Season 5, Episode 3: Naming Names

The credits: scott bairstow, jennifer aspen, adam scott, jacob smith, alyson reed, eddie jones, mimi lieber, and isabella hofmann, lynsey bartilson, joanna garcia, edited by david dworetzky, production designer bill eigenbrodt, director of photography joe pennella, co-producer valerie joseph, producer daniel attias, producer paul marks, supervising producer steven robman, consulting producer p.k. simonds, co-executive producer tammy ader, executive producer ken topolsky, executive producer john romano, written by amy lippman & christopher keyser, directed by steven robman.
Transcribed by Rachel

The scene opens with Charlie answering the door. It's his lawyer, Marcia Levinson. She was in the neighborhood and has his complaint. She would like to file it as soon as possible and get working on the proof of paternity. Charlie tells her that Daphne came home the day before and everything is fine now. They're going to Lamaze and the regular check-ups. She says she understands and she'll hang on to the file. She reaches back into her bag for a large packet of information. Charlie says he hopes it isn't his bill. It isn't. It's the routine investigation of the other party. She says there are some pretty interesting things in there and wishes him luck. Charlie looks uncomfortable at the thought of knowing everything about Daphne. He walks back into the house with the envelope and puts it in a drawer in the living room. Daphne asks who was at the door, but Charlie says it was no one.

Movie theater
Ned finds Julia in a movie theater waiting for a horror movie to begin. They have an ironic conversation about horror movies (think Scream). He sits down next to her, Maggie stayed at home because she feels these kinds of movies exploit women. As he becomes comfortable Josh comes in with popcorn and sodas for he and Julia. He asks Ned to move who finally gets a clue that they are there on a date. He leaves them alone, but tells Josh to hold her firmly . . . she scares easily. After he leaves Josh complains about Ned and how he's hurt Julia. She starts to correct him and then covers realizing Josh still thinks Ned is her boyfriend.

Claudia and her friends are having a study group. After they finish they discuss what to do. There's a club in town that has music, but it will take place after their 9 pm curfew. Claudia suggests a route for escaping the dorm. They can sneak between two buildings and over the wall to the bus stop. It's only a one story drop from the bathroom window to the roof of the common room and there are hardly any lights in the quad. The girls agree to go.

Sarah's family's apartment
Sarah's parents have to sell their apartment as part of the divorce settlement. Neither one of them can afford to buy the other one out and they don't need that kind of space anyhow. Her mother asks if she wants to split her things between their apartments or she can set Sarah's stuff up in her guest bedroom just like it is now.

Sarah's stuff is all over the apartment. Bailey says he was thinking about going for a sleek look, but if she wants Romper Room instead . . . . Sarah says she didn't want it in her mom's guest bedroom, pretending she grew up there. Bay says there's plenty of room for her things and then recommends they put her Babar poster in the bathroom. Sarah says it'll never be like it was. Bay agrees. Sarah says she keeps thinking about her mom. Bay asks how old she was when they got married. No, Sarah meant her birth mom. When she met her a couple of years ago she was just a really cool person who was walking around with the same DNA, but now . . .

The instructor asks the couples about what they didn't expect. One couple says they are having sex all the time. Several other couples agree. A woman cries saying how much she loves the baby. The instructor talks about the bond forming between the child and the parents. Charlie and Daphne look disinterested. The instructor asks them what they didn't expect. Charlie hems and haws for a moment when Daphne answers that she didn't expect the gas. Charlie agrees with her.

San Francisco street
Josh and Julia are walking down the street after the movie. He wasn't very taken with the movie. She tells him he shouldn't have ordered pasta with red sauce before they watched it. Julia points out that none of the movie was real. The blood was just sugar water and food coloring. Even the kisses aren't real. She demonstrates an open mouth movie kiss. He asks her to show him again. He thinks it's real because he projects himself into the movie. He complains that she's going to shatter every single illusion for him. He moves into kiss her, but she moves away. She asks to go back to campus because she has an early class.

Claudia and her friends are sneaking back into the dorm. As they go back to their room the housemother wakes up and comes out. Claudia covers that Hallie, who spilt tomato juice on her shirt actually has a bloody nose. They're taking her to the infirmary. The housemother doesn't seem to believe them, but she lets them go.

Doctor's office
Daphne is having another ultrasound. The doctor asks if they have a birthing plan yet. Daphne says she wants lots and lots of drugs. Charlie asks if it will adversely affect the baby. Daphne says if she doesn't get an epidural, he's going to have to have the baby. The doctor asks if they want to know what sex the baby is. Charlie does, but Daphne doesn't. The doctor takes Charlie into the hall and tells him while Daphne gets dressed. When he returns he has a huge smile on his face. She tells him again that she doesn't want to know.

