Season 5, Episode 5: The Baby

Charlie and Daphne
visit Diana

The credits: scott bairstow, scott grimes, jennifer aspen, jacob smith, kim murphy, bari hochwald, with tim dekay and heather mccomb, edited by richard freeman a.c.e., production designer bill eigenbrodt, director of photography joe pennella, co-producer valerie joseph, producer daniel attias, producer paul marks, supervising producer steven robman, consulting producer p.k. simonds, co-executive producer tammy ader, executive producer ken topolsky, executive producer john romano, written by amy lippman and christopher keyser, directed by daniel attias.
Transcribed by Rachel

Ned and Julia are studying in the library, or at least pretending to study. The discuss why they should or should not tell Maggie about what's going on. Julia feels guilty because he's cheating on Maggie and she's lying to her. Ned says that he's thinking the same thing and that he would love to have sex with Julia right now. Julia can't believe he said that. She asks him to be serious. He says he is and that he's sublimating. She agrees. He's using physical pleasure as a distraction for his own moral culpability. They then agree that they have to tell her.

Doctor's office
Daphne's doctor has some concerns. Daphne's platelet count is very low and her liver is showing signs of a condition called Hellp Syndrome. It is another complication of toxemia (pre-eclampsia) where the liver becomes involved. They'll have to do more tests. Charlie says it sounds bad, worse than the early labor and bed rest. He asks if something could happen to Daphne. The doctor admits that it could. Daphne and Charlie both look upset.

San Francisco Street
Sarah is walking Hannah to the only hotel she could afford. It is in a terrible neighborhood. Sarah asks if Hannah has talked to her parents. She says she can't. Her mom was a year younger than Hannah when she got pregnant for the first time. They had 3 kids by the time they were 24. They aren't the people to talk to about her options, because they wouldn't think she had any options and maybe she doesn't. They did it before they were ready, people do it all the times, sometimes by themselves. Sarah agrees and takes Hannah's extra bag.

Julia and Ned are on their way to tell Maggie the truth. Julia thinks maybe she already knows. Women can sense these kinds of things sometimes. They walk into the room to find Maggie on her bed in the fetal position. She says that she just found out. Julia and Ned share a look of shock between them until Maggie keeps talking. She just found out that her brother's girlfriend ran over her dog, Chester. Julia and Ned move to comfort her as Maggie pulls out pictures of the dog.

Bailey and Sarah's apartment
Bailey is berating Will for not being straight with him. Bailey would never walk away from a girl who he got pregnant. Will tries to explain that he didn't even hear it from her. He had to hear it from the friend of a friend. Bailey doesn't take that as a valid excuse. Hannah tried to call Will and he wouldn't even talk to her. As they continue to argue Sarah comes home with Hannah. Sarah doesn't care if Will has to stay at a flea bag hotel, but Hannah is pregnant and a 1,000 miles from home. She's staying, no discussion.

Charlie's bedroom
Charlie and Daphne are in bed. She wakes up and staggers to the bathroom. She turns on the light and calls out for Charlie. She collapses as he comes to find her. She's seeing spots and feels like she's going to pass out. She wants him to call the doctor...

They bring Daphne in describing her as 27 years old, in her 32nd week. Her count is 116 over 110, protein 38,000, presenting severely preeclamptic. Daphne calls out for Charlie as they get her into the bed. He's right there with her. She's having trouble seeing and asks him to stay with her. He says he will, he's not leaving her.

Charlie is on the phone with Bailey. He asks Bay to call Julia to get her to stay with Owen. He gets off the phone and tells Daphne that Bailey is coming right over. The doctor is examining Daphne and finds some abdominal pain. That's a further indication of liver involvement. That's why she's feeling the pain, the weird reflexes and the vision problems. It's from the blood pressure, the swelling in the liver and swelling in the brain. They'll watch her numbers and monitor the baby. If she gets in trouble, she's already in the hospital.

