warn him and Claudia tells him to shut up before she walks out.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten is playing with Diana on the bed while Charlie gets ready for school. She thinks the baby is exceptional. She was trying to say "apple" the night before. Charlie teases her, but she tells Diana that if it was a world of 1 year olds, she would be a leader of her people like Hillary Clinton. Or Elizabeth Dole, Charlie responds. Kirsten points out that it is his child she's admiring. He comments that she's kind of like their child right now. Kirsten looks at him. It was a dumb thing for him to say, he knows that. She understands and she remembers that Diana has a natural mother out there somewhere. So yeah, it was a dumb thing to say. He apologizes again. She says it's okay as long as he's her's anyway. They kiss. He points out that Diana loves her and feels Kirsten loving her. She knows that, doesn't she? Kirsten does. The baby coos and Kirsten admires her again.

Julia meets Perry in a restaurant. She thanks Perry for calling her back. She starts to talk about the essay, but that isn't why Perry came to meet her. Julia's sorry for what happened, it was a mistake. Perry points out that they kissed and Julia is not gay and they both know that. Julia acknowledges that, but she doesn't think it's about her being gay or not being gay. Then why did she kiss Perry? Julia doesn't know. She loves the way she feels around her. Talking with her and writing with her and even arguing with her was so great. So, she kissed her and maybe she's sorry for that, but she doesn't regret it. She's sorry things got so weird between them. Perry got her to move on with her life. Perry points out that it was all about Julia doing it for herself. So, Julia wants them to be friends again, and maybe even help her with her stupid essay. Perry agrees to look at it.

Wilson Junior High School
Claudia is talking to Charlie. He needs to do something about Bailey, he's getting out of control. She tells Charlie to correct her if she's wrong, but he is still her legal guardian. Bailey has no right to tell her when to come home or who she can and can't see. Charlie can't believe he's gotten that bad. Claudia says that in outdoing Charlie he's going to do them all in. He isn't even Bailey anymore. Charlie says he's under a lot of pressure. She tells him to talk to Bay or get his couch ready. Charlie tells her again that she's always welcome to come live with him, but she should be keeping an eye on him or he's going to need a bypass by the time he's 21. Will she do that, as a favor to him? She will, but he owes her, big time. As she leaves he tells her that she looks great.

Sarah is going to go camping so she can write her essay. She can't do it where she spends part of every day looking for Owen's lost homework. She's going to Sonoma Heights where she went on her geology dig. If she can just get away for one day and one night she can block everything else out and hear her own voice. Bay thinks it's a good idea. The doorbell rings. Bay opens it to find Daphne on the steps. She comes in looking for Charlie.

He says that he'll call around and look for Charlie. She asks if he's still teaching school. She'll just go find him there. Sarah tries to talk to her, but she is gone before they can tell her anything. Bay goes to call Charlie. He's on a field trip.

Josh walks across campus while Julia complains about their writing class and the essay she has to write for the Millennium application. Josh doesn't think their professor would flunk the best student in the class. She asks him why he's so nice to her. He says it's for research about a nice guy who chases after a complicated, haunted woman. He can't stop asking her out, no matter how many times she says no. Julia thinks it could be the woman, maybe she goes around with the wrong people cause she doesn't think she deserves the good people. He asks if she would say yes this time. She tells him it's his story, but it might work this time.

Wilson Junior High School
Charlie gets back from his field trip to find Daphne waiting for him. He's surprised to see her. She apologizes for looking terrible, but she's been on a bus for days. He says that she looks fine. He asks what she's doing there. She says she's been to the house. Charlie is surprised. Another teacher comes up and reminds him that he's responsible for half of the students. He asks him to take the students inside for a minute. Daphne says that Bay told her that he isn't living at home anymore, but nothing else. Is Diana okay? Before Charlie can answer she tells him that her mother died. That's why she was in Texas. He's sorry. A lot of things got clearer, things that she wants, things that she was dumb to give up. She kept thinking how happy the three of them were. Charlie points out that they weren't that happy. The other teacher calls for Charlie. He has a free period in half an hour, why doesn't she come back then and they can talk. She asks if something is wrong with Diana. He reassures her that the baby is fine. He goes into the school as she calls that she missed him...missed both of them.