Sarah gets off the phone. She talked to the tenant in Robin's apartment, but he doesn't know anything about her. Bailey asks about the landlord, but it's a new management company. There was no forwarding address. She doesn't know where else to look. Bailey asks if they were close. Sarah says they wrote for a while, but they didn't share much and after a while they didn't continue. She takes everything for granted. Bay recommends that she contact Robin's theater company.

Griffin's apartment
Julia has come over to drop off some of his mail. She comments on his boxes. He isn't' getting as many hours at the shop and money is tight. He was going to talk to her about it, but Charlie said if it was cool with her that he could crash for a while in the shed until things got a little better. Julia looks surprised, but she doesn't mind. It'll be easier for her to see Charlie and him at the same time. Griffin asks about school. Her writing professor thinks she's talented. He asks if she's seeing anyone. She kind of skirts around it. She says it seems weird and it's not like she has to have a boyfriend at all times. Doesn't he find it really hard? Griffin says he's seeing someone. Somebody at the shop set him up. Julia says it's nice. Does he like her? Griffin says it's okay and she should try it. It gets easier.

Sarah tells Bailey the director will talk to her in a minute. She asks if he saw the picture of her from "Fool for Love." The director calls Sarah over. She says she's looking for a woman named Robin Merrin. As she talks to him Bailey gets up to look at the other pictures. We can hear the director commenting on the tragedy in the background as Bailey finds a memorial plaque. Robin died in 1997. He turns to see Sarah is devastated.

Charlie has just told Kirsten about the sex of the baby (we still don't know our selves). They both start to celebrate, but Charlie shushes Kirsten. He warns her that Daphne doesn't want to know. Kirsten is surprised, but her sister waited. No, it isn't like that. Daphne hasn't bonded with the baby at all and it's different if she knows. When you know you connect in a whole new way, the baby becomes a whole person. It's Little League games and Easy Bake ovens and it's happening to her. As long as she can pretend it isn't happening to her the better.

San Francisco street
Sarah and Bailey sit in the jeep while she tells him about Robin. She was doing a summer theater in Wyoming and was flying in a small plane when it crashed. She must not have had a will or they would have called her, unless she wasn't in the will. Bailey points out that at least she got to meet her. If she had waited a couple of years she wouldn't have had the chance. Sarah agrees. She doesn't understand why she's crying because she didn't even really know Robin, but she was Sarah's mother and she feels really sad that she died. Sarah is sad that she died and Sarah feels so alone and is angry that she didn't know what she had. Robin had Sarah and let her go and then Sarah had Robin and she let her go as well.

Charlie comes rushing in. He's late for school. He apologizes to Kirsten who's playing a game with Owen. Daphne is at the table trying to eat. She doesn't feel well, she's having Braxton- Hicks contractions. Charlie asks if she needs to go see the doctor, but Daphne says it's just being pregnant. Charlie says he'll be home by 3:30. Kirsten comments on how much moms have to go through. Daphne agrees. Kirsten says it'll be okay because someday she'll take care of them. Daphne questions what she says and Kirsten starts to repeat it. She realizes what she's done and feels awful.

Somebody at the theater gave Sarah Robin's parents' address. Bailey asks why she's going to go see them. They're here grandparents and maybe they can tell her something more about her mom or even her dad. Bay points out that Robin wouldn't tell her anything about her dad, so why would her grandparents? She should just leave it alone. Sarah can't believe he's going to make her feel stupid about wanting this. Bailey points out that she wants them to love her, but these are people who didn't look for her before and aren't looking for her now. Their daughter died . . . Sarah can't believe he would do this to her, especially after she supported him with his grandfather. He just feels this way because he has nobody and she has the potential of finding somebody. Bailey tries to disagree with her, but she won't listen.

Claudia is reading "Sense and Sensibility" when Parker comes in to interrupt her. There's a Leo look alike contest at the galleria. Claudia doesn't want to go, she wants to finish the book. Parker says they were planning on just renting the Emma Thompson movie before the test. Claudia wants to actually read the book. Parker leaves, rather disgusted.

San Francisco apartment
Sarah finds her grandfather. She tells him that she's Robin's daughter, but he doesn't believe her. Robin gave up her baby years ago. Sarah can't believe that Robin wouldn't tell him about her. He doesn't believe her. He doesn't want any part of it. He asks her to leave. Sarah asks again if Robin talked about her. He says they didn't talk. Sarah asks about his wife, but she died three years ago. Sarah gets upset. Mr. Merrin says he's 73 and he doesn't want any of this. Sarah asks him to please tell her about what it was like when she was born. She doesn't even know who her father is. He doesn't answer. She asks for something of her mom's, anything, even something very small.