Salinger kitchen
Julia is chasing Owen while she talks on the phone with Claudia. She reassure Claudia that she doesn't need to come home. Owen continues to distract Julia. She asks Griffin to get him. Julia tells Claudia that she only talked to Charlie for a minute before she came home to take care of Owen. Griffin says he would have done that, but Julia tells him it's not his job. Claudia wants to come home, but Julia says it isn't necessary, she'll call as soon as they know anything. Claudia says she can't just sit there, but Julia points out that it's what they are all doing. She asks Griffin to take Owen out of the room which he does. She tells Claudia again to sit tight and she'll call her right back, as soon as they know anything. Claudia agrees and as soon as she gets off the phone she calls the airline.

Kirsten comes in to find Daphne in her bed alone. She's surprised, she was looking for... Daphne says that she just missed him, he went out for air or maybe a soda, she can't remember. Kirsten starts to ask if she's okay, she was worried, is it okay.... Daphne tells her to just pick a sentence and go with it. Kirsten apologizes and asks how she is. Daphne says that she doesn't know, she's just waiting and seeing what her body is going to do, what the baby is going to do. Kirsten says that the hospital is really good. Paul says it's the best neonatal unit in Northern California. She hopes that makes Daphne feel better. Daphne says it does, but without much enthusiasm.

Bailey rushes in to find Charlie in the hall. He asks how she is. Charlie isn't sure. It's all numbers and he doesn't really know what it all means. Daphne is really upset and she keeps looking to him for support. He asks Bailey if he remembers how their mom used to be on planes. She would ask them how they were doing and if they said okay, then she was fine, but if they hit a bump and squeezed her hand too hard, then she was done for. It's the same thing. Daphne needs him to be the strong one and he's not sure where to find that within himself. Bailey reassures him that he can do it, he has it in him.

Salinger living room
Julia is reading on the couch when Griffin comes in. Owen is upstairs bashing two trucks together. He asks if she's heard anything from the hospital. She hasn't. She tells him that he can go, he has his own life now. He answers that he doesn't really. She asks about his girlfriend, what her name is. He fumbles for a moment and then says it's Stacey. She asks why he isn't with her. He answers that she's out of town with her family.

Will finds Bailey in the waiting room. He stopped by the restaurant... Bailey interrupts asking if he was picking up his final pay check. Will says he wasn't, he wanted to talk to Bailey, but Glen told him what was going. He asks if he can wait with Bailey, but Bay doesn't think it's a good idea. Will sits down. He understands that Bay had to kick him out, obviously Sarah's taking Hannah's side in this. Bailey stops him. There isn't a side in this. Will can't believe it. He makes one mistake? Having a baby now isn't the thing to do. If Hannah has the baby, he is stuck being the person he is right now, no job, no college degree. He isn't ready to raise a kid. Bailey says he can't do this right now. He tells Will to leave. Kirsten comes over and tells him the test results are back.

Charlie doesn't understand. The baby should come out right now? The doctor says the baby is small, it may not be viable. There's a possibility she wouldn't be able to breathe on her own. Daphne can't believe this is happening. Charlie asks if the baby can hang on longer. The doctor says that Daphne's condition is progressing rapidly. Her platelet count is so low she might begin to hemorrhage. They may not be able to wait much longer. There are already indications of liver damage and there could be liver failure if they don't act quickly. They have to make a choice. Daphne and Charlie don't understand. They have to choose between Daphne and the baby? The doctor says they do and they don't have much time. Charlie asks her to leave so they can talk about it. Daphne is extremely upset.

Salinger house
Griffin answers the door to admit Ned. Julia is surprised to see him. She introduces them. Ned clearly knows who Griffin is and Julia introduces Ned as a friend. She didn't call, so Ned was worried and he came up. Julia tells him it really wasn't necessary, but Griffin points out that Ned was "worried."

The doctor comes back to see what the decision is. Charlie asks for more time, but she says there isn't any more. He comes out into the hall and says that Daphne is too upset to discuss it. He asks the doctor to please tell him what to do. She says she can't. He can't decide this, he doesn't know how. One of them he hasn't met yet and the other one he's only beginning to get to know, but he loves them both. She understands, but she needs an answer. Charlie pauses for a moment and then tells the doctor to save Daphne.

They move Daphne to the gurney. She doesn't understand what's going on. They are taking her for an emergency c-section. They rush her from the room.