Josh and Julia are out for dinner when they bump into Perry. She asks what they are doing there. Josh says it's a date, Julia says they're hanging out. He goes off to find a drink. Perry asks if Julia and Josh are "Julia and Josh." Julia wants to know why. Perry thought she didn't like him, that she was definitely not interested. Perry just thinks she doesn't let much moss grow under her feet. Josh reappears with a drink and Perry heads back to her friends. Julia seems a bit perturbed by the whole conversation.

Bailey is helping Sarah pack. She barely has room for her lap top and that was kind of the whole point. Bay hopes she has a lightening bolt of inspiration and she comes home early. Sarah thinks that getting away will really help. She reminds him about Owen's appointment with the psychologist. She just needs to focus on the task at hand. When she was at her essay-writing prime she could just shut the whole world out. She goes over to pick up her sleeping bag and sees a mouse dropping. She tells Bailey to call the exterminator. He was supposed to come by and check the traps. Bailey has it covered. Sarah feels like she's forgetting something.

The phone rings. It's Charlie. Bay asks if she has come by. She didn't. He figures that she doesn't know where "here" is. He's going to tell Kirsten right now. He hangs up as Kirsten comes in with a freshly bathed Diana. Charlie says he doesn't want to make too big a deal, but...he starts over. It's a good thing. He tells her that Daphne showed up at the school. Kirsten wants to know what she's doing in town. He wanted to know too, but when he dropped his class off she disappeared. She does want to see the baby, she made that much clear. Kirsten is bothered by this. Does she want to see her or want her back? Charlie says no. Does Daphne want him back? Kirsten has a million questions. What are they talking about. Charlie tells her that Daphne doesn't know about them yet, he wanted to tell her when she took off. Kirsten asks why he thinks this is a good thing. Charlie went after Daphne in LA. He's always wanted her to have a relationship with Diana. He means--Kirsten knows that he means her real mother. He realizes that nobody has taken care of Diana like Kirsten has. He wants to know why they are fighting about it. They don't know if Daphne will want Diana, or stick around or even show up. That's what Kirsten is afraid of. They'll never know what to expect from her, this year or next year or much later. That isn't a good feeling. Charlie watches her walk away.

Claudia is explaining to Cody that if he hates her henna tattoos, they'll come off in about a week. She asks him what he thinks of her's red. He says that it's dark out and he's kind of colorblind. He kisses her and tells her she's beautiful. She wonders if it's the hair, etc. He says it isn't, it's her. She tells him he doesn't have to say that, but he kisses her again. He can't help it. A girl comes over. Cody didn't introduce her to his new little friend. Claudia introduces herself and holds her hand out. The girl comments on her henna-hands. Is she a good friend of Madonna's? She tells Cody the midnight set is starting if he wants to come watch. Claudia can't believe how late it is. She goes to leave and bumps into a guy with a glass of beer. He spills it all over her.

Perry's apartment
Julia comes over and asks what Perry meant by her statement that she doesn't let any moss grow. Perry ushers her in, saying that she isn't going to have this conversation out in the hallway. She asks Julia what happened with her and Josh. Julia says nothing, they had a good time, only the last hour and a half she wasn't really there cause she was in her head trying to figure out why Perry would want to hurt her. What did Perry think? That she was so desperate and needy that she would go out with a guy she didn't even like so she didn't have to spend an evening alone? That she was so freaked out by their kiss that she would go throw herself at the first available guy to prove that she isn't gay? Perry says no. What does Julia want for her, cause whatever she does she can't seem to get it right for her. She was actually thinking how amazing it would be if after all this time Julia and Josh might actually be right for one another. Julia doesn't think that. Perry thought that too. She also thought that Julia was in a hurry for someone. She's not good at this people stuff, she's a writer and she see the writer in Julia. No matter what else is going on, a writer can see inside of themself and get what they need. A writer has to and Julia has too. It's not like she doesn't need anybody, but she shouldn't be afraid of being alone. Actually, she wouldn't be alone, she would be with Perry's friend Julia and you can trust her.