Charlie is helping Griffin move his things into the shed. He tells him about the curio shelves the 10th graders are making. He doesn't know what they'll do with the shelves. Griffin suggests it as a place for them to put their pot. Charlie laughs. He's going to shake up the lesson plan, get them building condominiums next week. Griffin comments that it's kind of deja vu, helping Charlie move his stuff out, minus Julia of course. Charlie wanted to talk to him about that. He understands that Julia is okay with this arrangement, but he wants it to be comfortable for her, so they should have an understanding up front. Griffin can't bring women back to the house. Griffin says it won't happen. He can't even think of any other girls right now. Even buying a girl a cup of coffee is too much. There's no danger of it happening at all.

Josh brings Julia a bouquet of flowers. She's obviously nervous as she looks for a vase. Josh finally puts them in the coffee pot. He moves into kiss her again, but she pulls away at the last moment and goes to sit on her bed. Josh thinks it's him, but Julia says it's so not him. It's him. He met someone else. They've been together for so long and he moved on first. In light of their history, she should have been the one to move on. Doesn't that make sense? Josh asks why she's's upset now, she's known for a while. Julia asks how he knew. Josh points out that she knew he was sleeping with her roommate. Julia realizes that Josh thinks she's talking about Ned. She tries to correct him. She's a total mess and a liar and if he knew everything he wouldn't want to kiss her or be with her or anything. Josh asks if she's a man. He is sensing a revelation and he wants to cut to the chase. Julia says she isn't a man, but he should sit down. It's worse.

Daphne and Charlie are emptying the dishwasher. Charlie tries to apologize. Daphne won't hear of it. She can't believe he blabbed to his ex-girlfriend. Charlie says that Kirsten feels terrible. He had to tell someone. He's having a little girl and he wanted to tell someone who would respond like it was good news. He knows that she didn't want to know, but since she does they should deal with it. He wants to name her Diana. Daphne thinks after the princess. No, his mother Charlie responds. Daphne is surprised. It is a problem because she had a neighbor growing up who was named Diana and they called her the Italian Sub. Every time she hears the name Diana she thinks of an extremely fat girl who shaved her dog because she wouldn't give her her Twinkie. Charlie asks if she thinks she can get over it. Daphne doesn't want to name her kid after a bully. Charlie points out that they aren't. They're naming her after him mother, his mother that he loved, who died. The baby will never get to know her grandmother and this would give her something of her. Daphne can't just veto it on those grounds. Daphne protests that she should get a vote. Charlie thinks it should be up to the person who cares the most. Daphne says it's fine, his call and leaves the room upset.

Charlie and Bailey are yucking it up at the restaurant. Bailey points out that it means Barbie dolls and My Little Pony. He's in serious trouble. There will come a day when she walks through the door four hours after curfew with a hickey the size of a baseball. She'll be dating a guy named Meat with a tattoo on his bicep that says Born Dead. Bailey should start saving for his bail now. Charlie comments that people say that little girls really love their fathers. Is it something people just say? No, Bailey says, it sounds right to him. Charlie tells him that he's going to name her Diana. Bailey is overwhelmed. He apologizes, but Charlie says it's okay. He's been welling up about it too. There will be another Diana Salinger in the world.

Sarah is sitting in the dark. Bailey apologizes for being late. Sarah says he was right. He obviously understands human nature and she doesn't. She tells him about her meeting. She got nothing from him. Nothing about her mother or father or a picture or a scarf, nothing. Bailey says he's sorry and hugs her. She doesn't have anything of hers to hold onto. Bailey says it isn't true.

Claudia approaches Parker and Hallie in the quad. She asks if they have plans for the night. They wouldn't want to burden her. Claudia says she wanted to talk to them about the other night. They have to understand that sneaking out at night just to sneak out holds no fun for her. She grew up without anyone telling her where to be and when. She isn't at school to rebel against her family, she's there to learn. They can see that. Claudia doesn't have to study if there's something else to do, but sneaking out just to sneak out . . . well, been there, done that.

Charlie brings Daphne a glass of orange juice. He thought that after Lamaze that night they could try out the new Greek place on Geary. Daphne thinks one of those plate smashing restaurants sounds just right for them. She apologizes. She knows he's trying to be nice, but she's a nice person too. He knows that, he knows that she's having a hard time with all of this, so is he. But, the baby is on her way and they need to get their act together. They 9 weeks to figure out how to be okay together. He's not sure how to get there, but maybe it starts with a little souvlaki. She hates souvlaki, but maybe they have little grape leaf thingies.