Salinger kitchen
We seen Griffin in the backyard with Owen. They are playing with Thurber. Julia and Ned are in the kitchen talking. She doesn't understand why nobody has called. Is this good or bad? She asks him to say something to distract her. Ned says that he's in love with her. She asks for something else. He says it's the only thing in his head. She asks how he got away from Maggie. He said he had to come to the City to research a paper. Julia wonders if he should have stayed, she was so upset. She tells him to call her. He does. He lies that he found some things at the museum so he's going to stay late. He doesn't know when he's going to be back. He asks if she's heard anything from Julia. He says he loves her too before he hangs up. Griffin walks in as he's finishing up. Julia says there's no news from the hospital. Griffin just shrugs and goes back outside.

Charlie can't believe how long the c-section is taking. Kirsten draws his attention to the delivery room door. They are coming out with the baby in an incubator. The doctor says his wife is still in surgery and they are taking the baby to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He doesn't know anything yet. Charlie tells Bailey to wait to hear what's going on with Daphne. He and Kirsten follow the baby to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU), but they still don't hear about the baby's condition. He tells Bailey to come get him if anything happens.

Doctor's office
Sarah accompanies Hannah to a pre-natal visit. She tells Hannah that she'll be okay. She's going to go upstairs and sit with Charlie and Bailey. She bets that Kirsten and Paul are there already and maybe even Griffin and Julia. Hannah asks who all those people are. Sarah says that they are family, friends. Hannah comments on how many people love that baby already, even before it's born. Her baby won't have that, it won't even have Will. She can force him to be responsible, but she can't force him to care.

Charlie tries to flag down a nurse coming out of the NICU. He and Kirsten wait in the hall. Charlie says that maybe it's like with a jury. When they bring you in and it's bad, nobody will look you in the eye. Kirsten tells him to not think like that.

Claudia rushes up to the ticket counter at the airport. She isn't late, the flight has been delayed because of heavy fog in San Francisco. She tries to explain that she has to get there, it's a family emergency. She should be there with her family, she shouldn't have ever not been there. The man at the counter points out that he doesn't have any control over the fog. Claudia takes a seat looking completely dejected.

Julia finds Griffin playing the guitar. She tells him he doesn't have to stay out in the shed, he can come into the house. He asks her who Ned is. She again professes that he's just a friend. Griffin pushes her. If he was just a friend he wouldn't be lying about where he is. He wouldn't lie that he's with Julia. She admits that it's more. She wanted to tell him, but it's weird. He asks who Maggie is. She doesn't answer him, instead keeps talking about how they are still trying to figure out what they are to each other. He asks again who Maggie is. Julia admits that she's Ned's girlfriend.

Paul talks to one of the doctors. He tells Bailey that they're still closing up. She's lost a lot of blood. Charlie comes in. Bailey asks how the baby is. He hasn't gotten any answers. He left Kirsten there in case anything happens. He sees the look of concern on Paul's face and asks what he knows.

Griffin is upset with Julia. She isn't in a relationship with him, she's having an affair with him. He thinks she's having a huge mistake. She asks if it's the same mistake she made with him. She was dating Justin when they got together. She would have loved to have gone off to college and met a sweet unattached guy, but instead she fell for Ned. It's not that simple. They both know that, it isn't always as easy as his girl. Griffin asks what girl. His girlfriend, what's her name. Griffin says it's Tracey, but then Julia remembers he said Stacey earlier. Griffin admits that there is no girlfriend. He just made her up so Julia would move on. Now she has. Griffin says he never would have done it if he knew the someone else would be someone like Ned.

Charlie, Kirsten and Sarah are waiting to hear something. Bailey is sitting over by himself. Hannah comes in. Bay asks how the doctor's appointment went. She says it was fine, but she's decided not to have the baby. She doesn't know what to do. She can't wait until she goes home and she doesn't have the money to do it there. She starts to ask, but Bailey cuts her off. He gives her $400, it's petty cash from the restaurant. She asks him to go with her. He says he will as soon as things settle down at the hospital. She thanks him and tells him that she'll pay him back when she can.

The doctor comes in. Daphne is out of surgery. She took 15 units of blood, she had started to hemorrhage. They're moving her into recovery. Charlie asks if she's okay. The doctor says that she could improve, the syndrome could reverse itself, but they don't know anything else yet. Her beeper goes off. He can see Daphne after she spends a couple of hours in recovery.

