Quotes from Moving On

"Guess what, Mr. Look-out-for-deadly-preservatives, the baby is fine." -Daphne

"Don't get too smart. I barely know what you're saying already." -Griffin

"OK, that's it, I need to leave... I need hair. I mean air." -Bailey

"There's no one exactly like you at school." -Julia to Griffin

"I think it's time you got yourself a grown-up doctor. A regular GP, someone who deals more with the issues a man your age can face." -Dr. Bob
"My age? But what if I don't wanna? What if I like you, Dr. Bob?" -Bailey
"Have a lolly." -Dr. Bob

"Actually, if there were any way I could pack this ceiling... I would." -Claudia

"I mean, who needs sex and volleyball when you've got early-bird specials and bingo?" -Bailey

"Promise not to change without telling me." -Bailey

"I am so past jet-lagged I'm jet-logged." -Sarah

"How come all I wanna do is be in bed with an appetizer salesman?" -Sarah

Do you know why I said yes to you Charlie when you asked me to have this baby? It was you. It was this look in your eyes. It was how badly you wanted it and how badly I wanted to give it to you." -Daphne

"I keep noticing that my ring is gone... see, there's a line where it used to be." -Julia
"Just wait, it'll go away." -Griffin

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