Quotes from Rings of Saturn

"I know you wanna show Owen a good time, but why can't you guys just go and do something that you know something about?" -Sarah
"Yeah, sure. Hey, O, you wanna go to a restaurant management seminar?" -Bailey
"I wanna go camping." -Owen

"He wants to go camping. Even though it's winter, and it's cold, like it's gonna be wherever we go camping. And I know for a fact that the bears are gonna be hibernating and the fish are gonna be frozen into fish sticks in freezers where they belong." -Bailey

"No, no, no, I am not writing a paper that says that if Jane Austen were alive today she would be writing for 'Ally McBeal.'" -Julia

"Moving into a single with your boyfriend? What happened to college? That sounds like being married, and you did that last year." -Maggie

"Do you think there's more cool stuff like Saturn that we could see?" -Owen
"Well, yeah. There's all the other planets. There's Mars and Pluto and Goofy." -Bailey
"Goofy's not a planet. Goofy's a dog." -Owen
"I'm teasing you, pal." -Bailey
"I know. Bailey, when you find out about cool stuff, will you let me know, so we can see it together? It doesn't have to be just planets." -Owen
"I'm makin' a list already." -Bailey

"Someday you'll go to New York and Paris, not that I've ever been to either, but you will. And there'll be all these French guys. But you'll know how to take care of yourself. I'm not worried about you at all. And then college is a big thing. And you're gonna be college material -- definitely. And you'll wear one of those business suits and you'll carry one of those, like pocket book/briefcase things that cost like a thousand bucks, and you'll be like a lawyer or something, yeah. And Charlie'll be so proud. Poor Charlie." -Daphne

"I've realized how unhappy you would be without kids. Just as I've realized how unhappy I would be without you." -Paul to Kirsten

"Not that there is ever a right time. But is it before her eyes can focus on me? Is it before she can call me mama...? I'm afraid that I'm always gonna be the kind of mom who can and will walk away. And that's not the kind of mom that Diana needs. Diana or you. So the question is not when will I leave. The truth is, I've already left." -Daphne
"Daph." -Charlie
"Just do one thing for me after I go. Don't let her hate me." -Daphne

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