Cody walks Claudia in the house. He's sorry that their night turned out bad. Claudia thought it was good to hang with him and meet his friends. And he gave her the most amazing present. He did? She says that he's about to and they start to kiss. The lights come on and Bailey comes flying out of the house. He asks if she realizes what time it is. She asks him if he realizes how he sounds when he says it that way. He wonders what point there is in him giving her a curfew if she's not going to obey it. Claudia couldn't have said it better herself. Bailey accuses her of being drunk. She asks him if he's high. Bay moves on to accuse Cody of getting her drunk. How many did he have? Did he drive? Claudia tries to get him to stop, but Bay sends her inside. Cody tells Bailey he doesn't drink, he can't, so Bay should just back off. Claudia tells Cody that she'll see him tomorrow and goes into the house.

Bailey follows her telling her that she won't see him tomorrow. She heads for the club soda in the refrigerator and starts to try to get the beer out of her outfit. Bay tells her she can't be making a habit out of drinking. She doesn't think she has a problem, only him. He points out that it's in there family. But Charlie isn't an alcoholic, or Julia. Only Bailey has a problem. Bay asks what's happening to her. He doesn't even recognize her anymore. Out of all of them, she used to tell him everything. That's when she was a good little girl, Claudia responds. Bay wonders if because she died her hair and got tattoos she thinks she's grown-up, cause it has the opposite effect. She tells him that it may not be what he wants, but it's her life. Even at 16 there's nothing he can do about it. He tells her she's wrong. She tells him that he's wrong. He's not her dad. He's no even Charlie and he should stop trying to be. She can take care of herself, she's been doing it for a while now.

Sarah comes in from her bus to get a soda at a diner. She's supposed to transfer to get to the camp ground. She has time for a phone call before the next bus leaves. She calls Bailey and they talk about Owen's appointments. He tells her to not worry about it, but she says she's very focused, she's already halfway through her essay. In fact, more than halfway through. Did he call the exterminator? There's a honk and she sees her bus is ready to go. She quickly tells Bailey she loves him, hangs up and runs for the bus leaving her lap top computer behind.

Julia comes to find Josh. He pulls out a note he made to himself. He wanted to remind himself to not be a jerk about the night before. Before she cut it short he had a very good time. Did she? Julia says that she did. His plan was going to be to not complain about the early hour and ask her to go out again tonight. She would like to-- He sense that a but is coming. But, can they keep it vague? Vague like tomorrow or the next day? No, she was thinking more like Septemberish. He gets up mad as she tries to explain. She did this to him once before. That was different, she says. He doesn't think it feels any different. She agrees that it has the same result, but this time instead of her choosing a different guy, she's choosing herself. He asks her if she's going to break into song or something. She asks if he knows how they say you should embrace your greatest fears. Her fear is being alone. It might have something to do with her parents dying and her feeling so alone, but she has worked very hard to never, ever be completely alone. Josh says it makes sense. Each guy she's been with has been an answer to the one before. It isn't so much that she chose any of them as she ricocheted from guy to guy. She could go on that way, but it's time to stop and ask where she is in all of this, who is Julia? She's sorry cause she likes him a lot. He tells her that he doesn't think he's going to be able to wait around for her. She's worried that maybe he is the guy for her and she's letting him slip away. The old her wouldn't let that happen, but the new her kind of has to let that happen.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Daphne has somehow gotten Charlie's address and goes to knock on the door. Kirsten answers it holding Diana. They are equally surprised to see each other. Daphne made up a big story and got the address from the school. Kirsten tells her that Charlie was planning to tell her when she didn't show up at the school again. That he had gone back to Kirsten? Kirsten points out that Daphne left and acted like she wasn't coming back again. Daphne comments how beautiful the baby is. Kirsten asks if she wants to hold her, but Daphne moves away and changes the subject. She asks if Kirsten is still married to Paul. When Kirsten replies no, Daphne comments on how fast that happened. Kirsten tells Daphne how sorry she is about her mother. Daphne wonders if that's all he said, that her mom died, she showed up, what does Kirsten think about that? Kirsten tells her that Charlie is really glad she's back to see Diana. He's always wanted Diana's mother to be around. Four people came to the funeral and that includes Daphne and her mom's idiot boyfriend. Imagine a life that lonely? They both pause for a moment and then Daphne admits she isn't entirely comfortable there. Kirsten understands. She thinks there are other things they should talk about. That is what Daphne remembered about being around all of much they wanted to talk about everything, Charlie even got her a psychiatrist to talk to . Kirsten tells her that he just wanted to help her. Daphne tells her to tell Mr. Helpful that she's staying with her friends Nick and Tina, a couple that Charlie really hates. She touches the baby again. She wants to cry when she sees her. Kirsten tells her that Diana is hers and Kirsten never pretended that she was hers. Daphne asks who thought that? She kisses the baby and hands Kirsten a stuffed animal for her.