Sarah is filling out paperwork. Bailey asks how long it will take to become official. A couple of weeks and the check. He takes the check and goes to get her a receipt. Bailey turns and introduces himself as Bailey Salinger. She responds that she's Sarah Reeves . . . Merrin. He kisses her and says it's nice to meet her.

Claudia has fallen asleep with her books. Parker comes in with some half-melted ice cream. Claudia thanks her. Parker comes in to tell her about the cute BU (Boston University) guy they met. They apologize for interrupting, but Claudia says it's okay. She was just drooling over the latest chapter. Parker asks if it gets sexy, but Claudia picks up her wet book and points out she was drooling, literally. She asks about the college guy. It turns out they said they were freshman at Harvard and he asked where they lived.

Julia and Ned are in the library. She told him about her conversation with Josh and how it freaked him out. Ned tries to get her to feel better. He asks if she knows what her problem is. She has a getting over the hump problem. What, she has a hump now? No, an obstacle. She has this old failed relationship and she knows it's over, but she's afraid of anything that will acknowledge the overness of it. She needs to take the first step. She needs to kiss someone who isn't Griffin. She doesn't think that kissing Josh will make everything fine. Ned disagrees with her and leans in and kisses her. Now it all gets easier. He kisses her again, longer and more fully.

Lamaze class

The class is working on their breathing. Daphne suddenly complains about pain. She's having a contraction. She gets upset. Charlie calls the instructor over as Daphne gets more upset. Charlie has someone call an ambulance as he tries to calm Daphne. She's very frightened.


It's always nice to see an episode penned by our creators. I guess that this evening would fall under that "newer and lighter" Party of Five that Chris Keyser has talked about in several interviews over the past couple of months. I found myself laughing more than crying which is okay now and then.

First of all . . . kudos to the Kevin Williamson-like inside joke. Neve Campbell talking about the realities of what you actually are seeing during a horror movie was extremely humorous. I also am enjoying her quandary about moving on from her relationship with Griffin. She's found this perfect, Justinesque guy in Josh and she's not quite sure what to do about it. But, we also have Ned, the dark horse candidate sneaking in here to make things pretty interesting.

Speaking of Julia's love life, what about Griffin "If you love something set it free" Holbrook? I love him with Charlie. I think the shed set-up is pure genius for keeping him a part of the Party of Five canvas. I have always thought these two people (Charlie and Griffin) had a lot to teach one another. Was anyone fooled by Griffin professing love for another? He may have screwed up, but he truly loves Julia and there is no way that he could have moved on already. He'll pine for her until he's 93.

The broader canvas is disappointing in some ways, but I find myself enjoying the new characters. I like the Hanover story more than I thought, mostly because it's allowing Lacey to have a real story and she doesn't even have to be in peril all the time. She's smart and witty and she's showing people that. She's really grown-up!

Daphne and Charlie. They are in a true quandary. I understand Daphne not wanting to bond too much with the baby. She agreed at the outset that Charlie would be responsible for raising the baby, but maybe she's changing her mind. Maybe they are even figuring out more about being with one another. I am afraid of what's in that envelope the lawyer brought over and what Daphne is going to do when she finds out he has it. Rachel's advice: don't open it and get it to a shredder pronto!

I think the Salingers really are cursed. Pain and anguish comes to everyone who comes into contact with them. For example: Kirsten (depression, infertility, plagiarism), Joe (heart condition), Grace (fire), Jill (dead), Libby (dead), etc. You can see where I'm going with this. Is it any wonder that Sarah's parents are getting a divorce and she finds out her mother is dead? I do think this story provides a good way for Bailey and Sarah to explore their devotion to one another. It's a little contrived, but then again . . . it's television!

Finally, I must nitpick a little bit and this is only because you should know better. Julia commented that she's 18 and has never gotten flowers. Maybe she forgot because she also forgot she's 19. I don't know what kind of school would give a college drop-out a job teaching, but it must be a special junior high that has 10th graders.

Overall, a good episode. The scene in the bar with Charlie and Bailey may have had them welling up, but it had me in tears big time. I find myself missing Diana Salinger sometimes and I don't even know her, but she was the mother of some good friends of mine and they miss her terribly and so do I.

Hold on, because we've hit our first mini-hiatus. I wonder if Daphne realizes she's going to have to be in labor until after the World Series?

Copyright Rachel Vagts, 1998.
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