Salinger house
Owen and Griffin are playing a game. Ned comes through with a cup of coffee for Julia.

Paul and Kirsten are talking. Sarah brings coffee to Bailey who is looking into the thick fog.

Claudia is still waiting for her flight as a woman with a baby sits down next to her.

Charlie is in the chapel praying when Bailey comes to find him. He can see Daphne now.

Daphne is awake when Charlie comes in. He tells her that she did great. He kisses her. She asks about the baby. He says the baby is good, she's in her incubator and they're taking care of her right now. Daphne asks if she should worry, but Charlie says it's just typical stuff. The doctor comes in. She's gotten test results back and there are improvements, so she's cautious, but optimistic. Daphne says she's going to go back to sleep now. Charlie asks how the baby is. The doctor says that she's small. She's having a lot of trouble breathing and they haven't been able to lower the level on her respirator yet. She can't predict. She tells him that he made the right choice. If they had waited another day, Daphne might have died. Charlie looks back at Daphne who's sleeping.

Bailey and Sarah's apartment
Sarah comes home to find Hannah asleep on the couch. Hannah took a cab home. Sarah asks if she's okay. Hannah says she is, she just needs to take it easy for a little bit. Sarah doesn't understand. Hannah says that she hopes Sarah won't be angry at her, but she had an abortion. She wasn't ready to be a single mom. She talked to Bailey and he was really great about it. He offered to take her, but she couldn't wait so she went to the clinic by herself. Sarah says she isn't angry with Hannah.

The nurse won't let Charlie into the NICU, they are doing a procedure on another baby. He goes back to wait with Kirsten. Charlie looks at his watch. It's 12:05 am. He didn't get to see his daughter on her birthday. She's already one day old and he hasn't even seen her yet. With all the things he was trying to figure out with Daphne, the one thing he was completely clear on, that seemed exactly right for him was this baby. So now maybe that's the only thing he doesn't get to keep. How does that make sense?

Julia and Ned run for the elevator. Ned comments that she ordered 6 coffees, but they only have 5 there. She put hers back, she doesn't need the caffeine. Suddenly Claudia appears from the back of the elevator. Julia asks what she's doing there. Claudia asks how Daphne and the baby are doing. Julia can't believe she got on a plane and came out there. Claudia notices Ned and asks who he is. He asks who she is.

Salinger house
Griffin opens the door to admit Maggie. She tells him she's Julia's roommate. Griffin gets who she is. She also figures out who he is. He tells her that Julia is at the hospital with her brothers. She's carrying a bunch of roses. Griffin asks who the flowers are for. They are for a memorial service she's on her way to. Griffin asks if it was a relative. She explains that it was her dog, but says she doesn't want to explain it because she would rather get through the day without sedatives. She hadn't heard from Julia, so she wanted to stop by. Griffin says he doesn't know anything. Maggie offers to hang out until they hear something, but Griffin recommends that she just leave a number. She acts like she might do this, but Thurber walks in the room. She goes over to him. She needs a moment with him. She sits on the floor hugging him.

Daphne is upset that Charlie wasn't completely honest about the baby's condition. She doesn't understand why they rushed her into surgery if the baby was too small. Charlie admits that she was about to die. Daphne can't believe he chose her over the baby. She was so impossible, she ran away and was difficult. If he wanted a baby so bad, then why would he choose her? He admits that he loves her. Is that a good enough answer? She nods and he kisses her. There's a knock at the door. The doctor comes in. The baby is off the respirator.

Charlie pushes Daphne down the hall with Claudia, Julia, Bailey, Ned, and Kirsten following. Only the parents can go in. He pushes Daphne into the NICU to the incubator. They look at the baby. She is incredibly small, with tubes all over. Charlie asks if they can touch her and the nurse says it's okay. Daphne calls her Diana, the first time anyone has called her by her name. Charlie looks over at Daphne.

Salinger house
Julia and Ned burst into the house. Julia can't believe how tiny the baby's fingers are. Ned pulls her into his arms. Griffin comes into the hall, trying to warn them but before they can recover Maggie walks out. Without anyone saying anything it is clear that something is going on between Julia and Ned. She calls Ned on his lie. Julia tries to explain. Maggie can't believe it. She asks them to explain it to her, but Ned says he doesn't know and Julia says she's sorry. She runs from the room. Griffin explains that Maggie came because she was worried about Julia.