Sarah can't believe she lost her lap top. Claudia wouldn't tell her that "Daddy Big Bucks" wouldn't buy her a new one, but the fact is that he will. That isn't the point, she had spent days and days figuring out what to say about herself and now she can never get that back. Claudia tells her to start over, that's what she does when her computer crashes. Sarah says that it is too late to start over. She takes it at a time that she isn't supposed to apply for the scholarship. Bailey comes in carrying a lap top bag. Claudia congratulates Mr. Moneybags for coming to the rescue. Sarah asks if he bought her a new computer. She told him not to do that. She can't go back and recreate everything that she had already done. Did he hear any of that? Claudia doubts it. He didn't buy her a new one. He got her old one back. He hands it to her. He made some phone calls and tracked it down at the diner by the bus stop. Sarah doesn't say anything. He points out that this is a joyous occasion. All they need to do is hook it up to the printer and print it out. She can't do that, she lied. She never even started writing the essay. She couldn't. Bay points out that by the time she arrived she had already lost the computer. It doesn't matter, she can't answer the simple question about who she is. What does it say that to figure that out she has to leave him and the life they have created for one another. He thinks it's because it's so crazy around their house. That isn't it. She doesn't know anymore, she can't go three hours without calling to check in. Bay says it's because she loves him and takes care of all of them. So, is that who she is? A mother, but not really, a wife, but not quite? Is that her, cause she doesn't know? Maybe she was running away from it because she isn't very happy in that role because she's 19 and she doesn't know if she's right for that. Maybe she can't write the essay because that's not who she is and she's afraid to say it out loud.

Charlie and Kirsten are having coffee. She tells him that she had this picture of what was going on with him. He was alone and still teaching. Happy enough, but she thought that she could come home and make him happier. What was she thinking? That she would make him happy? Charlie tells her that time passes and things change. She doesn't think that much time passed. She has to heard this--he and Kirsten are together and that has changed too many times and that won't happen again. He's not saying this to hurt her, but he just wants her to know. She understands. But, they should talk about Diana. That's good because he wants her to be a part of Diana's life. She's glad because she is back now and if it can't be for both of them, then she's glad to be back for her. Charlie's glad too because he wanted her to have a mother then and he wants her to be a mother now. She should just tell them however much time Daphne wants to spend with the baby. Them? Him and Kirsten? He nods and she tries to not be upset. He tells her to come over and spend some time with them and the baby, start there. Maybe tonight? If that's good.

Claudia comes into the kitchen with a bag of garbage. Sarah is working on her essay at the table. She comments that Claudia is helping out. She's trying to. She asks how the essay is going. Sarah tells her that she just pushed the "Help" key to try to solve her identity crisis. Claudia excuses herself out the back door. She pauses in the backyard to sneak into the shed and change into a funky outfit.

Cody is surprised to see her there. She says that her boyfriend is the bass player in the Doom Patrol and she never misses on of their gigs. He asks about Bailey. She tells him not to worry about Bailey. They kiss.

