Quotes from One Christmas, to Go

"I'm not goin' back there, so if you wanna be mad at me 'til the Millennium, that's fine." -Claudia

"This is the way it should be at Christmas. Grandparents, grandkids, a house full of family. Isn't this the way it should be?" -Charlie

"You sleep here, and you get your mail here, but just sharing an address doesn't make you family." -Charlie

"It's barely even... it's not... whatever it's supposed to be." -Bailey

"This "I wanna be a family" crap!? Since when?" -Daphne

"Put down the remote. No more pay-per-view porno 'till we're done." -Julia
"It's only soft-core, and we never would have stayed awake last night without it." -Ned
"Okay, but I'm about to write Stalin into a three-way, so not now." -Julia

"That's how it's always been with you! Whatever stands between you and your man, get rid of it. Even if it's your own kid." -Daphne

"If I get back now, I can maybe avoid my brother's 'All we have is each other, Julia' speech." -Julia

"Hey, you in there, don't you know what day it is? I see you in there. You can open this door for five extra minutes when it's the season for giving! How about a little good will towards men?! HOW ABOUT A LITTLE PEACE ON EARTH?!" -Julia

"Two people that friendly, well, it looks to me like they have got to be...." -Doreen
"Best friends! She's his best friend." -Daphne

"I never blamed you for bein' born, so don't blame me for everything that came after." -Doreen

"So what if my turkey's aging like a portrait of Dorian Gray?" -Claudia

"A person, a parent, who doesn't love their kids, they have kids who grow up the same. And so on, and so on. And that feels bad, mom, to me. That... that feels really really bad." -Daphne

"You respect what matters to other people, because you're not the only person in this world." -Bailey

"I wanna know if it was as easy for you to leave as it is for me." -Daphne

"Oh no. No no no, we will not, we will NOT call this off! When this family has the opportunity to sit around a table like we used to once a week? I mean, Christmas Eve, a proper Christmas Eve, means stockings, and a night before Christmas, and a cookie on the hearth for Santa, and we are going to do this one thing right, or just die trying." -Claudia

"Hello?! Is everybody in the... kitchen? Charlie?! Bailey?! Claud?! Santa?" -Julia

"You're as free as a bird, but you stay anyway. So the only two people who actually wanna be here, you and Claudia, I'm like pushin' away. And everyone else, people who are supposed to be family, who actually share by daughter's blood, they can't wait to leave. It just makes me think that if you're not family, I don't know who is." -Charlie

"No one's ever worked so hard to keep me around." -Julia

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