Bailey and Sarah's apartment
Bailey tells Sarah about the baby. Hannah comes out of the shower. Bailey heads into his bedroom. He can't believe how tired he is and he hasn't even checked in with the restaurant. Sarah stands by the dresser. Bay asks if she's mad at him. She says she isn't and asks why he gave Hannah the money. He did it because she needed it and she asked. Sarah tells him Hannah had the abortion. He's surprised that she already did it. Sarah points out that if he hadn't given her the money, she wouldn't have done it. Bay knows how she feels about it, but Hannah had made up her mind and giving her the money didn't change anything except make an awful situation a little less difficult. Sarah says she would never do it herself. Bay says that's okay. She hopes he really means that because she's been thinking about it all day. Even thought they are careful, every time they make love there is a chance. She could get pregnant and she would have the baby and she needs to know that's how he would feel too.

Charlie visits his parents' grave site. He brings a Polaroid photo of the baby. He holds it up and says, "Mom and Dad, look what I made." He sets the picture down on their stone and starts to cry, lifting his head to look up into the sky.


What an episode! This was the first one in a while that made me reach for my address book to call a fellow Party of Five friend. It's amazing to think that a year ago we were watching Charlie go through the pain of learning he might have a terminal illness. Tonight he was confronting death again, but in a whole different context. The decision he had to make was an impossible one, but I personally think he made the right one. It has been a real treat to watch this relationship between Charlie and Daphne grow and mature. I'm really interested in what is going to happen next to them.

One of the more interesting things to come out of this season is the relationship between Kirsten and Daphne. They tolerate each other at best. Last week Daphne was sniping at Kirsten, this week we see Kirsten trying to maybe be a friend to Daphne, but she's not quite sure how to do it. The scene between them in the hospital room was great. I loved how Daphne grew frustrated with Kirsten's attempt to be nice. Being Midwestern, I just think Daphne doesn't quite understand how we are socialized to act that way. Kirsten is Charlie's dearest friend, so by extension she would like to be there for Daphne. She's just not quite sure how to do it. I hope they figure it out because I would love to see these two on the screen together more!

Great to see some of those MIAs tonight. Jeremy London was great in this episode. I have to know that Griffinites around the globe were going weak in the knees when Julia opened the door of the shed to show him playing his guitar. Thank you also for exposing the lie of your fake girlfriend. I have hope somewhere that these two will find their way back to each other mostly because I think Griffin makes Julia a better person and she does the same for him.

On a related note: Thurber and an expanded role for Owen. Can it be? It was nice to see that Paul is actually at the hospital all the time. I wonder if the other doctors on staff are getting tired of him always running interference for the Salingers' latest medical crisis?

I liked this story line with Hannah. I also thought the actress did a great job. I hope we see her again someday. An unwanted pregnancy is a difficult situation. This was a good way to illuminate Sarah's beliefs. We had a bit of this when Julia was pregnant, but that was Sarah the virginal teenager. The Sarah we saw tonight is the sexually active more mature Sarah. The conversation she and Bailey had is one that every single couple should have before they have sex because you have to be willing to deal with the consequences even if you are careful. Besides, in the Salinger family the chances are that birth control isn't going to go your way!

Okay, I'm off my responsible sex soap box and onto my gripe of the night. What the heck is going on with the hand gesturing, Neve? The way you acted the opening scene in the library was so stiff and mannered. I have seen this time and again over the past season or so and I just don't get it. It looks forced and completely unnatural. Don't do it!

I personally thought it was a nice touch that no one called the baby Diana until Daphne saw her and touched her. Things were so precarious I think it was hard for any of them to think of her as a being with a name. If she was still just the baby, then it wouldn't be so real if she died. Once Charlie and Daphne were in there and saw her, then it was like she had officially arrived. By the way, where the heck did they find a baby that small? It actually looked real, but it was beyond tiny.

It's nice to see scripts written by Amy and Chris. I'm hoping the intensity keeps up for next week's 100th episode. It's sweeps and I can't wait for next week!

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