Julia is working on her essay. She sets it aside and starts to write a note to Perry. Perry asked what Julia wanted from her and she's right, Julia did want something from her and she got it. Perry believed in her and allowed her to believe in herself and for that she can't thank her enough. She signs it "Your friend, Julia." The final shot we see is Perry reading the note.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Daphne has come over to play with the baby. She and Charlie are sitting on the couch while Kirsten watches from across the room. Daphne wonders if the baby is hungry, when did she eat last? Charlie doesn't know, but Kirsten will. He asks Kirsten who has now walked into the kitchen. She returns with a bottle. Kirsten fed her same as always, but the new squash compote doesn't seem to fill her up. She hands the bottle to Charlie. She's going to go out, to a movie. Daphne tells her to have a good time. Charlie follows her out into the entry. She thinks a movie would be a very good thing right now. He tells her not to see anything they were going to see together. Together? Yes, together. Kirsten sees what she sees. That's a family up there. Charlie knows what she's feeling and he understands it, but he has talked to Daphne and she's just there for Diana. Kirsten knows that they've talked, but -- Then she knows there isn't anything to worry about. Kirsten says that she can't say what she doesn't feel. She'll be back in a couple of hours. He agrees and watches her go.

Bailey walks down a street at night and stops in front of a jewelers window to look at an engagement ring.


I apologize if I'm not up to my usual, but I'm traveling this week for work and I had to ...oh horror, watch the show with other people in the room! I think it was a good experience, for me and them, but I also think my mind may have wandered ever so slightly with our light commentary intruding on the narrative on the screen.

This was the wrap-up to the heavily promoted "Julia dips into lesbianism" story line. I have been intrigued since I heard this plot was going to be the big May sweeps story. I figured it was purely for the possible ratings boost and to jump on the "gay bandwagon" that seems to be traveling through TV land these days. In the wake of Ellen, there are more and more gay characters on television. Sometimes that's a good thing and other times it really doesn't add to the story. What happened here was okay. The character of Perry served a crucial purpose and it didn't really matter that she was a woman. It didn't hurt either.

So, you say, what's your point, Rachel? Well, somebody (Perry) finally told Julia exactly what I've been shouting at the television since the last time she broke up with Justin. "You need some time alone girl to get your act together!" Julia has ricocheted from man to man, each a contrast to the last one. Justin was stable and a little boring...Griffin was dangerous and exciting. Griffin loved her...Ned beat her. Okay, that might be simplifying it, but in the end Perry's point that she figure out what she wants was a good one. Too bad, poor nice Josh had to be the big loser here. Better luck next time! So, did it matter that Perry was a woman? I think that was a catalyst for Julia finally listening. I'm not a big fan of the whole "Mars/Venus" theory, but I do think there are some things that are better said and more easily received from the same sex and this was one of those things.

What happened to Claudia? Last week she was running away from Cody and now she's dying her hair and getting henna tattoos. Did I miss an episode somewhere? I think it's not out of line that she's rebelling from Bailey, but this seemed just a little extreme. I did like her line that Bay isn't her father...he isn't even Charlie. Wonder what the line was about Cody not being able to drink...perhaps he and Bay will be bonding soon at an AA meeting.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. Man, can he not get a clue? He's pushing everyone so hard he's going to push them right out of his life. He is dressing Sarah up as mother and wife and it's going to cause some major trouble before it's all over. He just can't relax. It's affecting the whole house.

I have the sense that we are going to see a little scholarship conflict next week. The problem with the end of the season is that sometimes things get compacted, i.e. the movement in Claudia and Cody's relationship, as well as a lot of plot being spent on foreshadowing. Julia and Sarah competing for the same pot of should make for some good drama.

Speaking of good about the return of Daphne! Anyone who reads this page regularly knows of my fondness for Jennifer Aspen. She did not disappoint here either. What I liked was that Daphne has gone through the earth-shattering experience of losing her mother and decided to come back and play a role in her daughters life, but she isn't cured. Did you notice how she couldn't even bring herself to hold Diana the first time she came over? Those issues of bonding and abandonment that were causing so many problems when she left Charlie are still there. But good for Charlie for trying to figure out how she can be a part of her daughter's life while realizing that there isn't a place for her in his life. I hope Kirsten understands the depth of Charlie's devotion. They have worked too hard to get back to one another and I know that I don't want to see them lose that again.

So where was Griffin you ask? I have a theory on this. I think he's hanging out in the park with Owen. Let's just remember that the show is called Party of FIVE. Hopefully there will be some major family bonding next week cause it's gonna have to hold us all the way until September!

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